Documentary Performance and Risk

DOCUMENTARY,. PERFORMANCE. AND. RISK. In the introduction to the anthology Film and Risk, hitherto the only book with that intersection of subjects as its specific concern, Mette Hjort notes that 'while the study of risk has become a ...

Author: James Lyons

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317528845

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Documentary, Performance and Risk explores how some of the most significant recent American feature documentaries use performance to dramatically animate major categories of risk. The fact that these documentaries do rely on such performance is revealing both in terms of trends in American feature documentary, and in relation to the currency of ideas about risk in contemporary Western societies. The book takes a detailed look at the performance of risk and demonstrates the rewards of close critical attention to formal composition and performance. Covering An Inconvenient Truth, Super Size Me, Capitalism: A Love Story and Jackass: The Movie, it explores how these high-profile films offer up compelling narratives and images of individuals ‘acting on risk’. The films seek to both confront and control the contours of their environments in ways that reveal much about how a particular set of beliefs about risk and the individual have come to inform our lives. This wide-ranging analysis of feature documentary is ideal for scholars and postgraduate students studying documentary film, film and media studies.

Documentary History of the Uniform Law for International Sales The Studies Deliberations and Decisions That Led to the 1980 United Nations Convention with Introductions and Explanations

States with closely related rules (Art. 94), 217 Requiring performance - see: Specific performance Risk of loss -- see: Delivery, Drafting techniques Approach of ULIS (1964), 73-74, 233 ~ Control over goods to secure payment, ...

Author: John Honnold

Publisher: Springer

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Film and Risk

Referring to the performance concept that structures the film, Bejmar evokes the goal of somehow changing reality: “if you prod reality a bit by adding a new element to it, it shifts, which forces you to look at it differently.

Author: Mette Hjort

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 0814336116

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An interdisciplinary collection exploring the many ways risk plays a role in film.

The International Film Business

In today's disrupted market, the 'advance' may well come from a streaming platform commissioning a film or ... There are, of course, also performance risks re streaming launches: we just tend to read and hear a lot less about them as ...

Author: Angus Finney

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000552003

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Examining the independent film sector as a business on an international scale, author Angus Finney addresses the specific skills and knowledge required to successfully navigate the international film business. Finney describes and analyses the present structure of the film industry as a business, with a specific focus on the film (and entertainment) value chain and takes readers through the status of current digital technology, exploring ways in which this is changing the structure and opportunities offered by the industry in the future. The textbook provides information and advice on the different business and management skills and strategies that students and emerging practitioners will need to effectively engage with the industry in an international context. Case studies of films and TV, including Squid Game (2021), Parasite (2019), Game of Thrones (2011-2019) and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011), are supplemented by company case studies on Redbus, Renaissance, Pixar, with additional new chapters focusing on Netflix, TikTok and the Metaverse. This third edition of The International Film Business includes up-to-date information on the status of the international film industry during and post COVID-19; expanded content looking at the TV industry and streaming services; new case studies and dedicated sections on the Streaming Wars and the Chinese Film Industry and a new chapter looking at the changes in digital production in the context of the global and territorial film and TV industry. Written for students of Film Business and emerging practitioners, this book will take readers through the successes and failures of a variety of real film companies and projects and features exclusive interviews with leading practitioners in all sectors of the industry, from production to exhibition.

The Coffee Exporter s Guide

Table 10.1 Operational risks Category International multi-country traders or trade houses Strengths Long-term supply contracts provide buying ... Performance risk (documentary) Exporter presents inaccurate or invalid shipping documents.

Author: International Trade Centre

Publisher: United Nations

ISBN: 9789213614860

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This publication is the world's most extensive, hands-on and neutral source of information on international trade of coffee. It covers trade issues relevant to coffee growers, traders, exporters, transportation companies, certifiers, associations, authorities and others in coffee-producing countries. This third edition marks the 20th anniversary of this popular guide. It includes new material on climate change, the role of women in the coffee sector and comparison of sustainability schemes.

The Risk IT Practitioner Guide

The procedure should cover, at a minimum, legal, financial, organisational, documentary, performance, security, intellectual property, and termination responsibilities and liabilities (including penalty clauses).

Author: Isaca

Publisher: ISACA

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There is a tendency to underestimate risks and to understate the cost-benefit relationship of risk management. A performance bond and a documentary credit system are expensive, and their cost in the form of premiums, commissions and ...

Author: International Trade Centre

Publisher: United Nations

ISBN: 9789213615386

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This Guide describes trade and industry practices, as well as regulations applying to cocoa. It discusses customs procedures; systems and techniques used at each stage of the cocoa supply chain; trends in cocoa manufacturing and processing; electronic commerce; cocoa organic farming; fair trade; sustainable production; and environmental issues. It also provides a list of main sector-related trade and industry associations; and appendices that contain detailed statistical data and list of relevant Internet websites.

The Essence of International Trade Law A Guide

Legal Risks Possibility that performance of a Documentary Credit may be disturbed by legal action relating directly to the parties and their rights and obligations under the Documentary Credit Force Majeure and Frustration of ...

Author: Bradford Davis


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C I F and F O B Contracts

PREFACE TO THE FIFTH EDITION complexity of the subject is mostly due to three features typical of all shipment sales: (a) the crucial importance of passage of risk; (b) the independent nature of physical and documentary performance; ...

Author: Filippo Lorenzon

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

ISBN: 9780421918900

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La 4e de couverture indique : "Offers Practical advice on C.I.F. and F.O.B. contracts and their most common variants with easy reference to solutions for issues you may be face. Covers the nature of each sales term under both Common law and the new Incoterms ® 2010 Rules, including: property and risk in the goods, the physical shipment, the documentary tender of bills of lading, policies and certificates of insurance, licences and certificates together with payment, remedies for breach and conflict of laws. Includes commentary on all the significant legislative and contractual developments and new decisions of the European Court of Justice, the Supreme Court/House of Lords, the Court of Appeal and the Commercial Court. Covers in full the CIF and FOB Incoterms ® 2010 Rules often incorporated by reference in shipment sales of commodities and manufactured goods. Includes express references to the most common standard form contracts in current use such as the GAFTA (2010 edn), and FOSFA (2008 edn) C.I.F. and F.O.B. forms and the 2009 Institute Cargo Clauses. Includes a detailed analysis of the effects of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (the UCP 600) on documentary tender and their influence on recent judicial trends"

Commercial Law and Commercial Practice

In this matter, the decision of the House of Lords accords with the orthodox view of CIF contracts that due documentary performance puts the commercial risk on a buyer rejecting goods of having to pursue the seller to recover the price ...

Author: Sarah Worthington

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781847311351

Category: Law

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This edited collection brings together leading scholars and practitioners from various jurisdictions with essays and commentaries co-ordinated around the theme of alignments and misalignments between commercial law and commercial practice. The purpose of the book is to prompt a more critical and constructive reassessment of current commercial law and its practices, and to instigate a more fruitful dialogue between academics, judges, law reformers and practitioners. The result is a series of provocative and challenging essays addressing an enormous range of problems that are of intimate concern to commercial practice. Some essays focus on broad themes, such as globalization and trust. Others address more specific issues, such as contract interpretation or constraining modern management. Yet another group targets special problems, such as dematerialisation or super-priority, in order to assess the success of commercial law in meeting commercial demands. The depth and breadth of issues addressed is a credit to the authors. Taken as a whole, the volume makes some pointed suggestions for improving the practices and processes, and indeed the future progress, of commercial law.