Follies of God

. . James Grissom’s Follies of God is a revelation, a book that moves and inspires and uncannily catches that illusive “dreaming nature.”

Author: James Grissom

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9781101874653

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An extraordinary book; one that almost magically makes clear how Tennessee Williams wrote; how he came to his visions of Amanda Wingfield, his Blanche DuBois, Stella Kowalski, Alma Winemiller, Lady Torrance, and the other characters of his plays that transformed the American theater of the mid-twentieth century; a book that does, from the inside, the almost impossible—revealing the heart and soul of artistic inspiration and the unwitting collaboration between playwright and actress, playwright and director. At a moment in the life of Tennessee Williams when he felt he had been relegated to a “lower artery of the theatrical heart,” when critics were proclaiming that his work had been overrated, he summoned to New Orleans a hopeful twenty-year-old writer, James Grissom, who had written an unsolicited letter to the great playwright asking for advice. After a long, intense conversation, Williams sent Grissom on a journey on the playwright’s behalf to find out if he, Tennessee Williams, or his work, had mattered to those who had so deeply mattered to him, those who had led him to what he called the blank page, “the pale judgment.” Among the more than seventy giants of American theater and film Grissom sought out, chief among them the women who came to Williams out of the fog: Lillian Gish, tiny and alabaster white, with enormous, lovely, empty eyes (“When I first imagined a woman at the center of my fantasia, I . . . saw the pure and buoyant face of Lillian Gish. . . . [She] was the escort who brought me to Blanche”) . . . Maureen Stapleton, his Serafina of The Rose Tattoo, a shy, fat little girl from Troy, New York, who grew up with abandoned women and sad hopes and whose job it was to cheer everyone up, goad them into going to the movies, urge them to bake a cake and have a party. (“Tennessee and I truly loved each other,” said Stapleton, “we were bound by our love of the theater and movies and movie stars and comedy. And we were bound to each other particularly by our mothers: the way they raised us; the things they could never say . . . The dreaming nature, most of all”) . . . Jessica Tandy (“The moment I read [Portrait of a Madonna],” said Tandy, “my life began. I was, for the first time . . . unafraid to be ruthless in order to get something I wanted”) . . . Kim Stanley . . . Bette Davis . . . Katharine Hepburn . . . Jo Van Fleet . . . Rosemary Harris . . . Eva Le Gallienne (“She was a stone against which I could rub my talent and feel that it became sharper”) . . . Julie Harris . . . Geraldine Page (“A titanic talent”) . . . And the men who mattered and helped with his creations, including Elia Kazan, José Quintero, Marlon Brando, John Gielgud . . . James Grissom’s Follies of God is a revelation, a book that moves and inspires and uncannily catches that illusive “dreaming nature.”

The Gregarious Follies of Fashion An Address Etc

Men were made and meant to go the men , not their follies . God has set one wise man in the world , to how many unwise ones ? The less wise are meant to follow the more wise , as the sheep follow the shepherd ; and when a wise man ...

Author: James Baldwin Brown


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The Works of John Owen

Here are persons guilty of sundry sinful follies . The Lord chargeth them home upon their consciences , to their trouble and disquietment ; he makes them go with wounds and blows upon that account . They had neglected his worship ...

Author: John Owen


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The Brooklyn Follies

Then I found peace in the Lord, and my life was saved. I know it's hard for a Jewish person like yourself to understand us, but we're not just another sect of Bible-thumping, fire-and-brimstone Christians.

Author: Paul Auster

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 9781429900096

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From the bestselling author of Oracle Night and The Book of Illusions, an exhilarating, whirlwind tale of one man's accidental redemption Nathan Glass has come to Brooklyn to die. Divorced, estranged from his only daughter, the retired life insurance salesman seeks only solitude and anonymity. Then Nathan finds his long-lost nephew, Tom Wood, working in a local bookstore—a far cry from the brilliant academic career he'd begun when Nathan saw him last. Tom's boss is the charismatic Harry Brightman, whom fate has also brought to the "ancient kingdom of Brooklyn, New York." Through Tom and Harry, Nathan's world gradually broadens to include a new set of acquaintances—not to mention a stray relative or two—and leads him to a reckoning with his past. Among the many twists in the delicious plot are a scam involving a forgery of the first page of The Scarlet Letter, a disturbing revelation that takes place in a sperm bank, and an impossible, utopian dream of a rural refuge. Meanwhile, the wry and acerbic Nathan has undertaken something he calls The Book of Human Folly, in which he proposes "to set down in the simplest, clearest language possible an account of every blunder, every pratfall, every embarrassment, every idiocy, every foible, and every inane act I had committed during my long and checkered career as a man." But life takes over instead, and Nathan's despair is swept away as he finds himself more and more implicated in the joys and sorrows of others. The Brooklyn Follies is Paul Auster's warmest, most exuberant novel, a moving and unforgettable hymn to the glories and mysteries of ordinary human life.

Our Musicals Ourselves

(Sondheim, Follies 37–38) Those telltale little tags, “Does it? ... These are the songs the secondary characters sang in the Follies way back when. ... who met at a Follies audition God-knows-when and have been together ever since.

Author: John Bush Jones

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 9780874519044

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A retired professor of theater arts from Brandeis University serves up the first social history of American musical theater, covering the broad sweep of plays, from "Showboat" to "Urinetown," discussing the impact of this brand of theater on culture and society. (Performing Arts)

Augustine The City of God Books VI and VII

he whose hope is his Lord God, and who has had no regard for vanities and lying follies. However, in considering all these “vanities and lying follies”, it is far preferable to give ear to those philosophers who have dissented from the ...

Author: Augustine

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 9781800346444

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This edition of St Augustine's The City of God (De Civitate Dei) is the only one in English to provide a text and translation as well as a detailed commentary of this most influential document in the history of western Christianity. In these books, written in the aftermath of the sack of Rome in AD 410 by the Goths, Augustine replies to the pagans, who attributed the fall of Rome to the Christian religion and its prohibition of the worship of the pagan gods. Books VI and VII focus on the figure of Terentius Varro, a man revered by Augustine’s pagan contemporaries. By exploiting Varro’s learned researches on Roman religion, Augustine condemns Roman religious practices and beliefs in order to refute pagan claims that the Roman deities had guaranteed a blessed life in the hereafter for their devotees. These books are therefore not only an invaluable source for the study of early Christianity but also for any student of Classical Rome, who is provided here with a detailed account of one of the most learned figures of Roman antiquity, whose own works have not survived in the same state. Latin text with facing-page English translation, introduction and commentary.

The Morning Exercises at Cripplegate edited by S Annesley St Giles in the Fields edited by Thomas Case and in Southwark edited by Nathaniel Vincent Being Divers Sermons Preached A D 1659 1689 By Several Ministers of the Gospel in Or Near London Fifth Edition Carefully Collated and Corrected With Notes and Translations by J Nichols Indexes By the Rev T H Horne and Others

The Spirit of Christ in the Old Testament saith expressly , that for all your ( unrepented ) follies " God will bring " you young ones “ into judgment ” of condemnation . ( Eccles . xi . 9. ) And , in the New Testament , he doth not ...

Author: Samuel ANNESLEY (LL.D., Minister of St. Giles', Cripplegate.)


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Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs

389 All our follies . Lord , forgive .. 1273 A right is right , since God .. A gracious Saviour , thou . 1156 All our iniquities thou dost ... 153 And round the wide world let . 334 A guilty , weak , and helpless .

Author: Charles S. Robinson


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Works Sermons

But as the greatest politicians are oft overtaken with the grossest follies , ( God owes proud wits a shame , ) the heart of man could not possibly devise how so much to befool itself , as by this wicked presumption : O ye fools ...

Author: Joseph Hall



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The New Laudes Domini

All is safely gathered in , Ere the winter storms begin : God our Maker doth provide For our wants to be supplied : Come to God's own temple , come , Raise the song of Harvest Home ! ... 3 All our follies , Lord , forgive !

Author: Charles Seymour Robinson


ISBN: HARVARD:32044052767696

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