Design for Manufacturing

Through this book, designers will gain insight that will allow them to assess the impact of their proposed design on manufacturing difficulty.

Author: Corrado Poli

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080503943

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 424

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Design for Manufacturing assists anyone not familiar with various manufacturing processes in better visualizing and understanding the relationship between part design and the ease or difficulty of producing the part. Decisions made during the early conceptual stages of design have a great effect on subsequent stages. In fact, quite often more than 70% of the manufacturing cost of a product is determined at this conceptual stage, yet manufacturing is not involved. Through this book, designers will gain insight that will allow them to assess the impact of their proposed design on manufacturing difficulty. The vast majority of components found in commercial batch-manufactured products, such as appliances, computers and office automation equipment are either injection molded, stamped, die cast, or (occasionally) forged. This book emphasizes these particular, most commonly implemented processes. In addition to chapters on these processes, the book touches upon material process selection, general guidelines for determining whether several components should be combined into a single component or not, communications, the physical and mechanical properties of materials, tolerances, and inspection and quality control. In developing the DFM methods presented in this book, he has worked with over 30 firms specializing in injection molding, die-casting, forging and stamping. Implements a philosophy which allows for easier and more economic production of designs Educates designers about manufacturing Emphasizes the four major manufacturing processes

Design for Manufacturing

9.17 SUMMARY The purpose of this chapter was to present a systematic approach for identifying, at the configuration design stage, those features of the part that ... Engineering Design and Design for Manufacturing:A Structured Approach.

Author: C. Poli

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 9780750673419

Category: Business & Economics

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CD-ROM contains: Power Point presentations -- Video clips -- Quicktime movies.

Transdisciplinarity and the Future of Engineering

[21] G. Boothroyd, P. Dewhurst, W.A. Knight, Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly, 3rd edition, CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2010, doi:10.1201/9781420089288. [22] C. Poli, Design for Manufacturing: A structured Approach, ...

Author: B.R. Moser

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 9781643683393

Category: Technology & Engineering

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This book presents the proceedings of TE2022, the 29th ISTE International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering, held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, United States, from 5 – 8 July 2022. Transdisciplinary engineering is the exchange of knowledge in the context of an innovation, in product, process, organisation or social environment. ISTE aims to explore and promote the evolution of engineering to incorporate transdisciplinary practices in which the exchange of different types of knowledge from a diverse range of disciplines is fundamental. The theme for the TE2022 conference is the future of engineering, and the 75 papers included here, which have all undergone a rigorous peer-review process, cover a wide range of topics and are grouped under 10 headings: Requirements, Knowledge and Architecture in Engineering; Case Studies; Energy, Environment, and Sustainability; Engineering Teamwork; Digital Engineering; imulation, Optimization, and Analytics; Manufacturing; Policy, Decisions, and Innovation; Engineering Education; Research on TE. The book will be of interest to all those working in the field of engineering today.

Digital Enterprise Technology

supporting the computer-aided design approach for configuration based on the concept of configuration features and the fuzziness. ... Dixon J.R. and Poli C., “Engineering Design and Design for Manufacturing a structured approach”, ...

Author: Pedro Filipe Cunha

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387498645

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The first Digital Enterprise Technology (DET) International Conference was held in Durham, UK in 2002 and the second DET Conference in Seattle, USA in 2004. Sponsored by CIRP (College International pour la Recherche en Productique), the third DET Conference took place in Setúbal, Portugal in 2006. Digital Enterprise Technology: Perspectives and Future Challenges is an edited volume based on this conference. Topics include: distributed and collaborative design, process modeling and process planning, advanced factory equipment and layout design and modeling, physical-to-digital environment integrators, enterprise integration technologies, and entrepreneurship in DET.

Concurrent Engineering Approaches for Sustainable Product Development in a Multi Disciplinary Environment

Journal of Engineering Design 16(2):209-235 Dixon JR, Poli C (1995) Engineering Design and Design for Manufacturing a structured approach. Field Stone Publishers, Conway, Massachusetts, USA Du X, Jiao J, Jiao J et al (2002) Graph ...

Author: Josip Stjepandić

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781447144267

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The CE Conference series is organized annually by the International Society for Productivity Enhancement (ISPE) and constitutes an important forum for international scientific exchange on concurrent and collaborative enterprise engineering. These international conferences attract a significant number of researchers, industrialists and students, as well as government representatives, who are interested in the recent advances in concurrent engineering research and applications. Concurrent Engineering Approaches for Sustainable Product Development in a Multi-Disciplinary Environment: Proceedings of the 19th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering contains papers accepted, peer reviewed and presented at the annual conference held at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier, Germany, from 3rd-7th of September 2012. This covers a wide range of cutting-edge topics including: Systems Engineering and Innovation Design for Sustainability Knowledge Engineering and Management Managing product variety Product Life-Cycle Management and Service Engineering Value Engineering

Leading the Web in Concurrent Engineering

Design For Manufacturing : A Structured Approach . Woburn , USA : Butterworth- Heinemann . [ 19 ] Best Manufacturing Practices and Center of Excellence , 1999. Producibility System Guidelines for Successful Companies : The Five Steps to ...

Author: Parisa Ghodous

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 1586036513

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Contains papers on the advances in Concurrent Engineering research and applications. This book focuses on developing methodologies, techniques and tools based on Web technologies required to support the key objectives of Concurrent Engineering.

Rapid Manufacturing

C. (2001) Design for Manufacturing, A Structured Approach, Butterworth- Heinemann, Boston, Massachusetts. 7. 6. Fox, S., Marsh, L. and Cockerham, G. (2001) Design for manufacture: a strategy for successful application to building, ...

Author: Neil Hopkinson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470032863

Category: Technology & Engineering

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Rapid Manufacturing is a new area of manufacturing developed from a family of technologies known as Rapid Prototyping. These processes have already had the effect of both improving products and reducing their development time; this in turn resulted in the development of the technology of Rapid Tooling, which implemented Rapid Prototyping techniques to improve its own processes. Rapid Manufacturing has developed as the next stage, in which the need for tooling is eliminated. It has been shown that it is economically feasible to use existing commercial Rapid Prototyping systems to manufacture series parts in quantities of up to 20,000 and customised parts in quantities of hundreds of thousands. This form of manufacturing can be incredibly cost-effective and the process is far more flexible than conventional manufacturing. Rapid Manufacturing: An Industrial Revolution for the Digital Age addresses the academic fundamentals of Rapid Manufacturing as well as focussing on case studies and applications across a wide range of industry sectors. As a technology that allows manufacturers to create products without tools, it enables previously impossible geometries to be made. This book is abundant with images depicting the fantastic array of products that are now being commercially manufactured using these technologies. Includes contributions from leading researchers working at the forefront of industry. Features detailed illustrations throughout. Rapid Manufacturing: An Industrial Revolution for the Digital Age is a groundbreaking text that provides excellent coverage of this fast emerging industry. It will interest manufacturing industry practitioners in research and development, product design and materials science, as well as having a theoretical appeal to researchers and post-graduate students in manufacturing engineering, product design, CAD/CAM and CIFM.

Engineering Materials and Processes e Mega Reference

Poli C. Design for Manufacturing: A Structured Approach. ButterworthHeinemann, Boston, 2001. Swift K.G., and Booker J.D. Process Selection: From Design to Manufacture. Arnold, London, 1997. Todd R.H., Allen D.K., and Alting L.

Author: Michael F. Ashby

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 9780080878393

Category: Technology & Engineering

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A one-stop desk reference, for engineers involved in the use of engineered materials across engineering and electronics, this book will not gather dust on the shelf. It brings together the essential professional reference content from leading international contributors in the field. Material ranges from basic to advanced topics, including materials and process selection and explanations of properties of metals, ceramics, plastics and composites. A hard-working desk reference, providing all the essential material needed by engineers on a day-to-day basis Fundamentals, key techniques, engineering best practice and rules-of-thumb together in one quick-reference sourcebook Definitive content by the leading authors in the field, including Michael Ashby, Robert Messler, Rajiv Asthana and R.J. Crawford

Distributed Intelligence In Design

'Design for manufacture and assembly'. 11th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean ... Architectural Representation and the Perspective Hinge. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. ... Design for Manufacturing: A Structured Approach.

Author: Tuba Kocatürk

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444392387

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 280

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The book contains the papers developed from the presentations at the Distributed Intelligence in Design Symposium, held in Salford in May 2009. In this context, Distributed Intelligence refers to the interdisciplinary knowledge of a range of different individuals in different organisations, with different backgrounds and experience, and the symposium discussed the media, technologies and behaviours required to support their successful collaboration. The book focusses on: how parametric and generative design media can be coupled with and managed alongside Building Information Modelling tools and systems how the cross-disciplinary knowledge is distributed and coordinated across different software, participants and organizations the characteristics of the evolving creative and collaborative practices how built environment education should be adapted to this digitally-networked practice and highly distributed intelligence in design The chapters address a range of innovative developments, methodologies, applications, research work and theoretical arguments, to present current experience and expectations as collaborative practice becomes critical in the design of future built environments.