Sleep Baby Sleep

'Ex-wife,' Schrijver snapped. 'We're divorced. She never told me. Never told me—' 'For God's sake,' one of the younger men broke in, exasperated. 'Make it easy for us, will you? Else we can chuck you inside a cell for the night, ...

Author: David Hewson

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781447293422

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By the bestselling author of The Killing, Sleep Baby Sleep is the fourth novel in David Hewson's gripping Detective Pieter Vos series set in Amsterdam. Annie Schrijver is just twenty-two-years-old. She works in the picturesque Albert Cuyp flower market where her father has a stall. Brimming with personality, she’s always been popular with the customers. But then she goes missing, only to be found barely alive, tied to a stone angel in a graveyard, surrounded by a ring of fire. Her body contains traces of a drug which connect the police to a previous case: the Sleeping Beauty murders. But Annie seems to have been the lucky one, as a body is found nearby, freshly tattooed with three words: Sleep Baby Sleep. It is summer and Amsterdam is full of tourists drunk or high on all that it has to offer. The drum of music from a make-shift DJ booth near the zoo is deafening, and empty frites cones and beer cans litter the streets. But the atmosphere has sinister undercurrents as a killer is at work in a city where crime pays and tensions run high. Detective Pieter Vos knows that if he is to outwit the murderer, he will need to employ everything he has to avert a greater tragedy.

Feiten van Brata Yoeda of Nederlandsch Indische toestanden geschetst door A M Courier dit Dubekart etc

Schrijver Kedirie . Ex Wedh . Wedoong in Grobogan . 4 Soeroe di Werio . Ex - magan Koffij - gekommitteerde Kedirie . Maas Djoyo di Werio . Idem Suiker - gekommitteerde Kedirie . Radhen Djoyo Soediro Idem . Id . id . 7 Semoro Bangngoon .

Author: Agathon Marius COURIER (called Dubekart.)


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French Books III IV

Ad clarissimum virum Joannem Gallandium. Paris, ex typographia Denis Binet, [1600]. 8o. P05. Renouard IV p. 45, 83. 85973 Schrijver, Cornelius. Compluscula poematia. Paris, in libraria Josse Bade, 1517. 4o. P01, P03, O09, P11, T03, Y03.

Author: Andrew Pettegree

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004215009

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French Books III & IV offer a unique overview of what was printed during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in France in languages other than French. This bibliography lists descriptions of over 40,000 editions together with bibliographical references, an introduction and indexes.


Examples [die schrijver e] wint meestal T de AKO Prijs, [die R hem het minst verdiend heeft],. usually that ... (ex. 17-21). Notice that inverted order occurs under the same conditions in main clause clefts and embedded clefts alike.

Author: R. J. C. Smits

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110882704

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Nieuwsblad Voor Den Boekhandel

Gestoken in een harer waardig 1 ex . met 25 % en passend kleed , durf ik haar met vertrouwen aanbevelen als 3 30 ... J. C. VAN DEN BERG , door Schrijver van : „ Ada van Holland ” en „ De Jager van EMILE INDEMANS den Vogelenzang ” .



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With 1855-1927 are issued and bound: Handelingen van de algemeene vergadering.

Dutch Typography in the Sixteenth Century

hn appointed his former 'schrijver' or secretary Augustijn van Hasselt who, under Plantin's tuition, had in the meantime turned into a fully-fledged printer. In the Cronica: Chronika des Hüs-gesinnes der Lieften (hereafter quoted as ...

Author: Paul Valkema Blouw

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004256552

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 1020

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When compiling the short-title catalogue of books printed in the sixteenth-century northern Netherlands from 1541 to 1600, Paul Valkema Blouw was confronted with a large number of ‘problem cases’, such as anonymously and/or surreptitiously printed editions, fictitious printers and undated or falsely dated printed works. By minutely analysing the typefaces, initials, vignettes and other ornaments used, drawing from his extensive knowledge of secondary literature, archival information and his unrivalled typographic memory, he not only managed to attribute a surprising number of these publications to a printer, but also could establish the period of time in which, as well as the places where, they must have been printed. These findings and the ways in which they were reached are described in the present collection of papers.

Mechanisms of Chromospheric and Coronal Heating

the ratio of X-ray to Ca II areas in solar active regions, the work of Schrijver et al. ... It is important to note that the simple geometrical model makes no assumption about the separate dependence of Ex or Ek on the dimension d of ...

Author: Peter Ulmschneider

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642874550

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One of the great problems of astrophysics is the unanswered question about the origin and mechanism of chromospheric and coronal heating. Just how these outer stellar envelopes are heated is of fundamental importance, since all stars have hot chromospheric and coronal shells where the temperature rises to millions of degrees, comparable to the temperatures in the stars' cores. Here for the first time is a comprehensive inventory of the proposed chromospheric and coronal heating theories. The proposed heating processes are critically compared, and the observational evidence for the various mechanisms is reviewed. This is essential reading for all those working in such fields as stellar activity, radio and XUV emission, rotation, and mass loss, for whom a detailed and consistent presentation of our knowledge of chromospheric and coronal heating mechanisms is urgently needed.