Domain Oriented Systems Development

CHAPTER 1 An Approach for Application of Domain Oriented Systems Development Using Triplex Schema of Key Concepts Kiyoshi Itoh Ryo Kawabata Akiko Hasegwa Manabu Kamimura Sophia University Satoshi Kumagai Yamatake Corporation ABSTRACT An ...

Author: Kiyoshi Itoh

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Domain Oriented Systems Development is the sixth volume in the Advanced Information Processing Technology series of the Information Processing Society of Japan. It draws together a collection of research papers on domain analysis and modeling written by a group of software engineers and researchers from Japan, Korea, Canada and Austria. The

Domain Oriented Systems Development

Domain Oriented Systems Development is the sixth volume in the Advanced Information Processing Technology series of the Information Processing Society of Japan.

Author: Satoshi Kumagai


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Systems Development Methods for the Next Century

However, the correspondence of this technique to an exhaustive list of problem domain events is far from always the ... and characteristics of complex cooperative work settings as a problem domain for object oriented system development.

Author: W. Gregory Wojtkowski

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This book is a result of the ISD'97, Sixth International Conference on Information Systems Development-Methods and Tools, Theory and Practice held August 11-14, 1997 in Boise, Idaho, USA. The purpose of this Conference was to address the issues facing academia and industry when specifying, developing, managing and improving software systems. The selection of papers was carried out by the International Program Committee. All papers were reviewed in advance by at least three people. Papers were judged according to their originality, relevance and presentation quality. All papers were judged purely on their own merits, independently of other submissions. This year's Information Systems Development Conference-ISD'97 is the first ISD conference being held in the US. ISD was brought into existence almost ten years ago. It continues the fine tradition of the first Polish-Scandinavian Seminar on Current Trends in Information Systems Development Methodologies, held in Gdansk-Poland in 1988. ISD'98 will be held in Bled, Slovenia. ISD'97 consists not only of the technical program represented in these proceedings, but also tutorials on improved software testing and end-user information systems and workshop on sharing knowledge within international high technology industries that are intended for both, the research and business communities. We would like to thank the authors of papers accepted for ISD'97 who all made gal lant efforts to provide me with electronic copies of their manuscripts conforming to com mon guidelines. We thank them for thoughtfully responding to reviewers comments and carefully preparing their final contributions.

Domain Knowledge for Interactive System Design

environments need to be changed by their users led to the development of end-user modification components turning DODEs into ... While the DODE approach itself is generic, each of its applications is a particular domain-oriented system.

Author: Alistair G. Sutcliffe

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This book describes how domain knowledge can be used in the design of interactive systems. It includes discussion of the theories and models of domain, generic domain architectures and construction of system components for specific domains. It draws on research experience from the Information Systems, Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction communities.

Object oriented System Development

Domain analysis is the spearhead for disciplined reuse in software development . This is quite obvious for the generator version of domain analysis , but applies as well to the two weaker versions . An organization for system ...

Author: Dennis De Champeaux

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With this book, software engineers, project managers, and tool builders will be able to better understand the role of analysis and design in the object-oriented (OO) software development process. This book presents a minimum set of notions and shows the reader how to use these notions for OO software construction. The emphasis is on development principles and implementation.

Design and Analysis of Distributed Embedded Systems

Feature Oriented Product Lines SoftwareBngineering Principles. In Domain Oriented Systems Development— Practices and Perspectives, UK, 2002. Gordon Breach Sience Publishers. to appear. [6] G. Kiczales, J. Lamping, A. Mendhekar, ...

Author: Bernd Kleinjohann

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Design and Analysis of Distributed Embedded Systems is organized similar to the conference. Chapters 1 and 2 deal with specification methods and their analysis while Chapter 6 concentrates on timing and performance analysis. Chapter 3 describes approaches to system verification at different levels of abstraction. Chapter 4 deals with fault tolerance and detection. Middleware and software reuse aspects are treated in Chapter 5. Chapters 7 and 8 concentrate on the distribution related topics such as partitioning, scheduling and communication. The book closes with a chapter on design methods and frameworks.

The Development of Component based Information Systems

After moving most of the definition to the domain analysis activity, the development will inevitably have to consider (implemented) components during the ... Modeling language for component oriented software engineering: COSEML.

Author: Sergio de Cesare

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317457459

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This work provides a comprehensive overview of research and practical issues relating to component-based development information systems (CBIS). Spanning the organizational, developmental, and technical aspects of the subject, the original research included here provides fresh insights into successful CBIS technology and application. Part I covers component-based development methodologies and system architectures. Part II analyzes different aspects of managing component-based development. Part III investigates component-based development versus commercial off-the-shelf products (COTS), including the selection and trading of COTS products.

Information and Software Technologies

Domain driven development for various complex systems has been researched less extensively yet there are papers describing its application for such systems development, for e.g., Burgstaller et al. [4] used domain driven development for ...

Author: Tomas Skersys

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Information and Software Technologies, ICIST 2012, held in Kaunas, Lithuania, in September 2012. The 40 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 81 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering, business process modelling, analysis and design, formal analysis and design methods, information and software systems engineering, information technology applications and computer networks, information technology in teaching and learning, ontology, conceptual modelling and databases, requirements engineering and business rules.

Software Quality and Productivity

APPLICATION-ORIENTED METHODS AND TOOLS IN OTHER DOMAINS Millington, Gray and Tulloch [1] reviewed the use of ... shown that domain-orientation has influenced the work of systems development at several points in the system life-cycle.

Author: M. Lee

Publisher: Springer

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As the world becomes increasingly dependent on the use of computers, the need for quality software which can be produced at reasonable cost increases. This IFIP proceedings brings together the work of leading researchers and practitioners who are concerned with the efficient production of quality software.

Software Engineering with Computational Intelligence

Domain oriented systems development : Principles and approaches . Information Processing Society of Japan , 2000 . 13. Kyo C. Kang , Sholom C. Cohen , James A. Hess , William E. Novak , and A. Spencer Peterson .

Author: Jonathan Lee

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540004726

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This edited book invites the reader to explore how the latest technologies developed in computational intelligence can be extended and applied to software engineering. Leading experts demonstrate how this recent confluence of software engineering and computational intelligence provides a powerful tool to address the increasing demand for complex applications in diversified areas, the ever-increasing complexity and size of software systems, and the inherently imperfect nature of the information. The presented treatments to software modeling and formal analysis permit the extension of computational intelligence to various phases in software life cycles, such as managing fuzziness resident in the requirements, coping with fuzzy objects and imprecise knowledge, and handling uncertainty encountered in quality prediction.