England s Fortress

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Overshadowed in the popular imagination by the figure of Oliver Cromwell, historians are increasingly coming to recognize the importance of Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord Fairfax of Cameron, in shaping the momentous events of mid-seventeenth-century Britain. As both a military and political figure he played a central role in first defeating Charles I and then later supporting the restoration of his son in 1660. England’s Fortress shines new light on this significant yet surprisingly understudied figure through a selection of essays addressing a wide range of topics, from military history to poetry. Divided into two sections, the volume reflects key aspects of Fairfax’s life and career which are, nevertheless, as interconnecting as they are discrete: Fairfax the soldier and statesman, and Fairfax the husband, horseman and scholar. This fresh account of Fairfax’s reputations and legacy questions assumptions about neatly demarcated seventeenth-century chronological, geographic and cultural boundaries. What emerges is a man who subverts as much as he reinforces assumed characteristics of martial invincibility, political disengagement and literary dilettantism.

A History of England

He advises the Queen not to let things go so far — for those countries were the counterscarp of England's fortress — but to proceed to open war, to withstand the Spaniards in the Netherlands and attack them in the Indies.

Author: Leopold von Ranke

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Meticulously detailed and thoroughly comprehensive, this six-volume history of seventeenth-century England was first published in English in 1875.

The chief crises in the earlier history of England Attempts to consolidate the kingdom independently in its temporal and spiritual relations Queen Elizabeth Close connexion of English and Scottish affairs Foundation of the kingdom of Great Britain First disturbances under the Stuarts Disputes with Parliament during the later years of the reign of James I and the earlier years of the reign of Charles I

among the discontented in England . ... He advises the Queen not to let things go so far - for those countries were the counterscarp of England's fortress - but to proceed to open war , to withstand the Spaniards in the Netherlands and ...

Author: Leopold von Ranke



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England s Battles by Sea and Land

While the whole of Italy had crouched before the power of the French republic, a small garrison in the town and fortress of Porto-Ferrajo, in the isle of Elba, on the coast of Tuscany, defied their utmost efforts for its reduction, ...

Author: William Freke Williams


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Abbeys Castles and Ancient Halls of England and Wales

9 trigues of the Duke of Albany , the brother of James III . , both town and castle were finally surrendered to Edward IV . , and were never afterwards recovered by the sister kingdom . Berwick still remains a walled town , but the ...

Author: John Timbs


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Picturesque England

His wife bravely defended the and covers a large castle , but was at last obliged to capitulate . space of ground , The constableship of the castle was then with openings planted given to Roger de Bigod , or Bigot , who is with trees ...

Author: L Valentine


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The History of the Norman Conquest of England

The fortress of which Normandy had been so proud was handed over to the French King , and was at once given to the flames , to the sorrow of every true Norman heart . The King pledged himself , as one of the conditions of the surrender ...

Author: Edward Augustus Freeman


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