John Through Old Testament Eyes

Richard B. Hays, Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels (Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2016), 336–40 (emphasis added). 13. Manning, Echoes of a Prophet, 141. 14. Manning, Echoes of a Prophet, 142. 15. Manning, Echoes of a Prophet, 138.

Author: Karen H. Jobes

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A New Testament commentary steeped in the Old Testament Through Old Testament Eyes is a new kind of commentary series that illuminates the Old Testament backgrounds, allusions, patterns, and references saturating the New Testament. These links were second nature to the New Testament authors and their audiences, but today's readers often cannot see them. Bible teachers, preachers, and students committed to understanding Scripture will gain insight through these rich Old Testament connections, which clarify puzzling passages and explain others in fresh ways. In John Through Old Testament Eyes, Karen Jobes reveals how the Old Testament background of the Gospel of John extends far beyond quotes of Old Testament scripture or mention of Old Testament characters. Jobes discusses the history, rituals, images, metaphors, and symbols from the Old Testament that give meaning to John's teaching about Jesus--his nature and identity, his message and mission--and about those who believe in him. Avoiding overly technical discussions and interpretive debates to concentrate on Old Testament influences, volumes in the Though Old Testament Eyes series combine rigorous, focused New Testament scholarship with deep respect for the entire biblical text.

Kings Deliverers and Prophets in Luke s Journey Narrative

Luke 12:7 (MSG) 5 Luke's Echoes of the Prophets Elijah and Elisha Beginning about 1980, Thomas Brodie began publishing a series of journal articles claiming that Luke produced imitations of the Old Testament prophet Elijah's life in ...

Author: Dennis W. Chadwick

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Kings, Deliverers, and Prophets brings a new biblical perspective to the much-debated question of the meaning of Luke’s journey narrative. Dennis W. Chadwick identifies and documents three extended sequences of Old Testament echoes in Luke 9–19 by which Luke confirms that Jesus is the eschatological king, the eschatological deliverer, and the eschatological prophet.

Abide and Go

Manning (Echoes of a Prophet, 139–41) shows the thematic parallels between these texts, especially those from Ezekiel, and John 15. For a helpful study of relevant biblical and Second Temple texts, as well as John 15 itself, see Munene, ...

Author: Michael J. Gorman

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The Gospel of John would seem to be both the “spiritual Gospel” and a Gospel that promotes Christian mission. Some interpreters, however, have found John to be the product of a sectarian community that promotes a very narrow view of Christian mission and advocates neither love of neighbor nor love of enemy. In this book for both the academy and the church, Michael Gorman argues that John has a profound spirituality that is robustly missional, and that it can be summarized in the paradoxical phrase “Abide and go,” from John 15. Disciples participate in the divine love and life, and therefore in the life-giving mission of God manifested in the ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus. As God’s children, disciples become more and more like this missional God as they become like his Son by the work of the Spirit. This spirituality, argues Gorman, can be called missional theosis.

John s Use of Ezekiel

So too Manning, Echoes of a Prophet, 115. ↵ Ibid., 126–27. ↵ Most recognize chapter 21 as being from a later time or from a different writer. Cf. Howard M. Teeple, “Methodology in Source Analysis in the Fourth Gospel,” JBL 81, no.

Author: Brian Neil Peterson

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Scholars have long puzzled over the distinctive themes and sequence of John’s narrative in contrast to the Synoptic Gospels. Brian Neil Peterson now offers a remarkable explanation for some of the most unusual features of John, including the early placement of Jesus’ “cleansing” of the temple, the emphasis on “signs” confirming Jesus’ identity, the prominence of Jesus’ “I Am” sayings, and a number of others. The Fourth Evangelist relied on models, motifs, and even the macrostructure of the Book of Ezekiel.

The Bible s Prophets

This line echoes Isaiah. That prophet likewise suggests due concern (Isa 13:6). Each prophet uses the exact same phrase in Hebrew, “for the day of the LORD is at hand [is near].” Isaiah counsels, “Wail.” Zephaniah suggests, “Be silent.

Author: David J. Zucker

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The Bible's Prophets: An Introduction for Christians and Jews introduces the reader to the world of Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, and the literary prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, plus the twelve "minor" prophets: Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. These books form the second section of the Hebrew Bible--the Prophets/Neviim. Features: Introduction to the Bible; Introduction to the Prophets; and Do the Prophets predict the coming of the Messiah? Each chapter covers one particular biblical book. Chapter divisions: 1, 2Introduction with chapter-by-chapter analyses or section-by-section analyses / geo-political and historical background / significant events / personalities / concepts and divisions. 3. The biblical book and the Christian Scriptures. 4. The biblical book in rabbinic literature. How did the rabbis utilize quotations from the Prophets to teach their values? Extensive quotations. 5. Text study. An excellent source for Christian, Jewish, or interfaith study of the Bible's Prophets.

The Prophethood of All Believers

His portrait of Jesus as the eschatological anointed prophet is an example of inclusio on a large scale. ... reports that Jesus identifies himself as a prophet whose ministry of turning from his own people to others echoes the prophets ...

Author: Roger Stronstad

Publisher: A&C Black

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For centuries Christians have had the concept of the priesthood of all believers firmly engrained in their minds. The prophethood of all believers, on the other hand, is, so Stronstad believes, the main focus of Spirit-baptism in Luke-Acts. A landmark study in Lukan pneumatology, this book is aimed at a mixed readership ranging from the scholar to the informed layperson. The role of the Spirit in Luke is clearly portrayed in terms of vocational empowerment. Traditionally, Lukan pneumatology has been viewed through Pauline or Johannine spectacles, but by interpreting Luke independently of the other Gospels and the epistles, Stronstad has cogently argued for the historical and contemporary relevance of Spirit-baptism. He challenges the reader to develop a new appreciation of Luke's theology of the Holy Spirit, and, in fact, to consider the role of the prophethood of all believers for today's world.

How to Preach the Prophets for All Their Worth

8 As Hays has successfully demonstrated, the words of Jesus resound with echoes of the Old Testament Scripture.9 The sheer quantity of quotations, allusions, and echoes testify that Jesus considered the teaching of the prophets to be ...

Author: Andrew G. M. Hamilton

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

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The Old Testament prophetic books play a key role in revealing God’s plan of salvation. They occupy a significant portion of the biblical canon, similar in size to the entire New Testament. Yet most believers stay clear of this part of Scripture. They avoid traveling through this forest of oracles and visions. Many preachers also struggle to navigate this unfamiliar territory. Preachers feel much more at ease unpacking the intricate arguments of the Pauline epistles or following the thrilling adventures of biblical narratives rather than exploring the prophetic books. The church, however, needs to hear and respond to the beauty, depth, and relevance of the prophetic message. This book not only provides convincing reasons for preaching the prophets today but also offers concrete guidelines to empower preachers (small group leaders, youth workers, etc.) to communicate the message of the prophets with hermeneutical precision, theological depth, genre sensitivity, and pastoral pulse. This book motivates and equips preachers to travel with confidence through this uncharted territory and to help God’s people enjoy the scenery of this part of God’s word.

Echoes of a Prophet

Echoes of a Prophet examines intertextual connections to Ezekiel found in John and in Second Temple literature.

Author: Gary T. Manning Jr.

Publisher: A&C Black

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Echoes of a Prophet examines intertextual connections to Ezekiel found in John and in Second Temple literature. The Dead Sea Scrolls contain many allusions to a number of Ezekiel's oracles, while other Second Temple works refer to only a few of Ezekiel's oracles, and those only rarely. In each case, Manning examines the evidence for the presence of the allusions, studies the implied interpretational methods, and comments on the function of the allusion in advancing the author's ideas. He also analyzes John's allusions to Ezekiel: the good shepherd, the vine, the opened heavens, imagery from the "dry bones" vision, and water symbolism. He observes that John has a few unique tendencies: he alludes to all five of Ezekiel's "oracles of hope" and primarily uses that imagery to describe the giving of the Holy Spirit and new life through Jesus.

Conversations with Scripture Romans

These offerechoes of HebrewScriptures, evokingthe ministry of the prophet Jeremiah who was appointed to bea prophet tothe nations (Jer.1:5), who made referenceto his own compulsion tobea prophet, evenwhen it gothim introuble.

Author: Jay Sidebotham

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

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• Established resource series for church groups and individual use • An expert in church renewal takes the opportunity to approach the series in a fresh, new fashion It has been said that we are called not only to read Scripture but to let Scripture read us. In that spirit, this book will guide readers into conversation with Paul’s letter to the Romans. The author will help us listen to what that letter said to the people to whom it was written and to hear what it says to us today. Readers will bring their own reflections, personal concerns, and questions to the table as we let this letter challenge us with meaning—letting it read the reader. The thesis of this book is that the letter has demonstrated transforming power to renew lives and the church through a focus on worship; a rigorous assessment of the human condition, especially the failure of human religiosity; a claim of transforming power in the ongoing life of Christ; an expansive vision of who is included in God’s life and love; a call to practical application and proclamation of the gospel.

The Illustrative Lesson Notes

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Author: John Heyl Vincent


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