Farming the Woods

In Farming the Woods, authors Ken Mudge and Steve Gabriel demonstrate that it doesn’t have to be an either-or scenario, but a complementary one; forest farms can be most productive in places where the plow is not: on steep slopes and in ...

Author: Ken Mudge

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781603585071

Category: Gardening

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Learn how to fill forests with food by viewing agriculture from a remarkably different perspective: that a healthy forest can be maintained while growing a wide range of food, medicinal, and other nontimber products. The practices of forestry and farming are often seen as mutually exclusive, because in the modern world, agriculture involves open fields, straight rows, and machinery to grow crops, while forests are reserved primarily for timber and firewood harvesting. In Farming the Woods, authors Ken Mudge and Steve Gabriel demonstrate that it doesn’t have to be an either-or scenario, but a complementary one; forest farms can be most productive in places where the plow is not: on steep slopes and in shallow soils. Forest farming is an invaluable practice to integrate into any farm or homestead, especially as the need for unique value-added products and supplemental income becomes increasingly important for farmers. Many of the daily indulgences we take for granted, such as coffee, chocolate, and many tropical fruits, all originate in forest ecosystems. But few know that such abundance is also available in the cool temperate forests of North America. Farming the Woods covers in detail how to cultivate, harvest, and market high-value nontimber forest crops such as American ginseng, shiitake mushrooms, ramps (wild leeks), maple syrup, fruit and nut trees, ornamentals, and more. Along with profiles of forest farmers from around the country, readers are also provided comprehensive information on: • historical perspectives of forest farming; • mimicking the forest in a changing climate; • cultivation of medicinal crops; • cultivation of food crops; • creating a forest nursery; • harvesting and utilizing wood products; • the role of animals in the forest farm; and, • how to design your forest farm and manage it once it’s established. Farming the Woods is an essential book for farmers and gardeners who have access to an established woodland, are looking for productive ways to manage it, and are interested in incorporating aspects of agroforestry, permaculture, forest gardening, and sustainable woodlot management into the concept of a whole-farm organism.

Meanings of Maple

The strong connection between sugaring and farming is not true of sugarmakers everywhere. ... The relatively small plots of land are dotted around and within stands of trees, making farming and woods parts of the same landscape, ...

Author: Michael Lange

Publisher: University of Arkansas Press

ISBN: 9781610756174

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In Meanings of Maple, Michael A. Lange provides a cultural analysis of maple syrup making, known in Vermont as sugaring, to illustrate how maple syrup as both process and product is an aspect of cultural identity. Readers will go deep into a Vermont sugar bush and its web of plastic tubes, mainline valves, and collection tanks. They will visit sugarhouses crammed with gas evaporators and reverse-osmosis machines. And they will witness encounters between sugar makers and the tourists eager to invest Vermont with mythological fantasies of rural simplicity. So much more than a commodity study, Meanings of Maple frames a new approach for evaluating the broader implications of iconic foodways, and it will animate conversations in food studies for years to come.

Annual Report

Pine woods . Prairie , pine . Pine woods , hilly . Do. Prairie , marsh . Pine woods , hilly . Do. Agricultural . Pine woods . Agricultural . Hardwoods . Low pine woods . Pine woods . Do. Do. Prairie , marsh . Ordinary farming , swampy .

Author: United States. Department of the Interior


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Farmers Bulletin

On a majority of the farms of the United States , however , a woods area will be found . On the treeless plains , farmers go to great expense and trouble to plant , grow , and care for , on the ...



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Lubricating oil Sprays for Use on Dormant Fruit Trees

There are only three things required by any man to preserve his wood and timber for his own use and for the next generation and they are simply common sense , a sharp ax , and a thought for the future . FARMING THE WOOD 66 - John Fensel ...

Author: Altus Lacy Quaintance


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Getting Started in Farming

Most farms in those parts of the country that were originally in forests have some woods that vary in value from very little to many dollars per acre . On the plains that were originally treeless , farmers have gone to much expense to ...

Author: Martin Reese Cooper


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