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VII Glasgow's last days were marked by displays of pragmatism , courage , and - depending on one's values -pettiness . On April 15 , 1944 , just a week before her seventieth birthday , Ellen Glasgow signed her will .

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With such critically acclaimed and best-selling novels as Barren Ground, The Sheltered Life, Vein of Iron, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning In This Our Life, Ellen Glasgow (1873-1945) established herself as one of America's most talented, dedicated, and influential writers. Chronicling the struggles of a fallen South, she pioneered a poetic realism that influenced a generation of southern writers (Robert Penn Warren, Eudora Welty, and William Faulkner among them) and shaped the course of American letters. In Ellen Glasgow: A Biography, Susan Goodman vividly brings to life the famously secretive writer, penetrating the myths, half-truths, and lies that have swirled around Glasgow since the publication of her first novel, The Descendent, in 1896. Drawing on previously unpublished papers and personal interviews, Goodman uncovers the engrossing details of Glasgow's family history, social milieu, personal tragedies, and literary career.

Ellen Glasgow

New Perspectives Ellen Glasgow Dorothy McInnis Scura. 23 not the least being to serve as a reminder that we may know less about the boundaries of Glasgow's canon than we thought . She published seven stories in The Shadowy Third and ...

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During the past decade, the fiction and autobiography of Ellen Glasgow (1873-1945) have been undergoing major reevaluation - especially from critics engaged in issues of gender. This collection of essays, in which feminist viewpoints figure prominently, marks a significant contribution to this new dialogue on Glasgow's work. "For many years," Dorothy M. Scura observes, "Glasgow was regarded as a transitional figure in southern letters, a writer who published books in the time between Thomas Nelson Page and William Faulkner. She was an outsider, an anomaly, a Virginian who did not quite fit the context of the Southern Literary Renaissance." Recent feminist criticism, however, has heightened interest in Glasgow by revealing her intense concern with the role of women in society and with the values of patriarchal culture. Using a variety of critical approaches - including semiotic, intertextual, and biographical - these fifteen essays cover the full range of Glasgow's writings, from well-known novels such as Virginia, Barren Ground, and The Sheltered Life to less familiar works such as The Battle-Ground, The Wheel of Life, the verse collected in The Freeman and Other Poems, and the short stories. Of special value is the volume's inclusion of a newly discovered short story, "Ideals," as well as a selection of previously unpublished letters by Glasgow to her friend and fellow writer Louise Chandler Moulton.

Ellen Glasgow and a Woman s Traditions

In a recent article in the Ellen Glasgow Newsletter , Frances W. Saunders identifies Gerald as William Riggin Travers , a wealthy New York financier whose suicide was reported in the New York Herald in September 1905 , when Glasgow says ...

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Ellen Glasgow wrote and published nineteen novels as well as poems, short stories, essays, reviews, and an autobiography (published posthumously) in a career that spanned nearly fifty years. Until now, her writings have not been subject to feminist revaluation in the way that works of such writers as Charlotte Perkins Gilman or Willa Cather have been. In Ellen Glasgow and a Woman's Traditions Pamela R. Matthews initiates such a revaluation by taking into account not only Glasgow's gender and her perception of her role as a woman writer but the reader's gender and (mis)understanding of Glasgow. Using current feminist psychological theory, she assesses what Glasgow faced as a woman writer caught between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, examines the traditions in place at these times, and analyzes the influence on Glasgow of her female friendships. This shifting of critical perspective yields entirely new interpretations and closes the gap that has existed between standard criticisms of Glasgow and the effect that Glasgow has had on her readers.

Ellen Glasgow

“The Problematics of Regionalism and the Dilemma of Glasgow's Barren Ground.” Southern Literary History 9 (Spring, 1979), pp. 1–21. Longest, George C. “A Deep and Loving Heart: The Letters of Amélie Rives to Ellen Glasgow.

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For many years Pulitzer Prize winner Ellen Glasgow has been regarded as a classic American regional novelist. But Glasgow is far more than a Southern writer, as Linda Wagner demonstrates in this fascinating reassessment of her work. A Virginia lady, Glasgow began to write at a time when the highest praise for a literary woman was to be mistaken for a male writer. In her early fiction, published at the turn of the century, all attention is focused on male protagonists; the strong female characters who do appear early in these novels gradually fade into the background. But Ellen Glasgow grew to become a woman who, born to be protected from the very life she wanted to chronicle, moved “beyond convention” to live her life on her own terms. And as her own self-image changed, the perspective of her novels became more feminine, the female characters moved to center stage, and their philosophies became central to her themes. Glasgow’s best novels, then—Barren Ground, Vein of Iron, and the romantic trilogy that includes The Sheltered Life—came late in her life, when she was no longer content to imitate fashionable male novelists. Glasgow’s increased self-assurance as writer and woman led to a far greater awareness of craft. Her style became more highly imaged, more suggestive, as though she wished to widen the range of resources available to move her readers. She became a writer both popular and respected. Her novels appeared as selections of the Literary Guild and the Book-of-the-Month Club, and one became a best seller. At the same time she was chosen as one of the few female members of the Academy of Arts and Letters, and in 1942 she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her novel In This Our Life.

Ellen Glasgow s Development as Novelist

SECONDARY SOURCES Books Kelly, William W., Ellen Glasgow, a Bibliography (Charlottesville, Virginia, University of Virginia Press, 1964). McDowell, Frederick P. W., Ellen Glasgow and the Ironic Art of American Fiction (Madison, ...

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A Study Guide for Ellen Glasgow s The Difference

“From Jordan's End to Frenchman's Bend: Ellen Glasgow's Short Stories,” in The Mississippi Quarterly, Vol. 49, No. 2, 1996, pp. 319332. McDowell, Frederick P.W. “Ellen Glasgow,” in Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol.

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Acculturating Age Approaches to Cultural Gerontology

For more than fifty years, Francis Glasgow was Managing Director of the Tredegar Iron Works and an Elder in the Presbyterian Church who imposed a strict, Calvinist morality on his family. Throughout her life, Ellen Glasgow maintained an ...

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Encyclopedia of the American Novel

Glasgow, Ellen. A Certain Measure: An Interpretation of Prose Fiction. NewYork: Harcourt, 1943. ———. Letters of Ellen Glasgow. Edited by Blair Rouse.New York: Harcourt, 1958. ———, with James BranchCabell. OfEllen Glasgow: An Inscribed ...

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