Fingerprints of Creativity

This volume contains some of the best examples of writing that would be useful as practice exercises to students.

Author: Aruna Bommareddi

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 1647609224

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 94

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The anthology of writing Fingerprints of Creativity serves as an excellent manual for Creative Writing teachers and students across the country. This volume contains some of the best examples of writing that would be useful as practice exercises to students. In the midst of a bewildering range of books that pass off as text books of Creative Writing, this volume makes a subtle, yet strong point on how to go about teaching the course; it takes the approach to teaching the course a notch higher. The dearth of material for teaching a tough course like Creative Writing, would be filled in with the availability of brilliant works like this. Some of the poems and short stories in this collection provide an insight not only into the talented young minds, but also into their profound experience of life.

Our Creative Fingerprint

Topics explored in Our Creative Fingerprint include: Creativity and Inner Truth—part of which examines seven paintings by Frida Kahlo, Divine Discontent: The Inner Urge to Create, Transformation: Cleaning Our Psychic Augean Stables, and ...

Author: Lawrence H. Staples

Publisher: Fisher King Press

ISBN: 9781771690409

Category: Psychology

Page: 92

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Creative work is the handmaiden of self-discovery. No matter where our creative work starts or what path it follows—with a word, with a note, with a brushstroke—it eventually, with repeated effort, returns us home to the very source of our beings. We are never more true to ourselves than when we are creating something. Inexorably, what we create reflects ourselves as profoundly, faithfully and uniquely as our fingerprints. Each single thing we create, no matter when or under what conditions it was produced, will bear trace deposits of ourselves, a creative fingerprint sufficient to identify us and show who we are just as our physical fingerprints do. For those who know how to interpret them, our creative fingerprints are as unerring as our physical fingerprints in identifying us. Our creations are self-portraits. We cannot escape ourselves no matter how hard we may try. In all art, there is an underlying voice that cannot be completely hidden or extinguished. In the end, our creative work can reflect only one thing: ourselves. Topics explored in Our Creative Fingerprint include: Creativity and Inner Truth—part of which examines seven paintings by Frida Kahlo, Divine Discontent: The Inner Urge to Create, Transformation: Cleaning Our Psychic Augean Stables, and Creativity and Rebirth.

Trademarks the Fingerprints of Commerce

Generic, Inc.'s goods are literally a Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Mix, Mr.
Lackof Creativity has not used any creativity to name the product, he has called
the goods by their generic name. MAKE YOUR MARK ON THE WORLD



ISBN: UCSD:31822029012697

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Everyday Creativity and the Healthy Mind

16 Fingerprints of Chaos, Nuance, and Creativity All beings are flowers Blooming
In a blooming universe. Soen Nakagawa It seems we meet the infinite in
everyday life, if unknowingly, in the selfsimilar fractal forms of nature. Here is awe

Author: Ruth Richards

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137557667

Category: Psychology

Page: 390

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As human beings we all have creative potential, a quality essential to human development and a vital component to healthy and happy lives. However this may often remain stifled by the choices we make, or ways in which we choose to live in our daily lives. Framed by the “Four Ps of Creativity” – product, person, process, press – this book offers an alternative understanding of the fundamentals of ordinary creativity. Ruth Richards highlights the importance of “process”, circumventing our common preoccupation with the product, or creative outcome, of creativity. By focusing instead on the creator and the creative process, she demonstrates how we may enhance our relationships with life, beauty, future possibilities, and one another. This book illustrates how our daily life styles and choices, as well as our environments, may enable and allow creativity; whereas environments not conducive to creative flow may kill creative potential. Also explored are questions of ‘normality’, beauty and nuance in creativity, as well as creative relationships.

Fingerprints of Fire Footprints of Peace

What liberates creativity and wisdom? Three words closely linked to the Hebrew
word hokma highlight the nature of wisdom's creativity: Tbuma – insight:34 as on
the occasion when the Israelite King Solomon was confronted with two ...

Author: Noel Moules

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781846946127

Category: Religion

Page: 254

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Christian spirituality with attitude. Fourteen provocative pictures, from Radical Mystic to Messianic Anarchist, that explore identity, destiny, values and activism

Indian Literature

Fingerprints : On Creativity and Responsibility INDIRA PARTHASARATHY am an
Indian writer , writing in Tamil , I write in Tamil because , this is the only language
with which I am historically and culturally connected and which I think , I can ...



ISBN: UOM:39015068844110

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The Creativity Reader

Although creativity was not central in his work, he offered a number of intriguing
observations regarding men of science. ... clearly even more impressive than his
intelligence; the observation that people have unique fingerprints and a method ...

Author: Vlad Petre Glaveanu

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190841706

Category: Education

Page: 608

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The Creativity Reader is a necessary companion for anyone interested in the historical roots of contemporary ideas about creativity, innovation, and imagination. It brings together a prestigious group of international experts who were tasked with choosing, introducing, and commenting on seminal texts focused on creativity, invention, genius, and imagination from the period of 1850 to 1950. This volume is at once retrospective and prospective: it revisits old ideas, assesses their importance today, and explores their potential for the future. Through its wide historical focus, this Reader challenges the widespread assumption that creativity research is mainly a product of the second half of the twentieth century. Featuring primary sources interpreted through the lenses of leading contemporary scholars, The Creativity Reader testifies to the incredible richness of this field of study, helps us understand its current developments, and anticipates its future directions. The texts included here, many of them little known or forgotten, are part of the living history of creativity studies. Indeed, an examination of these seminal papers helps the new generation of creativity and innovation researchers to be mindful of the past and unafraid to explore it.

Authors Speak

Saccidānandan. Fingerprints On Creativity and Responsibility Indira
Parthasarathy I am an Indian writer , writing in Tamil . I write in Tamil because this
is the only language with which I am historically and culturally connected and ,
which I think ...

Author: Saccidānandan

Publisher: Sahitya Akademi

ISBN: 812601945X

Category: Authors, Indic

Page: 324

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The Book Is A Rare Collection Of First Person Accounts By 15 Major Indian Authors Presented During The ýMeet The Authorý Series Organised By The Sahitya Akademi In Collaboration With The India International Centre, New Delhi. Here They Speak Frankly And Deeply About Their Childhood Environment, Influences On Their Writing, Their Growing Up As Writers, The Sources Of Their Inspiration, Their Art And Their Individual Works.

Fingerprint Draw On the Farm

"Includes paper pad to practice drawing!"--Cover.

Author: Maite Balart


ISBN: 9781633223011

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

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Kids will develop fine motor skills, strengthen muscle coordination, and improve hand-eye coordination by simply drawing with fingerprints! Fingerprint & Draw supports the early stages of writing and drawing in children as young as 3 years old. Each simple, step-by-step drawing exercise begins by showing kids exactly which fingers to use and how to place them on paper to create each animal shape, and then transforming the fingerprints into fun farm animals. On the Farm features 30+ different cute and cuddly farm animals and other things found on a farm, each drawn using your fingerprints. With a pull-out paper pad to easily draw alongside each exercise, children will be so immersed creating cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep with their finger tips that they won't realize they are also developing their fine motor skills.

God s Fingerprints Second Edition

The whole range of human activities perhaps cannot be listed! Human beings
may be creative both scientifically and artistically, and they are often able to take
something and develop it further. To be creative means to make or do something

Author: Trevor Watts

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781621895688

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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God's Fingerprints seeks to show why Christianity is the only rational faith system appropriate to the universe we inhabit. The super-person of God the Holy Trinity alone will suffice. Starting from scientific tools that we all may use, and constraints to which we all are subject, God's Fingerprints moves to the very simple evidence of everyone's experience, arriving at the question of our origins, possible religious and philosophical views we may adopt, and the central questions of truth and morals.

Fountain Creek Chronicles

To Deborah Raney, you read all my words and make them, and me, so much
better. I'm so glad you're always just a clickaway. To the CdA Women, your
fingerprints of creativity and humor are all over this book. To Judy Hicks, your
knowledge ...

Author: Tamera Alexander

Publisher: Bethany House

ISBN: 9780764207365

Category: Fiction

Page: 704

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Presents three stories set in the Colorado territory, including "Rekindled," in which Larson Jennings, returning home after being badly burned and left for dead, discovers that his wife, Kathryn, is on the verge of losing their ranch, and is determined to save it at any cost.

Your Guide to Creativity

Latex Gloves - not shown Wear these when handling candy to prevent
fingerprints on the confections. Lollipop Sticks - H Lollipop sticks are used to
create a handle for candies, particularly lollipops. The sticks are often used with
lollipop molds.

Author: Jo-Ann Stores

Publisher: Meredith Books

ISBN: 0696214393

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 360

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As the educational source for basic techniques, materials, and step-by-step guides with photos and illustrations, this comprehensive book contains more than 175 techniques that crafters, sewers, and home decorators will reference time after time.

Creative You

Our creativity is as unique as our fingerprints and leaves an impression on
whatever we make. Myth #4: Leave the creative stuff to the creative people. Just
as we shouldn't let others do our thinking, we can't depend on others to be
creative for ...

Author: Otto Kroeger

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781582703657

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 291

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Helps each reader unleash his or her innate creative skills based on a unique personality type and succeed in every endeavor. Original. 20,000 first printing.

Fingerprint Fun

From giving a cheetah his spots to making it pour with rain, creative kids will have hours of fun transforming this simple book with just a few painty fingerprints!

Author: Jorge Martin

Publisher: Buster Books

ISBN: 1780553048


Page: 32

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Young boys and girls will love adding their painty prints to the page to bring a whole host of animals, objects and scenes to life. From giving a cheetah his spots to making it pour with rain, creative kids will have hours of fun transforming this simple book with just a few painty fingerprints!

Creative Filmmaking from the Inside Out

... 57 ; on children ' s pretending and creative play , 84 ; collaboration with people
on same wavelength , 102 ; on creativity , 41 ; cultural impact of musicians and
writers , 43 ; on culture and creative fingerprints , 43 ; education and studies , 49 ...

Author: Jed Dannenbaum

Publisher: Touchstone

ISBN: UCSC:32106019048112

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 204

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A guide to the art of creative filmmaking draws on the advice of fifteen experts in the film world who address the role of the five I's--Introspection, Inquiry, Intuition, Interaction, and Impact--in developing movies and television.

Creativity and Innovation

The clusters are fingerprints of the mind . Why is all this important ? First ,
because the mechanism of creativity ( in poetry ) stands revealed . Second ,
because a word or image can activate a cluster . It is the clusters which , in
Poincaré's ...

Author: John W. Haefele


ISBN: UOM:39076005322461

Category: Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.).

Page: 306

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There have always been those individuals who have used their creativity to
generate a likeness of an individual. As standardized terminology and
descriptors were developed, the quality of the sketch was remarkably improved.
Today we ...

Author: Mark Hawthorne

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781420068658

Category: Law

Page: 142

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The unique composition of the skin on the inner hands and bottom of the feet affords not only a utilitarian benefit in providing friction but also provides a forensic marker for identifying individuals. Fingerprints: Analysis and Understanding is the most fundamental, up-to-date resource available on the techniques of obtaining and analyzing latent

Creativity and Strategy in Mid sized Firms

Personalities , like fingerprints , are unique . Though composed of similar
elements , endless combinations make each pattern special . Every human being
is an aggregate sum of numerous traits , a complex amalgam of inner attitudes
and ...

Author: Robert Lawrence Kuhn


ISBN: UOM:35128000983401

Category: Midsized firms

Page: 479

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