Education and Advancement for the Working Classes

A Speech, Delivered at a Public Meeting at the Hackney Working Men's Institute: by Harry Chester Harry Chester ... Much has been done from this point of view for the working - classes of late years , but very much more remains to be ...

Author: Harry Chester

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Pamphlets on British Education 1714 1873

EDUCATION AND ADVANCEMENT гов THE WORKING CLASSES . I have come here this evening to talk to you about Education and Advancement in Life -- to explain how you may better your condition through opportunities of education now offered to ...



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College and the Working Class

Pamela Barnhouse Walters points out the problems with assuming that all students at all times in US history “know” that education is economically valuable in her 1999 study, “Education and Advancement: Exploring the Hopes and Dreams of ...

Author: Allison L. Hurst

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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What are the meanings, experiences, and impact of college for working-class people? The author of this book addresses the two questions, what is college like for working-class students, and what is college for the working class? In The Other Three Percent, the author draws on a wealth of previous research to tell the stories of five very different working-class college students as they apply to, enter, successfully navigate, and complete college. Through these stories readers will learn about the obstacles working-class students face and overcome, the costs and effectiveness of higher education as a mechanism of social mobility, and the problems caused on our college campuses by our reticence to meaningfully confront the class divide. Readers will be invited to compare their own experiences of higher education with those of the students here described, and to evaluate their own institutions’ openness towards working-class students through a series of checklists provided in the book’s conclusion. Allison L. Hurst is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. She is a member of the Association of Working-Class Academics.

Journal of the Society of Arts

... and Chairman of the Committee of the Metropolitan Association for Promoting the Education of Adults , entitled " Education and Advancement for the Working Classes , " will be forwarded to each Institution and Local Board .

Author: Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain)


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The Burden of Academic Success

Education and Advancement: Exploring the Hopes and Dreams of Blacks and Poor Whites at the Turn ofthe Century.” In The Cultural Territories of Race, ... Working Class without Work: High School Students in a De- industrializing Economy.

Author: Allison L. Hurst

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739140611

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The Burden of Academic Success: Loyalists, Renegades, and Double Agents explores working-class college students' understandings of class and social mobility through in-depth interviews rich in ethnographic detail. This book is a compelling read for students and a much-needed addition to our understanding of how class operates today, both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Sociology of Space

From 1972 to 1975, Paul Willis (1979) performed a study in Great Britain about young working-class males without advanced education and their passage to gainful employment. Using case studies, interviews, group discussions, ...

Author: Martina Löw

Publisher: Springer

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In this book, the author develops a relational concept of space that encompasses social structure, the material world of objects and bodies, and the symbolic dimension of the social world. Löw’s guiding principle is the assumption that space emerges in the interplay between objects, structures and actions. Based on a critical discussion of classic theories of space, Löw develops a new dynamic theory of space that accounts for the relational context in which space is constituted. This innovative view on the interdependency of material, social, and symbolic dimensions of space also permits a new perspective on architecture and urban development.

The Working Class Student in Higher Education

that working class students experience more difficulty with learning in higher education because their previous ... accomplishment and advancement over group relations and consequences (Jensen, 2004), thus illustrating a classist ...

Author: Terina Roberson Lathe

Publisher: Lexington Books

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This book presents a qualitative investigation of community college faculty members’ perceptions of working-class students, focusing on their inability to acknowledge, discuss, and consider the influence of class within the experience of higher education.

Report of the Federal Security Agency

At Hampton we are trying to solve the problem of an education best suited to the needs of the poorer classes of the ... It involves friction , constant embarrassment , and apparent disadvantage to educational advancement , as well as to ...

Author: United States. Office of Education


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New Social Mobility

differences in access to higher education and higher qualifications (Crul, 2013; Schnell, 2014). ... is how the mobility of women from working-class families through educational advancement in the 1960s in the Western world accelerated ...

Author: Jens Schneider

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783031055669

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This open access book comparatively analyses intergenerational social mobility in immigrant families in Europe. It is based on qualitative in-depth research into several hundred biographies and professional trajectories of young people with an immigrant working-class background, who made it into high-prestige professions. The biographies were collected and analysed by a consortium of researchers in nine European countries from Norway to Spain. Through these analyses, the book explores the possibilities of cross-country comparisons of how trajectories are related to different institutional arrangements at the national and local level. The analysis uncovers the interaction effects between structural/institutional settings and specific individual achievements and family backgrounds, and how these individuals responsed to and navigated successfully through sector-specific pathways into high-skilled professions, such as becoming a lawyer or a teacher. By this, it also explains why these trajectories of professional success and upward mobility have been so exceptional in the second generation of working-class origins, and it tells us a lot also about exclusion mechanisms that marked the school and professional careers of children of immigrants who went to school in the 1970s to 2000s in Europe – and still do.

Sociological Theory and Educational Reality

Schools were not regarded as avenues for social advancement . Rather , Marx wanted to give working - class children a special education , one better than that of the other classes . A few years later Marx indicated clearly what he meant ...

Author: Alan Barcan

Publisher: UNSW Press

ISBN: 0868401250

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An examination of the major classical sociological theories relevant to education and of the rise and decline of the new sociology of education. Author also discusses the vexed questions of equality of opportunity, the relationship between school and society, the growth of educational bureaucracies and the roles of state, church and family in education in Australia since 1949. Includes endnotes, tables and index.