Get Between the Covers

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co "Get Between the Covers is chock-full of sound advice from all the notables in
the field, pi inspiring success stories. It's concise. Readable. Motivational.

Author: Neil Shulman

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 1600370160

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 356

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The user-friendly guide that helps those who have an idea for a book get published in new innovative ways.

Between the Covers

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library” JORGE LUIS
BORGES For book lovers, Paradise means getting between the covers. It means
curling up with a good book, or finding just the right one on a bookstore or library

Author: Margo Hammond

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780786727001

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 296

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With wit and wisdom, the bibliophile's Ebert & Roeper recommend more than 600 books based on what women care about most. Between the Covers is organized around their wide-ranging curiosity—about themselves, friends and family, the larger world—and their concerns, from health to sex to managing their finances. With such sections as “Babes We Love” (Role Models Real and Imagined), “The Babe Inside” (Focusing on Body and Soul), and “Love, Sex & Second Chances,” this unique collection of fiction and nonfiction reflects how women really read.

Between the Covers

Maybe if I had four stomachs, even I might get frightened into trying to reach eight
stone. ... So Shakespeare gets carried into the bedroom to be finished while I'm
dressing, and sinks never to be found again among the flotsam on my dressing ...

Author: Jilly Cooper

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781473576964

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

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'One truth I have learnt, as middle age enmeshes me like Virginia creeper, is that I shall never change-because my capacity for self-improvement is absolutely nil.' Jilly Cooper's observations from her days as a much-loved newspaper columnist cover everything to do with sex, socialising and survival - from marriage, friendship and the minutiae of family life, to the tedium of going to visit people for the weekend, the stress of hosting dinner parties and the descent of middle age. Entertaining and full of heart, this classic collection of journalism from the legendary author explores the highs and lows of everyday life with wit, wisdom and warmth. Praise for Jilly Cooper: 'Joyful and mischievous' Jojo Moyes 'Fun, sexy and unputdownable' Marian Keyes 'Flawlessly entertaining' Helen Fielding

Magic Between the Covers

She needed to be able to get new books from the Library. How else was she
going to be able to save her mom? “Why all the new rules? What could be wrong
with providing copies of spell books to non-First Witches?” Eliza asked. Felicia
got ...

Author: AJ Tipton

Publisher: Savvy Storytelling, LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 60

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A tenacious witch desperate to save her mother. A sexy explorer imprisoned by his mistakes. Can they rescue each other before magic runs out? Eliza Hannigan is obsessed with the unseen. When she was young, her mother disappeared before her eyes, and Eliza won’t stop until she finds out what happened. When her research leads her to the handsome Drew Nagle imprisoned inside a book, she hopes she has finally found the answer. But as the magic that sustains Drew begins to fade, Eliza must race against time before she loses him and her mother for good. A mistake trapped Drew inside a book hundreds of years ago, unable to interact with the world. When Eliza opens his book, he’s amazed that she can see and touch him. With magic on the fritz, and Drew running out of time, he must choose: regain his freedom or help Eliza bring her family back together. This short steamy romance is the first book of the Love in the Library Trilogy. If you love dazzling romance, forbidden reading, and happily ever afters, then you’ll love AJ Tipton’s sizzling story. Buy Magic Between the Covers to get captured by love today!

Murder Between the Covers

"Helen, where the hell are you?" The creep used the intercom, so everyone
heard. "I'm in the back, stripping," she said. Now they all heard her reply. "I don't
care what you're doing, get out here," he said. "Now." Helen Hawthorne quit
stripping ...

Author: Elaine Viets

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101098341

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Helen has a new job "off the books" at Page Turners bookstore in Fort Lauderdale...until the owner is murdered. But since the arrogant Page Turner III had so many enemies, Helen will have to read between the lines to uncover the truth about a clever killer.

Between the Covers

Author: Susan L Roth

Publisher: StarWalk Kids Media

ISBN: 9781623348465

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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A little girl's love of books fires her imagination, taking her from the top of the highest mountain to the bottom of the deepest sea, and everywhere in between!

Writers Between the Covers

Adance of resistance ensued between her, Chertkov, and Tolstoy, whichthe
writer ominously described as“a struggle to thedeath.” Sophia's increasing
hysteria andparanoia spurredher worried family to callina psychiatrist from

Author: Joni Rendon

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698146815

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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What happened off the page was often a lot spicier than what was written on it... Why did Norman Mailer stab his second wife at a party? Who was Edith Wharton’s secret transatlantic lover? What motivated Anaïs Nin to become a bigamist? Writers Between the Covers rips the sheets off these and other real-life love stories of the literati—some with fairy tale endings and others that resulted in break-ups, breakdowns, and brawls. Among the writers laid bare are Agatha Christie, who sparked the largest-ever manhunt in England as her marriage fell apart; Arthur Miller, whose jaw-dropping pairing with Marilyn Monroe proved that opposites attract, at least initially; and T.S. Eliot, who slept in a deckchair on his disastrous honeymoon. From the best break-up letters to the stormiest love triangles to the boldest cougars and cradle-robbers, this fun and accessible volume—packed with lists, quizzes and in-depth exposés—reveals literary history’s most titillating loves, lusts, and longings.


Paige is recovering from heartbreak after being abandoned by her fianc?

Author: Cathie Linz

Publisher: Harlequin / SB Creative

ISBN: 9784596290328

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels


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Paige is recovering from heartbreak after being abandoned by her fianc?. She’d moved to Chicago to get a fresh start. At the library where she works, she’s recently been visited by a man named Shane Huntington. He’s a skilled detective and handsome playboy, too much like the fianc? who betrayed her. She knows she should have nothing to do with him. And yet, even as she tries to remain distant and cold, Shane comes to her with an offer she can’t refuse…

Between the Covers

'I suppose I'm old fashioned and couldn't just fuck you and get you out of my
system. I nearly got to the point. Then I think ... That way I can find myself, and
maybe a bit of you, between the covers of a book.' Patrick comes down, 'Can I
have a ...

Author: Ella Sheepcote


ISBN: 9781727568356

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 166

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The writer is Ella Earth, nourished by the soil, who meets Patrick the Piscean Water, and the writing is seeded in truth and grown in her imagination. Ella tries to make sense of her feelings through fragmented memories, like the mosaic in her garden of two fish in the same pool both seeking happiness, but swimming in different directions. She discovers 'the animal in her, ' has not died and she sloughs off her skin like a snake and is reborn. At the end of each chapter Ella uses a metaphor of building a clay vessel, a clay vessel that Patrick has cupped in his hands.

Just Ignore Him

The quality, depth, emotional power and terrifying honesty of Alan Davies's story-telling take the breath away' Stephen Fry 'This hugely affecting book is brave, insightful and, at times, funny about things it is hard to be funny about' Jo ...

Author: Alan Davies

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781408713297

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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'A simply astonishing achievement. The quality, depth, emotional power and terrifying honesty of Alan Davies's story-telling take the breath away' Stephen Fry 'This hugely affecting book is brave, insightful and, at times, funny about things it is hard to be funny about' Jo Brand The story of a life built on sand. In the rain. In this compelling memoir, comedian and actor Alan Davies recalls his boyhood with vivid insight and devastating humour. Shifting between his 1970s upbringing and his life today, Davies moves poignantly from innocence to experience to the clarity of hindsight, always with a keen sense of the absurd. From sibling dynamics, to his voiceless, misunderstood progression through school, sexuality and humiliating 'accidents', Davies inhabits his younger mind with spectacular accuracy, sharply evoking an era when Green Shield Stamps, Bob-a-Job week and Whizzer & Chips loomed large, a bus fare was 2p - and children had little power in the face of adult motivation. Here, there are often exquisitely tender recollections of the mother he lost at six years old, of a bereaved family struggling to find its way, and the kicks and confusion of adolescence. Through even the joyous and innocent memories, the pain of Davies's lifelong grief and profound betrayal is unfiltered, searing and beautifully articulated. Just Ignore Him is not only an autobiography, it is a testament to a survivor's resilience and courage.

Under the Covers

“Where did you get it?” she asked him ... Again. Giving herself a firm mental
shake, she went back to unpacking, conscious of Blake's eyes on her as she
moved back and forth between the garment bag and the closet. Just ignore him.

Author: Jamie Denton

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781460371305

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 751


Detective Blake Hammond wants some R & R— what he gets is "Operation Honeymoon." Not only is his trip to Hawaii on hold now, but he has to deal with some stuck-up DEA agent. While the case is nothing out of the ordinary, he never thought he'd have to play house. But if sexy Veronica Carmichael wants a loving husband, he's more than willing to play the part…. When Ronnie meets her new partner, she knows he's trouble. The gorgeous cop is anything but cooperative. Problem is, posing as newlyweds isn't as easy as she hoped. She has plans, though. Since this is her last assignment, Ronnie wants to do the job right…even if it means getting them under the covers.

Finding Life

A roller picks up the glue, and the covers coming od the conveyor goes between
the glue roller and the one above it, the covers gets just the right amount of glue
on its back-sides. The girl running the machine puts the cover on that form with ...

Author: Peter Sowa

Publisher: Abbott Press

ISBN: 145820197X

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

View: 436


When the attack on Pearl Harbor occurs, sixth-grader David is a Japanese child who has been raised Christian in America. Suddenly, many people view David and his family as “the enemy.” Japanese Americans found themselves sent to evacuation centers. They could bring only what they could carry, and most of their belongings were either sold or stolen in their absence. David could hardly believe it was happening; wasn’t America supposed to be the land of the free? David’s family was sent to Poston I, where 10,000 people dwelled in barracks surrounded by barbed wire and secured by armed guards. The living space was minimal, and privacy was nonexistent. Even so, there was a sense of hope, as people found time to laugh and attend church. The church brought Christians together from all across the West Coast, and David made friends that would last long after the evacuation centers closed. Following David’s family’s stay in America’s makeshift Japanese prison, they moved to Chicago, where David’s true path to adulthood began. Surrounded by gang fights consisting of white versus black, the Japanese new kid had nowhere to go—except to God, who would find a way to show David how to live a life of peace amidst chaos, love within hate, and ultimately salvation in the depths of damnation.

The Covers of this Book are Too Far Apart

Pietri wants to get the best of both worlds . ... But the fit between a people and
their culture isn't that close . ... of the Nuyoricans themselves , uneasily poised as
they are between two cultures without being wholly accepted by either of them .

Author: Gerald Guinness

Publisher: La Editorial, UPR

ISBN: 0847703460

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 395

View: 264


Verzameling boekrecencies over Caribische literatuur die Gerald Guinness tussen 1977 en 1998 schreef voor de krant San Juan star.

Friendship 911 Collection

So she pulled the covers over her head and burrowed to the bottom of the bed,
hoping somehow he wouldn't find her. She heard him step into the room ... His
hands were reaching between the sheets to find her. She balled up as tightly as
she ...

Author: Josh McDowell

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418584467

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 169


Fourteen-year-old Ann Cassidy has a secret, but she can't keep it any longer. The nightmares, the flashbacks, the false guilt-she has to tell someone. When Ann finally reveals the horror of her childhood sexual abuse, she feels some relief-but she has a new flood of emotions to deal with and she's scared. Has anyone like Ann unburdened the dark memories of past sexual abuse with you? Do you know what to say or do? What is need most right now? Perhaps more than any time in life he or she needs a "911 friend"-a friend who " always loyal and a brother [and sister who] is born to help in time of need" (Prov. 17:17). Through the aid of a gripping true-to-life story, Josh McDowell along with Ed Stewart offers biblical insights and practical instruction on how your friend can deal with the pain of past sexual abuse. But more importantly, you will discover how to become a true source of comfort, encouragement, and support to him or her right now. This book is designed for you to read first and then give to your friend. And if you are that person who is haunted by childhood sexual abuse, you will learn the all important path to wholeness. But more than that, you will discover how to experience the comfort, encouragement and healing you need from both God and a friend-most likely the friend who gave you this book.

Between The CEO s Sheets

I'll do whatever it takes to get out from under all my debt. Her damning
pronouncement slammed into him with rock-hard force. He'd almost forgotten. He'
d almost been snared into her trap. He'd shared the best night of his life with a
woman he ...

Author: Charlene Sands

Publisher: Silhouette

ISBN: 9781426802072

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 248


Cool, confident and totally in control. Millionaire businessman Wade Beaumont made a habit of going after what he wanted with focused intensity. And now that Gina Grady had come to him, begging for a job, he'd decided to direct all his energy on one thing—seducing his newest employee. After one steamy night together years ago, Gina had run from Wade—it was the only way she could save her heart. But now she feared she was falling for her boss all over again. And this time, she knew the powerful CEO wasn't about to let her go.

English Patents of Inventions Specifications

In constructing the covers of sanitary and other pans according to my Invention , I
rivet to the under side of the top plate of ... an annular space of a triangular figure
in cross section being left between the cover and its flange and the inside of the ...



ISBN: DMM:057002679204



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Working the Room

... in Rebecca West or Richard Avedon or whoever and gave me the chance to
get between the covers of a shared volume with them. ... Booksellers and
customers often complain about the difficulty of knowing where to stock or find my

Author: Geoff Dyer

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 9781847679666

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 416

View: 880


Alive with insight, wit and Dyer's characteristic irreverence, this collection of essays offers a guide around the cultural maze, mapping a route through the worlds of literature, art, photography and music. Besides exploring what it is that makes great art great, Working the Room ventures into more personal territory with extensive autobiographical pieces - 'On Being an Only Child', 'Sacked' and 'Reader's Block', among other gems. Dyer's breadth of vision and generosity of spirit combine to form a manual for ways of being in - and seeing - the world today.

The Intriguers

As it had workedout, we hadn't managed to get between the covers, or even
undress, or turn out the light. “My God, talk about instant passion!” Martha
breathed. “Do you realizeI never evengot my shoes off?” She began to
wigglebeside me.

Author: Donald Hamilton

Publisher: Titan Books

ISBN: 9781783292998

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 391


Matt Helm is on vacation in Mexico with nothing on his mind except fishing, when some joker tries to shoot him in the back. Naturally it was no accident. When secret agents get shot at, it never is. So Helm has to go back to work. At least there's a bonus in the form of his boss's beautiful daughter, a playmate in peril.

Between the Covers

A collection of bookstore erotica by contemporary poets, fiction authors & comic artists.

Author: Rebecca Makkai


ISBN: 0692106286


Page: 116

View: 289


A collection of bookstore erotica by contemporary poets, fiction authors & comic artists.

Get Going

Peel-off those covers, get-out of bed and get going already. To be sure, you're
weighed down by years of ... Yet, “who cares anyway?” you mutter, as you
reluctantly climb from between the covers; “who can ever understand Get Going!

Author: Rabbi Eliezer Shlomo Shick

Publisher: j rosenberg

ISBN: 9781441448125


Page: 30

View: 238


Get Going. encouraging Words on How to Get up and Really GET Going! based on the Teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and His Student Rabbi Nosson of Breslov. By Mohorosh - Breslov