Riclef Grolle Festschrift

Epiphytisch , ca. 2700-2750 m . 25.9.1966 . 101a . Ebenda auf Erde und Fels . 102. Anfang des Baranco de dos Venados bei Pachuca . Lavagestein , ca. 1350 m . 19.10.1966 . 103. 3 km hinter der Abzweigung im Baranco de dos Venados bei ...



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Biology and Management of White tailed Deer

Rodríguez, M. A., C. Vaughan, V. Villalobos, and M. McCoy. 1985b. Notas sobre los movimientos del ... Ecología de dos grupos de venados cola blanca (Odocoileus virginianus) liberados en un nuevo hábitat. BS thesis, Universidad Nacional, ...

Author: David G. Hewitt

Publisher: CRC Press

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Winner of the Wildlife Society Outstanding Edited Book Award for 2013!Winner of the Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society Outstanding Book Award for 2011!Winner of a CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award for 2011!Biology and Management of White-tailed Deer organizes and presents information on the most studied large mammal species in the world. T

Movement Ecology of Neotropical Forest Mammals

Reyna-Hurtado R, O'Farril G, Sima D, Andrade M, Padilla A, Sosa L (2010) Las aguadas de Calakmul: Reservorios de vida ... hábitat de dos venados cola blanca (Odocoileus virginianus) en un bosque tropical de la costa de Jalisco, Mexico.

Author: Rafael Reyna-Hurtado

Publisher: Springer

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This book brings a unique perspective to animal movement studies because all cases came from tropical environments where the great diversity, either biological and structurally (trees, shrubs, vines, epiphytes), presents the animal with several options to fulfill its live requirements. These conditions have forced the evolution of unique movement patterns and ecological strategies. Movement is an essential process in the life of all organisms. Animals move because they are hungry, thirsty, to avoid being eaten, or because they want to find mates. Understanding the causes and consequences of animal movement is not an easy task for behavioural ecologists. Many animals are shy, move in secretive ways and are very sensible to human presence, therefore, studying the movements of mammals in tropical environments present logistical and methodological challenges that have recently started to be solved by ecologist around the world. In this book we are compiling a set of extraordinary cases where researchers have used some of the modern technology and the strongest methodological approaches to understand movement patterns in wild tropical mammals. We hope this book will inspire and encourage young researchers to investigate wild mammal ́s movements in some of the amazing tropical environments of the world.

Travel Companion Argentina

Author: Gerry Leitner


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Comprehensive travel guide to Argentina based on the Australian author's personal experiences. Includes an index of all place names mentioned, detailed city maps, historical and general tourist information.

Ecology and Conservation of Tropical Ungulates in Latin America

J Trop Ecol 28:119–122 O'Farrill G, Campos-Arceiz A, Galetti M (2013) Frugivory and seed dispersal by tapirs: an insight on ... Rev Mex Biodivers 83:753–756 Ramírez L (2016) Abundancia relativay patrones de actividad por venados en dos ...

Author: Sonia Gallina-Tessaro

Publisher: Springer Nature

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This book brings together the latest information on tropical ungulates in different Latin American countries. These animals are not only important from the point of view of their role in different ecosystems, but also have cultural value for people. The book also discusses topics such as habitat transformation and hunting as these species are an important source of food in many places. Addressing ungulate natural communities in diverse ecosystems and countries, the book provides information on specific aspects of each of the most representative species, and highlights topics to help readers better understand these species and develop effective management and conservation strategies. The information presented also reveals the need for more knowledge and will hopefully provide the incentive for continued studies on this important group of animals. This publication serves as a reference for academic research on ungulate ecology, behavior and dynamics, as well as the basis for conservation strategies.

Reflexiones sobre la direccion efectos y resultados de dos rayos que en el dia 15 de Octubre de 1802 cayeron en los navios Reyna Luisa y Argonauta y propuesta sobre la construccion y uso de los para rayos y conductores lectricos

Juan RUIZ DE APODACA Y. ELIZA LOPEZ DE LETONA Y. LASQUETI (Count del Venadito, Viceroy of Mexico.) se pondrán dos ó mas tubos m de cristal ordinarios de pulgada y media ó dos de diámetro , y tres ó cuatro de largo , y en el costado del ...

Author: Juan RUIZ DE APODACA Y. ELIZA LOPEZ DE LETONA Y. LASQUETI (Count del Venadito, Viceroy of Mexico.)


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Argentina Uruguay Paraguay

... le " To San Foco RN del Mte de Oro 146 San Luis Plaza 100 200 m ARGENTINA Esteban Adaro Aristobule del Valle . ... Dos Venados 18 Dirección Provincial 28 Hotel Huarpes de Turismo 29 Hotel Castelmonte 20 Telefónica 31 Residencial ...

Author: Wayne Bernhardson

Publisher: Lonely Planet

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This revised edition includes increased coverage of Buenos Aires, information on national parks, background on politics and culture, accommodation options for a range of budgets and a new section on outdoor activities in Patagonia. It also features coverage of the Falkland Islands.

Bibliotheca Botanica

Typus : [ X Región de Los Lagos , Prov . de Valdivia ] Pilmaiquén , am steinigen Ufer eines Gebirgsbaches , 700 m ... Neuquén : Parque Nacional Lanín , Pucura , 650 m , XI.1951 , Schajovskoy s.n. ( B ) - Laguna Venados , 1000 m ...



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GIS Methodologies for Developing Conservation Strategies

In C. Vaughan and M. Rodriguez , eds . , Ecologia y Manejo del Venado Cola Blanca en Mexico y Costa Rica , 299-314 . ... Ecologia de dos grupos de venados cola blanca ( Odocoilcus virginianus ) liberados en un nuevo habitat .

Author: Basil G. Savitsky

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231505019

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Tropical habitats may contain more than a third of the world's plant and animal species; Costa Rica alone is home to one of the highest levels of biodiversity per unit area in the world, and stands at center stage in worldwide conservation efforts. Within such regions, the use of state-of-the-art digital mapping technologies—sophisticated techniques that are relatively inexpensive and accessible—represents the future of conservation planning and policy. These methods, which employ satellites to obtain visual data on landscapes, allow environmental scientists to monitor encroachment on indigenous territories, trace park boundaries through unmarked wilderness, and identify wildlife habitats in regions where humans have limited access. Focusing on the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica, the contributors demonstrate the use of geographic information systems (GIS) to enhance conservation efforts. They give an overview of the spatial nature of conservation and management and the current status of digital mapping in Costa Rica; a review of the basic principles behind digital mapping technologies; a series of case studies using these technologies at a variety of scales and for a range of conservation and management activities; and the results of the Costa Rican gap analysis project. GIS Methodologies for Developing Conservation Strategies provides powerful tools for those involved in decision-making about the natural environment, particularly in developing nations like Costa Rica where such technologies have not yet been widely adopted. For specialists in such areas as geography, conservation biology, and wildlife and natural resource management, the combination of conceptual background and case examples make the book a crucial addition to the literature.