Dignity for All

The author provides professional development ideas and strategies that will help educational leaders foster a more caring school culture not only for LGBT students, but for all students.

Author: Peter DeWitt

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781452205908

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The author provides professional development ideas and strategies that will help educational leaders foster a more caring school culture not only for LGBT students, but for all students.

The Journey from Music Student to Teacher

Dignity for All http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWI3CYD16ho Peter DeWitt Ed.D., Teach.com contributor, and author of Dignity For All: Safeguarding LGBT Students, talks about how schools can implement policies that protect LGBT students ...

Author: Michael Raiber

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134639540

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From Music Student to Teacher: A Professional Approach helps prospective music educators begin their transition from music student to professional music teacher. The text uniquely works to build upon the individual’s personal experience to enhance their approach to the profession. The authors help students first recognize their personal perspectives of the profession, and uncover the assumptions they have concerning learning and teaching. They are then prepared to make mindful informed decisions about their professional education. The topics and activities are deliberately organized to help the reader think as a professional rather than a student. Divided into three parts: (a) discovery of self, (b) discovery of teaching, and (c) discovery of learners; The three parts address the primary stages of teacher development. Within each part readers are connected to the theoretical foundations of the text and the process of becoming an insider to the profession.From Music Student to Teacher: A Professional Approach incorporates online resources and tools that are already familiar to students in their world of networking through social media Features include: Social networking activities to aid self-reflection and discussion ‘Connecting to the Profession’ sections that provide resources which help to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Discussion and glossary that provide a solid base in professional terminology An integrated companion website, including videos of teaching practice and further activities for self-reflection, plus instructor material. Michael A. Raiber is Professor of Music Education at Oklahoma City University David J. Teachout is Associate Professor and Department Head of Music Education at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

LGBT Youth Issues Today A Reference Handbook

The author reviews the current legal status of LGBTQ youth in foster care and recommends improvements that can be made. DeWitt, Peter. Dignity for All: Safeguarding LGBT Students. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin, 2012.

Author: David E. Newton

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781610693165

Category: Social Science

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The increasing numbers of LGBT teenagers who choose to live their lives as "out" youth face unique issues within their schools, families, and communities. This book provides information that will help LGBT youth overcome their challenges and give non-LGBT youth a better understanding of sexual identities different from their own. • Addresses the major issues faced by LGBT youth, such as gaining acceptance of their sexual identity in the school environment or finding a means to survive after rejection by their family members • Examines historic societal attitudes toward same-sex relationships involving young people, allowing readers to grasp how the general population's thinking has evolved • Reviews and discusses the findings of literature on the causes of homelessness and suicidal ideation among LGBT youth • Presents examples of ways in which LGBT youth have developed the skills that enable them to deal with their unique issues and concerns • Includes an extensive list of resources and organizations that can provide additional information and assistance to both LGBT and non-LGBT individuals

Flipping Leadership Doesn t Mean Reinventing the Wheel

His presentations focus on struggling learners, and educational technology, as well as safeguarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, ... His book Dignity for All: Safeguarding LGBT Students was published by Corwin in March of 2012.

Author: Peter M. DeWitt

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781483373195

Category: Education

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Flip communication for instant impact—and real results for students! Break away from the old ways of communication and revolutionize leadership and communication at your school. Use the principles of connectedness and flipped learning to engage stakeholders—teachers, administrators, and parents—digitally, so they’re ready for engaging and productive discussions when you meet in person. Featuring action steps, reflections, and “connected moments,” plus more resources online, this book shows you how flipped leadership: Makes the school community visible to parents Creates authentic staff meetings Maximizes communication between parents and school Models effective use of technology

Teaching Affirming and Recognizing Trans and Gender Creative Youth

also remind educators that trans* students of color are at increased risk of harassment and bullying, given the many intersections of race and gender (Diaz and Kosciw 2009). ... Dignity for all: Safeguarding lgbt students.

Author: sj Miller

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137567666

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Winner of the 2018 Outstanding Book by the Michigan Council Teachers of English Choice magazine as an Outstanding Academic Title for 2018 Winner of the 2017 AERA Division K (Teaching and Teacher Education) Exemplary Research Award This book draws upon a queer literacy framework to map out examples for teaching literacy across pre-K-12 schooling. To date, there are no comprehensive Pre-K-12 texts for literacy teacher educators and theorists to use to show successful models of how practicing classroom teachers affirm differential (a)gender bodied realities across curriculum and schooling practices. This book aims to highlight how these enactments can be made readily conscious to teachers as a reminder that gender normativity has established violent and unstable social and educational climates for the millennial generation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, (a)gender/(a)sexual, gender creative, and questioning youth.

A Culturally Proficient Response to LGBT Communities

Deal, Terrence A., & Kennedy, Allan A. (1982). Corporate cultures: The rites and rituals of corporate life. Reading, MA: Addison Wesley. DeWitt, Peter M. (2012). Dignity for all: Safeguarding LGBT students. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

Author: Randall B. Lindsey

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781483304298

Category: Education

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High impact strategies to improve student outcomes Positive systemic change begins when school leaders elevate understanding and propel schools toward safe and diverse-friendly environments. To combat anti-gay discrimination, educators often use silence, policy, legislation and compliance. This brave book maintains that building safe and welcoming schools begins not only with effective and appropriate policy but also with inside-out analysis of one’s own beliefs and values. Resulting cultural proficiencies boost empathy and improve learning environments. On this simple premise, readers will find: Inside-out growth through personal stories and case-studies Reflection through activities appropriate for individuals and teams Insight through current responses to bullying

Can I Teach That

Dignity for All: Safeguarding LGBT Students. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin. Gamson, Josh. 2000. “Sexualities, Queer Theory, and Qualitative Research.” In Handbook of Qualitative Research, 2nd ed., edited by Norman K. Denzin and Yvonne S.

Author: Suzanne Linder

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475814781

Category: Education

Page: 170

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Can I Teach This is a practical guide for courageous teachers. It tells engaging stories and presents hands-on strategies to help teachers build the case for why they should be allowed to have the kind of classroom conversations about controversial books and topics that they want to have but are worried they will get in trouble for having.

Transgender and Gender Diverse Persons

Childhood gender atypicality, victimization, and PTSD among lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 21, 1462–1482. DeWitt, P. (2012). Dignity for all: Safeguarding LGBT students. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin ...

Author: Alfred F. Carlozzi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351207096

Category: Psychology

Page: 222

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Transgender and Gender Diverse Persons offers mental health professionals and other caregivers information and best practices for working with transgender and gender diverse persons and their families. In each chapter, experts from a variety of fields provide an accessible introduction to medical, legal, educational, and spiritual care for transgender and gender diverse adults and youth within a range of contexts, including communities and schools in urban and non-urban settings. Appendices include helpful suggestions for online resources, as well as additional reading for practitioners, clients, and their families. With rich examples and personal narratives woven throughout, this is an essential reference for mental health professionals, as well as other service providers, educators, and family members seeking to address the needs of transgender and gender diverse persons in an up-to-date, inclusive manner.

That s So Gay

DeWitt, P. (2012) Dignity for All: Safeguarding LGBT Students. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Publishing. EACH (2014) Reach Teaching Resource: A Practical Toolkit for Challenging Homophobic, Sexist and Cyberbullying. Bristol: EACH.

Author: Jonathan Charlesworth

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9780857008374

Category: Education

Page: 184

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Is there a need to challenge homophobic name-calling and other homophobic bullying in your school but uncertainty about how to address it? That's So Gay! is a practical guide to making your school a safer place and creating an inclusive bully-free culture. It shows what homophobic bullying looks like, who experiences it and explores the reasons why young people bully others homophobically. It also reveals why young people are often reluctant to report homophobic bullying, the increasing role played by the internet and the profound effects bullying can have well into adulthood. Adopting a whole-school approach, this book provides all the advice schools need on prevention, working with those who bully, handling disclosures and anti-bullying policies. Written by an expert in the field, this is a vital guide for schools, teachers and anyone with a duty of care towards young people.

Queer Inclusion in Teacher Education

Current mainstream curricula appear to be void, for all good intents and purposes, of any mention of queer history, people, and events. ... Dignity for all: Safeguarding LGBT students. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

Author: Olivia J. Murray

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134658305

Category: Education

Page: 236

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Queer Inclusion in Teacher Education explores the challenges and promises of building queer inclusive pedagogy and curriculum into teacher education. Weaving together theory, research findings, and practical "how-to" strategies and materials, it fills an important gap by offering a clear roadmap and resources for influencing the knowledge, beliefs, and actions of faculty working with pre-service teachers. While the book has implications for policy change, most immediately, readers will feel empowered with ideas for faculty development they can implement in their own teacher education programs. Looking at both the politics and practices of teacher education and the ways in which queer issues manifest in schools, it is hopeful in suggesting that if teachers and pre-service teachers can critically reflect on homophobia and heteronormativity, they can begin to think about and relate to queer youth in a different, more positive and inclusive way. A Companion Website [http://queerinclusion.com] with additional activities and materials for teacher educators and faculty development and a practical guide enhances the usefulness of the book.