Fire Support Bases Vietnam

This is an essential reference book for those with a serious interest in the Vietnam War, and adds valuable detail to the study of a campaign that occupies a unique place in the Australian psyche.

Author: Bruce Picken

Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

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Fire Support Bases Vietnam is a meticulous documentation of the construction, location and role of fire support bases during the Vietnam War, compiled by Vietnam veteran Bruce Picken. Often makeshift bases hacked out of primary jungle, these artillery gun areas provided essential support to infantry field units during operations in South Vietnam. In its simplest sense, a fire support base was an often hastily constructed fortified artillery base position, usually sited forward close to the center of the area of operations in support of task force, battalion or company operations. The role of the fire support base was to bring artillery and mortar fire within range of friendly forces operating in depth. Artillery gun areas were not unique to the Vietnam conflict. In previous wars they were deployed in allied territory to cover the front lines and to support advancing troops. The concept was first applied in Vietnam by US forces and quickly adapted by Australian forces arriving in Phuoc Tuy Province in May 1966 to fight a new kind of war. This conflict was not like its predecessors and the fire support bases were now more usually sited in territory dominated by the enemy to provide much-needed protection for forces operating in bitterly contested areas. Fire Support Bases Vietnam is a detailed account that identifies every fire support base by date, location and role and provides an outline of the operations in which they participated. This is an essential reference book for those with a serious interest in the Vietnam War, and adds valuable detail to the study of a campaign that occupies a unique place in the Australian psyche.

Vietnam Studies Tactical and Material Innovations 1974

CHAPTER VIII Fire Support Base CROOK ( June 1969 ) Fire Support
Surveillance Base FLOYD ( August 1970 ) A major innovation of the Vietnam War
was the fire support base . Because there were no well - defined battle lines , fire
support of ...

Author: United States. Army Department


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The Battle Of Coral

Lex McAulay's brilliant account of reconstruction is one of the most important books on the Australian soldiers' involvement in the Vietnam War.

Author: Lex McAulay

Publisher: Random House Australia

ISBN: 9781742747453

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A detailed and masterly account of the biggest unit level battle involving Australian soldiers during the Vietnam War. The Battle: For twenty-six days during May and June 1968 the 1st Australian Task Force fought a series of actions around Fire Support Bases Coral and Balmoral, northeastof Saigon. The Scenario: An overnight switch in war tactics, from patrolling and ambushing to close combat action, where, for the first time in a long while, tanks and artillery support came into their own. The Men: A trained fighting force with more than their share of bravery, whose skills and sacrifice stopped the North Vietnamese in their tracks. Lex McAulay's brilliant account of reconstruction is one of the most important books on the Australian soldiers' involvement in the Vietnam War.

U S Marines in Vietnam The defining year 1968

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas H. Galbraith's 1st Battalion , 4th Marines provided
security for artillery units and radio relay sites located at Fire Support Bases
Cates and Shepherd and Hills 691 and 950 , and patrolled out from the four
bases .

Author: United States. Marine Corps. History and Museums Division


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An American Soldier in Vietnam

After landing at the base, I was processed into B battery 6/11th artillery. Two days
later I was on a Bell Huey model UH 1A helicopter on the way out to LZ Cork fire
support base. Flying west in the chopper enabled me to have a good View of ...

Author: Steven Alexander

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After living a normal life for twenty years, a war halfway around the world forever alters the life of a young man… The 1960s were a turbulent time for the United States. Anti-war riots, race riots, and gender equality protests shook America and permanently changed the composition of the American way of life. But for Ray Anderson, life was peaceful and full of normalcy. That is, until his number was drawn. Unlike others who dodged the draft, Anderson, knew his country needed him and accepted the call to arms. Leaving behind everything he knew and loved, Anderson embarked upon a new life, one in which he must fight to preserve the freedom of world, by attempting to stop the tyrannical aggression the North Vietnamese inflict upon its Southern brothers and sisters. After witnessing the atrocities of war, Anderson comes home to ungrateful and unsympathetic protestors, heckling him as he attempts to reenter the “real world.” An American Soldier in Vietnam is a means of conveying the harsh conditions American soldiers faced in Vietnam, and the cruel treatment Veterans experienced at the hands of their fellow Americans.

The Marines in Vietnam 1954 1973

During the latter part of the summer of 1968 the 3d Marine Division , commanded
by Maj Gen Raymond G. Davis , introduced the fire support base concept in
northern I Corps . The Marines found themselves operating in mountains ,
swamps ...



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Vietnam Medal of Honor Heroes

1st Division artillery units supported all of these actions. From their fire support
bases spread throughout the region, the division's massive firepower poured
down on the enemy. On one memorable night the division's 5th Artillery
Regiment ...

Author: Edward F. Murphy

Publisher: Presidio Press

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More than 100 compelling, true stories of personal heroism and valor– in a special expanded edition honoring courage in the face of war Here are dramatic accounts of the fearless actions that earned American soldiers in Vietnam our highest military distinction–the Medal of Honor. Edward F. Murphy, head of the Medal of Honor Historical Society, re-creates the heroic acts of individual soldiers from official documents, Medal of Honor citations, contemporary accounts, and, where possible, interviews with survivors. Complete with a list of all Vietnam Medal of Honor recipients, this book offers a unique perspective on the war–from the early days of U.S. involvement through the return home of the last soldiers. It pays a fitting tribute to these patriotic, selfless souls.

Words of the Vietnam War

The fire bases were established on small hills overlooking Highway 9 . ARVN
artillery pieces were deployed by helicopter to provide artillery support to the
ARVN force attacking along Highway 9 from South Vietnam to Tchepone in
Cambodia .

Author: Gregory R. Clark

Publisher: McFarland Publishing

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Cu Chi, (body bag), Shit-hook (Chinook helicopter), dink (Vietnamese slang for a G.I.), slope (G.I. slang for a Vietnamese), hose (kill), boom-boom (what's done in a tapioca mill, or whorehouse), Mike-Juliet (marijuana), pogey bait, DO-28, C-2A, L Zed (Aussie for landing zone), rat-turds (oak leaf clusters), thousand yard stare, Samozaryadnyi karabin (Soviet rifle), guerre a outrance (French war to the end--the viewpoint of the North): these and the 10,000 others in this dictionary are the words of the Vietnam era. They were spoken by ground pounders in the boonies and by peaceniks on U.S. campuses, by hawks, doves, Victor Charlies and hoi chanhs, Chinese advisors and the Muong people of the Central Highlands. The period covered is primarily 1963-1975, but there are terms included from as early as 1945 and as late as 1987.

Giap The General Who Defeated America in Vietnam

Supporting forces would meanwhile march north and south of the main axis of
advance, setting up a string of mobile fire-support bases after clearing PAVN
forces in a series of search-and-destroy thrusts. PAVN resistance was light

Author: James A. Warren

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781137098917

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General Vo Nguyen Giap was the commander in chief of the communist armed forces during two of his country's most difficult conflicts—the first against Vietnam's colonial masters, the French, and the second against the most powerful nation on earth, the United States. After long and bloody conflicts, he defeated both Western powers and their Vietnamese allies, forever changing modern warfare. In Giap, military historian James A. Warren dives deep into the conflict to bring to life a revolutionary general and reveal the groundbreaking strategies that defeated world powers against incredible odds. Synthesizing ideas and tactics from an extraordinary range of sources, Giap was one of the first to realize that war is more than a series of battles between two armies and that victory can be won through the strength of a society's social fabric. As America's wars in the Middle East rage on, this is an important and timely look at a man who was a master at defeating his enemies even as they thought they were winning.

Nixon s trident Naval Power in Southeast Asia 1968 1972

Since 1968, the South Vietnamese armed forces, backed up by regional units,
had made some progress in keeping ... 30 March 1972, the 308th NVA Division
plus two independent regiments struck the ARVN fire support bases along the


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This book focuses on the three prongs of the naval trident that President Nixon wielded during the final years of the Vietnam War: naval air power, naval bombardment, and mine warfare. For much of this period, Navy aircraft sought to hamper the flow of supplies down the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos-a huge investment in air power resources that ultimately proved fruitless. After North Vietnam's invasion of the South in 1972, however, Navy tactical aviation, as well as naval bombardment, proved critical not only in blunting the offensive but also in persuading North Vietnam to arrive at a peace agreement in Paris in 1973. For the first time in the war, the Navy was also authorized to close Haiphong Harbor and North Vietnam's other ports with naval mines-an operation that still stands out as a textbook example of how mine warfare can inflict a major economic and psychological blow on the enemy with minimal casualties for either side. Thus, naval power was indispensible to ending America's longest war. -- Provided by publisher.

The Vietnam War

US Fire Support Base An important American innovation in Vietnam was the Fire
Support Base ( FSB ) which was ... In addition , since the North Vietnamese Army
and and the Viet Cong regarded such field artillery bases as attractive and ...

Author: Ray Bonds

Publisher: Crescent

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Hundreds of authentic photographs combine with maps, diagrams, and text to capture the full scope of the Vietnam conflict from the French withdrawal to the fall of Saigon

The Vietnam War

US Fire Support Base An important American innovation in Vietnam was the Fire
Support Base ( FSB ) which was ... In addition , since the North Vietnamese Army
and and the Viet Cong regarded such field artillery bases as attractive and ...

Author: Bernard C. Nalty

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 0517536129

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Hundreds of authentic photographs combine with maps, diagrams, and text to capture the full scope of the Vietnam conflict from the French withdrawal to the fall of Saigon.

The 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam

... action at Binh Phuoc Battle of Phu My Tet counteroffensive third phase of the
Communist General Offensive and 5th Nha Be Battalion (VC) 50th Regimentth
Division (ARVN) finance unit firepower, of helicopter assets fire support bases (
FSB) ...

Author: Ira A. Hunt

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813140049

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Of all the military assignments in Vietnam, perhaps none was more challenging than the defense of the Mekong River Delta region. Operating deep within the Viet Cong--controlled Delta, the 9th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army was charged with protecting the area and its population against Communist insurgents and ensuring the success of the South Vietnamese government's pacification program. Faced with unrelenting physical hardships, a tenacious enemy, and the region's rugged terrain, the 9th Division established strategies and quantifiable goals for completing their mission, effectively writing a blueprint for combating guerilla warfare that influenced army tacticians for decades to come. In The 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam: Unparalleled and Unequaled, Ira A. Hunt Jr. details the innovative strategies of the 9th Division in their fight to overcome the Viet Cong. Based on Hunt's experience as colonel and division chief of staff, the volume documents how the 9th Division's combat effectiveness peaked in 1969. A wealth of illustrative material, including photos, maps, charts, and tables, deepens understanding of the region's hazardous environment and clarifies the circumstances of the division's failures and successes. A welcome addition to scholarship on the Vietnam War, The 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam will find an audience with enthusiasts and scholars of military history.

The US Army in Vietnam

If the Fire Support Base came under attack the artillery would frequently use
direct defensive fire with the XM546 ' Beehive ' round . Loaded with over eight
thousand flechettes , the Beehive was a devastating anti - personnel round . It
was first ...

Author: Leroy Thompson


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VIETNAM : A VISUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA Fire Support Base ( FSB ) became a critic
of Diem , he remained Usually helicopter supplied , Fire pro - war throughout .
Support Bases were self - contained US and South Vietnamese bases . They pro

Author: Philip C. Gutzman

Publisher: Promotional Reprint Company Limited

ISBN: UCSC:32106017715662

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Take a look back at the turbulent Vietnam era in a visual encyclopedia of over 500 extraordinary photos and alphabetized entries. “Stunning...a valuable and reasonably priced resource...required viewing if not reading. Recommended for most libraries.”—Library Journal. "The range of topics is excellent...Biographical coverage is especially good...It's best feature is its top-notch collection of photographs."--Choice Magazine.

The Vietnam War Handbook

US Armed Forces in Vietnam Andrew Rawson. FIRE SUPPORT BASES The fire
support base or fire base was home to many American troops when they were
out in the field . They were built as safe havens , securing artillery positions so ...

Author: Andrew Rawson

Publisher: History PressLtd

ISBN: UOM:39015079263235

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This fully illustrated reference book examines all aspects of the war in South-east Asia. It looks at the role played by the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, including the command structure, combat arms, support troops, weaponry and tactics, and America's Allies. The Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army's structure and tactics complete the picture of the war and its impact on America and South-east Asia.

The Siege of LZ Kate

f all the fire support bases and artillery raids in which I participated in Vietnam,
the question was “Why Kate?” I think it came from a recurring nightmare that I had
for years after returning from Vietnam. In the 1970s, I saw the movie Go Tell the ...

Author: Arthur G. Sharp

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811759403

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In the fall of 1969, a force of 150 Americans and their South Vietnamese allies were surrounded by 5,000 North Vietnamese Army soldiers. This is the story of their desperate defense and against-all-odds escape.

Fighting to the Finish

The Australian Army and the Vietnam War, 1968-1975 Ashley Ekins, Ian McNeill.
At Fire Support Base 'Diggers Rest' in the Hat Dich region of south-eastern Bien
Hoa province, Lieutenant Colonel A.L. Morrison (standing right), CO of 9RAR, ...

Author: Ashley Ekins

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781865088242

Category: History

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Telling the story of the Australian Army during the peak years of the Australian military commitment to Vietnam War, this final volume in the official history of the Vietnam conflict throws light on the experience of Australian soldiers in a way that has not been possible before.

Destroy Or Die the True Story of Mylai

Other servicemen may live at modern air bases , artillery bases , supply bases or
naval bases . But the best place an infantryman can expect to see during his year
' s tour in Vietnam is a fire - support base . Entertainers , politicians and other ...

Author: Martin Gershen


ISBN: UOM:39015007009395

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"'The tragedy at Mylai cannot be condoned,' writes Martin Gershen, 'but the Americans who were thrust into that situation cannot be condemned. For if there was a failure, it must rest with the society that forced these kids to go to die in a foreign land for a cause it refused to defend at home.' What really happened at Mylai? Why did it happen? What kind of a man is Lieutenant Calley? Captain Medina? The men under their command? Prizewinning reporter Martin Gershen logged over 20,000 miles in this country and in Vietnam talking to the indicted men, their families, their lawyers, high Pentagon officials... Sure to spark controversy, Gershen's findings clash at key points with those of Seymour Hersh. Mr. Gershen spoke with many members of Charlie Company whom no other reporter was able to reach. His account makes earlier ones outdated." -- Dust jacket.

The Vietnam Photo Book

Fire Bases The bulk of Gls who aren ' t grunts and aren ' t at the Rear spend their
year on a fire support base . Hundreds of fire bases exist in Vietnam , enabling
the U . S . to blanket almost every foot of the country with artillery fire . At the fire ...

Author: Mark Jury

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: UOM:39015011901215

Category: Vietnam War, 1961-1975

Page: 160

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A magazine photographer in civilian life, Mark Jury was assigned to the U.S. Army Headquarters Information Office at Long Binh during the Vietnam War. With blanket travel orders and the Army's top press card, he spent his year-long tour of duty traveling around Vietnam and Cambodia photographing the war. This book, first published soon after his return from Vietnam, is a collection of affecting images that illuminate the human cost of the Vietnam War.