Education for Victory

... not primary responsi- organized to address themselves to Victory and Peace bilities . ways and means for making educa . Objectives tion effective for world peace . -J . F. Cramer , in OREGON EDUCATION JOURNAL , May 1943 .

Author: Olga Anna Jones


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Living in Victory

He teaches that the peace God gives to us to guard our hearts transcends all understanding. Our hearts are at rest in God without any plausible explanation for it. Peace literally means calmness, quiet, stillness, serenity, ...

Author: Alain Walljee

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

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Many Christians are frustrated because their respective realities do not seem to be consistent with the promises of the Word of God. In Living in Victory, we go to where Christians currently stand, and show them the way to victorious living. One consistent truth about God reflected throughout the Bible is that wherever God is present, He changes the situation for the better. We see evidence of this in the beginning, when God stepped into the void, darkness, and formlessness to create the known universe. We see this truth about God revealed in Christ, who even at His birth caused angels from heaven to show up on Earth and appear to shepherds. During His adulthood, He healed the sick, raised the dead, brought hope, and restored families. It is my strong conviction that a Christian's physical and material circumstances have to change as a result of the presence of God inside of us individually, and in our homes and families. Evidence of God's presence will be seen in how attractive our lives begin to appear. This is the true test of the testimony of the Christian. Living in Victory does not present a quick-fix solution, nor does it offer false expectation of instant change, but it does present a biblical view of transformation in the life of the Christian from a place of frustration to living in victory. By following biblical principles, every Christian can live a victorious life and that is a guarantee! Living in Victory is a book whose time has come! First-time author Alain Walljee is a pastor with Victory Ministries International in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Quality Peace

In this book the notion of quality peace is introduced as part of a search for a way to capture peaceful relations within states, between states, and in the world.

Author: Peter Wallensteen

Publisher: Studies in Strategic Peacebuil

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In this book the notion of quality peace is introduced as part of a search for a way to capture peaceful relations within states, between states, and in the world. The challenge to scholarship is the recurrence of war between the same parties. Investigating that problem, this book systematically goes through post-World War II experiences as well as peacebuilding efforts after the Cold War. It compares two different outcomes: victory consolidation versus a negotiated ending through a peace agreement, and does so for both inter-state and intra-state relations.

Annual Report of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens

The Victory of Peace Must Be Won And finally, Your Majesty, though for thousands of your brave fallen, victory may be only a far-away dawn and a distant bugle blowing; finally, I say, the day will break and the cannon will cease firing.

Author: American School of Classical Studies at Athens


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The Spirit of Missions

... vice of thanksgiving for use by the confor victory and the gregations of the Nippon Sei Kokwai . restoration of peace , Mr . Tagawa said The service was based upon the form of that while war inevitably brought many evening prayer .



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Includes the proceedings of the annual meeting of the Society.

The Illusion Of Victory

A peace treaty is the end product of war, and the terms of peace, or the peace settlement, are usually dictated by the victor/conqueror and are the symbol of victory. Even when there is no acknowledged 'decisive victory', peace treaties ...

Author: Ian Bickerton

Publisher: Melbourne University Publishing

ISBN: 0522860230

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The Illusion of Victory demonstrates that most of the rewards of victory in modern warfare are either exaggerated or false. When the ostensible benefits of victory are examined a generation after a war, it becomes inescapably evident that the defeated belligerent rarely conforms to the demands and expectations of the victor. Consequently, long-term political and military stability is denied to both the victorious power and to the defeated one. As a result, neither victory nor defeat deter further outbreaks of war. This sobering reality is increasingly the case in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Ian Bickerton persuasively argues that as the rhetoric of victory becomes more hollow all countries must adopt creative new approaches to resolving disputes.

Education for Victory

They died for life . Men now are dying for life . Death is a big price to pay that other . men When the war is over , there must be no passive , bewildered , peace , No vain glory . may live . Selfishness , greed for petty power ...



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Perry s Victory and International Peace Memorial National Monument N M Interpretive Prospectus 1970 B1 Seawall Improvements and Grounds Rehabilitation Environmental Assessment EA 1975 B2 Seawall Rehabilitation Engineering Report 1975 B3 Revised Statement for Management 1979 B4 Development Concept Plan and Assessment of Alternatives 1978 B5 Interpretive Prospectus 1979 B6 Snowmobile Use Environmental Assessment EA Finding of No Significant Impact FONSI B7 Sewage System 1983 B8

Publications Exhibits , Personal Services ; Audio - Visual 51 52 $ 15,000 $ 65,000 - 61 $ 7,500 62 - $ 37,500 To relay to the visitor some of the more important aspects of the Battle of Lake Erie ; Perry ' victory ; international peace ...



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