Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management

There are at least two different approaches to writing up your dissertation, and probably more. One tactic is to collect all the literature references, all the evidence and the analysis, and write the dissertation.

Author: Reva Berman Brown

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e question of how to choose a research project is answered.

Research Methods for Business and Management

New to this edition is a comprehensive, practical guide on how to write your dissertation – invaluable to all.

Author: Kevin D O'Gorman

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This updated and revised edition offers a comprehensive overview of key research methods and the main choices available when undertaking research in business and management. New to this edition is a comprehensive, practical guide on how to write your dissertation – invaluable to all.

Research Methods for Business and Management

This title provodes an overview of key research methods and the main choices available when undertaking a dissertation. The book is a clear, concise, and practical guide containing examples for each method covered.

Author: Kevin D O'Gorman


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This updated and revised edition offers a comprehensive overview of key research methods and the main choices available when undertaking research in business and management. New to this edition is a comprehensive, practical guide on how to write your dissertation – invaluable to all. It is a clear, concise and practical guide containing wealth of outstanding examples for each method covered.Central to this edition is the 'methods map' (chapter 4), which sets out a logical process for researchers to articulate their position in relation to five key aspects of their research philosophy. In addition, the editors have developed a free app to accompany the book and this enables novice researchers to quickly develop a comprehensive justification of their particular research design in an interactive way. Taking you through the entire life cycle of a dissertation, the text covers everything from the purposes of research through to chapters on gathering primary and secondary data; using literature; quantitative and qualitative research; managing your research; using data and research ethics. Individual chapters are allied to a powerful critical commentary showing how some of the world’s leading scholars have used particular methods in their own research. Carefully constructed to achieve the greatest clarity for the student the text gives the reader: * In-text exercises * End of chapter’ review questions with solutions* Exemplar papers identified and discussed for each of the main methods *Directed further reading for developing understanding in key areas It is an essential learning aid for upper level undergraduates and postgraduates across a wide range of business and management courses and it comes with a range of supported learning materials including tutorials, lecture slides and tutor notes.Kevin O’Gorman is Professor of Management and Business History and Head of Business Management in the School of Languages and Management in Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. He trained in Glasgow, Salamanca and Rome as a philosopher, theologian and historian. His research interests have a dual focus: Origins, history and cultural practices of hospitality, and philosophical, ethical and cultural underpinnings of contemporary management practices. Using a wide range of methodological approaches he has published over 80 journal articles, books, chapters, and conference papers in business and management studies.Robert MacIntosh is Professor of Strategy and Head of the School of Management and Languages at Heriot-Watt University. He trained as an engineer and has worked at the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde. His research on the ways in which top teams develop strategy and on organizational change has been published in a wide range of outlets. He has a long-standing interest in research methods for business and management studies and has published on the relevance of management research using methods that include ethnography and action research. He has consulted extensively with public and private sector organizations and sits on the board of the charity Turning Point Scotland.

Research Methods in Human Resource Management

Investigating a Business Issue Valerie Anderson, Rita Fontinha, Fiona Robson ... Open University Press, Maidenhead Brown, RB (2006) Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management: The reality of researching and writing, Sage, ...

Author: Valerie Anderson

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Research Methods in Human Resource Management is a key resource for anyone undertaking a research report or dissertation. It covers the planning and execution of HRM research projects, from investigating and researching HR issues to designing and implementing research and then evaluating and reviewing the results. Filled with international examples to provide a global perspective, this fully updated 4th edition of Research Methods in Human Resource Management balances theoretical frameworks and practical guidance. Fully updated throughout, this edition now includes increased discussion of methodological issues, more real-life examples and international case studies and best practice sample literature reviews and write-ups. 'Review and Reflect' sections at the end of each chapter help to consolidate learning and explain how it can aid professional development. This book is fully mapped to the CIPD Level 7 Advanced module on Investigating a Business Issue from an HR Perspective, and multiple-choice questions and a glossary of terms help students understand the key concepts and use the terminology confidently. Online supporting resources for lecturers include an instructor's manual and lecture slides and there are annotated web links, further reading and new reflective questions for students.

Business Degree Success

HBS (2002) Harvard Business Review on Advances in Strategy, Boston: Harvard Business School Press. ... Brown, R.B. (2006) Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management: The Reality of Researching and Writing, London: SAGE.

Author: Jonathan Groucutt

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

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This is a practical guide for those studying business and management-related subjects at undergraduate level. Written in an engaging and clear style, the book helps students prepare effectively for assignments, presentations, examinations and dissertations, encompassing both business studies and the real workings of business.

Planning Research in Hospitality Tourism

Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management: The Reality of Easterby-Smith, M., Thorpe, R. and Lowe, A. (1991). Management Research: An Introduction. Flavell, J. (1979). Metacognition and cognitive monitoring: a new era of ...

Author: Levent Altinay

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136373510

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Planning Research in Hospitality and Tourism provides a concise and clear approach to planning research projects which are a necessity in most hospitality and tourism courses taught at degree level. The text considers the particular characteristics of the hospitality and tourism industry, whilst providing a balanced approach toward both quantitative and qualitative methods of research. The text also carefully considers the international aspect of the industry and the people it employees, which supports the books aims of: * Providing an excellent understanding of the basic principles of conducting research, in a straight forward “no nonsense” guide * Carefully considering the particular characteristics of the hospitality and tourism sectors in relation to embarking on a research project in the area * Including in each chapter an “International Dimension” section, as well as case studies, questions and reflections on the research process

Research Methods

... subjectification during processes of recruitment', Human Relations, 59(3): 351–377. Berman Brown, R. (2006) Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management: The Reality of Researching and Writing, London, Sage Publications.



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Doing Research in Business and Management

Bell, J. (1993) Doing Your Research Project: A Guide for First-time Researchers in Education and Social Science. ... Rudestein, K. E. and Newton, R. R. (1992) Surviving your Dissertation: A Comprehensive Guide to Content and Process.

Author: Dan Remenyi

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'[T]here is, as with all the chapters, an excellent set of suggested further reading...' - Management Learning `Postgraduate students should find this a useful book, since it focuses on issues specific to their requirements. The philosophical underpinnings, methodology and practicalities of research are all discussed within the context of postgraduate research' - International Small Business Journal This wide-ranging text comprehensively overviews management research and research methodology. The authors take the reader through all the major stages of the research process and introduce the key methods. After highlighting the different contexts and purposes, strategies and tactics, programmes and processes of management research, the authors provide detailed coverage of the relevant research approaches and methods. They discuss the interrelationship of theoretical and empirical research, and how these apply to practice. The implications of using quantitative and qualitative methods are examined, and practical advice is given on the available analysis techniques and software packages.

Dealing with Statistics

Reva was author of Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management: The Reality of Researching and Writing (2006), published by Sage. Prior to her career in higher education, Reva was a teacher at Hendon College of Further Education ...

Author: Reva Berman Brown

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

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‘This is a highly accessible, yet an adequately sophisticated text, which can be enjoyed by students across the skills spectrum. I am confident that it will help students who suffer from maths phobia as it offers to teach statistics with anxiety-busting clarity. The book benefits from easy to follow demonstrations and illustrations of statistical methods and techniques, which are highly relevant for business and management research at the undergraduate and masters level courses.’ Professor Mustafa F. Ozbilgin, University of East Anglia, UK Are you confused about which statistical tests to use, when you should be using them and why you should be using them? This book is about helping you to choose and use the right statistical technique to analyse your data and write about your results and findings convincingly. It provides a concise and accessible guide to the essential statistical skills needed for success in your assignment, project or dissertation. Berman Brown and Saunders concentrate on particular statistical tests and their three Ws – what, why, and when. They provide you with the tools to choose the graphs and statistics that are suitable for your data, and to understand what the statistical results actually mean. In addition, the book: Explains why it is impossible to avoid using statistics in analysing data Describes the language of statistics to make it easier to understand the various terms used for statistical techniques Deals with using tables and charts to present data so that they are easy to understand Explains the statistics used to describe data used to infer differences and relationships. The book also includes a handy alphabet of statistics as well as a glossary of key statistical terms. Dealing with Statistics is key reading for students undertaking a social science or business and management assignment, project or dissertation as part of an undergraduate or Masters qualification.

Surviving and Thriving in Postgraduate Research

Be prepared to contribute to a give-and-take set of obligations of mutual support during your research journey. • In order to achieve a goal, ... Doing your dissertation in business and management the reality of researching and writing ...

Author: Ray Cooksey

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811377471

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This handbook provides an in-depth exploration of the entire journey of postgraduate research in the social and behavioural sciences, from enrolment to its culmination in the form of a thesis, dissertation or portfolio, and beyond. It is written in an accessible and example-rich style, offering practical and concrete advice in virtually all areas. It also includes references to additional resources and websites, and each chapter features key recommendations for improving the postgraduate research experience. The book addresses not only research-related aspects (e.g. supervisors; selecting your guiding assumptions; contextualising, framing and configuring research; reviewing literature; sampling; writing proposals; ethics and academic integrity; selecting a data gathering strategy; surviving your thesis/dissertation/portfolio examination; and publishing), but also questions concerning how to integrate, manage, and balance the research journey in the context of the postgraduate student’s broader life-world (e.g. skill development and supervisor relations; effective time and project management; a healthy work–life balance; maintaining motivation; and dealing with criticism). The book adopts an explicitly pluralist perspective on postgraduate research, moving beyond mixed methods thinking, and offers concrete examples from postgraduate students’ real-world experiences.

Creative Research

Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management: The Reality of Researching and Writing. Sage Study Skills Series. London: SAGE. Brown, T. (2008). Design Thinking. Harvard Business Review, 86 (6): 84. Burgoyne, J. (1989).

Author: Hilary Collins

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474247108

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Academic research in design can seem daunting – let Hilary Collins show you the building blocks of a great final project. The perfect companion for a research project in fashion, design or visual communication, this 2nd edition of Creative Research walks you through: · Choosing a topic · Deciding your approach · Using previous research and writing a literature review · Obtaining your own data and using it appropriately Useful case studies show best practice, revealing the links between a researcher's choice of method and the conclusions they draw. Packed with advice on how to manage your time and structure your project effectively, this edition also includes new sections on design thinking and ethnography. Collins marries theory and practice from start to finish, showing you everything you need to confidently embark on your creative research project.

The Business Student s Guide to Study and Employability

Furseth, I. and Everett, E. L. (2013) Doing Your Master's Dissertation. London: Sage. Gallagher, K. (2016) Essential Study and Employment Skills for Business and Management Students (3rd edition). Oxford: OUP (particularly Chapter 8).

Author: Peter Morgan

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781529736472

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Fully up-to-date and with a range of online tools and resources to support both lecturers and students, this book covers the essential skills needed by business and management students throughout their university career and on their journey into the working world.

Your Undergraduate Dissertation

For business students: Horn, R. (2012) Researching and Writing Dissertations: A Complete Guide for Business and Management Students, 2nd edition. London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Fisher, C. (2010) Researching ...

Author: Nicholas Walliman

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446287071

Category: Literary Collections

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'This is a refreshing and inspiring book, of equal value to both the anxious and the ambitious student' - Lucinda Becker, Department of English Literature, University of Reading In the second edition of this best-selling guide, Nicholas Walliman provides expert, step-by-step advice on managing and developing a successful undergraduate project. This book takes you through each stage of your dissertation, answering questions including: How do I choose an appropriate topic for my dissertation? How do I write a research proposal? What's a literature review, how do I conduct it and how do I write it up? How can I ensure I'm an ethical researcher? What methods of data collection are appropriate for my research question? Once I have collected my data, what do I do? What's the best structure for my dissertation? Full of examples from real student projects, interdisciplinary case studies and illustrated with cartoons to make you smile along the way, this book will tell you all you need to know to write a brilliant dissertation.

Doing Your Business Research Project

Taking the fear out of writing your business project, this book helps you understand and carry out each step of the research process.

Author: John Beech

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781473906297

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Available as an E-Inspection Copy! Go here to order Taking the fear out of writing your business project, this book helps you understand and carry out each step of the research process. With detailed, friendly and engaging support it takes you from the very beginning to the very end. Key features: Chapters are structured around FAQs such as ‘How to choose a research question?’, ‘How do I go about a literature review?’ guiding you towards a full understanding of the research process Workbook tasks help you shape your thoughts on each topic, enabling you to decide your own research question and how you will research it The importance of various ideas is clearly signposted, helping you prioritise your time according to your needs and goals. Templates and checklists from the book are also available for download at the Doing Your Business Research Project companion website at This interactive guide is ideal for all Business and Management students about to complete a research project or dissertation.

Case Study Methodology in Higher Education

Doing your dissertation in business and management: The reality of research and writing. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Brown, L., & Ettington, D. R. (2012). Writing an outstanding instructor's manual. Case Research Journal, 32(3), 153–159.

Author: Baron, Annette

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522594314

Category: Education

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In higher education, case studies can be utilized to have students put themselves into problems faced by a protagonist and, by doing so, address academic or career-related issues. Working through these issues provides students with an opportunity to gain applied perspective and experiences. Professors in higher education who choose this method of teaching require navigational tools to ensure that students achieve stated learning objectives. Case Study Methodology in Higher Education is an essential research publication that focuses on the history and theories relating to case study methodology including techniques for writing case studies and utilizing them in university settings to prepare students for real-life career-related scenarios. This publication features a wide range of topics such as educational leadership, case writing, and teacher education. It is essential for educators, career professionals, higher education faculty, researchers, and students.

Marketing Research

Eris Strategy [online]. Available at: market-research-brief-that-delivers-actionable-results [Accessed 3 December 2015]. Berman Brown, R. (2006) Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management: ...

Author: Riccardo Benzo

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781526422354

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 432

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Marketing Research outlines the key principles and skills involved at each step of the marketing research process, providing readers with targeted, practical solutions to a range of issues and equipping them with the tools they need to overcome the common pitfalls of designing research projects. The chapters are arranged into core sections which progress systematically through the marketing research process, starting with designing and setting up research, to undertaking qualitative and quantitative research, and finally, summarizing and reporting research. To aid students in their research project, each chapter features a collection of learning features, such as: Case studies and international real-world examples Ethics boxes – Highlighting ethical implications in research projects Advanced boxes – Signaling more challenging topics students can return to after they have mastered the basics Activity boxes – Encouraging students to understand how what they have learned applies to their own experiences The book is complemented by a range of online resources, including PowerPoint slides, multiple choice questions, free online exercise links, and discussion guides for Case Study & Additional Reading sections. Suitable reading for students who are undertaking a marketing research project.

Opportunities and Challenges for Tourism and Hospitality in the BRIC Nations

Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management: The Reality of Research and Writing. Sage Publications. Bruner, E. M. (2004). Culture on Tour. Ethnographies of Travel. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. Bruner, J. (1986).

Author: Dhiman, Mohinder Chand

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522507093

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 426

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The stability and wealth of a nation’s economy is dependent upon the success of various industrial sectors. The tourism industry has experienced massive growth in recent years, creating more jobs and becoming a source of foreign exchange. Opportunities and Challenges for Tourism and Hospitality in the BRIC Nations is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on the recent developments and contemporary issues within the services sector, highlighting cross-cultural implications as well as societal impacts of hospitality and tourism on emerging markets. Providing insight on managing and maximizing profitability, this book is ideally designed for researchers, professionals, upper-level students, and academicians involved in the services industry.

Planning Research in Hospitality and Tourism

Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management: The Reality of Researching and Writing. London: Sage Publications. Easterby-Smith, M., Thorpe, R., and Lowe, A. (2002). Management Research: An Introduction. London: Sage Publications.

Author: Levent Altinay

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317528630

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 332

View: 808


Planning Research in Hospitality and Tourism provides an accessible, concise and practical guide to planning, conducting and analysing research in tourism and hospitality. The authors skilfully introduce the basic principles and techniques of research in the international hospitality and tourism sectors, and provide detailed guidance on both quantitative and qualitative methods of research. It includes a variety of features throughout to aid students’ understanding and offers practical tips to help students overcome any potential research issues. Building on the success of the first edition, the volume has been fully revised and updated, and contains new chapters on mixed methods and how to make best use of recent technology in research practices. The second edition also benefits from: • increased coverage of research design strategies including sampling, ethnography and experimental design • inclusion of computer-mediated data collection techniques, such as online interviews, online focus groups and online observation (netnographic research) • new and updated international case studies and extracts, with a more even spread of tourism and hospitality examples of research • online student and lecturer resources, including PowerPoint slides and a test bank of multiple choice and true/false questions for each chapter. Written by three leading scholars with experience of both the industry and university courses globally, this insightful text is an essential resource for all tourism and hospitality research students and early career research professionals around the world.

Sustainability Assessments

Brown, RB 2006, Doing your dissertation in business and management: The reality of research and writing, Sage Publications, Oxford. Bryman, A & Bell, E 2015, Business research methods, Oxford University Press, New York.

Author: Hermann Lion

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000168792

Category: Social Science

Page: 198

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This book looks at how multinational enterprises address sustainability within their business activities. Contextualized within a rapidly developing country in Asia, it explores how management practices, tools and techniques are implemented by foreign multinational enterprises (MNEs) operating in the Philippines. The book introduces a useful three-stage and six-step sustainability assessment framework for company practices. The three stages are framed around impact identification, impact assessment and impact monitoring, with the six steps associated with these stages, including the initiation step, scoping, impact analysis, alternative selection, monitoring and evaluation, and feedback and follow-up. The book also highlights how voluntary guidelines and global sustainability platforms play an instrumental role in directing the practices of organisations when implementing corporate sustainability.