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It is a great pleasure to share with you the Springer LNCS proceedings of the Second World Summit on the Knowledge Society, WSKS 2009, organized by the Open - search Society, Ngo,, and held in Samaria Hotel, in the beautiful city of Chania in Crete, Greece, September 16–18, 2009. The 2nd World Summit on the Knowledge Society (WSKS 2009) was an inter- tional scientific event devoted to promoting dialogue on the main aspects of the knowledge society towards a better world for all. The multidimensional economic and social crisis of the last couple of years has brought to the fore the need to discuss in depth new policies and strategies for a human centric developmental processes in the global context. This annual summit brings together key stakeholders involved in the worldwide development of the knowledge society, from academia, industry, and government, including policy makers and active citizens, to look at the impact and prospects of - formation technology, and the knowledge-based era it is creating, on key facets of l- ing, working, learning, innovating, and collaborating in today’s hyper-complex world. The summit provides a distinct, unique forum for cross-disciplinary fertilization of research, favoring the dissemination of research on new scientific ideas relevant to - ternational research agendas such as the EU (FP7), OECD, or UNESCO. We focus on the key aspects of a new sustainable deal for a bold response to the multidimensional crisis of our times.


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Particularly in the humanities and social sciences, festschrifts are a popular forum for discussion. The IJBF provides quick and easy general access to these important resources for scholars and students. The festschrifts are located in state and regional libraries and their bibliographic details are recorded. Since 1983, more than 659,000 articles from more than 30,500 festschrifts, published between 1977 and 2011, have been catalogued.

Tourism and Agriculture

Rey, C. and Ramil, M.C. (2000) 'Estructura do mercado turıstico galego' ['Galician tourist market structure'], Revista Galega de Economıa, 9(1): 293–314. Rodrıguez, B.B. (2006) 'El turismo rural en Galicia. Ana ́lisis de su evolucio ́n ...

Author: Rebecca Maria Torres

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Shifting global consumption patterns, tastes and attitudes towards food, leisure, travel and place have opened new opportunities for rural producers in the form of agritourism, ecotourism, wine, food and rural tourism and specialized niche market agricultural production for tourism. Agriculture is one of the oldest and most basic parts of the global economy, while tourism is one of the newest and most rapidly spreading. In the face of current problems of climate change, rising food prices, poverty and a global financial crisis, linkages between agriculture and tourism may provide the basis for new solutions in many countries. A number of challenges, nevertheless, confront the realization of synergies between tourism and agriculture. Tourism and Agriculture examines regional specific cases at the interface between tourism and agriculture, looking at the impacts of rural restructuring, and new geographies of consumption and production. To meet the need for a more comprehensive appreciation of the relationships and interactions between the tourism and agricultural economic sectors, this book consider the factors that influence the nature of these relationships; and explore avenues for facilitating synergistic relationships between tourism and agriculture. These relationships are examined in thirteen chapters through case studies from eastern and western Europe, Japan and the United States and from the developing countries of the Pacific, the Caribbean and Ghana and Mexico. Themes of diversification, economic development, and emerging new forms of production and consumption, are integrated throughout the entire book. This essential volume, built on original research, generates new insights into the relationships between tourism and agriculture and future economic rural development. Edited by leading researchers and academics in the field, this book will be of value to students, researchers and academics interested in tourism, agriculture and rural development.

Cultural Tourism in Europe

Dirección General de Política Turística ( 1992a ) FUTURES : Plan Marco de Competitividad del Turismo Español . Ministerio de Turismo , Madrid . ... Montaner Montejano , J. ( 1991 ) Estructura del mercado turístico . Síntesis , Madrid .

Author: Greg Richards

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Because few comparative data existed on European cultural tourism, when the European commission designated cultural tourism as a key area of tourism development in Europe, the European association for tourism and leisure education undertook a transnational study of European cultural tourism. The first five chapters address general themes (the scope and significance, the social context, the economic context and the political context of cultural tourism). The are followed by eleven chapters on individual countries from the European Union. Re-issued in 2005 in electronic format by ATLAS, the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education.

Cultural Tourism

Ambrosio, V. (2001) Fdtima: Territo'rio Especializado na Recepgdo de Turismo Religioso. Lisbon: Instituto Nacional de Formagao Turistica. ... Montaner Montejano, J. (1996) Estructura del mercado turistico. Madrid: Sintesis.

Author: Greg Richards

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Cultural tourism is not only a major industry but also a support for national identity and a means for preserving heritage. Interdisciplinary explorations of cultural tourism, with essays about tourism between globalization and authenticity, township tourism in Soweto, South Africa, tourism in the culturally regenerated city, the new tourism areas in London, cultural routes, in the footsteps of Goethe, Humbert and Ulysses, tourism in inland Spain, indicators and qualitative observatories of heritage tourism, ecotourism and religious tourism in the North of Portugal, the festivalization of society, the consequences of the European Capitals of Culture, the economic impact of festivals, the future of cultural tourism: grounds for pessimism or optimism? Review in: Journal of cultural economics. 32(2008)3(.231-236).

Estudios en El Extranjero

892 Escuela Oficial de Turismo Plaza de Manuel Becerra 14 28028 Madrid ( a ) Carrera de Técnico de Empresas y Actividades Turísticas ( TEAT ) : geografía turística , estructura del mercado turístico , economía , matemáticas ...



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International Residential Mobilities

Gestión de Destinos Turísticos Sostenibles. Barcelona. Vera, J. F., López, F., Marchena, M., & Antón, S. (1997). Análisis Territorial del Turismo. Editorial Ariel. Vogeler, C., & Hernández, E. (2000). El mercado turístico: estructura, ...

Author: Josefina Dominguez-Mujica

Publisher: Springer Nature

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This book assesses the drivers and impacts of new international residential mobilities by considering a range of mobilities in different countries across the globe from investment, amenity and retirement mobilities to those of the new global middle class and the transnational elites. It examines the intersection of these mobilities with the increase in the volume of global tourism, the advent of the sharing economy and peer-to-peer platforms, and the effects of transnational property investment. The consequent transformations are considered in urban environments where tourism pressure coexists with gentrification, increasing house prices and processes of social and ethnic segregation. By offering a broad perspective based on different case studies, the book portrays the contradictory consequences of international residential mobilities both favouring local opportunities for development and disrupting housing markets through the disassociation from local demand. As a result this book is a great resource for academics and students in tourism, urban and migration studies as well as policy-makers and practitioners involved in urban planning, social affairs and tourism management.

Leisure Research in Europe

Vitoria : Gobierno Vasco . Jornadas sobre la Cultura en España y su integración en Europa ( 1993 ) . Madrid : Ministerio de Cultura . Montaner , J. ( 1991 ) Estructura del mercado turístico . Madrid : Síntesis .

Author: Hans Mommaas

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There is a growing interest in comparative research in leisure studies and in cross-national ways of undertaking such research. In Europe in particular, it is recognized that the different academic and disciplinary traditions within which leisure research has been generated provide a fertile ground for analysis. The strengths and weaknesses of particular national traditions and schools of thought, their methodologies and their historical developments, provide the key focus of this book. By recognizing the historically nation-state bound nature of social analysis in this field, the book seeks to provide a platform for analysis which goes beyond such bounds in examining the global-local relations which are so evident in contemporary leisure. It includes six chapters on individual countries - UK, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain and Poland - as well as one on cross-national contacts and comparisons, plus introductory and concluding chapters

A Common Tourism Policy for the European Union

Estructura del Mercado Turistico . Editorial Sintesis , S.A. , Madrid , Murphy , Peter E. ( 1985 ) . Tourism : A Community Approach . Methuen , New York and London . Nugent , Neill ( 1994 ) . The Government and Politics of the European ...

Author: Thomas M. Hoffman


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