Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York

New York (State). Legislature. Assembly. Morgan , Hon . E. D. , Washington , D.O .: Finance report for 1863 , monthly reports of Department of Agriculture , for March , April and June , 1866 ; report of the Revenue Commission on Cotton ...

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Documents of the Senate of the State of New York

New York (State). Legislature. Senate. Of Messages and Documents , there shall be sent To the Senate , .... To the Assembly , .... To the State Officers ,. Retained to bind : For the Senate , .... For the Assembly ,.

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The 18th New York Infantry in the Civil War

New York State Legislature Assembly 85th Session. Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York, EightyFifth Session, 1862. vol. 2, Communication. Albany, NY: Van Benthuysen, Printer, 1862. Otis, George A. A Report of Surgical ...

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Responding to President Lincoln’s initial call for troops, the 18th New York Infantry emerged as one of the Excelsior State’s first regiments and mustered many of its earliest volunteers. Formed of companies from across the state, the unit saw combat early, suffering the first casualties of the Bull Run campaign when they were ambushed on the march four days before the battle. As part of the Army of the Potomac, they fought at Gaines’s Mill, Crampton’s Gap, Antietam, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. Drawing on numerous sources including several unpublished letters and diaries, this book gives the complete history of the 18th—from the first enlistee to the last surviving veteran (who died in 1938)—with an emphasis on the experiences of individual soldiers.

New York Legislative Documents

New York (State). Legislature. robbery in the first degree , or attempts to commit such crimes , as second or ... SECRECY OF PROBATION RECORDS , Assembly Int . 2736 , Pr . 2856 : Amends the code of criminal procedure and the New York ...

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Rude Republic

24. Documents of the New York State Senate , 1875 , vol . 3 , no . 47 ( Albany , 1875 ) , pp . 70 , 96 , 266 ; Documents of the New York State Assembly , 1868 , vol . 10 , no . 128 ( Albany , 1868 ) , p . 67 ; Documents of the New York ...

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In this look at Americans and their politics, the authors argue for a more complex understanding of the space occupied by politics in 19th-century American society and culture.

Revolutions and Reconstructions

(new york, 1838), 12. 51. “Report of the minority of the committee on the Judiciary, on Various Petitions Relating to Slavery and the Slave trade,” Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York (albany, 1838), vol. 6, no. 359.

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Revolutions and Reconstructions gathers historians of the early republic, the Civil War era, and African American and political history to consider not whether black people participated in the politics of the nineteenth century but how, when, and with what lasting effects. Collectively, its authors insist that historians go beyond questioning how revolutionary the American Revolution was, or whether Reconstruction failed, and focus, instead, on how political change initiated by African Americans and their allies constituted the rule in nineteenth-century American politics, not occasional and cataclysmic exceptions. The essays in this groundbreaking collection cover the full range of political activity by black northerners after the Revolution, from cultural politics to widespread voting, within a political system shaped by the rising power of slaveholders. Conceptualizing a new black politics, contributors observe, requires reorienting American politics away from black/white and North/South polarities and toward a new focus on migration and local or state structures. Other essays focus on the middle decades of the nineteenth century and demonstrate that free black politics, not merely the politics of slavery, was a disruptive and consequential force in American political development. From the perspective of the contributors to this volume, formal black politics did not begin in 1865, or with agitation by abolitionists like Frederick Douglass in the 1840s, but rather in the Revolutionary era's antislavery and citizenship activism. As these essays show, revolution, emancipation, and Reconstruction are not separate eras in U.S. history, but rather linked and ongoing processes that began in the 1770s and continued through the nineteenth century. Contributors: Christopher James Bonner, Kellie Carter Jackson, Andrew Diemer, Laura F. Edwards, Van Gosse, Sarah L. H. Gronningsater, M. Scott Heerman, Dale Kretz, Padraig Riley, Samantha Seeley, James M. Shinn Jr., David Waldstreicher.

Proceedings of the New York Historical Society

New York . Journal of the Senate . 68th Session . 1845 . Documents of the Senate . 3 vols . 8vo . Journal of the Assembly . Documents of the Assembly . 7 vols . 8vo . Laws of the State . - Gift of the State . New York City .

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