Error and the Academic Self

For Lerer, erring is not simply being wrong, but being errant, and this book illuminates the wanderings of exiles, émigrés, dissenters, and the socially estranged as they helped form the modern university disciplines of philology and ...

Author: Seth Lerer

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231507479

Category: Literary Criticism

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How and why did the academic style of writing, with its emphasis on criticism and correctness, develop? Seth Lerer suggests that the answer lies in medieval and Renaissance philology and, more specifically, in mistakes. For Lerer, erring is not simply being wrong, but being errant, and this book illuminates the wanderings of exiles, émigrés, dissenters, and the socially estranged as they helped form the modern university disciplines of philology and rhetoric, literary criticism, and literary theory. Examining a diverse group that includes Thomas More, Stephen Greenblatt, George Hickes, Seamus Heaney, George Eliot, and Paul de Man, Error and the Academic Self argues that this critical abstraction from society and retreat into ivory towers allowed estranged individuals to gain both a sense of private worth and the public legitimacy of a professional identity.

Self Concept Learning Styles Study Habits and Academic Achievement of Adolescents in Kashmir A study on Psychological variables and academic achievement of adolescents in Kashmir

To determine the degree of relationship between three dimensions of self-
concept and academic achievement, technique of probable error of a coefficient (
PEr) was applied. An alternative factor analysis approach was also used for the
data ...

Author: Siraj Shazia

Publisher: Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag)

ISBN: 9783954897100

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There have been a countless new developments in the field of education. It is a fact that in recent years Education has emerged as a professional subject knowledge of which is essential for an effective instruction.The utility of the book is further enhanced by the provision of summary and references and appendices. Not only this the logistic and lucid presentation of the book will foster critical thinking and creative imagination in dealing with the students.It is hoped that this book will enable the teachers to perceive classroom situations with a deeper insight and also increase his/her professional competence. They can focus on the shortcomings of the students so that they can be tackled well in time and can groom and excel in all fields of life.

Handbook of Educational Psychology

Do these findings generalize across 56 culMeasurement error: How to take
multiple indicators of the outcome variables (academic self-concept and career
Sampling error: How to account for unreliability in the school-average
achievement ...

Author: Lyn Corno

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317420569

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The third edition of the Handbook of Educational Psychology is sponsored by Division 15 of the American Psychological Association. In this volume, thirty chapters address new developments in theory and research methods while honoring the legacy of the field’s past. A diverse group of recognized scholars within and outside the U.S. provide integrative reviews and critical syntheses of developments in the substantive areas of psychological inquiry in education, functional processes for learning, learner readiness and development, building knowledge and subject matter expertise, and the learning and task environment. New chapters in this edition cover topics such as learning sciences research, latent variable models, data analytics, neuropsychology, relations between emotion, motivation, and volition (EMOVO), scientific literacy, sociocultural perspectives on learning, dialogic instruction, and networked learning. Expanded treatment has been given to relevant individual differences, underlying processes, and new research on subject matter acquisition. The Handbook of Educational Psychology, Third Edition, provides an indispensable reference volume for scholars in education and the learning sciences, broadly conceived, as well as for teacher educators, practicing teachers, policy makers and the academic libraries serving these audiences. It is also appropriate for graduate level courses in educational psychology, human learning and motivation, the learning sciences, and psychological research methods in education and psychology.

Physical Health Education Journal

Analysis of self Academic Self - Concept esteem scores were grouped according
to Gender 0.01 Song and Hattie's seven ... The aggregate Gender X Skill Level 2
29.39 scores for the seven sub - scales of the self Error 181 esteem scale are ...



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Canada's magazine for physical and health educators.

Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science

As well , the moderate correlation between general self - concept and academic
self - concept supports similar ... obtain estimates of measurement error
associated with the indicator variables and residual error associated with
specification of ...



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JEGP Journal of English and Germanic Philology

Error and the Academic Self has many appealing qualities , one of which is the
gentle irony and even self - denigration its author sometimes evinces on the
subject of scholarly slips . In the face of such humor it may seem churlish to find
fault ...

Author: Gustaf E. Karsten


ISBN: UVA:X030046516

Category: English philology


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The Influence of African American Children s Literature on the Academic Self concept and Ethnic racial Pride of African American Third grade Students

Table 2 Summary of Two Factor Analysis of Variance Coopersmith Inventory
Academic Esteem Scores Source df F - test P value Pretest . 458 . 5105 Group ( A
) Gender ( B ) . 2798 1 . 272 3 . 256 АВ . 0944 Error Posttest Group ( A ) Gender (
B ) ...

Author: Susan B. LaGrone


ISBN: IND:30000035264252

Category: African American children

Page: 83

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A Longitudinal Study of Depressive Symptoms Among African American Adolescents

Random Effects for the Unconditional Models for Academic Self - Efficacy Models
Standard Deviation Variance d.f. Chi Square Reliability p - value Intercept 9th
grade level 0.59473 0.35370 601 2315.99181 0.740 0.000 Level - 1 error
0.70413 ...

Author: Paula B. Repetto


ISBN: UOM:39015056500096

Category: African American teenagers

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Resources in Education

The services most commonly available include consultation to faculty and staff ,
counseling , academic support in the ... Misconceptions , * Self Evaluation (
Individuals ) , * Work Experience IdentifiersError Reports The self - reported
errors of ...



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Academic Literacy

Discussion might also include ways in which some of the new knowledge they
have gained in this section might improve areas they identified as goals in the
Academic Self - Esteem Survey , Chapter 1 . ACTIVITY V . FINDING ERRORS IN

Author: Jill Lewis


ISBN: 0669331996



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Designed for mid-level developmental readers, Academic Literacy combines a reading strategies handbook with discipline-specific readings. Part I, Handbook for Reading and Study Strategies, emphasizes active reading and the basics of comprehension: topics, main ideas, supporting details, patterns of organization, understanding vocabulary, and notetaking. The seven chapters in Part II, Discipline-Specific Readings, introduce students to readings typically encountered in seven different college disciplines.

A Study of Social and Academic Self understanding and Its Relationship to Academic Achievement

however , was that high achieving students were just as likely ( See Table 16 ) to
attribute their academic characteristics to parents as they were to themselves . ...
the low achieving participants responded with comments reflecting the role of the
self in getting to be the way they are and ... that rejection of null hypothesis at the
p < .013 level may result in a Type I error ( rejection of the null hypothesis when it

Author: David Alan Roth


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Bibliographic Guide to Education 2003

New York : Kluwer Academic / Plenum Publishers , c2003 . x , 383 p . : ill . ; 23 cm
. ( Innovations in science education and ... Lerer , Seth , 1955 - Error and the
academic self . New York : Columbia University Press , 2002 . TC PE51 . L46
2002 ...

Author: GK Hall

Publisher: G. K. Hall

ISBN: 0783805012

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The "Bibliographic Guide to Education" lists recent publications cataloged during the past year by Teachers College, Columbia University, supplemented by publications in the field of education cataloged by The Research Libraries of The New York Public Library, selected on the basis of subject headings. Non-book materials, including theses, are included in this "Guide," with the exception of serials. All aspects and levels of education are represented in this "Guide," including such areas as: American elementary and secondary education, higher and adult education, early childhood education, history and philosophy of education, applied pedagogy, international and comparative education, educational administration, education of the culturally disadvantaged and physically handicapped, nursing education and education of minorities and women. Also well covered are the administrative reports of departments of education for various countries and for U.S. states and large cities. The Teachers College collection covers over 200 distinct educational systems. Works in all languages are included. The" Bibliographic Guide to Education" serves in part as an annual supplement to the "Dictionary Catalog of the Teachers College Library, Columbia University" (G.K. Hall & Co., 1970) and Supplements ("First Supplement," 1971; "Second Supplement," 1973; "Third Supplement," 1977).

The Reliability and Construct Validity of the Self concept of Academic Ability Scale Form D for Hearing Impaired Students

Introduction The meaning of reliability can be best understood by recognizing
that both chance error and consistency enter into measurement . Chance error
means ...

Author: Lee Marvin Joiner


ISBN: MSU:31293101958993

Category: Educational tests and measurements

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An Analysis of Self concept of Academic Ability S C A A as Related to Social psychological Variables Comprising School Climate in White and Black Elementary Children Within Differential School Settings

Beta Weights and Standard Errors of the School Climate Variables with S.C.A.A.
for Students in High and Low Achieving Schools S.H - ACH . ( N = 1067 ) S.L -
ACH . ( N = 1070 ) School Climate Variables Beta Weights Standard Errors of ...

Author: Grace Gist Henderson


ISBN: MSU:31293101050387

Category: Prediction of scholastic success

Page: 600

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What Successful Teachers Do

It involves obtaining strategic metacognitive knowledge about one's mistakes and
recycling that knowledge for self ... This could improve students ' feelings of self -
efficacy , their academic self - concept in the specific subject area , and ...

Author: Neal A. Glasgow

Publisher: Corwin

ISBN: UCSC:32106016524099

Category: Education

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Presents a variety of methodologies meant to strengthen and support classroom theory and practice for teachers, derived from practical educational research.

The Effect of Counseling and Reinforcement on Behaviors Important to the Improvement of Academic Self concept

Table 16 Analysis of Variance Linear Hypothesis Model Source SS df Mean
Square Total Self - Concept Mean Treatment Sex TxS Covariate Error 1 . 01 0 .
09 0 . 33 0 . 26 2 . 04 10 . 79 Academic Self - Concept Mean Treatment Sex TxS ...

Author: Leonard Charles Beckum


ISBN: STANFORD:36105031417186

Category: Children with social disabilities

Page: 107

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