Figments of a Murder

Babes is about lust. "She lusts to change the world, to remake everyone in her own image. Which means laying waste to whoever she's got her hooks into". Set in London, Figments of a Murder is passionate and satirical.

Author: Gillian E. Hanscombe

Publisher: Spinifex Press

ISBN: 1875559434

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Babes is about lust. "She lusts to change the world, to remake everyone in her own image. Which means laying waste to whoever she's got her hooks into". Set in London, Figments of a Murder is passionate and satirical. It probes images of self, sex, stardom, and sisterhood. Images complicated by the lure of memory and money. The world Gillian Hanscombe conjures is torn asunder by love and lust between women. It's a world of murder and menace where Babes creates collisions and calls the shots. Or does she?

Figments of a Murder

A new feminist super-sleuth.

Author: Gillian Eve Hanscombe


ISBN: 1742194206

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A new feminist super-sleuth. Feisty, fierce and real - Babes. Babes is about lust. Babes is about power. But what else is she up to? In her world women are torn asunder by love and lust, by murder and menace. Babes says she calls the shots. But does she?

Poppy s Return

Figments of a Murder Gillian Hanscombe Babes is about lust . Babes is about power . But what else is she up to ? Set in London Figments of a Murder is passionate and satirical , probing images of self , sex , stardom and sisterhood .

Author: Pat Rosier

Publisher: Spinifex Press

ISBN: 1876756446

Category: Fiction

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This thoughtful follow up to Poppy's Progress explores issues of family relationships, especially grief and loss. Middle-aged Poppy Sinclair is content enough with her life and her comfortable relationships with her friends, family, and cat. She is thrown into turmoil, however, when she must move back to her hometown to care for her dying father. There, she must face not only the difficult, slow loss of a parent to cancer but also her lingering feelings for a former flame, Jane. In a time of strong emotions for her entire family, Poppy reaches a turning point in her life, torn by grief for her father and excitement over what Jane might offer. Exquisite characterization and engaging dialogue distinguish this subtly challenging novel.

Murder in the Family

Unlike Murder by Lethal Injection and Murder in a Private School, which are entirely figments of my imagination, Murder in the Family is based on a true story; the brutal murder in 1990 of a beloved friend and cousin.

Author: Paula Bernstein

Publisher: Third Street Press

ISBN: 9781948142342

Category: Fiction

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Hannah Kline is a successful Los Angeles obstetrician and the recently widowed mother of a young daughter. She is barely managing to hold it all together, when her life is shattered once again by the brutal murder of her beautiful, bright, zany and recently divorced sister-in-law Beth. Hannah is determined to do whatever she can to assist the police in finding the murderer. She soon becomes obsessed with the details of Beth's life. As she encounters her sister-in-law's eclectic collection of friends and former lovers, she discovers that all was not as it seemed. Not only was Beth a woman with a secret life, but her secrets may have led her inexorably to a rendezvous with her killer. Inspired by the real-life murder of the author’s cousin, this story has everything—mystery, heart, family, secrets and romance—as Hannah struggles to make sense of Beth’s murder and bring the killer to justice.

Sally Figment

“Harry 'hangs loose, “This nickname was well deserved however, he had already by the age of nineteen carried out five terrible and gruesome Murders for the Mob. It was just before the legislation Bill about hanging which was to be ...

Author: John Hughes

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781467884143

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As the title of this book implies – “Sally Figment..!” This book consists of > Serio-Comic Figments... With outstretched minds and non truths, including, Mythology, Fairy Tales, ‘Horror and Three (D) and fourth dimensional scenarios, Fabrications and Lies, which would also heavily involve the poor unattributed participating readers taking part in it..! As above, I have incorporated what I think is a mixed sense of good humor and horror. But most of all its compiled with ‘condensed pure, “Wit...


As I was lying here in the dark reviewing the events of the past and present, I found myself concocting all kinds of outrageous scenarios to make sense of these murders. But that's all they were, fantastical figments of my imagination ...

Author: Tim Harrington

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1453585419

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EIGHTEEN YEARS EARLIER, at a quaint summer camp along the shore of Lake Stockton, four women were butchered in less than a week. Now the camp is being reopened and the camp’s new nurse is savagely killed, forcing Mark Dixon to deal with the memories of his own mother’s violent demise at Camp Stockton long ago. As the body count rises, Dixon reluctantly accepts the assistance of a beautiful acquaintance, determined to stop a vengeful killer. However, when the shocking truth about events, both past and present, is fi nally uncovered, Mark Dixon may well regret ever coming home!

Postmodern Studies

Gill's novel , Figments of a Murder , deals with the rise and fall of feminism . My own book , Building Babel sets out how men can be sisters , too , and how everyone goes on building culture , whether they know it or not , under the ...



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Australian Book Review

ISBN 1 875559 426 pb $ 16.95 REVENGE FICTION Figments of a Murder Gillian Hanscombe Figments A lyrical , passionate and satirical novel which crosses the boundaries of a number of genres . ISBN 1 875559 43 4 pb $ 16.95 oT a Murder ...



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Murder Out Yonder

(I have wondered if in earlier times some murder was not known as The Great Carpet Bag Mystery. ... Possibly they were never seen at all, although I cannot believe that all were figments of imaginations made receptive to suggestion by ...

Author: Stewart H. Holbrook

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

ISBN: 9780486803876

Category: History

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"This Dover edition, first published in 2016, is an unabridged republication of the work originally published by The Macmillan Company, New York, in 1941 under the title and subtitle Murder Out Yonder: An Informal Study of Certain Classic Crimes in Back-Country America."


Then after he was gone, senselessly murdered, she had discovered she was pregnant. ... Perhaps they were just figments of her imagination but they eased the loneliness, made her feel that Eddie was still with her, in spirit at least.

Author: Kassandra Lamb

Publisher: misterio press LLC


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A Kate Huntington Romantic Suspense Thrillogy! Three books (for the price of one!) from the ongoing Kate Huntington mystery series that follow Kate’s new love interest from the sweet budding of the romance to a major challenge that threatens to destroy their dreams. Newly widowed Kate Huntington is sure that romance is a thing of the past for her. How could anyone replace her beloved husband? But when she reconnects with the hunk of a bodyguard who protected her from her late husband’s killer, she isn’t sure of anything anymore. The man is now a private investigator, and he’s just as drop-dead gorgeous as ever. But it’s way too soon after Eddie’s death. There’s only one thing that P.I. Skip Canfield knows for sure. He’s fallen hard for the young widow Kate Huntington. What he doesn’t know is legion. Can his love banish the ghost of her dead husband? Can he win her despite the disapproval of her male best friend? And most important of all, can he stop three killers bent on their destruction? The Kate Huntington Murder Mysteries features a gutsy, smart female sleuth! Fans of Blake Pierce, Kimberley Chambers, Damien Boyd, Rachel Abbott, Patricia Gibney, Mark Billingham and Charlie Gallagher may enjoy reading this mystery series. The Kate Huntington Mystery Series: Multiple Motives Ill-Timed Entanglements Family Fallacies Celebrity Status Collateral Casualties Zero Hero Fatal Forty-Eight Suicidal Suspicions Anxiety Attack Love and Murder Boxed Set female sleuth, psychotherapy, male-female friendship, multiple personalities, mystery series, suspense, murder mystery, women sleuths, amateur sleuths, mystery series books, mystery series, female mystery series, psychological mystery series, suspense thriller, suspense thriller books, suspense thrillers and mysteries, mystery suspense thriller books, suspense thrillers and mysteries, suspense series, suspense mystery, suspense novels, suspense ebooks, suspense fiction, suspense books, suspense and mystery, suspense and mystery books, suspense, murder mystery novels, best murder mystery books, murder mystery thrillers, murder mystery novels, murder mystery detective, murder mystery ebooks, murder mystery books, murder mystery suspense, murder mystery series, murder mystery, good psychological thrillers, psychological thriller, psychological thrillers, psychological mystery books, psychological mystery book, psychotherapy novel, women sleuths books, women sleuths mysteries, women sleuths, amateur sleuths novel, mystery collection, Kate Huntington Mysteries, romantic Suspense collection, Romantic Suspense books, Romantic Suspense novels.