Encyclopedia of Russian Women s Movements

“ Earnestly Working to Improve Russia's Future : Russian Women Physicians . ... Real'naia entsiklopediia meditsinskikh nauk ( Practical Medical Encyclopedia ) 7 ( 1893 ) : 221-227 . Johanson , Christine . Women's Struggle for Higher ...

Author: Norma Noonan Corigliano

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313304386

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A comprehensive resource profiling individuals and organizations associated with Russian women's movements from the early 19th century to the post-Soviet era. Contributions by approximately fifty authors from the United States, Russia, Europe, and Canada focus upon the struggle of women to change their society and advance their gender interests. Women activists pursued improvement in educational opportunities, fought for suffrage, established journals, and sought to transform women's consciousness and establish women's studies programs and women's crises centers. They were a strong voice against the tsarist regime and the oppression of communism. Their objectives were as diverse as their strategies, which ranged from incremental reform, to terrorism, to the establishment of women's electoral organizations. This volume contains a comprehensive glossary of term and phrases and a chronology to help put events and developments into historical context. Entries are fully cross-referenced and are followed by suggested readings. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of Russian history and politics, women's history and gender studies.

Equality and Revolution

Kendall Bailes, "Reflections on Russian Professions," in Balzer, Russia's Missing Middle Class, 39-54, 43. ... Encyclopedia of Russian Women's Movements, 67—69; and Natalia Novikova, "Anna Shabanova," in de Haan, Daskalova, and Loutfi, ...

Author: Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Pre

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On July 20, 1917, Russia became the world's first major power to grant women the right to vote and hold public office. Yet in the wake of the October Revolution later that year, the foundational organizations and individuals who pioneered the suffragist cause were all but erased from Russian history. The women's movement, when mentioned at all, is portrayed as meaningless to proletariat and peasant women, based in elitist and bourgeoisie culture of the tsarist era, and counter to socialist ideology. In this groundbreaking book, Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild reveals that Russian feminists in fact appealed to all classes and were an integral force for revolution and social change, particularly during the monumental uprisings of 1905-1917. Ruthchild offers a telling examination of the dynamics present in imperialist Russia that fostered a growing feminist movement. Based upon extensive archival research in six countries, she analyzes the backgrounds, motivations, methods, activism, and organizational networks of early Russian feminists, revealing the foundations of a powerful feminist intelligentsia that came to challenge, and eventually bring down, the patriarchal tsarist regime. Ruthchild profiles the individual women (and a few men) who were vital to the feminist struggle, as well as the major conferences, publications, and organizations that promoted the cause. She documents political party debates on the acceptance of women's suffrage and rights, and follows each party's attempt to woo feminist constituencies despite their fear of women gaining too much political power. Ruthchild also compares and contrasts the Russian movement to those in Britain, China, Germany, France, and the United States. Equality and Revolution offers an original and revisionist study of the struggle for women's political rights in late imperial Russia, and presents a significant reinterpretation of a decisive period of Russian--and world--history.

Women and Politics Around the World

Her most recent edited book is From Patriarchy to Empowerment: Women's Participation Movements and Rights in the Middle East, ... In addition, she is coeditor of two books: the Encyclopedia of Russian Women's Movements (Greenwood Press, ...

Author: Joyce Gelb

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

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A unique two-volume examination of the progress women have made in achieving political equality, Women and Politics around the World addresses both transnational and gender-related issues as well as specific conditions in more than 20 countries. * Topical essays on a broad range of gender-related policy issues, written by international scholars * Focused explorations of women's political and economic progress in more than 20 individual countries * More than 70 photographs of both elected officials and women from all walks of life in countries around the world * More than 50 tables and charts presenting relevant data * Approximately 20 sidebars with additional in-depth coverage of important policy trends and events

A Biographical Dictionary of Women s Movements and Feminisms

Iz istorii zhenskago dvizheniia v Rossii (From the history of the women's movement in Russia). Moscow: I. D. Sytina, 1908. ... Encyclopedia of Russian Women's Movements. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 2001, 42–44.

Author: Francisca de Haan

Publisher: Central European University Press

ISBN: 9786155053726

Category: Social Science

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This Biographical Dictionary describes the lives, works and aspirations of more than 150 women and men who were active in, or part of, women’s movements and feminisms in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe. Thus, it challenges the widely held belief that there was no historical feminism in this part of Europe. These innovative and often moving biographical portraits not only show that feminists existed here, but also that they were widespread and diverse, and included Romanian princesses, Serbian philosophers and peasants, Latvian and Slovakian novelists, Albanian teachers, Hungarian Christian social workers and activists of the Catholic women’s movement, Austrian factory workers, Bulgarian feminist scientists and socialist feminists, Russian radicals, philanthropists, militant suffragists and Bolshevik activists, prominent writers and philosophers of the Ottoman era, as well as Turkish republican leftist political activists and nationalists, internationally recognized Greek feminist leaders, Estonian pharmacologists and science historians, Slovenian ‘literary feminists,’ Czech avant-garde painters, Ukrainian feminist scholars, Polish and Czech Senate Members, and many more. Their stories together constitute a rich tapestry of feminist activity and redress a serious imbalance in the historiography of women’s movements and feminisms.

The U S Women s Movement in Global Perspective

“ All - Russian Sociopolitical Movement of Women of Russia ( Obshcherossiiskoe obshestvenno - politicheskoe dvizehnie zhenshchin Rossii , or MWR ) ( 1996– ) . ” In Encyclopedia of Russian Women's Movements , edited by Norma Corigliano ...

Author: Lee Ann Banaszak

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742519325

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This ambitious volume brings together original essays on the U.S. women's movement with analyses of women's movements in other countries around the world. A comparative perspective and a common theme--feminism in social movement action--unite these voices in a way that will excite students and inspire further research. From the grassroots to the global, the significance of the U.S women's movement in the international arena cannot be denied. At the same time, the way in which international feminism has developed--in Asia, in Latin America, in Europe--has altered and expanded the landscape of the U.S. women's movement forever. These distinguished authors show us how. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Remarkable Russian Women in Pictures Prose and Poetry

13. Figner, Memoirs, 39-45, Hutton, 132, and “Vera Figner,” in Encyclopedia of Russian Women's Movements, Ed. Noonan and Nechemias, 20-22. 14. See, Marguerite Harrison, Unfinished Tales from a Russian Prison (New York, George H. Doran ...

Author: Marcelline Hutton

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781609620448

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Many Russian women of the late 19th and early 20th centuries tried to find authentic religious, marital, professional, and political experiences. Some very remarkable ones found these things in varying degrees, while others sought unsuccessfully but no less desperately to transcend the generations-old restrictions imposed by church, state, village, class, and gender. Like a Slavic Downton Abbey, this book tells the stories, not just of their outward lives, but of their hearts and minds, their voices and dreams, their amazing accomplishments against overwhelming odds, and their roles as feminists and avant-gardists in shaping modern Russia and, indeed, the twentieth century in the West. In their own words and images, and each in their own unique way, these remarkable Russian women construct a fascinating tapestry of a culture at the crossroads of modernity and on the brink of catastrophe.

Gender Violence in Russia

“Politics in Post-Soviet Russia: Where Are the Women?” Demokratizatsiya 8, no. Spring: 199–218. ———. 2001. “Independent Women's Forum in Dubna.” In Encyclopedia of Russian Women's Movements, ed. Nomra Corigliano Noon and Carol Nechemias ...

Author: Janet Elise Johnson

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253220745

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Why some international interventions succeed while others fail

Women s Movements in the Global Era

Encyclopedia of Russian women's movements. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. Norton, Augustus Richard. 1993. “The future of civil society in the Middle East.” Middle East Journal 47, no. 2 (Spring): 205–216. ———, edited by 1995.

Author: Amrita Basu

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429975189

Category: Political Science

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This book provides a path-breaking study of the genesis, growth, gains, and dilemmas of women's movements in countries throughout the world. Its focus is on the global South, where women's movements have engaged in complex negotiations with national and international forces. It challenges widely held assumptions about the Western origins and character of local feminisms. The authors locate women's movements within the terrain from which they emerged by exploring their relationships with the state, civil society, and other social movements. This fully revised second edition contains six new chapters by leading scholars of women and gender studies, on both individual countries and on several major regions of the world? Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the Maghreb. This balanced coverage enables readers to identify regional patterns and also learn from in-depth case studies. Women's Movements in the Global Era is essential reading for anyone interested in the global scope and implications of feminism.

Russian Civil Society A Critical Assessment

"Importing Civil Society: Foreign Aid and the Women's Movement in Russia." Demokratizatsiya 8, no. 1: 65–82. Henderson, Sarah 2001. "Foreign Funding and the Women's Movement in Russia." In Encyclopedia of Russian Women's Movements, ed.

Author: Alfred B. Evans

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317460459

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A vibrant civil society - characterized by the independently organized activity of people as citizens, undirected by state authority - is an essential support for the development of freedom, democracy, and prosperity. Thus it has been one important indicator of the success of post-communist transitions. This volume undertakes a systematic analysis of the development of civil society in post-Soviet Russia. An introduction and two historical chapters provide background, followed by chapters that analyze the Russian context and consider the roles of the media, business, organized crime, the church, the village, and the Putin administration in shaping the terrain of public life. Eight case studies then illustrate the range and depth of actual citizen organizations in various national and local community settings, and a concluding chapter weighs the findings and distills comparisons and conclusions.

A History Of Russia Volume 2

5th rev. ed. New York, 2003. Morozov, Vladimir, ed. Who's Who in Russia and the CIS Republics. New York, 1995. Noonan, Norma Corigliano, and Carol Nechemias, eds. Encyclopedia of Russian Women's Movements. Westport, Conn., 2001.

Author: Walter G. Moss

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 0857287397

Category: History

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Moss has significantly revised his text and bibliography in this second edition to reflect new research findings and controversies on numerous subjects. He has also brought the history up to date by revising the post-Soviet material, which now covers events from the end of 1991 up to the present day. This new edition retains the features of the successful first edition that have made it a popular choice in universities and colleges throughout the US, Canada and around the world.