Shakespeare s Othello the Moor of Venice

That I did love the Moor to live with him , My downright violence and storm of
fortunes May trumpet to the world . — So the folio and the quarto of 1630 : the
quarto of 1622 has scorn instead of storm . Scorn will not cohere with violence ,
unless ...

Author: William Shakespeare


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Speaking of the Moor

To the contrary, in Jacobean plays, Moors appear most frequently in ... For in Part Two, it is not he who shapes the fortunes of the English Bess (as he ...

Author: Emily C. Bartels

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

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Selected by Choice magazine as an Outstanding Academic Title "Speak of me as I am," Othello, the Moor of Venice, bids in the play that bears his name. Yet many have found it impossible to speak of his ethnicity with any certainty. What did it mean to be a Moor in the early modern period? In the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, when England was expanding its reach across the globe, the Moor became a central character on the English stage. In The Battle of Alcazar, Titus Andronicus, Lust's Dominion, and Othello, the figure of the Moor took definition from multiple geographies, histories, religions, and skin colors. Rather than casting these variables as obstacles to our—and England's—understanding of the Moor's racial and cultural identity, Emily C. Bartels argues that they are what make the Moor so interesting and important in the face of growing globalization, both in the early modern period and in our own. In Speaking of the Moor, Bartels sets the early modern Moor plays beside contemporaneous texts that embed Moorish figures within England's historical record—Richard Hakluyt's Principal Navigations, Queen Elizabeth's letters proposing the deportation of England's "blackamoors," and John Pory's translation of The History and Description of Africa. Her book uncovers the surprising complexity of England's negotiation and accommodation of difference at the end of the Elizabethan era.


An opportunity to confront our own double-consciousness presented itself in 1997 as an invitation to workshop our play entitled Fortunes of the Moor with ...

Author: Carlton W. Molette and Barbara J. Mole

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781483637419

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Afrocentric Theatre updates the Molettes' groundbreaking book, Black Theatre: Premise and Presentation, that has been required reading in many Black theatre courses for over twenty-five years. Afrocentric theatre is a culturally-based art form, not a race-based one. Culture and values shape perceptions of such phenomena as time, space, heroism, reality, truth, and beauty. These culturally variable social constructions determine standards for evaluating and analyzing art and govern the way people perceive theatrical presentations as well as film and video drama. A play is not Afrocentric simply because it is by a Black playwright, or has Black characters, or addresses a Black theme or issue. Afrocentric Theatre describes the nature of an art form that embraces and disseminates African American culture and values. Further, it suggests a framework for interpreting andevaluating that art form and assesses the endeavors of dramatists who work from an Afrocentric perspective.

The Loveday Fortunes Loveday series Book 2

When Adam had been shot and knocked unconscious, Solomon had bolted across the moor with Adam's foot still caught in the stirrup.

Author: Kate Tremayne

Publisher: Hachette UK

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If you enjoyed the BBC's adaptation of Poldark, then Kate Tremayne's Loveday series is not to be missed! Turbulent times lie ahead for the Loveday family in the second instalment of the Loveday series, as Kate Tremayne explores the passions, conflicts and romances that await them. Perfect for fans of Winston Graham's Poldark and Diana Gabaldon. 'A fast-moving and exciting read [that] leaves the reader breathless for the next book in the series' - Historical Novels Review Cornwall: 1791. As the civil unrest in France gathers force, ripples of conflict are also reaching across the Channel, for the Loveday family are fighting their own private battles. Charles Mercer - Edward Loveday's brother-in-law - has been found dead, the reputation of his eminent bank in tatters. Charles has left the Lovedays facing emotional trauma and financial ruin. But risk comes as second nature to the Lovedays. Adam Loveday finds refuge from the pressures of keeping the family boatyard solvent in the arms of gypsy-bred Senara - whom he is determined to marry despite his father's threats of disinheritance. And his twin, St John, angry at having to curb his spending, throws in his hand with the Sawle brothers - the notorious smugglers who rule Penruan by intimidation and violence. Each one of the Lovedays must sacrifice personal ambition in the face of adversity. But to some of them, sacrifice does not come easily... What readers are saying about The Loveday Fortunes: 'Kate Tremayne's characters burst into life on the pages and are unforgettable' '[This series] should never end' 'Five stars'

Searching Shakespeare

The assuredness with which Lodovico passes on the Moor's fortunes bespeaks substantial authority . What remains of the Moor is his fortune , and it is ...

Author: Derek Cohen

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

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Shakespeare's plays, Cohen argues, consistently portray the clash between the passionate search for individuality and the quest for social harmony as irresolvable.

The Tragedy of Othello the Moor of Venice

That I did love the Moor to live with him, My downright violence, and storm of fortunes, May trumpet to the world. My heart's subdued Even to the very ...

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Hackett Publishing

ISBN: 9781585106677

Category: Drama

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George Lyman Kittredge’s insightful editions of Shakespeare have endured in part because of his eclecticism, his diversity of interests, and his wide-ranging accomplishments, all of which are reflected in the valuable notes in each volume. These new editions have specific emphasis on the performance histories of the plays (on stage and screen). Features of each edition include: - The original introduction to the Kittredge Edition - Editor’s Introduction to the Focus Edition. An overview on major themes of the plays, and sections on the play’s performance history on stage and screen. - Explanatory Notes. The explanatory notes either expand on Kittredge’s superb glosses, or, in the case of plays for which he did not write notes, give the needed explanations for Shakespeare’s sometimes demanding language. - Performance notes. These appear separately and immediately below the textual footnotes and include discussions of noteworthy stagings of the plays, issues of interpretation, and film and stage choices. - How to read the play as Performance Section. A discussion of the written play vs. the play as performed and the various ways in which Shakespeare’s words allow the reader to envision the work "off the page." - Comprehensive Timeline. Covering major historical events (with brief annotations) as well as relevant details from Shakespeare’s life. Some of the Chronologies include time chronologies within the plays. - Topics for Discussion and Further Study Section. Critical Issues: Dealing with the text in a larger context and considerations of character, genre, language, and interpretative problems. Performance Issues: Problems and intricacies of staging the play connected to chief issues discussed in the Focus Editions’ Introduction. - Select Bibliography & Filmography Each New Kittredge edition also includes screen grabs from major productions, for comparison and scene study.

Fortune s Fool

Suor Beatrice muttered a foreign-sounding name, and squinting Tessa could tell that it was indeed the Moor who had invaded her home last fall, ...

Author: David Blixt

Publisher: Sordelet Ink

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Italy, 1326. While the brilliant and wily Cesco is schooled in his new duties at the hand of a hard master, Pietro Alaghieri travels to Avignon, current seat of the Papacy, to fight his excommunication and plead for Cesco's legitimacy. He doesn't know an old foe has been waiting to ruin Pietro’s life and seize control of Verona for himself. Back in Verona, separated from everyone he trusts, Cesco must confront his ambitious cousin, a mysterious young killer, and the Holy Roman Emperor himself. A harrowing series of adventures reveal a secret long hidden, one that threatens Cesco's only chance for true happiness. Inspired by Shakespeare, Dante, and Petrarch, this Renaissance novel of intrigue and passion reflects the heights of drama, exploring the capricious whims of lady Fortune, who has her favorites – and her fools.

The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck

The Moors seeing the Spanish troops in array before their walls , came out to
attack them ; a battle was fought under the very eyes of the queen , wherein it
was the good fortune of Richard to make 80 gallant a figure , that on the very spot
the ...

Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley


ISBN: IBNF:CF004099463

Category: FICTION

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Perkin Warbeck was born in the later half of the 15th century. Around 1490, the teenage Warbeck announced that he was actually Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York and son of King Edward IV of England. The real Richard is famous as one of the two young "princes in the tower" whose fate is lost in history. Because of the mysterious situation of the tower, it was unclear whether Richard had died or not. As a result, along with a movement to overthrow King Henry VII, Warbeck gained several prominent followers. He became a legitimate threat to King Henry VII and the Tudor dynasty. Mary Shelley's 1830 novel titled "The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck" is a fictionalized account of Warbeck's life and times. Shelley proclaims that he was in fact Richard of York and follows the young man as he ventures through England and Europe. The character of Warbeck is similar to Mary's husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley.

The fortunes of Perkin Warbeck by the author of Frankenstein

The Moors seeing the Spanish troops in array before their walls, came out to
attack them ; a battle was fought under the very eyes of the queen, wherein it was
the good fortune of Richard to make so gallant a figure, that on the very spot the ...

Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley


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The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck

During the fray, it was the young Duke's chance to throw his javelin so as to slay on the spot a veteran Moor, whose turban having fallen off, ...

Author: Mary Shelley

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788026898351

Category: Fiction

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The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck tell the life story of Perkin Warbeck, a pretender to the English throne, who claimed to be Richard of Shrewsbury, the second son of Edward IV and one of the so-called "princes in the tower". After the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, with the aid of John de la Poole, Richard, Duke of York hides with Mynheer Jahn Warbeck, a Flemish moneylender who had previously housed him and pretended that Richard was his deceased son, Perkin Warbeck. Under the alias of Perkin, Richard starts paving his way to English throne.

Fortune s Wheel

The birds shrieked in mockery of the wind , in sympathy with the storm round
Moor Cottage . The weird , wild scene appealed to the heart of the boy who had
grown up in touch with all it had to convey . His mother and he had walked the ...

Author: Morice Gerard


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Othello the Moor of Venice

This world is not for aye , ' nor ' tis not strange , That ev'n our loves should with our fortunes change , For ' tis a question left us yet to prove ...

Author: William Shakespeare


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The Fortunes of Philippa

... flowers and walked slowly away in the opposite direction to that in which we had come, by a small path that led from the wood up on to the moor beyond.

Author: Angela Brazil

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783752379129

Category: Fiction

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Reproduction of the original: The Fortunes of Philippa by Angela Brazil