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... for the production of needle lace. Flemish lace was already distinguished by the extreme fineness of the thread, while in Italy flowing patterns of flowers, leaves, birds and even human figures soon replaced geometrical ones.

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The Grove Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts

In the 1880s imitation needle lace began to be produced in Saxony and Switzerland on embroidery machines. ... The designs became more open with the use of drawn threads, until they culminated in the fine, geometrical cutwork or ...

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Contains information drawn from Grove Art Online and new material written by G. Campbell. Cf. Preface.

Geometrical Needlelace

Aemilia Ars Style Needlelace has its origin in the old Italian Needlelace of the 16th and 17th century.

Author: Margaret Stephens

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Aemilia Ars Style Needlelace has its origin in the old Italian Needlelace of the 16th and 17th century. Elaborate lace collars and cuffs worn by the aristocracy are shown in great detail in paintings at this time and these old designs have been simplified for modern usage for personal and household use. Colour and metallic thread has been used in keeping with modern trends. Step by step instructions have been given for absolute beginners to advanced standing.

English Embroidery

French knots , needle lace fillings , and double hemstitch . There are many short bands of geometric patterns mostly in cut and drawn work , and two short samples of needlepoint lace edging are worked part way down the right edge .

Author: Royal Ontario Museum

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75 X Lace

2 BORDER , NEEDLE LACE , RETICELLA AND PUNTO IN ARIA , SOUTHERN NETHERLANDS , 1600-1620 175 x 7 cm Inv . no . ... the basis from which needle lace developed , began around the middle of the 16th century with geometrical patterns ...

Author: Patricia Wardle

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This book offers a balanced selection of 75 lace pieces from the rich collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. The collection owes many of its finest acquisitions to 'The First Dutch Society for Lace-Lovers, Het Kantsalet', which celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2000. 75 x Lace offers a comprehensive history of lace collecting in the Rijksmuseum over the past 150 years, plus a catalogue of 75 of its most beautiful and interesting pieces. These range from rare 17th-century linen collars with bobbin lace borders up to and beyond the christening set of costly Brussels needle lace used for the christening of Queen Wilhelmina and her successors. This set forms only one part of the impressive royal lace collection, which has been on loan in the Rijksmuseum since 1966. All 75 objects, arranged in chronological order to provide a survey of over three centuries of lace making, are expertly described and commented on by Patricia Wardle, who has been involved with the Rijksmuseum's lace collection for the past 20 years. She is a well-known author in this field, who has published extensively on different aspects of lace and lace making.

Super Infinite

Stitching elaborate needle lace was the rage – geometrical patterns and flower designs, especially – and necklines were having a moment of extremes, either rising high to the chin or scooped so low they skated close to the nipple.

Author: Katherine Rundell

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Sometime religious outsider and social disaster, sometime celebrity preacher and establishment darling, John Donne was incapable of being just one thing. In his myriad lives he was a scholar of law, a sea adventurer, a priest, an MP - and perhaps the greatest love poet in the history of the English language. Along the way he converted from Catholicism to Protestantism, was imprisoned for marrying a sixteen-year old girl without her father's consent; struggled to feed a family of ten children; and was often ill and in pain. He was a man who suffered from black surges of misery, yet expressed in his verse many breathtaking impressions of electric joy and love.

Victorian Needlework

Plaited Lace—Geometrical and open style of pillow lace often made with silver and gold threads. Plain Sewing—Useful, rather than decorative, ... Point d'Alençon—French needle lace mesh often used as delicate ground for embroidery.

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• Patterns and illustrations from women's periodicals and pattern books of the time provide a window into Victorian life that will be especially intriguing to the legions who practice these crafts today • Quotations from memoirs, works of fiction, and poetry allow readers to share the experiences of women of the period

Decorative textiles

The designs are geometrical and simple, and arranged in small squares. “Then needle lace so completely freed itself From its reticella and cut Work ancestry (Plates I, II and IV) as to be Worked in bold and irregular patterns like those ...

Author: G.L. Hunter

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An illustrated book on coverings for furniture, walls and floors, including damasks, brocades and velvets, tapestries, laces, embroideries, chintzes, cretonnes, drapery and furniture trimmings, wall papers, carpets and rugs, tooled and illuminated leathers

Nuttig en nodig

Lace of this simpler type , which echoed the geometrical designs of reticella needle lace , was in fact enjoying a revival for fashion accessories around this time ( see cat . no . 46 ) . All the sets were made in the correct style of ...

Author: Patricia Wardle

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