From Failure to Promise

360 Degrees - Dr. C. Moorer. Foreword. "Good Morning! Good Morning!" The energetic greeting queued ... So when Dr. C. tapped me to write the foreword to his follow-up memoir, From Failure to Promise: 360Degrees, I was a mile and a city ...

Author: Dr. C. Moorer

Publisher: Dr. C Moorer & Associates, Inc.

ISBN: 9781484050798

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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100% of net book proceeds (royalties) are used to fund scholarships for students and grants for educators. At a time when individuals need inspiration the most due to adversity, peer-pressure, and loss of direction, From Failure to Promise - 360 Degrees -- author Dr. Cleamon Moorer shares insights, experiences, and a miraculous story of how God can transform the real you into the ideal you. Dr. Moorer tells about his journey from being a college flunk-out to becoming an engineer and ultimately a university professor. He exposes the realities of how many of the downtrodden are pushed to the brink of either surrender to the power of God, or to a resistance and rejection of promise. Dr. Moorer takes readers on a faith journey from his adolescence in Detroit Public Schools to academic failure on the collegiate level and through other turbulent tracks on the way to becoming a university professor and dean. This story of one young man's journey will serve as a compass for those who are in pursuit of success. He shares relative scriptures, skills, and strategies pertinent to overcoming failure. It is an amazing story with an UNBELIEVABLE FINISH and a "call to action"!

The Promise

The final maneuver consisted of a 360-degree forward tumble, ending with a 360-degree reverse tumble. Webster joked that he thought he might lose ... Just moments before taking the controls for the roll, the XM thrust abruptly failed.

Author: Craig Timothy Michaels

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781644168059

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Every man desires to be a hero for the woman he loves; however, very few are presented the opportunity. Col. James P. Gordon is one of those men. Early on, the younger Air Force captain, Jim Gordon, met and fell in love with Samantha Marissen, the woman who brought him to Jesus Christ and the daughter of Edward Marissen, CEO of Marissen AeroSpace. After more than twenty years, the now retired Air Force pilot is thrust into such a position as personal and world events collide, crossing the paths of the lost loves once again. Recently divorced from an emotionally and physically abusive man, Samantha Marissen fled the country as a means of escape and relief from the horrors of the legal destruction of her character but is arrested in an unstable foreign land and charged as a spy in an unwarranted retaliatory act against the United States. She is held captive for trial far from her estranged family with only the protection of a sympathetic soldier and her love of God. James Gordon, a man with no family, yet still strong in his faith, lays his life on the line to bring Samantha home. Her time of captivity and his period of training prove their love still strong as both overcome serious obstacles to remain alive. Unknown to Samantha is the love and concern of friends she thought long-forgotten who pray for her safe return with James Gordon.

360 Degree Preaching

Human desire for success that enforces change by its own strength, albeit in God's name, is doomed to failure. Cutting short the lengthy spiritual ... Each community has God's gifting and promise to fulfill specific tasks where it ...

Author: Michael J. Quicke

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 9780801026409

Category: Religion

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Vital principles and fresh insights for biblical preaching today. Concludes with a sermon evaluation form and a sample sermon produced according to Quicke's model.

Strategic Talent Development

Problems with 36o—degree feedback However, a number of fairly recent studies indicate that 360-degree feedback programmes may not always match their promise. John Sullivan, Professor of Human Resource Management at San Francisco State ...

Author: Janice Caplan

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9780749469375

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In recent years globalization and technological advances have changed the business world. In this new world of ideas, which may come from anywhere within the company, businesses must be sufficiently agile, future-focused, and innovative to keep pace with rapid change. In these new conditions, command and control systems no longer work effectively and nor do extended hierarchies of management. To be successful, tomorrow's leaders will have to recognize the importance of their people. Strategic Talent Development will help them to: - Develop talent for the future - Encourage an organizational culture that is collaborative and innovative - Direct and coordinate their people to encourage flexibility and rapid responses - Actively harness employee engagement Structured around a unique new model, the Four-Point framework, Strategic Talent Development will enable leaders to transform their employees' talent as a competitive advantage in order to deliver strategic success.

The 360 Degree Resume

With all sorts of online resumes services and other outfits that set you up for failure it is time to go with a ... Don't sell yourself short and lose ample time in chasing down fabricated systems that overpromise and under-deliver.

Author: Marcus Sharp

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468906424

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The Military Leader

This statement is a 360 degree promise, a two-way street, a pact to give 100% to the mission. That's the team I want to be a part of. What follows from that realization is the only thing that keeps teams together ... trust.

Author: Andrew Steadman

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973628989

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As a leader, you know that developing leaders is crucial to your team’s success. You also know that when life gets busy, meaningful leader development activities take a back seat to the swarm of everyday tasks. Who has time to discuss—let alone research and refine—quality content that will make a real difference? Andrew Steadman has lived this frustration and wrote The Military Leader to give leaders straightforward, highly relevant, inspirational leader development insight they can use to grow themselves and their teams. The Military Leader is your leader development program when you don’t have time for one.

Inspired Leadership

This is not some wishy-washy promise to make everyone feel valued. The 360-degree view is about the emotion that drives us to keep going. We will feel an enormous sense of ... But that wasn't part of their vision of success or failure.

Author: Kevin Gaskell

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119383130

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Elevate your leadership to achieve the extraordinary Inspired Leadership is the essential guide to performing at the highest level every day. As CEO of Porsche, author Kevin Gaskell led the company from near-bankruptcy to the most profitable car company. During his four years at BMW, the company saw 80% growth in sales and 500% increase in profitability. Good leaders get results and great leaders get great results—but Inspired Leaders get extraordinary results, turn around companies, ensure people development and turn brands into household names. This book shows you how to become an Inspired Leader. Workable strategies, practical frameworks, and real-world essential skills give you a concrete curriculum for success, while anecdotes and examples drawn from the author's experiences illustrate important concepts in action. Inspirational, aspirational, and deeply instructional, this guide will become your go-to resource for navigating the leader's role. From tricky situations to everyday interactions, you'll learn the skills and outlook you need to take your leadership to the next level. Learn what Inspired Leadership looks like in terms of results Discover the key factors that separate Inspired leaders from the merely "great" Adopt the tools and processes that get extraordinary results in the real world Understand the essential core of high performance, and incorporate it into your day-to-day Quality leadership is the difference between success and failure, but Inspired Leadership is the difference between success and world-class performance. It requires 360-degree attention, laser focus, authentic relationships, and a rock-solid understanding of the leader's role. When you're ready to achieve the extraordinary, Inspired Leadership is the resource to keep within arm's reach.

Your Customer Rules

... expensive, using, 21; and guided selection, 40; integrating, as key, 31; promise of, failing to fulfill on the, 2; ... 7 Third-party outsourcing, 102 Thodey, David, 191 360-degree view of customer, software for, 18 3-1-1 Initiative, ...

Author: Bill Price

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118954829

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What you need to know about your customers Now more than ever, every interaction you have with customers iscritical. Customers today have unlimited information at theirfingertips—and can influence the purchase decisions andbehaviors of millions of others. With this comes a shift in thebalance of power, and every company must come to terms with thefact that the customer is in control. Interacting with customers inthe way they want is an essential business strategy and in manyindustries, the key to business success. Executives still refer to B2B and B2C business models, as thoughcompanies control demand by going to customers with products andservices. But as Bill Price and David Jaffe (authors of The BestService is No Service) show, a new business model is emergingin which the customer directs the relationship. It is becoming aworld of "Me2B"—one in which the customer, not the business,dictates the terms of engagement. In order for your business tothrive, you must create positive experiences to fulfill a range ofcustomer needs. Though the mediums for customer engagement continuously evolve,Price and Jaffe show that customer needs remain unchanging. InYour Customer Rules!, they define a critical hierarchy ofseven needs that your company can meet and apply as amethodology. Throughout this practical guidebook, Price and Jaffe shareexamples of companies who succeed by meeting these seven needs,including Amazon, Apple, IKEA, Nordstrom, USAA, Shoes of Prey,Vente-Privee, and Yamato Transport, as well as those that didn't.Your Customer Rules! offers tailored advice for companies atevery stage, from nimble startups to legacy firms with establishedcustomer service practices—and everyone in between. With a simple, elegant solution for driving lasting value forcustomers, Your Customer Rules! is a clear guide forstrengthening customer relationships and competing on more thanprice. It is essential reading for executives at alllevels—business owners, marketing managers, and anyone whoworks directly with customers.

Organizing for Quality

Now, we're trying not to skip things anymore, it's about '360 degree quality'. ... Safety: ❒ We promise you an integrated care plan, and will ensure that all information is available to all care providers when they need it.

Author: Paul Bate

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 9781846191510

Category: Business & Economics

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This challenging and highly practical book draws on the findings from an international study designed to help practitioners and researchers understand the factors and processes that enable healthcare organisations in the United States and Europe to achieve - and sustain - high quality services for their users. The in-depth case-studies from seven leading hospitals give an international, evidence-based outlook that focuses on both the organisational and cultural processes of quality improvement. Implication for research and practice are considered, and a checklist of possible challenges has been drawn up to help identify any 'gaps' in initiatives. Healthcare policy makers and shapers including hospital chief executives and NHS directors will find this book enlightening, as will healthcare quality improvement and service development researchers and professionals. Clinicians with an interest in quality improvement will also find much of interest.

Essays on Business and Information II

... cameras capable of filming the activity from all 360 degrees. While still expensive, this approach to filmmaking has the promise of becoming mainstream, like other visual effects technologies and work processes that superseded it.

Author: Scott M. Shemwell

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781456883775

Category: Business & Economics


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