Devotion to St Anthony of Padua

This book contains prayers and devotions dedicated to the memory of Saint Anthony of Padua, a Franciscan priest who travelled widely and was renowned for his charisma and spiritual depth.

Author: Bonaventure Hammer


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This book contains prayers and devotions dedicated to the memory of Saint Anthony of Padua, a Franciscan priest who travelled widely and was renowned for his charisma and spiritual depth. Originally written in German centuries ago, this collection of litanies and prayers provide the reader with context into the significance and events of St. Anthony's life. The adventures which characterized his motions from wandering contemplator of faith, to popular public preacher of renown, are not detailed beyond the introduction - rather the reader is treated to a happy consequence of his tireless efforts to preach the word of God; the many devotions that were written in his name. The piety inspired by St. Anthony is in ample evidence; his preaching drew crowds of thousands and ignited great fervor in the peoples of Northern Italy, in and around the city of Padua. Anthony's early death at the age of thirty-six was met with great sorrow and mourning. The Catholic church commissioned a series of devotional passages to his memory, that his name be saluted and celebrated for centuries to follow. The frequent miracles performed at Anthony of Padua's gravesite led his friend in life, Pope Gregory IX, to confer the status of Saint upon him.

St Anthony s Treasury

This newly reprinted collection of prayers is the "Irish" version of the popular St. Anthony's Treasury.

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This newly reprinted collection of prayers is the "Irish" version of the popular St. Anthony's Treasury. This older version of the Treasury was printed with the permission of William Joseph Walsh, Archbishop of Dublin in 1885-1921. Besides devotions to St. Anthony, it contains many prayers to St. Patrick, St. Bridget, and other beloved Irish saints. St. Anthony of Padua (1195-1231, feast day June 13), was a Portuguese Franciscan and one of the most beloved Saints of the Catholic Church. He was declared Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius XII in 1946. As the Roman Breviary says of him: "His wisdom and fluency were very marked, and drew on him such admiration of men, that the Pope, once hearing him preach, called him 'The Ark of the Covenant.' One of his chief points was to expend all his strength in attacking heresies, whence he gained the name of the Heretics' Everlasting Hammer." St. Anthony was traditionally displayed with a flame in his hand, symbolizing his zeal for the Catholic Faith. Since our own time is so much plagued with religious indifference and immorality, may the devotion to this Franciscan preacher of peace and to the Catholic traditions of Ireland bring unto us a real zeal for our Holy Catholic Faith.

Religions of the United States in Practice Volume 1

The Miracles of St. Anthony of Padua Timothy J. Meagher Devotions to the Saints extend far back into the history of the Christian church, but these devotions, like many other Christian rituals, have had an episodic history, ...

Author: Colleen McDannell

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Religions of the United States in Practice is a rich anthology of primary sources with accompanying essays that examines religious behavior in America. From praying in an early American synagogue to performing Mormon healing rituals to debating cremation, Volume 1 explores faith through action from Colonial times through the nineteenth century. The documents and essays consider the religious practices of average people--praying, singing, healing, teaching, imagining, and persuading. Some documents are formal liturgies while other texts describe more spontaneous religious actions. Because religious practices also take place in the imagination, dreams, visions, and fictional accounts are also included. Accompanying each primary document is an essay that sets the religious practice in its historical and theological context--making this volume ideal for classroom use and accessible to any reader. The introductory essays explain the various meanings of religious practices as lived out in churches and synagogues, in parlors and fields, beside rivers, on lecture platforms, and in the streets. Religions of the United States in Practice offers a sampling of religious perspectives in order to approximate the living texture of popular religious thought and practice in the United States. The history of religion in America is more than the story of institutions and famous people. This anthology presents a more nuanced story composed of the everyday actions and thoughts of lay men and women.

Religions of the United States in Practice

St. Anthony. of. Padua. Timothy J. Meagher Devotions to the saints extend far back into the history of the Christian church , but these devotions , like many other Christian rituals , have had an episodic history , rising and falling ...

Author: Colleen McDannell

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A two-part anthology of documents and essays examines a wide range of religious behavior in Americaù from praying, singing, and teaching to dreams and fictional writingsùsetting each within its historical context and covering in a first volume the Colonial period through the nineteenth century. Reprint.

Prayers of the Faithful

St. Anthony of Padua quickly became a devotional focus in predominantly Irish and German churches , where parishioners burned votive candles before his image and prayed to the saint for his help . Devotion to St. Anne likewise spread ...

Author: James P. McCartin

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Examines the evolution of Catholic prayer, from the traditional devotional practices that were common in the past to the ways Catholics pray and view prayer in modern times.

A Help to Devotion

NOVENA TO ST . ANTHONY OF PADUA . June 13th . 1. Glorious St. Anthony , who from your earliest years wast consecrated to the service of God , and practised the greatest austerities , and devoured with zeal for justice , caused yourself ...

Author: John Baptist Pagan


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Catholic Champion

A correspondent of the New York Catholic News ( Roman ) writes of the wonderful result . following the Invocation of this great Saint as follows : There is no true Christian who does not cherish some devotion to St. Anthony of Padua ...





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St Anthony The Wonder Worker of Padua

Thus was established the Guild of St. Anthony ; its object, the pro-motion of devotion to St. Anthony and to propagate the work of the distribution of his Bread to the Poor. Masses and other spiritual advantages are given to its members ...

Author: Charles Warren Stoddard

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Perhaps the most moving preacher in Medieval Europe, St. Anthony of Padua, the son of a wealthy family in Portugal, gave up everything to follow Christ and join the Franciscans. This touching book recounts the wonderful life of this popular saint and Doctor of the Church. Come see what made St. Anthony so popular during his life and what makes him such an appealing saint for people today

Patron Saints

have been given , in answer to the faithful practice of this Novena , to those who ask St. Anthony to find , not only lost watches ... especially for the loss of the relics , and immediately began a Novena to St. Anthony of Padua .

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