Direct Democracy in Europe

Estonia: Unlike its southern neighbor Latvia, Estonia did not take up the direct democratic traditions in the inter-war period after the country regained its independence in 1991, but rather began to orient itself towards its ...

Author: Bruno Kaufmann


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Category: Political Science

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This book is the most comprehensive reference guide to more than 200 years of experience with the initiative and referendum process in Europe. With the European Union enlarging with ten new countries and the continent heading to its first Europe-wide referendum, the book offers background, facts, and analysis from more than 35 countries that will help the reader understand these important and emerging events. The volume also explores and describes criteria and requirements for a working I&R process at all political levels.

The Politics of Direct Democracy

Referendums in Global Perspective Lawrence LeDuc. 4k " The Politics of Direct Democracy Referendums in Global Perspective LAWRENCE.

Author: Lawrence LeDuc

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

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Category: Political Science

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This book aims to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date survey of direct democratic institutions and devices as they have developed both in the thinking of modern political theorists and in actual political practice in the world's major democratic nations.

Citizenship and Contemporary Direct Democracy

This probably reflects the fact that the comparative literature around direct democracy is still in its infancy. The most developed knowledge on the subject to date is based on single-country studies (or collections of single cases), ...

Author: David Altman

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108496636

Category: Political Science

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Offers a comparative study of the origins, performance, and reform of contemporary mechanisms of direct democracy.

Campaign Strategy in Direct Democracy

Beyond the promise of superior policy outcomes, introducing direct-democratic rights is generally expected to empower citizens (Smith & Tolbert 2004). In recent years, political scientists have built an impressive body of literature ...

Author: Laurent Bernhard

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9781137011336

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This book takes a fresh look at direct democracy by exploring how political actors run direct-democratic campaigns. It is the first study of comparative direct-democratic campaigning and examines eight campaigns on four salient policy domains: immigration, health politics, welfare state issues, and economic liberalism centering on the world's champion par excellence of direct-democracy, Switzerland. Bernhard derives much of his analysis through interviews conducted with campaign managers providing first-hand accounts that offer unprecedented access into the organization and strategy behind direct-democratic campaigns. Campaign Strategy in Direct Democracy is essential reading for students and scholars of political communication and political science.

Direct Democracy Practices at the Local Level

How Turkey's democratic dream turned ugly. https://www.swissinfo. ... The effect of direct democracy on the social stratification of political participation: Inequality in democratic fatigue?

Author: Premat, Christophe Emmanuel

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799873068

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Direct democracy, or pure democracy, is a concept spreading throughout the world, now adopted by nearly 30 countries on the national level. While the concept is not new, it is important to investigate the current benefits or hinderances of direct democracy related to local governments so that they may be implemented further. Direct Democracy Practices at the Local Level deepens the knowledge of direct democracy in political science. This book explores how local governments utilize these instruments in international governments and analyzes a series of popular initiatives and local referenda to how successful these initiatives are. Covering topics such as religious rights, street committees, and climate change, this book is essential for political science students and professors, policymakers, faculty, local governments, academicians, and researchers in political science with an interest in direct democracy procedures in representative systems.

Political Communication in Direct Democratic Campaigns

direct-democratic campaigns provide a unique opportunity to study the impact of political communication in a natural setting. The setting of Swiss direct-democratic campaigns has the additional advantage that it constitutes the ...

Author: Hanspeter Kriesi

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9780230304895

Category: Political Science

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Political Communication: an Integrated Approach-- H. Kriesi The Context of the Campaigns-- H. Kriesi & L. Bernhard Design of the Study: an Integrated Approach-- R. Hanggli, C. Schemer & P. Rademacher Coalition Formation-- L. Bernhard & H. Kriesi Construction of the Frames-- R. Hanggli, L. Bernhard & H. Kriesi Message Delivery-- L. Bernhard Media Organizations in Direct Democratic Campaigns-- P. Rademacher, M. A. Gerth & G. Siegert Coverage of the Campaigns in the Media-- M. A. Gerth, U. Dahinden, & G. Siegert Key Factors in Frame-building-- R. Hanggli The Role of Predispositions-- H. Kriesi The Role of Knowledge-- H. Bonfadelli & T. N. Friemel When Campaign Messages meet Ideology. The Role of Arguments for Voting Behavior-- W. Wirth, J. Matthes, & C. Schemer The Impact of Positive and Negative Effects in Direct-Democratic Campaigns-- W. Wirth, C. Schemer, R. Kuhne & J. Matthes Conclusion-- H. Kriesi Bibliography.

Dangerous Democracy

An Assessment of Direct Democracy Voters Arthur Lupia In " The Populist Legacy : Initiatives and the Undermining of Representative Government , " Bruce E. Cain and Kenneth P. Miller compare the current practice of direct democracy to ...

Author: Larry Sabato

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742510425

Category: Political Science

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Direct democracy is alive and growing in the form of statewide ballot initiatives. Currently, twenty-four states allow individuals and groups to propose laws for direct voter consideration and tens of millions of dollars flow into the initiative industrial complex each election cycle. This book assesses the health of the initiative process through the insights of the leading initiative scholars, top journalists, and important political consultants from across the country. The book provides a critical and balanced look into a political mechanism that is having a profound influence on American politics.

The Oxford Handbook of Political Representation in Liberal Democracies

Whereas in political theory models of representative and direct democracy are often depicted as contrasting , in reality ... Modern democracies institute representative political systems , which potentially embed a range of direct ...

Author: Robert Rohrschneider

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192558695

Category: Political Science

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The Handbook of Political Representation in Liberal Democracies offers a state-of-the-art assessment of the functioning of political representation in liberal democracies. In 34 chapters the world's leading scholars on the various aspects of political representation address eight broad themes: The concept and theories of political representation, its history and the main requisites for its development; elite orientations and behavior; descriptive representation; party government and representation; non-electoral forms of political participation and how they relate to political representation; the challenges to representative democracy originating from the growing importance of non-majoritarian institutions and social media; the rise of populism and its consequences for the functioning of representative democracy; the challenge caused by economic and political globlization: what does it mean for the functioning of political representation at the national leval and is it possible to develop institutions of representative democracy at a level above the state that meet the normative criteria of representative democracy and are supported by the people? The various chapters offer a comprehensive review of the literature on the various aspects of political representation. The main organizing principle of the Handbook is the chain of political representation, the chain connecting the interests and policy preferences of the people to public policy via political parties, parliament, and government. Most of the chapters assessing the functioning of the chain of political representation and its various links are based on original comparative political research. Comparative research on political representation and its various subfields has developed dramatically over the last decades so that even ten years ago a Handbook like this would have looked totally different.

Democracy and Decision

Representative and direct democracy The question of whether democracy should be direct or representative is clearly a major question in constitutional political analysis . And the fact that virtually all modern democracies have settled ...

Author: Geoffrey Brennan

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521585244

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"The significance of this account should be clear. If, as economists frequently assert, proper diagnosis of the disease is a crucial prerequisite to treatment, then the design of appropriate democratic institutions depends critically on a coherent analysis of the way the electoral process works and the perversities to which it is prone. The claim is that the interest-based account incorrectly diagnoses the disease. Accordingly, this book ends with an account of the institutional protections that go with expressive voting."--BOOK JACKET.