Finish Your Damn Speech

Whether it’s a class assignment, work presentation, special occasion speech, or keynote address…If you can spare two hours for this book, you’ll be on your way to finishing your damn speech!

Author: Tony Smith, Ph.D.

Publisher: Tony Smith, Ph.D.


Category: Young Adult Nonfiction


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Fear Public Speaking? Need Help with Your Speech? "Finish Your Damn Speech!" offers tips and practical advice for organizing and delivering an effective speech or presentation. It covers important public speaking topics including: the Intro, Body, and Conclusion of your speech; verbal delivery and body language; using notes and visual aids; practicing your speech; managing fear and anxiety; and delivering the best speech possible. Whether it’s a class assignment, work presentation, special occasion speech, or keynote address…If you can spare two hours for this book, you’ll be on your way to finishing your damn speech!

Write and Edit the Damn Book

In this book you will, *Learn the scaffolding of story structure, and how to use it. *Capitalize on plotting tips that even a Pantser can get behind.*Understand the seven forms of conflict and how to apply them for the biggest payoff. ...

Author: Katie Salidas


ISBN: 9798580928388


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Writing A Book Is Not Simply Putting Words On The Page. Okay, yes, it is literally putting words on the page, but a truly spectacular book is more than just a written stream of consciousness. Crafting a complete and compelling story is work. Hard work. It is late night fights with uncooperative characters, bouts of crippling impostor syndrome, and the taunting blink of the cursor on the empty page as you struggle to pry those unwilling words from the deepest recesses of your mind.Writing looks a lot easier from the other side of the book. You can armchair quarterback all your favorite novelists, but until you put that butt in the chair and bang out that first full draft, you can't truly appreciate the struggle. Stressed Out Authors, The Solution Is Here! In this book you will, *Learn the scaffolding of story structure, and how to use it. *Capitalize on plotting tips that even a Pantser can get behind.*Understand the seven forms of conflict and how to apply them for the biggest payoff. *Discover the secret sauce to creating compelling characters. *Access cheat sheets to help you revise your story with flair. *Utilize word swaps to add sizzle to your scene. *Employ simple self-editing practices that will make your copyeditor love you. With over 30 published works to her name, and years spent providing editing, coaching, and publishing help to other indie authors, Katie Salidas is a veteran of the publishing trenches. She's battled writer's block, faced the firing squad of feedback and reviews, felt the sting of an editor's red pen, and sacrificed more than a few of her favorite words for the greater good of a story. She's been in your shoes, and is here to show you, with a little tough love (you'll thank her for it later), how to get through it all and finally finish that damn book you've been dreaming of writing. Your readers are waiting. Write (and edit) that damn book, already!

Fix Your Damn Book

Accept that you will not catch every mistake or end up with a 'perfect' book. You
may come back after finishing your edits and further revise the opening
paragraph, or change things after a number of rejections. You may even scrap
the entire ...

Author: James Osiris Baldwin

Publisher: Gift Horse Productions

ISBN: 9780994407023

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Have you finished a novel manuscript? Wondering what to do next? Fix Your Damn Book! is a self-help manual for writers who have finished a manuscript – a novel, novella, short story, or serial – and who want to self-edit their work to a professional standard and get it on the market. In this instructional and occasionally hilarious book, James Osiris Baldwin – an author and editor with over 8 years of experience as a freelance and staff editor – explains his technique for painlessly and successfully polishing your manuscript to a perfect glow. Fix Your Damn Book! will: • Introduce you to the seven essential components of successful editing; • Help you get in the right headspace to edit your own work; • Teach you to objectively diagnose problems in your manuscript; • Walk you through the secrets of developmental editing and line editing; • Teach you hacks for sharpening your story, character, and dialogue; • Guide you through copy-editing and grammar, including a copy-editing essentials checklist; • Give you guidelines on recruiting and making the most out of your first readers; • Cover proofreading and publishing. You will also find a special section on writing and editing query letters, advice on developing characters and stories, a list of the best software to help you write and edit, and much more! If you want to write faster, edit stronger, master the craft of storytelling, and ensure your book is something to be proud of before you put it on the market, Fix Your Damn Book! is the how-to book for you.

Write the Damn Book

Don't Know Where to Start? This book will give you every piece of information needed to create and publish your book from start to finish in no time at all.

Author: Ms. L.B.


ISBN: 1098925262


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~Bring your dream of becoming a Best-Selling author to life today! ~As a little girl I always dreamed of writing my very own book. I would sit in my room for hours reading the latest editions of "Nancy Drew" and "The Baby-Sitting Club". As I got older, I became more interested in Urban-Fiction. It wasn't until I went through a domestic violence situation that I decided to pursue my dreams of writing in hopes of my story inspiring other women. Within two months of publishing my first book I became a best-selling author. How? It really isn't as hard as most people think. By just following a simple writing outline and setting daily writing goals of two-three hours per day, it is possible to complete and publish a best -selling novel within twelve months (or less if you have more time to set-aside for daily writing goals). Don't Know Where to Start? This book will give you every piece of information needed to create and publish your book from start to finish in no time at all. Topics Include: *The Four Biggest Mistakes Every New Author Makes. *Top Secret Marketing Tips to Help Your Book Become a Best Seller. (I Know because I used Them) *A writing outline template that includes plot, character, theme and conflict development, to help structure and build your story. *The Editing Process- What type of editing will your manuscript need?*How to Make Your Synopsis Stand-Out? *Traditional Versus Independent Publishing. Which one will work better for you? *A Monthly Writing Plan used by Best-Selling Authors used to establish deadlines dates to start and a finish each phase of your manuscript.*Writing Journal

For New Salespeople the Best Damn Book about the Profession of Elling Period

67 The Best Damn Book About The Profession Of $elling ... Period! stimulus he
gives the speaker. ... Then there is the person who interrupts, either to change the
subject or to finish the speaker's remark for him. All are discourteous. The person

Author: H. B. Rutstein


ISBN: 9780615165134

Category: Business & Economics

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THREE Books In One! "IF YOU ARE A NEW SALESPERSON; THIS TEXTBOOK WAS WRITTEN FOR YOU! Plus you have The Best Damn Glossary Of Selling Terms & The Best Damn Quotes About Selling & Success. THREE, THAT'S ACTUALLY 3 BOOKS IN ONE!!! THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL SELLING TOOL FOR CLO$ING SALES, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, AT ANY PRICE! This 155 page INTERACTIVE, WORKBOOK SIZED TEXTBOOK COURSE is the story of one of the greatest salesmen of all time, the wonderful and humble Oscar "Blackie" Rutstein (1922 - 2002). He teaches you how he very successfully sold for over 40 years that gave him massive success.

The Middle Man

Shirer ' s experience upon the day of completion of The Rise and Fall of the Third
Reich was different . Shirer lived in a ... Shirer replied that he had two more
pages to write to finish the “ damn book ” and what about seven o ' clock ? At six
thirty ...

Author: Paul Revere Reynolds


ISBN: UOM:39015002286428

Category: Literary agents

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book before he was forty . He set his jaw ... But finish it he would , even if it did
take fourteen years . ... Might as well enjoy himself - he wasn ' t going to be
seeing much of Paris or any of his lady friends until he finished the damn book .
Where ...

Author: Penny Colvin


ISBN: 0671658948

Category: Fiction

Page: 327

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After Jean-Philippe, a top French fashion designer, combs America for fresh, beautiful models, the three chosen, Claire, Flannery, and Isabel, begin glamorous new lives in 1920s Paris

Bed time story

I finished the book . I executed the heroine and cried as I wrote “ The End " at six
thirty - eight that morning . Then " The End " looked pretentious . I X - ed it out . ...
It wasn ' t bad to finish that damn book . I asked Laurie to type over the last page ...

Author: Jill Robinson

Publisher: Fawcett Books

ISBN: UOM:39015076853004


Page: 272

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The Howards

Besides , if it kills me I ' m going to finish this book before I sleep to - night . How
did you ... One of them . . . the book - keeper cooking the books and starving his
wife . . . it ' s Mr . Blake , I swear . ... I finished that damn novel two years ago .

Author: Séamus De Búrca


ISBN: STANFORD:36105129770033


Page: 66

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I also needed money if I was ever going to finish this damn book , and I agreed to
write the screen adaptation of Norman Mailer ' s novel The Deer Park . The fee
was simply too high to pass up , and even with taxes and the commissions of ...

Author: John Gregory Dunne

Publisher: Touchstone Books

ISBN: 0671740318

Category: Social Science

Page: 287

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A collection of essays by the popular novelist addresses such issues as the Chappaquiddick tragedy, Hollywood, and reports on the Intifada

No Words for Love and Famine

A Novel Roberta Morris. tenderly suckles ... Then one dresses , finishes whatever
letter is in the typewriter , calls one ' s publisher and , if one is good at this , can
make up a good lie . ... In the mean time , finish that damn book , Lois . I can ' t ...

Author: Roberta Morris

Publisher: Dunvegan, Ont. : Cormorant Books

ISBN: UOM:39015034034408

Category: Fiction

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The Nesting

My reflection said, You're writing a book, remember? If you die, the book won't get
finished. I remembered I'd promised myself that I'd finish writing this damn book.
This untitled Scandi noir that was unfolding quite nicely, unlike my miserable ...

Author: C.J. Cooke

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780008341886

Category: Fiction


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Atmospheric, gothic, spine-chilling... The new thriller from C.J Cooke will haunt you long after you turn the last page...

The Best American Essays 1987

Illalso needed money if | | I was ever going to finish this damn book , and I agreed
to write the soreen adaptation of Norman Mailer ' s novel The Deer Park . The fee
was simply too high to pass up ; with taxes and the commissions of agents ...

Author: Gay Talese

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

ISBN: 0899194680

Category: Literary Collections

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Compiles a selection of the best literary essays of the year 1986 which were originally published in American periodicals.

Lit Life

A Novel Kurt Wenzel. Maybe this is how it should happen , he thought . Maybe
the kid has to bottom out . Be damned if I'll stick around for it , though . He
gestured to his table ... Finish that damn book you keep talking about . No more
bullshit .

Author: Kurt Wenzel

Publisher: Random House Incorporated

ISBN: 0375505512

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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A once hot young writer, Kyle Clayton embarks on an inebriated odyssey through New York's nightlife and encounters his literary hero, novelist Richard Whitehurst, and they each find in the other the crutch he has been seeking.

Nobody Likes a Quitter and other reasons to avoid rehab

What they're saying about Dan Dunn and his book . ... This is the first of many
wonderful books to come. ... former neighbor, the late Hunter S. Thompson, and
have been waiting for him to sober up enough to finish this damn book ever since

Author: Dan Dunn

Publisher: Running Press

ISBN: 1568583664

Category: Humor

Page: 256

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A lot of people drink, but few do it for a living. Among those who do, nobody does it better, or worse, than Dan Dunn. One part infotainment, two parts desperate cry for help, Nobody Likes a Quitter chronicles Dunn's rise from Philly street kid to Aspen ski bum to lofty status as one of the world's most widely read wine and spirits writers. Along the way, readers learn what to drink, how to drink it, and why they should drink it while meeting the motley crew that shares Dunn's sauce-soaked ways: the degenerate roommate "Bottomfeeder," a string of women who populate Dunn's nights, a host of the famous and fabulously drunk, even the occasional appearance by Dunn's mentor, the great Hunter S. Thompson. A mosh-up of fact and well-oiled flights of fancy, Dunn's riotously funny story is destined to become the Bible of the 21st-Century Drinking Class. Along with hilarious yarns involving celebrities, hapless Hollywood agents and executives, porn-star neighbors, and expensive liquor company events, this bawdy barroom confession contains cocktail recipes, product reviews, and wine and liquor history, as well as profiles of some of the giants of the spirits industry.

The Frightening Talent

I could , of course , never finish the novel now in time to take it with me to America
, still less to have it published while I was there , unless I had one of ... Who the
hell cares , ' I asked myself , ' whether I finish the damn novel this year or next ?

Author: Louis Golding

Publisher: London : W.H. Allen

ISBN: STANFORD:36105036673981

Category: English fiction

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The End of Molasses Classes

“Oh, hell no,” he replied, and then added, “Ron, you go with your mom, and I'll
write the damn book.” Good grief. We all laughed, but then I finally gave in and
said I'd go with mom. To my surprise, when I returned home, my father, who loves

Author: Ron Clark

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451639735

Category: Education

Page: 352

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New York Times bestselling author and educator Ron Clark challenges parents, teachers, and communities everywhere embrace a difference in the classroom and uplift, educate, and empower our children. Read this book to find out why so many across the country have embraced these powerful rules. · Set the electric tone on day one · Teach your children how to study—don’t expect it to come naturally · Don’t constantly stress about test scores · Not every child deserves a cookie · Lift up your teachers. No, really, lift them up! · If kids like you all the time, you’re doing something wrong · Don’t be a penny parent Be different. Be bold. Join in.

Shadows of the Past

... to make up stories just for me . And to thank Barbara and Peter Clendon , who
sponsor The Clendon Award , aka Finish the Damn Book . The win sent my work
to the right place to get published . Chapter 1 67 Vanity , thy name is woman , : ...

Author: Frances Housden

Publisher: Silhouette

ISBN: 0373273592

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Ten years ago, a harrowing kidnapping had taught Maria Costello to be on her guard and trust no one. So when gorgeous entrepreneur Franc Jellic caught her eye, she should have run for cover. Instead, she yearned to lose herself in his masterful embrace, ready to risk her hard-won safety even as a terrifying new threat surfaced.

New York

We've always been proud of how many of our writers have made book on their
talents, but this fall our — and their — cup ... Financial wizard Andrew Tobias did,
however, give us a sample from his new book. ... I can't finish the damn book.



ISBN: STANFORD:36105006689207

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Sinclair Lewis Newsletter

... ll know it gottdamn soon . Say , I ' ve just finished a book that ' ll be published in
a week or two and it ' s the gottdamn best book of its kind that ... 39 a rooming
house till nine at night to finish the damn thing . Then I probably won ' t make a ...



ISBN: IND:32000001184714



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