Fix Your Damn Book

Accept that you will not catch every mistake or end up with a 'perfect' book. You
may come back after finishing your edits and further revise the opening
paragraph, or change things after a number of rejections. You may even scrap
the entire ...

Author: James Osiris Baldwin

Publisher: Gift Horse Productions

ISBN: 9780994407023

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


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Have you finished a novel manuscript? Wondering what to do next? Fix Your Damn Book! is a self-help manual for writers who have finished a manuscript – a novel, novella, short story, or serial – and who want to self-edit their work to a professional standard and get it on the market. In this instructional and occasionally hilarious book, James Osiris Baldwin – an author and editor with over 8 years of experience as a freelance and staff editor – explains his technique for painlessly and successfully polishing your manuscript to a perfect glow. Fix Your Damn Book! will: • Introduce you to the seven essential components of successful editing; • Help you get in the right headspace to edit your own work; • Teach you to objectively diagnose problems in your manuscript; • Walk you through the secrets of developmental editing and line editing; • Teach you hacks for sharpening your story, character, and dialogue; • Guide you through copy-editing and grammar, including a copy-editing essentials checklist; • Give you guidelines on recruiting and making the most out of your first readers; • Cover proofreading and publishing. You will also find a special section on writing and editing query letters, advice on developing characters and stories, a list of the best software to help you write and edit, and much more! If you want to write faster, edit stronger, master the craft of storytelling, and ensure your book is something to be proud of before you put it on the market, Fix Your Damn Book! is the how-to book for you.

Write and Edit the Damn Book

In this book you will, *Learn the scaffolding of story structure, and how to use it. *Capitalize on plotting tips that even a Pantser can get behind.*Understand the seven forms of conflict and how to apply them for the biggest payoff. ...

Author: Katie Salidas


ISBN: 9798580928388


Page: 217

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Writing A Book Is Not Simply Putting Words On The Page. Okay, yes, it is literally putting words on the page, but a truly spectacular book is more than just a written stream of consciousness. Crafting a complete and compelling story is work. Hard work. It is late night fights with uncooperative characters, bouts of crippling impostor syndrome, and the taunting blink of the cursor on the empty page as you struggle to pry those unwilling words from the deepest recesses of your mind.Writing looks a lot easier from the other side of the book. You can armchair quarterback all your favorite novelists, but until you put that butt in the chair and bang out that first full draft, you can't truly appreciate the struggle. Stressed Out Authors, The Solution Is Here! In this book you will, *Learn the scaffolding of story structure, and how to use it. *Capitalize on plotting tips that even a Pantser can get behind.*Understand the seven forms of conflict and how to apply them for the biggest payoff. *Discover the secret sauce to creating compelling characters. *Access cheat sheets to help you revise your story with flair. *Utilize word swaps to add sizzle to your scene. *Employ simple self-editing practices that will make your copyeditor love you. With over 30 published works to her name, and years spent providing editing, coaching, and publishing help to other indie authors, Katie Salidas is a veteran of the publishing trenches. She's battled writer's block, faced the firing squad of feedback and reviews, felt the sting of an editor's red pen, and sacrificed more than a few of her favorite words for the greater good of a story. She's been in your shoes, and is here to show you, with a little tough love (you'll thank her for it later), how to get through it all and finally finish that damn book you've been dreaming of writing. Your readers are waiting. Write (and edit) that damn book, already!

Write the Damn Book

Don't Know Where to Start? This book will give you every piece of information needed to create and publish your book from start to finish in no time at all.

Author: Ms. L.B.


ISBN: 1098925262


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~Bring your dream of becoming a Best-Selling author to life today! ~As a little girl I always dreamed of writing my very own book. I would sit in my room for hours reading the latest editions of "Nancy Drew" and "The Baby-Sitting Club". As I got older, I became more interested in Urban-Fiction. It wasn't until I went through a domestic violence situation that I decided to pursue my dreams of writing in hopes of my story inspiring other women. Within two months of publishing my first book I became a best-selling author. How? It really isn't as hard as most people think. By just following a simple writing outline and setting daily writing goals of two-three hours per day, it is possible to complete and publish a best -selling novel within twelve months (or less if you have more time to set-aside for daily writing goals). Don't Know Where to Start? This book will give you every piece of information needed to create and publish your book from start to finish in no time at all. Topics Include: *The Four Biggest Mistakes Every New Author Makes. *Top Secret Marketing Tips to Help Your Book Become a Best Seller. (I Know because I used Them) *A writing outline template that includes plot, character, theme and conflict development, to help structure and build your story. *The Editing Process- What type of editing will your manuscript need?*How to Make Your Synopsis Stand-Out? *Traditional Versus Independent Publishing. Which one will work better for you? *A Monthly Writing Plan used by Best-Selling Authors used to establish deadlines dates to start and a finish each phase of your manuscript.*Writing Journal

For New Salespeople the Best Damn Book about the Profession of Elling Period

67 The Best Damn Book About The Profession Of $elling ... Period! stimulus he
gives the speaker. ... Then there is the person who interrupts, either to change the
subject or to finish the speaker's remark for him. All are discourteous. The person

Author: H. B. Rutstein


ISBN: 9780615165134

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 156

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THREE Books In One! "IF YOU ARE A NEW SALESPERSON; THIS TEXTBOOK WAS WRITTEN FOR YOU! Plus you have The Best Damn Glossary Of Selling Terms & The Best Damn Quotes About Selling & Success. THREE, THAT'S ACTUALLY 3 BOOKS IN ONE!!! THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL SELLING TOOL FOR CLO$ING SALES, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, AT ANY PRICE! This 155 page INTERACTIVE, WORKBOOK SIZED TEXTBOOK COURSE is the story of one of the greatest salesmen of all time, the wonderful and humble Oscar "Blackie" Rutstein (1922 - 2002). He teaches you how he very successfully sold for over 40 years that gave him massive success.

The Keeper Chronicles The Complete Collection The Keeper Chronicles Books 1 5

“I'll get the coffee on while you finish waking up.” “Ugh,” Gordy grunted as his
heavy-set frame flopped and swiveled around the bed before sitting up on the
edge. “I fell asleep on that damn book last night, figures.” He moved to his side
and ...

Author: Kester James Finley

Publisher: Kester James Finley


Category: Fiction

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Supernatural evil and magic collide as the Keepers are pulled into an epic struggle to protect the veil between two worlds from unseen forces threatening to doom them all in this complete five book spell-slinging, darkness chasing, devilishly haunting adventure fantasy set in the modern world. Join Truddie Mae, Gordy, Niles, and a complete cast of superpowered individuals as they battle a nefarious plot to destroy the universe as secrets uncover lies and friends turn to enemies. Danger lurks around every corner and, as the stakes are raised, the Keepers will need to join forces to face the greatest threats ever to slip into their reality. As the war rages on, will a thrown together family save the day, or will sinister plans finally prevail? *Included in this set are all five complete eBooks of The Keeper Chronicles series as listed below. * Bitter Awakenings (Book 1): Southern charm meets devilish intent. Pulled from her tranquil existence by the veil’s calling out for assistance, Truddie Mae will once again dive headfirst into terror forcing her to reawaken old wounds and explore old haunts. Against a ticking monstrosity of devouring darkness, will she and the others stop new this threat, or will time run out for them all? Twisted Reunions (Book 2): Three people can keep a secret if two are dead. A simple excursion leads to a discovery threatening the Keepers on every level. Forced to act as leader, Truddie Mae must rally remaining teammates and dig deeper into the mystery of their magical lives. New threats and unseen forces strike back, this time with more bite. Sometimes the past rises to the top no matter how deep you bury the bodies. Struggling to maintain the veil while dodging a conspiracy, will her group unearth the agenda meant to end them before it finally does? Withering Haunts (Book 3): Danger has never been so close to home... safety never so far away. With everyone a possible threat, fear, and suspicion rule the day. Driven by duty to protect the veil, doubts soon become ominous when a late-night phone call of panic ends up being the tip of an even darker iceberg waiting to sink them all. New threats emerge, foes become friends, and truths become lies. A new global menace looms on the horizon. Can the remaining Keepers thwart the increasing danger or will nefarious plans finally bear fruit and force their magical lives to wither away? Jagged Remains (Book 4): Sometimes, to stop unspeakable evil one must battle themselves... Danger lurks behind every tree, every whisper. The veil is eroding while teammates remain lost. For Truddie Mae, abandoning safety for answers will soon find her plunging deeper into the magical darkness. As panic and desperation collide, will her magic find a way? Sinister players are finally revealed, and the truth is earth-shattering. The battle to save our reality is reaching its darkest hour. Will they be able to stop a doomed future, or will they all become jagged remains of a broken past? Frayed Endings (Book 5): For every start, an end. With every dusk, a new dawn. As old friends offer help and plans unfold to keep two worlds apart, Truddie Mae will soon find that stopping the coming storm may be a losing battle for them all. As the Keepers battle to prevent a universe ending disaster, they'll learn that the coils of their supernatural lives are frayed on both ends and that sometimes the simplest of cuts are the deadliest.

The Other Woman

A Novel of Suspense Diana Diamond. to him. He shook his head wearily, settled
... “Look, Pam, if you were some seedy yellow journalist, I'd probably want you to
go ahead and finish the damn book. But I love you. I don't want the government ...

Author: Diana Diamond

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781429903721

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Pam Leighton is a smart, ambitious, and sexy aide to a handsome Washington lobbyist named John Duke. For the last two years, she's also been his lover. It's an open secret that his glamorous and social-climbing wife, Catherine, tolerates—to a point. After the President nominates Duke for a cabinet post, Catherine sees her opportunity and delivers an ultimatum: either fire Pam or get ready for a very public, very ugly divorce. Duke's sharply honed political instincts tell him exactly what he needs to do. In one abrupt, brutal meeting, Duke ends the relationship and fires her from the job she loves. But Pam is not about to go quietly: A powerful New York publisher is offering her big money for what could be the ultimate Washington tell-all. But when people around her begin dying, Pam realizes that finishing the book may be a matter of life and death—her own.

The Long Goodbye

A Novel Raymond Chandler. what use are they? They're the class of the county
and they're no better than a ... "I couldn't stop you." "Try it for three months. I'd
finish the damn book and then go far off for a while. Lie up some place in the
Swiss ...

Author: Raymond Chandler

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

ISBN: 9781400030200

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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Crime fiction master Raymond Chandler's sixth novel featuring Philip Marlowe, the "quintessential urban private eye" (Los Angeles Times). In noir master Raymond Chandler's The Long Goodbye, Philip Marlowe befriends a down on his luck war veteran with the scars to prove it. Then he finds out that Terry Lennox has a very wealthy nymphomaniac wife, whom he divorced and remarried and who ends up dead. And now Lennox is on the lam and the cops and a crazy gangster are after Marlowe.

An Aristocracy of Color

In the years—and years—it has taken me to complete this project, friends and
family, scholars, teachers, and even ... into a book manuscript, Steve regularly
reminded me that, above all else, my primary goal was to “finish the damn book.

Author: D. Michael Bottoms

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806188867

Category: Social Science

Page: 296

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In the South after the Civil War, the reassertion of white supremacy tended to pit white against black. In the West, by contrast, a radically different drama emerged, particularly in multiracial, multiethnic California. State elections in California to ratify Reconstruction-era amendments to the U.S. Constitution raised the question of whether extending suffrage to black Californians might also lead to the political participation of thousands of Chinese immigrants. As historian D. Michael Bottoms shows in An Aristocracy of Color, many white Californians saw in this and other Reconstruction legislation a threat to the fragile racial hierarchy they had imposed on the state’s legal system during the 1850s. But nonwhite Californians—blacks and Chinese in particular—recognized an unprecedented opportunity to reshape the state’s race relations. Drawing on court records, political debates, and eyewitness accounts, Bottoms brings to life the monumental battle that followed. Bottoms begins by analyzing white Californians’ mid-century efforts to prohibit nonwhite testimony against whites in court. Challenges to these laws by blacks and Chinese during Reconstruction followed a trajectory that would be repeated in later contests. Each minority challenged the others for higher status in court, at the polls, in education, and elsewhere, employing stereotypes and ideas of racial difference popular among whites to argue for its own rightful place in “civilized” society. Whites contributed to the melee by occasionally yielding to blacks in order to keep the Chinese and California Indians at a disadvantage. These dynamics reverberated in other state legal systems throughout the West in the mid- to late 1800s and nationwide in the twentieth century. As An Aristocracy of Color reveals, Reconstruction outside of the South briefly promised an opportunity for broader equality but in the end strengthened and preserved the racial hierarchy that favored whites.

Hearts of Darkness

Special thanks to Cherry Adair for encouraging me to finish the damn book, to
Shelli Stevens for her advice, and to Cherry's Plotters and the Greater Seattle
RWA chapter for their camaraderie. Thanks to Peter Senftleben and Kensington
for ...

Author: Kira Brady

Publisher: Zebra Books

ISBN: 9781420128314

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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In the first of a dazzling new romantic trilogy, one woman's courageous search plunges her into a millennia-old supernatural war--and an irresistible passion. . . Nurse Kayla Friday has dedicated her life to science and reason. But for her, Seattle is a place of eerie loss and fragmented, frightening memories. And now the only clue to her sister's murder reveals a secret battle between two ancient mythologies. . .and puts Kayla in the sights of lethally-sexy werewolf mercenary Hart. He'll do whatever it takes to obtain the key to the Gate of the Land of the Dead and free what's left of his soul. But seducing the determined Kayla is putting them at the mercy of powerful desires neither can control. And as the clock ticks down to hellish catastrophe, the untested bond between Kayla and Hart may lead to the ultimate sacrifice.

A Girl Lost to the World and Found in the Art of War

he hardest thing is to begin something forfearthat you will never finish. For me, it
was writing these wordsthat you are currently reading. I have tried again and
again to finish this damn book I've started over and over again, only to quit in ...

Author: Hailey Dollar

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781628385151

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 112

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Hailey Dollar tells a riveting tale of the ups and downs of her life—from her traumatic childhood to her struggles as a teenager and finally, her experiences as a U.S. Army medic. Dollar shares her life, from her first memories as a child, being passed on from her mother to her grandmother and her constant struggle to find herself. She fought for the freedom she longed for and felt she deserved. Every chapter reveals momentous events in her life, as she discusses how her life has taken her from one experience to the next: a verbally abusive household, bullying, sexual encounters, failed relationships, and the beauty that is motherhood. Join Hailey as she takes you on a ride with a tale that will surely leave you teary-eyed, inspired, and grateful for life and all experiences that come with it.

Cat on My Shoulder

How wasI going to bring the case to an end without something breaking? My
head spun, and I felt sick. I thought about getting to my ... “And now you may
never finish this damn book.” “I will.” My eyes fell to his soft body. “I just need
some more ...

Author: B.J. Chatfield

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491742068

Category: Fiction

Page: 280

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She’s not writing true crime—she just isn’t. She just happens to love a good murder mystery. So, as she pens her most recent crime thriller, she’s a bit more than shocked to find out a murder has taken place right down the street. It takes all her intellect to convince her cousin, Marta, that no, she is not trying to solve the case. She’s only writing. The novel is about the character Helen and her police officer nephew who strive to solve a murder in a small town. In the novel, Helen goes for the Miss Marple routine, but she receives less respect than she expected. The killer is possibly someone Helen has known her whole life; how will she spot the fiend among her group of friends? Off the page, in the midst of real murder, the author has a right to be worried. The killer is concerned that this real-life sleuth might crack the case. What began as merely a flight of fiction has mimicked true life. The author fears for her safety, so of course, the only person she can turn to for advice is her cat Winston.

Hour of the Hunter

“It's a damn shame, if you ask me,” Mallory said. “You're one hell of a teacher.
Look at what you've done for me. Here I am on Chapter Eleven and counting. I'm
going to finish this damn book, dedicate it to you, and buy my way out of this ...

Author: J. A. Jance

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061747014

Category: Fiction

Page: 576

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The hunter is free to kill again -- and hour by hour, he draws closer . . . The brilliant psychopath Andrew Carlisle spent only six years in prison for the brutal torture–murder of a young girl of the Tohono O'otham tribe. The testimony of Diana Ladd -- a teacher on the reservation -- put Carlisle behind bars, and now she can't ignore the dark, mystical signs that say a predator has returned to prowl the Arizona desert. Because no matter where Diana and her young son hide . . . he will find them.

Echo Boy

Dad's going to be in his office all day, I think, trying to finish his damn book.' Mum
didn't want Dad to write this book. They'd rowed about it. The book he was
creating – a mix of text and holographic content – was going to be about various
tech ...

Author: Matt Haig

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448172504

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 416

View: 891


Audrey’s father taught her that to stay human in the modern world, she had to build a moat around herself; a moat of books and music, philosophy and dreams. A moat that makes Audrey different from the echoes: sophisticated, emotionless machines, built to resemble humans and to work for human masters. Daniel is an echo – but he’s not like the others. He feels a connection with Audrey; a feeling Daniel knows he was never designed to have, and cannot explain. And when Audrey is placed in terrible danger, he’s determined to save her. ECHO BOY is a powerful story about love, loss and what makes us truly human.

The Best Damn Firewall Book Period

Click Finish on the Fingerprint window (shown in Figure 12.30) to exit the
configuration.This window will be the last one in the set of configuration screens
during the install process.This window displays the fingerprint of the
Management ...

Author: Syngress

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080476066

Category: Computers

Page: 1329

View: 764


This book is essential reading for anyone wanting to protect Internet-connected computers from unauthorized access. Coverage includes TCP/IP, setting up firewalls, testing and maintaining firewalls, and much more. All of the major important firewall products are covered including Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA), ISS BlackICE, Symantec Firewall, Check Point NG, and PIX Firewall. Firewall configuration strategies and techniques are covered in depth. The book answers questions about firewalls, from How do I make Web/HTTP work through my firewall? To What is a DMZ, and why do I want one? And What are some common attacks, and how can I protect my system against them? The Internet's explosive growth over the last decade has forced IT professionals to work even harder to secure the private networks connected to it—from erecting firewalls that keep out malicious intruders to building virtual private networks (VPNs) that permit protected, fully encrypted communications over the Internet's vulnerable public infrastructure. The Best Damn Firewalls Book Period covers the most popular Firewall products, from Cisco's PIX Firewall to Microsoft's ISA Server to CheckPoint NG, and all the components of an effective firewall set up. Anything needed to protect the perimeter of a network can be found in this book. - This book is all encompassing, covering general Firewall issues and protocols, as well as specific products. - Anyone studying for a security specific certification, such as SANS' GIAC Certified Firewall Analyst (GCFW) will find this book an invaluable resource. - The only book to cover all major firewall products from A to Z: CheckPoint, ISA Server, Symatec, BlackICE, PIX Firewall and Nokia.

On Writing

It was the first book I had put aside uncompleted since The Stand, and On Writing
spent a lot longer in the desk drawer. In June of 1999, 1 decided to spend the
summer finishing the damn writing book — let Susan Moldow and Nan Graham
at ...

Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743455961

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 297

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The author shares his insights into the craft of writing and offers a humorous perspective on his own experience as a writer.

The Nesting

their central heating and washing machines, the comfortable beds that they'd be
able to climb into at the end of the day. I had none of that, now, and ... I
remembered I'd promised myself that I'd finish writing this damn book. This
untitled Scandi ...

Author: C.J. Cooke

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780008341886

Category: Fiction


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Atmospheric, gothic, spine-chilling... The new thriller from C.J Cooke will haunt you long after you turn the last page...

The Unofficial Joke Book of Japan

All the way down the track my long shot is leading the packaround the turn ,
coming into the stretch he ' s eight lengths ahead . Then , ten yards from the finish
, the damn horse stumbles over something , pulls up lame , and that was that .

Author: Compiled By : Kuldeep Saluja

Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd.

ISBN: 8128806513


Page: 128

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Columbia Forum

He made me read books , ' Miss Gardner told the court . ' He made me read The
Magic Mountain . I thought I ' d never finish that damn book . ” ” " If you wonder
about the external resemblance of Gustav. over their conflicting ideologies , and ...



ISBN: UOM:39015008922596



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The Best Damn Cybercrime and Digital Forensics Book Period

... that you could finish examining the. 296 Chapter 8 •
Seizure of Digital Information.

Author: Jack Wiles

Publisher: Syngress

ISBN: 0080556086

Category: Computers

Page: 736

View: 880


Electronic discovery refers to a process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured, and searched with the intent of using it as evidence in a legal case. Computer forensics is the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques to perform an investigation to find out exactly what happened on a computer and who was responsible. IDC estimates that the U.S. market for computer forensics will be grow from $252 million in 2004 to $630 million by 2009. Business is strong outside the United States, as well. By 2011, the estimated international market will be $1.8 billion dollars. The Techno Forensics Conference has increased in size by almost 50% in its second year; another example of the rapid growth in the market. This book is the first to combine cybercrime and digital forensic topics to provides law enforcement and IT security professionals with the information needed to manage a digital investigation. Everything needed for analyzing forensic data and recovering digital evidence can be found in one place, including instructions for building a digital forensics lab. * Digital investigation and forensics is a growing industry * Corporate I.T. departments investigating corporate espionage and criminal activities are learning as they go and need a comprehensive guide to e-discovery * Appeals to law enforcement agencies with limited budgets

The Complete Navarone 4 Book Collection The Guns of Navarone Force Ten From Navarone Storm Force from Navarone Thunderbolt from Navarone

This is the finish of everything, the strivings, the hopes, the fears, the loves and
laughter of each one of us. This is what it all ... This is the end, the end for us, the
end for a thousand boys on Kheros. ... Damn them, damn them, damn them!

Author: Alistair MacLean

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9780007438334

Category: Fiction

Page: 864

View: 148


The Guns of Navarone and its three sequels, in which the same characters are sent on other wartime missions, together in one volume for the first time to mark the 50th anniversary of the original book .