Everything Is Its Own Reward

"The book is fantastic.Of time and tenderness.Beautiful drawings. Beautiful text.Ethereal and serious at once.The book is its own reward."-- Maira Kalman, author of "And the Pursuit of Happiness"

Author: Paul Madonna

Publisher: City Lights Publishers

ISBN: 0872865150

Category: Art

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"The book is fantastic.Of time and tenderness.Beautiful drawings. Beautiful text.Ethereal and serious at once.The book is its own reward."-- Maira Kalman, author of "And the Pursuit of Happiness"

Comics and Sacred Texts

This stance becomes even clearer in the second collection, beginning with Madonna's choice of the title, Everything Is Its Own Reward. The Zen style that characterizes several strips in the first volume (but also parodied in one strip5) ...

Author: Assaf Gamzou

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781496819222

Category: Literary Criticism

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Contributions by Ofra Amihay, Madeline Backus, Samantha Baskind, Elizabeth Rae Coody, Scott S. Elliott, Assaf Gamzou, Susan Handelman, Leah Hochman, Leonard V. Kaplan, Ken Koltun-Fromm, Shiamin Kwa, Samantha Langsdale, A. David Lewis, Karline McLain, Ranen Omer-Sherman, Joshua Plencner, and Jeffrey L. Richey Comics and Sacred Texts explores how comics and notions of the sacred interweave new modes of seeing and understanding the sacral. Comics and graphic narratives help readers see religion in the everyday and in depictions of God, in transfigured, heroic selves as much as in the lives of saints and the meters of holy languages. Coeditors Assaf Gamzou and Ken Koltun-Fromm reveal the graphic character of sacred narratives, imagining new vistas for both comics and religious texts. In both visual and linguistic forms, graphic narratives reveal representational strategies to encounter the sacred in all its ambivalence. Through close readings and critical inquiry, these essays contemplate the intersections between religion and comics in ways that critically expand our ability to think about religious landscapes, rhetorical practices, pictorial representation, and the everyday experiences of the uncanny. Organized into four sections--Seeing the Sacred in Comics; Reimagining Sacred Texts through Comics; Transfigured Comic Selves, Monsters, and the Body; and The Everyday Sacred in Comics--the essays explore comics and graphic novels ranging from Craig Thompson's Habibi and Marvel's X-Men and Captain America to graphic adaptions of religious texts such as 1 Samuel and the Gospel of Mark. Sacred Texts and Comics shows how claims to the sacred are nourished and concealed in comic narratives. Covering many religions, not only Christianity and Judaism, this rare volume contests the profane/sacred divide and establishes the import of comics and graphic narratives in disclosing the presence of the sacred in everyday human experience.

Now and Then

The listener, though, discovers he has his own set of formulas, “everything has its own reward,” for example, which he records with a not-entirely, or not only, self-mocking irony. Then we come to the friend. But I don't want to explain ...

Author: Robert Hass

Publisher: Catapult

ISBN: 9781582439686

Category: Poetry

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During his years as Poet Laureate, Robert Hass revived a popular 19th–century tradition: including poetry in our daily newspapers. "Poet's Choice" went on to appear as a nationally syndicated column across the country from 1997 to 2000. The column, which featured poems relevant to current headlines, serves as a symbol of the continuing importance of poetry in our daily lives. This collection contains well–known poets such as Wallace Stevens, Rita Dove, John Ashbery, and Robert Frost, as well as emerging and translated poets such as Jaime Sabines and Czeslaw Milosz. Also included are Hass's essays that accompanied the poems. Encapsulating a world before 9/11, this collection serves as both remembrance and reminder of a period in our history, and as a celebration of the poets whose works transcend time.

Goodness is its Own Reward

Jacob began to believe that everything was working against him, but in a real since, everything was working for his good; in reality this is so often the case with God's children. Reuben attempted to persuade his father to entrust him ...

Author: Dr. Jerry Allen McCuien

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781450011402

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This book provides a fundamental knowledge of the Bible and a comprehensive view of God’s interactions with man from the beginning. Adam’s fall from grace, and God’s redemptive plan was set in motion to restore what he had lost. God destroyed all flesh from off the face of the earth, except eight persons, He saved only Noah and his family. Scores of decades later, God made a covenant promise to a man called Abraham, which He said that He would bless his Seed, along with his descendants and the nations of the world. God would provide through Abraham hope, faith and love to his physical descendants and to the nations of the earth. God mightily blessed Abraham, his son Isaac, his grandson Jacob and his great-grandson Joseph, through whom God promises to bring salvation and blessings to the whole world. Good shall ultimately triumph victoriously over evil, as we shall discover in the life of Joseph. God re-directs evil to accomplish His divine will and purpose, thus humanity was saved.

Ambition Brings Its Own Reward

I was told that everything here is for everyone's use. I gestured, including the whole 1°OO11). "Then I'm afraid you've been misinformed. This particular item is for my exclusive use. It's off limits, so don't even think about touching ...

Author: Andrew Galwey

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781838596392

Category: Fiction

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Initiating a career is a critical time for any ambitious young person, and especially so for Bill Green who arrives at (the fictional) Linkirk University full of enthusiasm to start his first job. Determined to prove himself, he diligently invests much time and effort in fulfilling the many varied duties assigned to him.

A Grateful Spirit and Other Sermons

There it is stated that all things bear their own natural fruit , that everything has its own peculiar return and reward , of which it cannot fail ; but that we must not expect also the returns belonging to other things .

Author: James Vila Blake



Category: Christian poetry

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The Routledge Dictionary of Latin Quotations

... te subjice rationi: if you wish to subject everything to yourself, subject yourself to reason (Seneca) si vir es, suspice, ... work is its own reward) sic fac omnia ... tanquam spectat aliquis: do everything as in the eye of another ...

Author: Jon R. Stone

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415969093

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"The Routledge Dictionary of Latin Quotations offers a comprehensive treasure of nearly eight thousand Latin quotations, mottoes, proverbs and maxims from the birth of the Republic to the fall of the Empire, and into the age of Renaissance and Reformation. This treasure of Latin wit and witticism is drawn from the worlds of philosophy, literature, politics, law, science, religion, drama, poetry, and warfare. Also included in this volume are an extensive English-Latin index and a handy layman's guide to Latin pronunciation." -- back cover.


However , to say that virtue is never its own reward would be as sophistical as saying that every human activity which bears some analogy to the behaviour of other animals is really just that behaviour in a different guise . Everything ...

Author: James Kirwan

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 0719055725

Category: Philosophy

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James Kirwan provides both a lucid and concise history of the concept of beauty as a distinct aesthetic experience (marginalized by the rise of philosophical aesthetics in the twentieth century), and offers a new and persuasive answer to the age-old question of what beauty is; an answer that, placing the responsibility for beauty firmly with the eye of the beholder, explains what it is in this "eye" that gives rise to beauty.

Economic Persuasions

In the same way “Money can't buy happiness” is transformed into “Happiness can't buy money.” And “Money isn't everything” becomes “Money isn't everything, only half.” “Virtue is its own reward” becomes “Money is its own reward” (Mieder ...

Author: Stephen Gudeman

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781845459260

Category: Social Science

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As the transition from socialism to a market economy gathered speed in the early 1990s, many people proclaimed the final success of capitalism as a practice and neoliberal economics as its accompanying science. But with the uneven achievements of the "transition"-the deepening problems of "development," persistent unemployment, the widening of the wealth gap, and expressions of resistance-the discipline of economics is no longer seen as a mirror of reality or as a unified science. How should we understand economics and, more broadly, the organization and disorganization of material life? In this book, international scholars from anthropology and economics adopt a rhetorical perspective in order to make sense of material life and the theories about it. Re-examining central problems in the two fields and using ethnographic and historical examples, they explore the intersections between these disciplines, contrast their methods and epistemologies, and show how a rhetorical approach offers a new mode of analysis while drawing on established contributions.

Secrets of the Self

3 Time Is Its Own Reward Everything goes; everything comes. This is the function of time. Time cannot teach except in time. Time is its own reward. When you want todo something, ask ifit is the right time for this to happen.


Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450217576

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Are you a traveler? When you travel with author Bette Ziegler, you will notice the glory that exists in the universe. Just as a tree grows from a seed, you grow from an idea, a gesture, or a touch. Growth is intrinsic to each moment, life is present in the smallest organism, and love is in the scent of a flower. All is contained in the whole and the whole is contained in an atom smaller than the heart. The heart is where true memory resides. The memory of who you are as opposed to who you think you are and who you think you should be. Put yourself in drive. You have the tools. What is keeping you from making the move? Secrets of the Self is a spiritual self-help book inspired by the great yoga master, Bhagawan Nityananda of India. A blend of western reasoning and eastern philosophy, it is an illumined guide to living in the moment and understanding why things happen the way they do. "Secrets of the Self is powerful, simple and full of sutra-like wisdom. I love it." -Sally Kempton, author and columnist for Yoga Journal