Disciplinary Discourses

In the Michigan Classics Edition of Disciplinary Discourses: Social Interactions in AcademicWriting, Ken Hyland examines the relationships between the cultures of academic communities and their unique discourses.

Author: Ken Hyland

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472030248

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Why do engineers "report" while philosophers "argue" and biologists "describe"? In the Michigan Classics Edition of Disciplinary Discourses: Social Interactions in AcademicWriting, Ken Hyland examines the relationships between the cultures of academic communities and their unique discourses. Drawing on discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, and the voices of professional insiders, Ken Hyland explores how academics use language to organize their professional lives, carry out intellectual tasks, and reach agreement on what will count as knowledge. In addition, Disciplinary Discourses presents a useful framework for understanding the interactions between writers and their readers in published academic writing. From this framework, Hyland provides practical teaching suggestions and points out opportunities for further research within the subject area. As issues of linguistic and rhetorical expression of disciplinary conventions are becoming more central to teachers, students, and researchers, the careful analysis and straightforward style of Disciplinary Discourses make it a remarkable asset. The Michigan Classics Edition features a new preface by the author and a new foreword by John M. Swales.

Approaches to Teaching the History of the English Language

TEACHING WORLD ENGLISHES The “gloriously impure” World Englishes
present the possibility of understanding the limitations of our disciplinary
discourse that has so far produced incomplete, and oftentimes misleading,
understandings of ...

Author: Mary Hayes

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190611040

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-First Edition published in Paperback 2001.-

Flaubert Zola and the Incorporation of Disciplinary Knowledge

Flaubert orZola studies assuch, although itcontains extensive discussion
ofliterary works associated with thesetwo author functions considered
alongsideand inrelation to disciplinary discourses asthey become incorporated. It
isnot so much a ...

Author: L. Duffy

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137297549

Category: Literary Criticism

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This book is about how France's two major documentary authors of the nineteenth century – Gustave Flaubert and Émile Zola – incorporate medical knowledge about the body into their works, and in so doing exploit its metaphorical potential of the body to engage in critical reflection about the accumulation and reconfiguration of knowledge.

Disciplinary Identities

Individuality and Community in Academic Discourse Ken Hyland. feel enduring,
even though it is a ... Discovering how individuals perform academic identities
therefore involves the study of disciplinary discourses. Disciplinary discourses
and ...

Author: Ken Hyland

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521192217

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An engaging, advanced-level introduction to the emerging field of discourse studies of identity, with particular reference to academic contexts. Disciplinary Identities uses findings from corpus research to present fascinating insights into the relationship between author identity and disciplinarity in academic writing. Ken Hyland draws on a number of sources to explore how authors convey aspects of their identities within the constraints placed upon them by their disciplines' rhetorical conventions. He promotes corpus methods as important tools in identity research, demonstrating the effectiveness of keyword and collocation analysis in highlighting both the norms of a particular genre and an author's idiosyncratic choices. Also available separately as a paperback.

Applied linguistics

Scientific Discourse in Socio - historical Context . Mahwah , NJ ... Talking with
Readers : Meta - discourse as Rhetorical Act . New York : Peter Lang . Crismore ,
A ... Disciplinary Discourses : Social Interactions in Academic Writing . London ...



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Participating in Disciplinary Discourse

As graduate school enrollments increase across the United States, professors from most disciplines lament these students lack writing skills.

Author: Jeff Gard


ISBN: 1369885652

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As graduate school enrollments increase across the United States, professors from most disciplines lament these students lack writing skills. Previous studies on graduate student writing have stated that students are underprepared to write in their programs and have offered several suggestions for remediating these skills: writing seminars, introductory writing classes, increased faculty feedback, and writing checklists. Most of these studies are based on the perspectives of professors, who act as gatekeepers to determine who is considered an expert in a field. Few studies have addressed how writing centers can help graduate students as emerging experts. Using surveys, document analysis, and case studies, the current study gathered data on graduate students' perspectives of their writing preparedness and confidence. In addition, the study looked at how these students perceived the writing support they receive in their programs, what types of documents they needed help writing, and why they used the services of a writing center. Finally, case studies on three doctoral students revealed how a tutor helped graduate students who used the writing center. Contrary to previous studies, the current study found that graduate students do not view themselves as underprepared to write at the graduate level. On surveys, they expressed a high level of confidence in their writing skills. Regardless of this confidence, these students still wanted to work with a tutor in the writing center. While some graduate students used the writing center to fulfill a course requirement or a professor's expectation, most found the writing center helped offset the isolation they felt and provided a ready and eager audience for their ideas. In addition, there is some evidence that the writing center helped graduate students rehearse their roles as experts (Leverenz, 2001) and participate in their disciplinary discourse at the passing, procedural, and deep levels (Prior, 1998).

National Council of Churches Review

Therefore , the protagonists of globalisation always enter into disciplinary
discourses such as those of economics , cultural studies , communication and
media studies , political science , anthropology , sociology and a host of others .



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The Acquisition of Disciplinary Rhetorical Strategies and Conventions Portraits of Two Undergraduates

Discourse communities in a wide variety of disciplines and professions have
been analyzed from a rhetorical ... I examine how the disciplinary discourse
begins to penetrate students ' texts and how they integrate this discourse into
their ...

Author: Mary Ann Sherby


ISBN: MSU:31293021021575

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Competing and Consensual Voices

More than just learning about linguistics and its discourses, Gee explains that he
had to acquire its discourse. ... Gee's theory provides a useful frame for
understanding the dynamism of the multiple disciplinary discourses, which are, to
use ...

Author: Patrick J. M. Costello

Publisher: Multilingual Matters Limited

ISBN: UCSC:32106011561799

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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This book examines the theory and practice of argument in primary, secondary and tertiary education. Several of its chapters offer theoretical discussion of the forms and functions of argument within social, philosophical, historical and rhetorical contexts.

Clearing a Space

Initially these discussions focused on modern European societies , though often
with an awareness that these disciplinary discourses were not just implicated in ,
but were crucial to the demarcation of modern Western identities , and ...

Author: Keith Foulcher

Publisher: Brill Academic Pub

ISBN: UVA:X006140886

Category: Literary Criticism

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Papers delivered at a workshop on 'Postcoloniality and the Question of Modern Indonesian Literature' in May 1998 at University of Sydney.

The Encyclopedia of higher education

This overall analysis of how each rhetorical moment is embedded within the
evolving discourse system of a discipline provides a ... Similarly, gender studies
have begun to examine the extent to which all disciplinary discourses embed
gender ...

Author: Burton R. Clark


ISBN: UOM:39015025262679

Category: Education

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Volume 1 gives an overview of higher education in 130 countries; volume 2 analyzes societal and economic aspects, including technology transfer, equality, national models, reforms, labor needs, colleges by discipline, and governance; volume 3 covers issues and theory related to faculty and students: teaching, learning and research (curricula, effects of higher education, rewards and incentives, non-traditional students) and disciplinary perspectives (organizational theory, comparative education, macro and micro-sociology, women's studies). Volume 4 contains essays on major academic disciplines: the Humanities, social sciences, biological sciences, medical sciences, and physical sciences.

Silence Order Obedience and Discipline

Chapter 9 Disciplinary Discourses in " El Colegio ” Introductory remarks The
objective of this chapter is to illuminate , in explorational and tentative ways ,
matters related to the disciplinary discourse of the government of the Argentine
military ...

Author: María Vergara


ISBN: UTEXAS:059173004277135

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Academic Writing

A selection of recent work by experts in academic written discourse illustrates how corpus linguistics and discourse analysis can work as complementary approaches. >

Author: Maggie Charles

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781847064363

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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A selection of recent work by experts in academic written discourse illustrates how corpus linguistics and discourse analysis can work as complementary approaches. >

Journal of Teaching Writing

If the main goal of writing instruction at university is the acquisition of disciplinary
discourses , such critics of WID say , we should probably turn the teaching of
writing over to those inside the disciplines . Territorial disputes , institutional
reforms ...



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Book Review Disciplinary discourses : Social interactions in academic writing by
Hyland K . ( 2000 ) . London : Longman , 211 pp . ISBN 0 - 582 - 41904 - 2 .
Disciplinary discourses : Social interactions in academic writing , by Ken Hyland ,
is a ...



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A Tale of Three Countries

He sounds a further warning note that forced marriages cannot be imposed on
incompatible disciplinary discourses . Knowledge forms change , over time , in
response to new knowledge , and through this process , some disciplinary ...

Author: Piet Naudé


ISBN: IND:30000093023608

Category: Curriculum change

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