Don t Write Your Memoir Without Me

Written by Viga Boland, author of 4 memoirs, who facilitates memoir writing workshops live and online, Don't Write Your MEmoir without ME is a quick easy read that inspires with humor and down to earth advice.

Author: Viga Boland

Publisher: Viga Boland

ISBN: 099204975X



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An inspiring and motivational workbook for those who want to write a memoir and don't know how to start. Written by Viga Boland, author of 4 memoirs, who facilitates memoir writing workshops live and online, Don't Write Your MEmoir without ME is a quick easy read that inspires with humor and down to earth advice. If you can think outside the box your earlier education put you into, you'll come away believing you too can write a memoir.

Don t Go Crazy Without Me

She was limp, her eyes up in her head, her extremities pale and blood-starved, her chest and arms mottled with blue. ... “You know, I'm writing a memoir about our family,” I say. “Do you want to read it?” “I'm not sure.

Author: Deborah A. Lott

Publisher: Red Hen Press

ISBN: 9781597098144

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 264

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A woman recounts coming of age in the shadow of her father’s mental illness in this “candid, unsettling portrait of madness and enduring love” (Kirkus). Deborah A. Lott grew upina Los Angeles suburb in the 1950s, under the sway of her outrageously eccentric father. A lay rabbi who enjoyed dressing up like Little Lord Fauntleroy, he taught her how to have fun. But he also taught her to fear germs, other children, and contamination from the world at large. Deborah was so deeply bonded to her father and his peculiar worldview that when he plunged from neurotic to full-blown psychotic, she nearly followed him. Sanity is not always a choice, but for sixteen-year-old Deborah, lines had to be drawn between reality and her own “overactive imagination.” She saved herself through an unconventional reading of Moby Dick, a deeply awkward sexual awakening, and entry into the world of political activism as a volunteer in Robert F. Kennedy’s Presidential campaign. After attending Kennedy’s last stop at the Ambassador Hotel the night of his assassination, Deborah would come to a new reckoning with loss. Ultimately, she would find her own path, and her own way of turning grief into love.

Write A Children s Book And Get It Published Teach Yourself

Just keep one thing in mind: for a writer, nothing beats holding your first published book in your hands. ... It does no harm to repeat, as often as you can, 'Without me the literary industry would not exist: the publishers, the agents, ...

Author: Lesley Pollinger

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444130676

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 250

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Designed for writers of any children's literature, be it fiction, non-fiction or faction, this popular and successful title has been fully updated and expanded to include the latest developments in the field of children's publishing. You will understand the implications of television and film projects, learn new ways of producing your work, the latest technologies and even how to self-publish, guided by two authors who are highly experienced with the genre. NOT GOT MUCH TIME? One, five and ten-minute introductions to key principles to get you started. AUTHOR INSIGHTS Lots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the authors' many years of experience. TEST YOURSELF Tests in the book and online to keep track of your progress. EXTEND YOUR KNOWLEDGE Extra online articles at to give you a richer understanding of writing for children. FIVE THINGS TO REMEMBER Quick refreshers to help you remember the key facts. TRY THIS Innovative exercises illustrate what you've learnt and how to use it.

You Can t Spell America Without Me

Writing my president book by talking makes it possible for me to do it, but if I'm being honest, which I always am, ... And by the way, it shows those two guys have no business sense whatsoever, because publishers do not pay you a ...

Author: Alec Baldwin

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781473549722

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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'Hilarious, unbelievable' - The Sunday Times Books of the Year **As featured on BBC Newsnight** The blisteringly funny satirical account of Donald Trump’s first year as President, as imagined by Alec Baldwin and Kurt Andersen. 'I have the best words, beautiful words, as everybody has been talking and talking about for a long time. Also? The best sentences and, what do you call them, paragraphs. My previous books were great and sold extremely, unbelievably well--even the ones by dishonest, disgusting so-called journalists. But those writers didn't understand Trump, because quite frankly they were major losers. People say if you want it done right you have to do it yourself, even when 'it' is a 'memoir.' So every word of this book was written by me, using a special advanced word processing system during the many, many nights I've been forced to stay alone in the White House--only me, just me, trust me, nobody helped. And it's all 100% true, so true--people are already saying it may be the truest book ever published. Enjoy.' You Can’t Spell America Without Me is presented by America’s foremost Trump scholar Kurt Andersen as well as America's foremost mediocre Trump impersonator, Alec Baldwin.

Compact First Student s Pack Student s Book Without Answers with CD ROM Workbook Without Answers with Audio CD

b c d e This is part of a letter from an English penfriend, Alex. Write your letter to Alex in 120–180 words. Do not write any addresses Page 90 Quick steps to writing a Part 2 informal letter • Look at the task, including any text, ...

Author: Peter May

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107699014

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 164

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A highly focused Cambridge English: First (FCE) course providing efficient exam preparation in 50-60 core hours. Compact First Student's Book provides B2-level students with thorough preparation and practice needed for exam success. Ten units cover all five exam papers in a step-by-step approach. 'Quick steps' and Writing, Speaking and Listening guides, explain what to expect in the exam, and provide strategies on approaching each paper, model answers, useful expressions and further practice. A Grammar Reference covers all key areas of grammar. The CD-ROM provides interactive grammar, vocabulary and writing practice. The Workbook provides further practice corresponding to the Student's Book units with listening material on the Audio CD. Two complete practice tests are included online.

Don t Buy Your Retirement Home Without Me

The Boronia A-type may feature a one-car garage, while the Boronia B-type has a two-car garage. Put simply, there are basically only two types of retirement housing — an independent living unit, or lLU in industry-speak, and a serviced ...

Author: Richard Andrews

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780730377726

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 264

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Invaluable advice for making a sensible purchase on a retirement home Like most retirees, you've worked hard your whole life and now you're looking forward to starting a new chapter of your life in a retirement home community. However, purchasing a retirement home can be a daunting experience and the cost of making a bad decision can impact your entire family. That's where this helpful book comes in. Retirement-savvy author Richard Andrews offers straightforward advice on making wise financial and lifestyle decisions that could change your life for the better. Covering everything from what to expect from your lawyer and accountant to negotiating with retirement home community operators, this guide dives into the basics of purchasing a home in a retirement home village, and adapting to your new lifestyle. Walks you through complicated retirement village contracts and what they mean Offers useful tips for choosing a retirement village that suits your needs Includes suggestions for selling your current home, downsizing your possessions and adjusting to a new life Looks at the perks of living in a retirement village community: great company, security, and homes that are designed for easy living

I Would Lie to You if I Could

In fact, in your memoir, Planet of the Blind, you write, “The tapestries of Paradise woven without me, the vague sepulchral room I am going toward—a rooming house of separation. I listen to old opera records—Caruso, Gigli, ...

Author: Chard deNiord

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press

ISBN: 9780822983385

Category: Poetry

Page: 232

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I Would Lie To You If I Could contains interviews with nine eminent contemporary American poets (Natasha Trethewey, Jane Hirshfield, Martín Espada, Stephen Kuusisto, Stephen Sandy, Ed Ochester, Carolyn Forche, Peter Everwine, and Galway Kinnell) and James Wright’s widow Anne. It presents conversations with a vital cross section of poets representing a variety of ages, ethnicities, and social backgrounds. The poets testify to the demotic nature of poetry as a charged language that speaks uniquely in original voices, yet appeals universally. As individuals with their own transpersonal stories, the poets have emerged onto the national stage from very local places with news that witnesses memorably in social, personal, and political ways. They talk about their poems and development as poets self-effacingly, honestly, and insightfully, describing just how and when they were "hurt into poetry," as well as why they have pursued writing poetry as a career in which, as Robert Frost noted in his poem "Two Tramps in Mud Time," their object has become "to unite [their] avocation and [their] vocation / As [their] two eyes make one in sight."

My Life Without Me

After reading every single word in the book, three times over, and using fluorescent coloured sticky tags to note the things of ... One day I had this wicked awesome breakfast that was so good I had to write about it in my journal.

Author: Jaclyn Aurore

Publisher: Morning Rain Publishing

ISBN: 9781928133193

Category: Juvenile Fiction


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My name is Jamie, and I am brilliant. Or at least I was. Now I don’t know what’s what anymore. Living in a swirling fog of absent memories, Jamie struggles every day to remember who she is and where she’s going. While her classmates are discussing the latest book craze, she is tracking her own life in a journal. Each day brings new challenges, especially when Callum McKenzie appears, bringing with him a brief glimpse of clarity. Whenever the exchange student from Scotland is near, Jamie’s unusual amnesia recedes, allowing her to experience university life with ease. Unfortunately, Callum’s presence in her life is as unstable as the fog that threatens her. He knows more about Jamie’s life than she does, but he never sticks around long enough for her to figure anything out. It’s only a matter of time before she forgets everything altogether.

Memoirs of a Not Altogether Shy Pornographer

(9) No wonder Barneybill accused me of having a dirty, dirty mind. ... “Even your style's turned rancid! Drab! Makeshift! You, who showed you could make words dance, writing sentences awkward as a one-armed paperhanger, ...

Author: Bernard Wolfe

Publisher: Catapult

ISBN: 9781940436258

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 316

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In this funny and telling portrait of the artist as a young pornographer, Bernard Wolfe chronicles his own unlikely entrance into the world of letters. The year was 1936, and Depression laden America had no great need for a Yale Phi Bete whose primary talent was for words. After working variously as a secretary–bodyguard for Leon Trotsky in Mexico, a cataloger of the Irving Fisher papers, and a hopelessly inept drill–grinder, Wolfe landed his first professional writing job: turning out piecework porn at $2.00 a page for an Oklahoma millionaire. He credited his pornographic efforts with teaching him to write to specified lengths while facing deadlines: "I acquired the work discipline of a professional writer, capable of a solid daily output."

The Art of Cathartic Memoir

Managed care will not pay for this particular type of modality because it isn't measurable. ... You might also write your memoir from the point of view of the person (or animal, spirit guide, or inanimate object) that existed with you ...

Author: Krista Burlae

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452570143

Category: Drama

Page: 114

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For countless years, emotional pain has been a catalyst for creation. Musicians and mystics, artists and authors have transformed personal tragedy into works of sublime beautyand in doing so, often found inner peace. The Art of Cathartic Memoir explicitly shows writers how to recast their experiences into art while encouraging them to find such inner peace. It offers exercises, structure, and inspiration based on a wide range of literary, psychological, and spiritual sources. Drawing upon the ideas of Carolyn Myss, St. John of the Cross, and many others, The Art of Cathartic Memoir supports writers in constructing their life stories in a mystical yet artful way. Whether writing a full-length book or a shorter piece of memoir, The Art of Cathartic Memoir facilitates transformation on many levels and speaks to writers, why they need to create, what keeps them from it, and how to overcome resistance. Krista has been a friend and trusted editor for several years. She has worked with me and my brother on a manuscript authored by our deceased father. As a skilled writer, Krista quickly identified and sensitively corrected the technical and grammatical issues involved in dealing with a non-native English speaker. More importantly, she readily grasped the meaning and intent of what was written. She was able to delve into what our father was thinking and his motivation as he wrote particular passages and recalled specific scenes. A. Zygielbaum, Lincoln, Nebraska Kristas workshop and gentle facilitation enabled even the beginning writer to tap into skills never before realized. Her workshop gave me permission to play with words in my head and allow those words to dance on paper. D. Brown, Lincoln, Nebraska

Shifting Shadows LP

And if the girls found this notebook and learned things without me aware they knew? Yikes. ... Despite all such ruminations, the decision of whether to halt or continue writing my memoir may well be a moot point. Even as my pen glides ...

Author: Hadley Hoover


ISBN: 9781387343164

Category: Fiction

Page: 312

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In 1944, Muriel discarded her friendship with Sanna and concocted a self-centered plot, which gave her what she wanted: Derek VanHousen. That Sanna and Derek were all but publicly engaged didn't deter Muriel. Blindly she plunged into the murky waters of self-gratification, latching on to everything but a clean conscience and peace of mind. Now it is 1964 and Sanna is returning to Dutchville. With his first-love walking the same streets again, will Derek remain true to his wife? Muriel has a tough row ahead if she's going to make what she knows to be fiction (a happy VanHousen marriage) seem real enough to fool Sanna. Muriel has a two-pronged problem: 1) keeping face in a town that remembers her deviousness, and 2) resurrecting the vivacious Young Muriel who snagged her best friend's true love. Life is in disarray for the VanHousen family-while Sanna is as enticing as ever. Sometimes you just can't escape shadows, even shifting shadows . . .

Shadow of the Sword

Not only do I count you as a valued and dear friend, but you stand tall as an example to everyone whosever been so far down ... I mourn its passing: David Bellavia, without you, I wouldn't have had the chance to help write this book.

Author: Jeremiah Workman

Publisher: Presidio Press

ISBN: 9780345516664

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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Awarded the Navy Cross for gallantry under fire, Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Workman is one of the Marine Corps’ best-known contemporary combat veterans. In this searing and inspiring memoir, he tells an unforgettable story of his service overseas–and of the emotional wars that continue to rage long after our fighting men come home. Raised in a tiny blue-collar town in Ohio, Jeremiah Workman was a handsome and athletic high achiever. Having excelled on the sporting field, he believed that the Marine Corps would be the perfect way to harness his physical and professional drives. In the Iraqi city of Fallujah in December 2004, Workman faced the challenge that would change his life. He and his platoon were searching for hidden caches of weapons and mopping up die-hard insurgent cells when they came upon a building in which a team of fanatical insurgents had their fellow Marines trapped. Leading repeated assaults on that building, Workman killed more than twenty of the enemy in a ferocious firefight that left three of his own men dead. But Workman’s most difficult fight lay ahead of him–in the battlefield of his mind. Burying his guilt about the deaths of his men, he returned stateside, where he was decorated for valor and then found himself assigned to the Marine base at Parris Island as a “Kill Hat”: a drill instructor with the least seniority and the most brutal responsibilities. He was instructed, only half in jest, to push his untested recruits to the brink of suicide. Haunted by the thought that he had failed his men overseas, Workman cracked, suffering a psychological breakdown in front of the men he was charged with leading and preparing for war. In Shadow of the Sword, a memoir that brilliantly captures both wartime courage and its lifelong consequences, Workman candidly reveals the ordeal of post-traumatic stress disorder: the therapy and drug treatments that deadened his mind even as they eased his pain, the overwhelming stress that pushed his marriage to the brink, and the confrontations with anger and self-blame that he had internalized for years. Having fought through the worst of his trials–and now the father of a young son–Workman has found not perfection or a panacea but a way to accommodate his traumas and to move forward toward hope, love, and reconciliation.

How to Write Format Publish and Promote Your Book Without Spending Any Money

Let me be the first to admit this book is not remarkably life-changing. It is also true that much of the material in this book is freely available online (I know, because I put it there). So why publish this book?

Author: Derek Murphy


ISBN: 0984655131

Category: Authorship

Page: 214

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Let me be the first to admit this book is not remarkably life-changing. It is also true that much of the material in this book is freely available online (I know, because I put it there). So why publish this book? A) Free material is useless if nobody finds it. B) Organizing and making sense of online content takes time and effort. I'm reaching out to you through Kindle to share some publishing tools I've made that will save you time and money, while increasing the quality of your finished book. If you don't think that's worth the price of this book - ask for a refund (or better yet, don't buy it). Publishing a book, but not sure where to start? DEREK MURPHY has been a book cover designer, writing coach and publishing consultant for almost a decade, helping thousands of authors put their books out into the world. In WRITE, FORMAT, PUBLISH, PROMOTE Derek reveals the free or low-cost tools, tips and strategies that successful authors can use to get an edge - drastically cutting costs from the expenses of book publishing. Learn how to... WRITE faster and finish more books EDIT your book by identifying common errors FORMAT for print and eBook, with free templates PUBLISH your book and put it up for sale PROMOTE your book with powerful marketing tricks ALL WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY! (The screenshots were made on a Windows PC, although MAC users can still download the free templates and tools, the workflow will be different).

Memoirs of Madame D pinay

have wit or imagination once a week, exactly on post day? I write and tell you all that passes through my head: I write to you because I love you, because I love to make you remember me; it is not my fault if the others do not write to ...

Author: Louise Florence Pétronille Tardieu d'Esclavelles Epinay (marquise d')


ISBN: WISC:89017048182

Category: France


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Miscellanies The Paris sketch book Memoirs of Mr Charles J Yellowplush The Irish sketch book Notes of a journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo

“ It's the best magazine in Eu- Sir , ” says I , clasping my hands , rope , ” says the duke . and busting into tears , “ do not for And no mistake , ” says my heaven's sake , do not ! - think of lord . any such think , or drive me from ...

Author: William Makepeace Thackeray


ISBN: UVA:X004618182



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Miscellanies The Paris sketch book of Mr M A Titmarsh The memoirs of Mr Charles J Yellowplush The Irish sketch book Notes of a journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo

... “ do not for no mistake , " says my heaven's sake , do not ! - think of lord . any such think , or drive me from “ Hwhat ! ” says Larner ; " and your suvvice , because I have been fool where's the Litherary Chran ? ” enough to write ...

Author: William Makepeace Thackeray





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Without Me You ll Be Eating Out of Garbage Cans

-Lori Wilk Now, Would Be Fine Since yesterday is gone andI don't know what tomorrow will bring, I have to conclude that now is the time to do this work. When I told my mother I was writing a book about abuse, to let other women know ...

Author: Lori Wilk

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781893652460

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 116

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This is a self-help book based on a true story about getting out of relationships or situations which are mentally, physically, or emotionally abusive. Ones you might be better off without.

Get Paid to Write a Book 7 Days to Easy Money

Your blurb helps your agent and editor to get a contract for you Your blurb is the "sales story" for your book. ... Without a good blurb, your book will not come into existence. ... for the book. It took me around ten minutes to write.

Author: Robert Nelson

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781105524479

Category: Business & Economics


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Would you like to GET PAID to write a book? If you're thinking this is plain fantasy, think again. All professional writers get paid to write their books. How? They sell their books via proposals before they write the books. 7 Days to Easy Money: Get Paid to Write a Book includes everything you need to know. Just follow the easy steps. It even includes a sample proposal, which got a contract from an agent immediately it was sent out. You can do it too! Here's what you'll discover in this book: Day One: What’s a book proposal? Develop an idea for your book; Day Two: Develop your idea and assess the market; Day Three: Write the blurb and outline your book; Day Four: Research your book proposal and flesh out your book’s outline; Day Five: Write your proposal query letter and submit it to agents and publishers; Day Six: Write the proposal; Day Seven: Write the sample chapter and revise your proposal. You can be a published author much faster than you imagine.

The Last Piece of the Pie

connection is helping and informing me to convey my thoughts in a soul-light manner, without a set pattern. A lot of times I have entertained the thought of stopping this book because, at times, I feel that I am not qualified to write a ...

Author: Dwindal C Toliver

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982212476

Category: Fiction

Page: 110

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The Last Piece of the Pie is introduced to provoke the potential reader to think—what could this book be about? (Out of body experience) And now one is entering into my seven soul light dreams filled with fictional events, intended to provoke the readers’ imagination about my unknown spirit, soul, and travel. My vision—through travel, without a human state—has so many variables, that one needs to read each chapter, to get the full meaning of my book of dreams. The drama built around the four seasons—winter, spring, summer, and fall—will bring tears to one’s eyes while reading about the wonders of the new world (what a dream). The (7) dreams will also introduce one to the soul light pledge—vision. With the pledge vision, one will be able to have one’s own book. Believe it or not. My seven dreams are about what one should see—and feel—to learn how to mediate (mind over matter) and get away from repetitive events. Go to the ocean and feel the energy from the water. Go to the mountains and feel the energy. Go to the desert and feel the energy that helps one to sustain life! Feel the air (vision, thought). Appreciate what old Mother Nature has provided for us. One has entered into my soul light dreams of life reality. (Now write your book). I truly believe that my (7) dreams is my conviction leading one into the big wheel of life—life is like a puzzle. In order to fulfill out the part, one must play his own part. Old Mother Earth is the big wheel of life’s reality. One day all our soul light dreams will be together as one big wheel of life—always turning for a better way of life.

The Australian Journal

Won't you “ You must not stick a ' pin in my head , ” said Nettie ; " I don't like write me a letter , a little ... you to write a book of stories for little girls , and don't it by notice , and you must not ; my physician told me not ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105011957151



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