CHAPTER 3 A CASE STUDY IN ANXIETY : DEVELOPING INDEPENDENCE IN A LIFE TRANSITION Life transitions are an inherently difficult time , both for the individual in them and for society at large . This is not just a problem of modern ...



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In both studies, the meaning of anxiety these students felt could only be predicted and understood in terms of the goals they were working on, which in turn can only be understood in terms of the particular social and developmental context in which they were operating.

Motivation and Self Regulation Across the Life Span

Developing independence in a life transition: Investing the self in the concerns of the day. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 62, 506-521. Zirkel, S., & Cantor, N. (1990). Personal construal of a life task: Those who ...

Author: Jutta Heckhausen

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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A group of internationally renowned scholars discuss their research on motivation.

Handbook of Personality Development

Development of personality in early and middle adulthood: Set like plaster or persistent change. Journal of Personality and Social ... Developing independence in a life transition: Investing the self in the concerns of the day.

Author: Daniel K. Mroczek

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781317778066

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This handbook is the first volume to provide a comprehensive look at personality development. It features a state-of-the-art examination of the field, an area that is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Five major types of advances, all of which are represented in this volume, are the result of the recent burst in research activity in this area: 1) new theoretical perspectives, 2) higher-quality empirical studies, 3) more sophisticated research designs and analyses, 4) attention to development across the lifespan, and 5) the growing prominence of interdisciplinary approaches to personality development. The Handbook of Personality Development is comprehensive across the lifespan, in its range of personality constructs, and in its coverage of theoretical and methodological frameworks. It is the first volume to address the most important personality development theoretical frameworks in one location--the evolutionary, physiological, behavioral genetic, and socio-cultural perspectives. The book also reviews new statistical techniques that allow for the estimation of individual differences in stability and the analysis of change. The latter part of the book focuses on personality development over the lifespan, from infancy to older adulthood. The authors address personality variables such as emotion regulation, temperament, and self-concept across the lifespan. The book concludes with a compelling capstone chapter by Dan McAdams on how personality develops. The Handbook of Personality Development provides an historical account of, and summary of, the most significant and important findings in the area, along with suggestions for future research. Intended for researchers and advanced students in personality, developmental, social, clinical, and educational psychology, as well as related fields such as family studies, sociology, education, nursing, behavioral genetics, neuropsychology, and psychophysiology, the handbook also serves as a valuable resource in advanced courses that address personality development.

Handbook of Closeness and Intimacy

Adolescents' development of romantic friendship and ... The measurement of independent and interdependent self-construals. ... Developing independence in a life transition: Investing the self in the concerns of the day.

Author: Debra J. Mashek

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781135632403

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This handbook brings together the latest thinking on the scientific study of closeness and intimacy from some of the most active and widely recognized relationship scholars in social and clinical psychology, communication studies, and related disciplines. Each contributing author defines their understanding of the meaning of closeness and intimacy; summarizes existing research and provides an overview of a theoretical framework; presents new ideas, applications, and previously unstated theoretical connections; and provides cross-references to other chapters to further integrate the material. The Handbook of Closeness and Intimacy will be of interest to researchers, practitioners, and students from social, clinical, and developmental psychology; family studies; counseling; and communication.

The Coherence of Personality

Basic research and practical problems : The promise of a “ functional ” personality and social psychology . ... Developing independence in a life transition : Investing the self in the concerns of the day . Journal of Personality and ...

Author: Daniel Cervone

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1572304367

Category: Psychology

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This volume reveals how social-cognitive structures and processes serve as a basis of personality coherence--the unique patterns of experience and action that make each of us who we are. In doing so, the volume demonstrates how a personality theory can be built on psychology's broader foundation of knowledge about cognitive and affective systems and the interactions between persons and the sociocultural environment. Presenting novel theoretical developments from leaders in personality, social, cultural, and developmental psychology, chapters show how personality coherence arises from the ways people assign meaning to social information, gain causal agency over their lives through self-knowledge and self-reflective processes, and organize multiple life events within a framework of goals and life tasks. The book stands as the most definitive presentation to date of the social-cognitive theories of personality.

Lost in Transition

Student's perceptions and experiences with key factors during the transition from high school to college. College Student Journal, 43(2), ... Developing independence in a life transition: Investing the self in the concerns of the day.

Author: Kevin S. Koett

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475842753

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This book is focused upon the transitional issues students face as they move from high school to college.

The Psychology of Action

Self - related problems beyond the self - concept : Motivational consequences of discrepant self - guides . Journal of Personality and ... Developing independence in a life transition : Investing the self in the concerns of the day ...

Author: Peter M. Gollwitzer

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1572300329

Category: Psychology

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Moving beyond the traditional, and unproductive, rivalry between the fields of motivation and cognition, this book integrates the two domains to shed new light on the control of goal-directed action. Renowned social and motivational psychologists present concise formulations of the latest research programs which are effectively mapping the territory, providing new findings, and suggesting innovative strategies for future research. Ideally structured for classroom use, this book will effectively familiarize readers with important theories in the psychology of action.

Motivational Science

Developing independence in a life transition : Investing the self in the concerns of the day . Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , 62 , 506-521 . Zirkel , S. , & Cantor , N. ( 1990 ) . Personal construal of life tasks : Those ...

Author: Edward Tory Higgins

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0863776965

Category: Psychology

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A current collection of articles that define the field of motivational science.

Empowering Women in Higher Education and Student Affairs

Journal of College Student Development, 47(3), 319–334. Zirkel, S. (1992). Developing independence in a life transition: Investing the self in the concerns of the day. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 62(3), 506–521.

Author: Penny A. Pasque

Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC.

ISBN: 1579225209

Category: Education

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How do we interrupt the current paradigms of sexism in the academy? How do we construct a new and inclusive gender paradigm that resists the dominant values of the patriarchy? And why are these agendas important not just for women, but for higher education as a whole? These are the questions that these extensive and rich analyses of the historical and contemporary roles of women in higher education— as administrators, faculty, students, and student affairs professionals—seek constructively to answer. In doing so they address the intersection of gender and women’s other social identities, such as of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, and ability. This book addresses the experiences and position of women students, from application to college through graduate school, and the barriers they encounter; the continuing inequalities in the rates of promotion and progression of women and other marginalized groups to positions of authority, and the gap in earnings between men and women; and pays particular attention to how race and other social markers impact such disparities, contextualizing them across all institutional types. Written collaboratively by an intergenerational group of women, men, and transgender people with different social identities, feminist perspectives, and professional identities— and who, in the process, built upon each other’s work—this volume constitutes a call to educators and scholars to work toward centering feminist and other marginalized perspectives in their practice and research in order to equitably address the evolving complexities of college and university life. Employing a wide range of theoretical lenses, examining a variety of models of practice, and giving voice to a diversity of personal experiences through narrative, this is a major contribution to the scholarship on women in higher education. This is a book for all women in the academy who want to better understand their experience, and to dismantle the remaining barriers of sexism and oppression—for themselves, and future generations of students. An ACPA Publication

The Handbook of Social Psychology

... and psychological well - being in medical students . Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease , 176 , 182-187 . Zirkel , S. ( 1992 ) . Developing independence in a life transition : Investing the self in the concerns of the day .

Author: Daniel Todd Gilbert

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195213769

Category: Psychology

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Leading experts from all areas of social psychology contribute to a discussion of new scientific methods and analytic techniques and look at research advances in their respective specialties.