Forum Based Role Playing Games as Digital Storytelling

When people hear the term "role-playing games," they tend to think of two things: a group of friends sitting around a table playing Dungeons & Dragons or video games with exciting graphics.

Author: Csenge Virág Zalka

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When people hear the term “role-playing games,” they tend to think of two things: a group of friends sitting around a table playing Dungeons & Dragons or video games with exciting graphics. Between those two, however, exists a third style of gaming. Hundreds of online forums offer gathering places for thousands of players—people who come together to role-play through writing. They create stories by taking turns, describing events through their characters’ eyes. Whether it is the arena of the Hunger Games, the epic battles of the Marvel Universe or love stories in a fantasy version of New York, people build their own spaces of words, and inhabit them day after day. But what makes thousands of players, many teenagers among them, voluntarily type up novel-length stories? How do they use the resources of the Internet, gather images, sounds, and video clips to weave them into one coherent narrative? How do they create together through improvisation and negotiation, in ways that connect them to older forms of storytelling? Through observing more than a hundred websites and participating in five of them for a year, the author has created a pilot study that delves into a subculture of unbounded creativity.

Youth Online

Identity and Literacy in the Digital Age Angela A. Thomas ... These children ,
average age 13 , engage in online role - playing games where they create
collaborative and ongoing stories based on their ... In addition to role - playing on
the forum , an asynchronous text - based world , they also participate in
synchronous ...

Author: Angela A. Thomas

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Youth Online chronicles the stories of young people from several countries - the US, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, and Holland - and their interactions in online communities over a seven-year period. It examines how young people construct their identities in various social contexts: social, fantasy, role-playing; and for various social purposes: leadership, learning, power, rebellion and romance. It explores the ways youth are deploying both visual and literary cues to develop a full sense of presence online and to effectively communicate with their peers. Using methods of textual, visual, and socio-psychological analysis, this book illuminates the ways in which young people are making sense of their own identities and their place within broader communities.

The Digital Role Playing Game and Technical Communication

In their examination of the tremendous cultural influence of digital games, Daniel Reardon and David Wright analyze three companies that have shaped the industry: Bethesda, located in Rockville, Maryland; BioWare in Edmonton, Alberta, and ...

Author: Daniel Reardon

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With annual gross sales surpassing 100 billion U.S. dollars each of the last two years, the digital games industry may one day challenge theatrical-release movies as the highest-grossing entertainment media in the world. In their examination of the tremendous cultural influence of digital games, Daniel Reardon and David Wright analyze three companies that have shaped the industry: Bethesda, located in Rockville, Maryland; BioWare in Edmonton, Alberta, and CD Projekt Red in Warsaw, Poland. Each company has used social media and technical content in the games to promote players' belief that players control the companies' game narratives. The result has been at times explosive, as empowered players often attempted to co-op the creative processes of games through discussion board forum demands, fund-raising campaigns to persuade companies to change or add game content, and modifications (“modding”) of the games through fan-created downloads. The result has changed the way we understand the interactive nature of digital games and the power of fan culture to shape those games.

CGDC Conference Proceedings

2001 . “ Role - playing in multiplayer environments VAMPIRE : THE
MASQUERADE . ... EverQuest Fan Fiction ” . http : / / eqvault . ign . com / lore /
stories / 19 . ... VN Boards online forum . http : / / vnboards . ign . com / board . asp
? brd = 5009 CGDC Organisers The Computer Games and Digital Cultures
conference is 353.

Author: Frans Mäyrä


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Transactions on Edutainment I

This volume contains contributions from Edutainment 2008, the 3rd International Conference on E-Learning and Games.

Author: Abdennour El Rhalibi

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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This volume contains contributions from Edutainment 2008, the 3rd International Conference on E-Learning and Games. It serves as a forum for stimulating and disseminating innovative research ideas, theories, emerging technologies in the field.

The Internet and the University

Forum 2002 Maureen Devlin, Richard C. Larson, Joel W. Meyerson ... Janet
Murray , offered a more optimistic view of the potential for computer - based
complex role - playing games to build skills . ... Murray identified properties of “
cyberdramas ” — the narratives that can be created in digital environments —
that are ...

Author: Maureen Devlin


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Community at Work

Some virtual narratives have been enhanced with video programs , hypermedia ,
and digital television . ... a commercial cable news network and a simultaneous
virtual news forum , which integrates television and cyberspace in ... Social
MUDs and simulation environments are egalitarian and based on cooperative
interactions and collaboration in writing a narrative to ... In another popular role -
playing site , Ultima Online , game players create an avatar character and enter
the land of ...

Author: Patricia K. Felkins

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Chapters in the first part of this text develop the theoretical and conceptual framework for building community within and among organizations. Part two explores the politcal, technological and social processes and part three describes specific contexts in a variety of organizations.

Eva 2007 Florence

7 ALTERNATE REALITY GAMES ( ARG ) The approach is based
on ARG . ... They can utilise pre - set scenarios , which represent reality
graphically and fragmented narratives which the players are required to
reassemble . ... Three aspects of entertaining digital games help make them
intrinsically motivating : challenge , fantasy , and curiosity . the ... and UMTS
networks and includes game control mechanisms , forum , chat and pre - set map
- based local scenarios .

Author: Vito Cappellini


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PC Gamer

GAMES quick or be dead. That's the simple choice you have in the world of
digital combat. So come ... Utilize quick and better access to game controls. ...
PLAYER PLAYED Naturally, the forum thread exploded with reactions. ... For the
Guiding Hand's part, it has heard similar stories but isn't concerned about their



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Second Person

Role-playing and Story in Games and Playable Media Freelance Writer and
Editor Pat Harrigan, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Pat ... Games , Storytelling , and
Breaking the String Greg Costikyan Games , Storytelling , and adventures ( e . g .
, Grim ... they kicked me off to make discussed at The Forge : < http : / / www .
indierpgs . com / forum / > ) . room for other people . ... important but tangential to
understanding the of hobbyists and digital artists , it spawned both graphic nature
of games , and ...

Author: Freelance Writer and Editor Pat Harrigan

Publisher: Mit Press

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Game designers, authors, artists, and scholars discuss how roles are played and how stories are created in role-playing games, board games, computer games, interactive fictions, massively multiplayer games, improvisational theater, and other "playable media." Games and other playable forms, from interactive fictions to improvisational theater, involve role playing and story--something played and something told. In Second Person, game designers, authors, artists, and scholars examine the different ways in which these two elements work together in tabletop role-playing games (RPGs), computer games, board games, card games, electronic literature, political simulations, locative media, massively multiplayer games, and other forms that invite and structure play. Second Person--so called because in these games and playable media it is "you" who plays the roles, "you" for whom the story is being told--first considers tabletop games ranging from Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs with an explicit social component to Kim Newman's Choose Your Own Adventure-style novel Life's Lottery and its more traditional author-reader interaction. Contributors then examine computer-based playable structures that are designed for solo interaction--for the singular "you"--including the mainstream hit Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and the genre-defining independent production Façade. Finally, contributors look at the intersection of the social spaces of play and the real world, considering, among other topics, the virtual communities of such Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) as World of Warcraft and the political uses of digital gaming and role-playing techniques (as in The Howard Dean for Iowa Game, the first U.S. presidential campaign game). In engaging essays that range in tone from the informal to the technical, these writers offer a variety of approaches for the examination of an emerging field that includes works as diverse as George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards series and the classic Infocom game Planetfall. Appendixes contain three fully-playable tabletop RPGs that demonstrate some of the variations possible in the form.


RTD - Results The co - operation developed within the • Voice - based commerce
, voice In addition to eEurope and its ... and cultural games , digital preservation
Going global tools , supported with € 160 million . and restoration of old film . ... IT
play an in KA3 digital libraries , learning technoincreasingly significant role to
complelogy , knowledge engineering and others . A growing portfolio of ment
activities within the European UnClusters not only provide a forum for ion .
multimedia ...



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Hypertext Proceedings

Currently , we seem consumed with this point - to - point translation from the static
physical world to a part of the digital ... Our scientific communication , our
scholarly factual storytelling , remains almost entirely in the static physical world
... not make incremental extensions to existing methods or prematurely adopt (
metadata ) standards based on existing static media . ... even though other
authors are exploring the bounds of interactive fiction ( 45 ) , role - playing games
( 16 , 32 ] and ...



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Video Game Design Revealed

NPC dogs , triggers for , 249 NPCs ( nonplayer characters ) , 245 applying
movement to , 249 behavior , 246 - 248 ... SourceForge , 179 Operation
Flashpoint ( OF ) , 34 The Oracle forum , 68 Othello , Al ( artificial intelligence ) in ,
155 Outrun , 8 , 22 ... Game ( MMORPG ) , 30 The Matrix bullet time in , 153
narrative elements of , 44 Max Payne back story of , 44 narrative ... See levels
and missions MMORPG ( Massively Multiplayer Online Role - Playing Game ) ,
30 mobile consoles , 82 ...

Author: Guy W. Lecky-Thompson

Publisher: Course Technology PTR

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Whether you are a professional game developer working in an established studio or a creative thinker interested in trying your hand at game design, "Video Game Design Revealed" will show you the steps and processes involved in bringing a video game from concept to completion. Beginning with an overview of the history of video games and an examination of the elements of successful games, the book breaks down the video game design process into its simplest elements and builds from there. You'll learn how to take an idea and tweak it into a viable game based on the genre, market, game style, and subject matter, moving on to creating and organizing a timeline for the production of the game. Once you've mapped out your game production plan and gathered all the information you need, you'll learn how to choose the development platform and other technologies that best suit the game you've designed, add sound and graphics, and apply game mechanics such as whether the game will be single-player or multiplayer and what levels and objects to add to your game to make it challenging and interesting. "Video Game Design Revealed" concludes with guidelines on how to compose a proposal to be used to present your idea to the game industry as well as tips and information on how to find and contact game studios, publishers, and investors to help you make your game design a reality..


LaMotta Productions http : / / members . gnn . com / lla motta / lee . htm Home
page of LA - based voiceover artist , writer , producer ... The Reader ' s Corner
http : / / www . quake . net / - autopen / Mystery , romance , fantasy . ... www . cea .
edu / robert / Large collection of images and stories from this former chief
photographer for Rolling Stone magazine . ... com / zbyte / Manufacturer of casino
quality , high - tech playing cards that allow design of 21stcentury logic and
binary games .



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The program is for both school - going young people and early school leavers . ...
for job opportunities ) • appealing ( creating your own expressive digital works ) •
comprehensive ( complete sexual and reproductive ... There are 14 lessons for
which learning targets , assignments , warm - ups , presentations , games , tools ,
guidelines and stories are all ... There is a forum for both students and teachers to
exchange tips and an online presentation section to upload works made in the ...



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Library Information Science Abstracts

books and new computers , but also sanctuaries for imagination , intellec - tual
and creative thought . ... 0 and suggests applications that are user - centered ,
multimedia , socially rich , and communally innovative . ... Second Life is an
Internet - based virtual reality site which describes itself as a three - dimensional
virtual world ... The new industry of Massively Multi - Player Online Role - Playing
Games ( MMORPGs ) brings together two sets of fictions : the interactive stories of
shared ...



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( sword and sorcery stories ) Ethnomusicology Research Digest ? Purple
Thunderbolt of Spode ? ( no , not a role - playing game , but a modern Sumerian
religious cult ) . Enough ! Buy the book and you ' ll have the entire list complete
with ...



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Systems Research in the Arts and Humanities

In the age of digital dissemination it is freedom of movement within collective
discourse , rather than aura , whose currency is under threat . The avatar reveals
itself to be a free agent of creative fantasy . ... ( Reid , 1999 ) One difficulty with an
anonymous , disinhibted forum is that everyone who uses it has a different idea of
what they want it to be . ... multi - player computer game that combines elements
of role - playing games , hack and slash style computer games and social chat
rooms ...

Author: George Eric Lasker


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Gaming in Academic Libraries

An outside expert on digital media and learning who was invited to speak at our
evaluation forum , Karrie Karahalios , remarked “ There is a very steep learning
curve for this game , " but despite the difficulties , “ the ( student ) reflection is the
most valuable deliverable you have in this project . ... You have students writing
amazing narratives . ” “ You are using . . . this ... A key finding is that the
increasingly social nature of new videogame platforms suggests an important
role for libraries .

Author: Amy Harris

Publisher: Association of College & Research Libraries

ISBN: UOM:39015082729230

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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This book aims to show how librarians in colleges and universities of varying sizes, populations, and locations have successfully incorporated gaming into their libraries.-Introduction. In an attempt to encompass the variety of ways games are being incorporated into libraries, this book has been divided into three sections: game collections and curricular support, gaming as marketing and gaming as an information literacy tool.