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Author: K. H. J. Buschow


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Accompanyind CR-ROM conrtains The Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Technology on a web access disc.

Concise Encyclopedia of Materials Characterization

GUIDE TO USE OF THE ENCYCLOPEDIA ALPHABETICAL LIST OF ARTICLES AN INTRODUCTION TO INVESTIGATION AND CHARACTERIZATION. This Concise Encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference work covering all aspects of materials characterization.

Author: R.W. Cahn

Publisher: Elsevier

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To use materials effectively, their composition, degree of perfection, physical and mechanical characteristics, and microstructure must be accurately determined. This concise encyclopledia covers the wide range of characterization techniques necessary to achieve this. Articles included are not only concerned with the characterization techniques of specific materials such as polymers, metals, ceramics and semiconductors but also techniques which can be applied to materials in general. The techniques described cover bulk methods, and also a number of specific methods to study the topography and composition of surface and near-surface regions. These techniques range from the well-established and traditional to the very latest including: atomic force microscopy; confocal optical microscopy; gamma ray diffractometry; thermal wave imaging; x-ray diffraction and time-resolved techniques. This unique concise encyclopedia comprises 116 articles by leading experts in the field from around the world to create the ideal guide for materials scientists, chemists and engineers involved with any aspect of materials characterization. With over 540 illustrations, extensive cross-referencing, approximately 900 references, and a detailed index, this concise encyclopedia will be a valuable asset to any materials science collection.

Encyclopedia of Materials Characterization

corrosion , material science , magnetic thin film , and packaging , stand to benefit from these diffraction studies ... The reader is urged to review the XPS and AES articles in this Encyclopedia to obtain an adequate introduction to ...

Author: C. R. Brundle

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

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Encyclopedia of Materials Characterization is a comprehensive volume on analytical techniques used in materials science for the characterization of surfaces, interfaces and thin films. This flagship volume in the Materials Characterization Series is a unique, stand-alone reference for materials science practitioners, process engineers, students and anyone with a need to know about the capabilities available in materials analysis. An encyclopedia of 50 concise articles, this book will also be a practical companion to the forthcoming books in the Series. It describes widely-ranging techniques in a jargon-free manner and includes summary pages for each technique to supply a quick survey of its capabilities.

Encyclopedia of Materials Parts and Finishes Second Edition

Second Edition ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MATERIALS, PARTS, AND FINISHES During the past two decades higher processing temperatures, more efficient engines at higher temperatures, and the use of a vacuum environment have led to the development of ...

Author: Mel Schwartz

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781420017168

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During the past two decades, higher processing temperatures, more efficient engines at higher temperatures, and the use of a vacuum environment have led to the development of a number of important processing, fabrication, and industrial techniques, resulting in new material forms including: matrix composites, nano- and functionally graded structures, plastics, smart piezoelectric materials, shape memory alloys, intermetallics, ceramics, and fullerenes. The second edition of this encyclopedia covers the new materials that have been invented or modified in recent years and updates information on basic materials as well. Encyclopedia of Materials, Parts, and Finishes, Second Edition brings together in one concise volume the most up-to-date information on materials, forms and parts, finishes, and processes utilized in the industry. There is not a handbook currently on the market that incorporates as much materials information in one volume. The coverage of materials usage extends from the breadth of military and aerospace materials to commercial (aircraft, automotive, electronics) and basic materials (wood, rubber, etc.). Each entry provides thorough, straightforward definitions along with examples of corresponding materials, parts, or finishes. Like its predecessor, this encyclopedia will be an invaluable reference that belongs on the desk of every materials scientist and engineer.

Concise Encyclopedia of Magnetic and Superconducting Materials

As the publication of the Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Engineering approached, Pergamon Press resolved to build upon the immense volume of work which had gone into its creation by embarking on a follow-up project.

Author: K.H.J. Buschow

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080457657

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Magnetic and superconducting materials pervade every avenue of the technological world – from microelectronics and mass-data storage to medicine and heavy engineering. Both areas have experienced a recent revitalisation of interest due to the discovery of new materials, and the re-evaluation of a wide range of basic mechanisms and phenomena. This Concise Encyclopedia draws its material from the award-winning Encyclopedia of Materials and Engineering, and includes updates and revisions not available in the original set -- making it the ideal reference companion for materials scientists and engineers with an interest in magnetic and superconducting materials. * Contains in excess of 130 articles, taken from the award-winning Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology, including ScienceDirect updates not available in the original set. * Each article discusses one aspect of magnetic and superconducting materials and includes photographs, line drawings and tables to aid the understanding of the topic at hand. * Cross-referencing guides readers to articles covering subjects of related interest.

The Grove Encyclopedia of Materials and Techniques in Art

We are grateful to all those who granted permission to reproduce copyright illustrative material and to those contributors who supplied photographs or helped us to obtain them. All copyright information can be found in the credit line ...

Author: Gerald W. R. Ward

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195313918

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Provides over 1400 articles that deal with materials and techniques in art from ancient times to the present, including such media as ceramics, sculpture, metalwork, painting, works on paper, textiles, video, and computer art.

Concise Encyclopedia of Composite Materials

This book is a ''remake'' of a successful predecessor: it follows, in nature, format and ambition, the Concise Encyclopedia of Composite Materials that was edited in 1989, and then re-edited in 1994, by Anthony Kelly using the 1986 ...

Author: Andreas Mortensen

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080524621

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Concise Encyclopedia of Composite Materials draws its material from the award-winning Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology, and includes updates and revisions not available in the original set. This customized collection of articles provides a handy reference for materials scientists and engineers with an interest in composite materials made from polymers, metals, ceramics, carbon, biocomposites, nanocomposites, wood, cement, fibers, etc. Brings together articles from the Encyclopedia of Materials: Science & Technology that focus on the essentials of composite materials, including recent updates Every article has been commissioned and written by an internationally recognized expert and provides a concise overview of a particular aspect of the field Enables rapid reference; extensive bibliographies, cross-referencing and indexes guide the user to the most relevant reading in the primary literature Covers areas of active research, such as biomaterials and porous materials

Encyclopedia and Handbook of Materials Parts and Finishes

In some instances, very special properties of a magnetic material may be Temperatures can be maintained to an accuracy of ±2°C, ... 378–379, Second Edition, Encyclopedia of Materials, Parts, and Finishes—CRC Press (Mel Schwartz).

Author: Mel Schwartz

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781466567481

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A great deal of progress has been made in the development of materials, their application to structures, and their adaptation to a variety of systems and integrated across a wide range of industrial applications. This encyclopedia serves the rapidly expanding demand for information on technological developments. In addition to providing information