16 Roger Ebert, 'Detour (1945)', Chicago Sun-Times, 7 June 1998. 17 Kent Jones, 'Detour (VI)', LIT, no. 13 (Autumn 2007), p. 140. The commentary by Martin Scorsese comes from the section 'The Director as Smuggler' in A Personal Journey ...

Author: Noah Isenberg

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781838715274

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 105

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Long considered an unpolished gem of film noir, the private treasure of film buffs, cinephiles and critics, Edgar G. Ulmer's Detour (1945) has recently earned a new wave of recognition. In the words of film critic David Thomson, it is simply 'beyond remarkable.' The only B-picture to make it into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress, Detour has outrun its fate as the bastard child of one of Hollywood's lowliest studios. Ulmer's film follows, in flashback, the journey of Al Roberts (Tom Neal), a pianist hitching from New York to California to join his girlfriend Sue (Claudia Drake), a singer gone to seek her fortune in Hollywood. In classic noir style, Detour features mysterious deaths, changes of identity, an unforgettable femme fatale called Vera (Ann Savage), and, in Roberts, a wretched, masochistic antihero. Noah Isenberg's study of Detour draws on a vast array of archival sources, unpublished letters and interviews, to provide an animated and thorough account of the film's production history, its critical reception, its afterlife (including various remakes) and the different ways in which the film has been understood since its release. He devotes significant attention to each of the key players in the film – the crew as well as the principal actors – while charting the uneasy transformation of Martin Goldsmith's pulp novel into Ulmer's signature film, the disagreements between the director and writer, and the severe financial and formal limitations with which Ulmer grappled. The story that Isenberg tells, rich in historical and critical insight, replicates the briskness of a B-movie.


Someone once said, “A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour. Although this book was not intended to be a sequel to Enjoy The Ride, if you really reflect on the content, DETOUR is an additive to what is ...

Author: Steve Gilliland

Publisher: Advantage Media Group

ISBN: 9781599325408

Category: Self-Help

Page: 154

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Whether you are going through mild changes now or expect massive reorganizations in the future, change is inevitable for every successful organization. DETOUR contains remarkable insight on how to deal with change and provides solutions to reduce stress, eliminate fear and increase performance. Hall of Fame Speaker and best-selling author Steve Gilliland, who showed us how to Enjoy The Ride, now reveals how to handle change in a fluctuating workplace and navigate life’s turns when something sets you on a course that you never planned, into a future you never imagined. This book will help you develop… ¢¢ THE MINDSET OF RECOGNITION Identify the Prerequisites for Change ¢¢ THE MINDSET OF REACTION Manage the Stress When Change Occurs ¢¢ THE MINDSET OF REALITY Discover the Three Sides to the Story ¢¢ THE MINDSET OF RESOURCEFULNESS Dismiss the Self-Imposed Limitations ¢¢ THE MINDSET OF RECEPTIVENESS Choose the Belief of Possibilities ¢¢ THE MINDSET OF RESOLUTION Unearth the Power of Determination People have an instinctive ability to adapt to most situations and often live by the adage “It is what it is.” Regrettably, while our ability to adapt is amazing, our ability to change isn’t. When you least expect it, life challenges your courage and willingness to change. In such moments, you can either accept it for what it is or make it what you want. Just as failure is a vital part of success, every DETOUR is a critical part of your trip and allows you to exercise creativity and resourcefulness by moving forward in ways you had not anticipated. DETOUR PRAISE FOR STEVE GILLILAND’S DETOUR GILLILAND “The book DETOUR is totally off the charts! A masterful manuscript on how we all need to clearly look at change in the workplace and away from work.” ―Beckie Johnston, Chick-fil-A “Every book you have written has ‘upped my game’ as a person. My all-time favorite was Enjoy The Ride, until now. DETOUR is a spectacular book that is guaranteed to make a person’s ride more enjoyable. Thank you!” ―Bill Stainton, Emmy Award Winning Television Producer “DETOUR will help you find the hidden opportunities in unwelcome change. Steve Gilliland takes you on an amazing journey and shows you how to feel more in control when the change is out of your control. Sure to be another best seller!” ―Philip Welch, Wells Fargo


Going crazy is a detour, a journey outside the prescribed path. And making my trip was a detour, a voyage that wasn't going to build my career as a producer, but one I expected would make me a stronger freer human being when I returned ...

Author: Lizzie Simon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743453226

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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A finely wrought memoir of mental health, Detour takes a genre explored by Susanna Kaysen and Kay Redfield Jamison and propels it in a revelatory and rebellious new direction. Detour is the extraordinary first book by Lizzie Simon, a twenty-three-year-old woman with bipolar disorder. We meet her as she is set to abandon her successful career as a theatrical producer in New York City, with plans to hit the road and find other bipolars like herself -- young, ambitious, opinionated, and truth-seeking. Her goal: to speak with them candidly without judgment, fear, or the slightest trace of anything clinical or jargon-laden. She wants their stories in their words. But after falling in love with her first interviewee, a troubled millionaire, the truth and the path become increasingly difficult to find. She indeed finds inspiring bipolars. Marissa, a twenty-something African-American adoptee; Jan, a popular rock 'n' roll radio deejay and mother of two; Matt, a quiet college student from the South. Each is resilient, wise, healthy, and hopeful. Yet each harbors stories of mania and depression that defy the limits of human experience and survival. But if she's achieving what she set out to do, then why does she feel more alien and alone than ever? Part road trip, part love story, part mystery, Simon has created a heartbreaking narrative of her cross-country quest. With brave humor, Simon writes guilelessly about herself, her past, and her search for "a herd of her own." She explores that shifting gray area where illness and identity intersect and blur, with the eye of an insider and the heart and soul of a survivor. Accessible and unique, Detour not only opens an intimate window on the day-to-day condition of living with a mood disorder, it also speaks to our universally human struggle to become whole.


... that they did not understand me, they did not understand the nature of my journey, neither its highroads nor detours, but my evictions they understood, my pathways of degradation they seized on with great enthusiasm.

Author: Michael Brodsky

Publisher: Books We Live by

ISBN: 9781628480924

Category: Fiction

Page: 490

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Detour charts the struggle of a film-crazed young man to shape his identity; it is also about his resistance to doing so at every turn. Owning an identity can mean being straitjacketed, condemned to a living death; language becomes both an escape from the straitjacket and its evilest genius. Detour is also a story of first love, as it concerns the intense, transient sexual relationship between the young man, who is very reluctant about to enter medical school in the Midwest, and a rootless former heroin addict named Anne. The hero of Detour experiences movies the way Don Quixote responds to the romances of chilvary—as being infinitely more real than anything else in the world. Hence the connections relentlessly made between his own often Bresson, Welles, Fellini, Ophüls, Sternberg, Sirk, Karlson and Godard. Camera movements, cuts, dissolves, tension between sound and image—these torment, fascinate, liberate and exalt, because they seem to lie just beyond the vampire clutch of words, thoughts, analysis. It is within such contexts that one begins to understand the “detours”—social, psychological, familial, erotic, existential—that frustrate and enrich the protagonist’s quest for love, for connectedness, for the satisfactions of a calling. As well as the artistic detours that are crucial to depicting his complex, lacerated, maturation. It is by means of a technique that has truly absorbed the formal lessons of the novel and through an extraordinary command of language—and of the many different languages inside language: colloquial, technical, abstract—that Brodsky makes this account of the growth of the self so unnervingly new and unpredictable. In sentence after sentence, he manages to discharge the shock of the unknown, the unspeakable, the never before said. Detour is a vastly expanded version of the novel that received the Ernest Hemingway Foundation Citation of the PEN American Center in 1979


... several of which she almost walked into, sudden steep drops, a black stream complete with invisible waterfall that sounded, for one instant of comfort, like TV static. She kept making detours till she felt like it in ...

Author: James Siegel

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780759513327

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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How far would you go for someone you love? Would you sacrifice your beliefs? Would you commit a federal crime? Would you risk everything you have? James Siegel's electrifying thriller, Derailed, captivated readers with its emotionally charged twists and turns, racing up national bestseller lists and landing a major motion picture deal. The Washington Post called it "spectacularly inventive," and James Patterson raved, "James Siegel has arrived in high style." Now this acclaimed new master of suspense returns with the explosive story of a mother's love, a father's devotion-and an adopted daughter who turns their lives upside down. They want what every young couple wants: a child of their own. But Paul and Joanna Breidbart have been trying to conceive for five long years-a torturous process of failed medical procedures that nearly tore their marriage apart. When they finally decide to adopt, American agencies tell them they will have to wait years for their dream to come true. The couple agrees to fly to war-torn Colombia to adopt a baby girl. Paul knows all about risks. As an insurance executive, he routinely calculates the odds of dying in a plane crash or being hit by a bus. Yet all the accident statistics in the world can't prepare him for what is about to happen. Paul and Joanna receive the baby girl of their dreams and their world seems perfect. Then one afternoon they briefly leave their baby daughter alone with their new nanny. When they return, something is disturbingly different about their child...and suddenly everything Paul values is in jeopardy. Again, James Siegel gives us a tale of ordinary men and women thrust into extraordinary circumstances-and a novel that confirms him as one of today's most powerful writers of psychological suspense.

The Detour

During this detour of life, people prayed for "the grace to forgive, the strength to go on and His peace that passes understanding for each day and night!

Author: Patricia McGregor

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781615799503

Category: Religion

Page: 260

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Recounts the author's five-year missionary experience in Kenya.

Detour New Mexico

You can visit Jemez Pueblo and learn more about its history in the Atomic Detour (Detour 3). The quiet beauty of this part of New Mexico belies an action-packed history. It was here where a nearly forgotten battle of the American Civil ...

Author: Arthur Pike

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781625857224

Category: Photography

Page: 192

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New Mexico's rich and varied history is easily accessible via detours down obscure backroads and overlooked off-ramps. By taking the road less traveled in any direction, visitors can experience ancient landmarks, cultural heritage sites and striking vistas. Stop at places along the old Route 66, sample the world's best chiles by the Rio Grande or soak in geothermal water flowing under Truth or Consequences. Ancient dwellings in remote canyons, the town where the first atomic bomb was secretly assembled and the grave of Billy the Kid all lie off the beaten path in the Land of Enchantment. Authors Arthur and David Pike map out these and many more worthwhile points of interest for the curious traveler.

My Detour

I set my own path, and even though it was a detour, God didn't let me lose myself, and He brought me right back to him. We are all created in His image and for His purpose, so once we accept that this is the reason for our existence, ...

Author: M. L. Petties

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781098056445

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 94

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A young single mother in search of purpose and escaping her psychotic ex decides to pack up and move to a different state. After a couple of years pass by, she discovers that things are actually worse than before. Along this journey, she discovers this is her detour, and she then makes every effort to get back on the right path in God's will for her life. Through prayer and faith, God delivers the young mother, and she never looks back, except to give God praise and glory.

The Detour

All too often, a quick glance over the shoulder could turn into a risky detour. Speaking of detours, there was a very brief one that Enzo, motivated by hunger, insisted on making. “Lì,” he pleaded as we passed another village sign, ...

Author: Andromeda Romano-Lax

Publisher: Soho Press

ISBN: 9781616950507

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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A “compelling” novel of art, danger, and one man’s adventure in pre-World War II Italy, from the author of Plum Rains (Library Journal). Ernst Vogler is twenty-six years old in 1938 when he is sent to Rome by his employer—the Third Reich’s Sonderprojekt, which is collecting the great art of Europe and bringing it to Germany for the Führer. Vogler is to collect a famous Classical Roman marble statue, The Discus Thrower, and get it to the German border, where it will be turned over to the Gestapo. It is a simple, three-day job. Things start to go wrong almost immediately. The Italian twin brothers who have been hired to escort Vogler to the border seem to have priorities besides the task at hand—wild romances, perhaps even criminal jobs on the side—and Vogler quickly loses control of the assignment. The twins set off on a dangerous detour and Vogler realizes he will be lucky to escape this venture with his life, let alone his job. With nothing left to lose, the young German gives himself up to the Italian adventure, to the surprising love and inevitable losses along the way. From the celebrated author of The Spanish Bow and Behave, The Detour is a bittersweet novel about artistic obsession, misplaced idealism, diversions, and second chances, set along the beautiful back-roads of northern Italy.

Detour Nebraska

Even the Nebraska detours have been an adventure. LESSONS LEARNED ALONG THE WAY First of all, so many people are proud (and rightfully so!) of their museums and attractions. Talking to a person is often more informative than reading the ...

Author: Gretchen M. Garrison

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781439663103

Category: Photography

Page: 176

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For many, Nebraska is the flat prairie seen from the interstate. Yet with the Sandhills, bluffs and river valleys, the state has an abundance of riches. The heritage of early settlers is evident. Fort Kearny and Chimney Rock were pioneer harbors. The Fur Trade Museum and the Homestead Monument of America tell of those who came to make a life. Carhenge is a nationally known treasure. The Joslyn Art Museum features world-class art, and the Nebraska National Forest is the largest hand-planted forest in the nation. Native Nebraskan Gretchen Garrison details the places and people that make the Cornhusker State unique.