DEON 2004

This volume contains the workshop proceedings of DEON 2004, the Seventh International Workshop on Deontic Logic in Computer Science. The DEON workshop series aims at bringing together researchers interested in topics re- lated to the ...

Author: Alessio Lomuscio

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540221111

Category: Computers

Page: 274

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Deontic Logic in Computer Science, DEON 2004, held in Madeira, Portugal, in May 2004. The 15 revised full papers presented together with the abstracts of 2 invited talks were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the book. The papers are devoted to the relationship between normative concepts and computer science, artificial intelligence, organization theory, and law; in addition to these topics, special emphasis is placed on the relationship between deontic logic and multiagent systems.

Deon Filmer

Filmer, Deon. 2000. “The Structure of Social Disadvantage in Education: Gender and Wealth.” Policy Research Working Paper No. 2268. World Bank, Washington, D.C. Filmer, Deon, and Lant Pritchett. 2001. “Estimating Wealth Effects without ...


Publisher: World Bank Publications




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The Metaphysics of Identity

We have an individual Deon who loses his left foot. Before the loss of his left foot there appear to be two individuals occupying nearly all of the region where Deon is located. One is Deon with left foot attached.

Author: André Gallois

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135015664

Category: Philosophy

Page: 216

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The philosophical problem of identity and the related problem of change go back to the ancient Greek philosophers and fascinated later figures including Leibniz, Locke, and Hume. Heraclitus argued that one could not swim in the same river twice because new waters were ever flowing in. When is a river not the same river? If one removes one plank at a time when is a ship no longer a ship? What is the basic nature of identity and persistence? In this book, André Gallois introduces and assesses the philosophical puzzles posed by things persisting through time. Beginning with essential historical background to the problem he explores the following key topics and debates: mereology and identity, including arguments from 'Leibniz's Law' the constitution view of identity the 'relative identity' argument concerning identity temporary identity four-dimensionalism, counterpart and multiple counterpart theory supervenience the problem of temporary intrinsics the necessity of identity Indeterminate identity presentism criteria of identity conventionalism about identity. Including chapter summaries, annotated further reading and a glossary, this book is essential reading for anyone seeking a clear and informative introduction to and assessment of the metaphysics of identity.

The Last Hunt

In the whole of the Benny Griessel series so far, the stakes have never been higher or the odds so much against' Peter Robinson *** A cold case for Captain Benny Griessel and Vaughn Cupido of the Hawks elite police unit - not what they were ...

Author: Deon Meyer

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473614482

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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'The undisputed champion of South African crime. Meyer grabs you but the throat and never lets you go' Wilbur Smith 'From its startling opening to its tense and thrilling conclusion, Deon Meyer's The Last Hunt takes you on a whirlwind safari across two continents. In the whole of the Benny Griessel series so far, the stakes have never been higher or the odds so much against' Peter Robinson *** A cold case for Captain Benny Griessel and Vaughn Cupido of the Hawks elite police unit - not what they were looking for. And a difficult case, too. The body of Johnson Johnson, ex-cop, has been found beside a railway line. He appears to have jumped from South Africa's - perhaps the world's - most luxurious train, and two suspicious characters seen with him have disappeared into thin air. The regular police have already failed to make progress and others are intent on muddying the waters. Meanwhile in Bordeaux, Daniel Darret is settled in a new life on a different continent. A quiet life. But his skills as an international hit-man are required one more time, and Daniel is given no choice in the matter. He must hunt again - his prey the corrupt president of his homeland. Three strands of the same story become entwined in a ferocious race against time - for the Hawks to work out what lies behind the death of Johnson, for Daniel to evade the relentless Russian agents tracking him, for Benny Griessel to survive long enough to take another huge step in his efforts to piece together again the life he nearly destroyed - and finally ask Alexa Bernard to marry him. The Last Hunt shows one of the great crime writers operating at the peak of his powers.

The Virus

Deon glared at the stocky balding Caucasian male with blazing hazel eyes. “Something's going on withourorder for the parts we need for the fleet repairs. Every time I call Mack, they keepgiving me therunaround.

Author: Valarie Prince

Publisher: The Mermaid Literary Group

ISBN: 9780990445821

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

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After decades of living under the radar, Nina Brody decides to take life by the throat and choke the hell out of it. She has a fantastic career, a best friend who never falters in that role and that means she’s only missing one thing—a quality man to love. After a horrific encounter crushes her hopes, Nina bravely accepts a friend request from a man who could possibly be the answer to her quiet prayers...or maybe not.Deon Parker has an uncanny knack for attracting women who are stuck on stupid and glued to dumb. He never imagined finding the right woman could be so riddled with chaos. Deon is not looking for just any woman. He’s looking for his woman—an intelligent woman who is comfortable in her skin and in his bed. So after a run-in with a deranged ex-girlfriend, Deon takes a step back and decides to start over. When he connects with a woman online, Deon wonders if his search for his woman is finally over or if he has just opened the door to the most deadly threat to his heart and his secrets.As their relationship evolves into something more than just friends, secrets from Deon’s past drives Nina to the edge of her sanity. Armed with a healthy dose of rage and formidable determination, she takes Deon on at his own game and proves that she is more than his equal—she might be his worst nightmare. When a man is a virus who infects women with false hopes and the promise of love, the cure is often forged in revenge.

The Immanent World 404 A Horror Anthology Series

Michelle wasn't going to be able to stay here indefinitely, and the sooner Deon was out of the neighborhood the sooner Kendrick could find a way to get her out of his house. Deon's head wavered back and forth, the suggestion taking hold ...

Author: Clive Reznor

Publisher: AOE Studios

ISBN: 9780982953365

Category: Fiction

Page: 391

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"It's like Black Mirror with a Paranormal edge." It's the fear we all have using the internet: Who is watching? What have I left out there? David Clegg ignored that fear, posted his musings on the Dark Web, and paid the price. When a mysterious hacker hijacks his computer, Clegg is shown a series of real-time videos, each one a story of mankind's dark dealings with technology and the paranormal. As a voyeur, he is given one chance -- and only one chance -- to help those he's watching, unknowingly sealing his own fate in the process. Told in six twisted stories, The Immanent World: 404 is a wickedly imaginative collection of dark sci fi and the paranormal. For fans of horror anthologies like Stephen King's Night Shift or Clive Barker's Books Of Blood, movies like V/H/S or The ABC's Of Death, or TV shows like Black Mirror or Supernatural, weaving the familiar with the disturbingly dark. Immanent - remaining within; indwelling; inherent. Horror fans will enjoy this journey into the dark corners of the immanent world - a reality where the divine and demonic are not outside our natural world, but very much a part of it. Your Lying Eyes: A domestic dispute between his next door neighbors puts Kendrick, a bachelor who loves gaming and tech, in a dangerous situation when the wife hides out in his house. She has a codex tattoo — an implant that records all five sense and can play those experiences back through specific devices, which shows Kendrick the difference between what his neighbors want him to see and who they really are. The Politics of Flesh and Metal: When two friends go on a road trip to interview the head of a cutting edge tech company who claims to have the key to quantum communication, they find the consequences of gaining that technology are more costly than they could imagine. Hamir Can Do Anything: Hamir is an average Indian American. Hamir is also bullied at his office job, under-appreciated by his wife and her Auntie, and ridiculed for his accent by the general public. All he wants is respect. Today, through an unexpected gift in the mail, he gets everything he wants, including revenge. The Viral Gods:“LIke It Or Lose It” is a popular television game show where contestant have one week to gain 5,000 likes on their LIOLI profile, a task that’s harder than it seems. Needing the money for his daughter’s surgery, Chip Tittle tries to subvert the system by exposing the truth about the State, putting much more at risk than he realizes. Invincible: An android named Astraea, who has been passed down generation after generation by the Thornsmith family as either an experiment or sex slave, attempts one last time to free herself. Can she convince the only surviving descendant of the family, a teenage boy, to help her become a Super AI, or will an mob of anti-technology zealots destroy her, the last of her kind? *** SPOILER ****


That up-by-the-bootstraps story alone probably would've been enough to bring us out to the desert to visit him, but Deon's tale gets even more compelling. It began when the adult Deon went back to the South Side on a visit to his mom.

Author: Roadmap Nation

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452173665

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

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The New York Times bestseller is back! The career workbook Roadmap is better than ever. Roadmap has been updated and expanded with tons of brand new content—including chapters on changing directions mid-career and not letting your past define your future. Through inspirational stories and interviews, journal-like prompts, and practical career development information, this helpful resource will steer students, recent graduates, and career-changers toward an authentic, fulfilling life. • Features fresh perspectives from people like singer-songwriter John Legend, surfing world champion Layne Beachley, and MacArthur fellow and radio host Jad Abumrad • Full of advice for people seeking a fulfilling work life that will make them happy and keep them engaged • A self-mapped guide to creating a rewarding and satisfying work life Roadtrip Nation, based in Costa Mesa, was founded by Nathan Gebhard, Mike Marriner, and Brian McAllister in 2001, and has grown into a national career exploration movement, educational organization, and PBS series. Since its original publication in 2015, the team at Roadtrip Nation has continued to travel the world and interview accomplished individuals about their path to success. • Great for recent college graduates, interns, or anyone questioning their career path and in need of advice and a fresh perspective • Useful as a resource for career advisers, educators, and companies who want to foster an engaged workforce • Add it to the collection of books like What Color Is Your Parachute? 2019: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers by Richard N. Bolles, Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, and How to Have a Good Day: Harness the Power of Behavioral Science to Transform Your Working Life by Caroline Webb

Survey of English Dialects

29 Ess 1 lai dęon ( dęon ' ; deonadz ' downwards ) . Tel deon 2 læi deon , hev a læideon . læi deon 3 læı deon [ deon ' ] . læt deon 4 lol deon ( dɛon1 ( 2x ) ] . lựi deon 5 læi deon . læi demon 6 lęl dɛon [ deon ' ) . lei deon 7 löl ...

Author: Harold Orton


ISBN: UOM:39015029757641

Category: English language


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Facts to a Story

a hint about Deon. But it could have been me being paranoid at events that happen while I was acquainted with Deon and Troy new about them, for instance, when I was on house arrest which was around the time I was dealing with Deon.

Author: Kimberly Jordan

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452076898

Category: Fiction

Page: 162

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Facts to a Story tells of a fictional novel through the lonely and fearful eyes of the character "Daliah" out of the guts of Watts, California. Puzzling through her journey to obtain success despite her many trials and shortcomings; become astound how she blames insecurities of life through her defiant love triangles. Her fierce behavior of guilt, ongoing pain, suffered childhood, and means to use drugs to support her, versus the lost of morals with adultery, treacherous sex acts, and life threatening ordeals. The amazing ways she enters a identity process of redeemption as she mentors the mistress and meets the wife. Watch the fancinating dialogue as she reach back to her roots to endure the struggle. Daliah introduces a warm, loving, strong black woman when she regains stability to appreciate life and the finale of her haunted past love strikes again!

Evolving from the Cocoon

The more I watched Deon share his craft with everyone who was under his leadership, the more I began to have a tremendous respect and appreciation for him. Deon is an effective communicator, and he understands the importance of ...

Author: Deon L. Candia

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532095306

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 152

View: 662


Welcome to “Evolving from the Cocoon” A Memoir of Learning from my Past. In this book I offer accurate portions of my life that has assisted me in the transformation of becoming the best version of me possible. Growing up I was always that quiet-shy kid. I never truly felt comfortable asking questions because I wanted everyone to like me. To avoid conflict and confrontation, I learned to keep to myself. By doing so, I often found myself depressed because I couldn’t figure out why my life seemed to be so abnormal and unfulfilling. Growing older, that one-word question kept finding a way to repeat itself in my head over and over...WHY??? For years that question burned in my heart especially as I entered adulthood. Then it happened! The answer finally hit me! “Your pain may be someone else’s gain!” I thought to myself, “WOW!” The things that troubled me in the past are to be shared with others. My bad decisions and bloopers were indeed blessings. All the mishaps and not so good experiences in my life were to serve as inspiration and encouragement to people like me. I had to gain my voice so that eventually I could be a voice for others. No longer limited by the cocoon, I discovered I can fly high and gracefully like the butterfly.


It ends with Deon telling Bruns he had better be at his house at noon if he expects to live to have sons. Of course, after the fact everybody wanted to know why somebody didn't intervene. Bruns did go at lunchtime to Deon's.

Author: Norman Rush

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307789372

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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Whether they are Americans, Brits, or a stubborn and suicidally moral Dutchman, Norman Rush's whites are not sure why they are in Botswana. Their uncertainty makes them do odd things. Driven half-mad by the barking of his neighbor's dogs, Carl dips timidly into native witchcraft—only to jump back out at the worst possible moment. Ione briskly pursues a career as a "seducer" ("A seductress was merely someone who was seductive and who might or might not be awarded a victory. But a seducer was a professional"), while her dentist husband fends off the generous advances of an African cook. Funny, sad, and deeply knowing, polished throughout to a diamond glitter, Whites is a magnificent collection of stories.

Lose Weight Like Crazy Even If You Have a Crazy Life

The 21 Day Fix saved my life.” And it has helped strengthen his relationship with his son. “When I was overweight and my son would ask, 'Dad, can we play basketball?' I would always find an excuse because I didn't have the energy,” Deon ...

Author: Autumn Calabrese

Publisher: Galvanized Media

ISBN: 9781940358512

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

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You can lose weight like crazy, and you can achieve anything! Autumn Calabrese shares the revolutionary step-by-step approach to lose weight that made her one of the top fitness and nutrition celebrities in the world. No cutting corners and no BS: In this book she reveals the personal struggles that shaped her approach to overcome excuses that led to this 30-day plan to succeed at weight loss, and life! Hey there! I’m Autumn Calabrese. I’m a Midwest girl, a single working mom who really had no business being in the business of health and fitness. But I found my passion in helping people achieve their weight-loss and health goals. I turned myself into a mini mega-mogul of nutrition and fitness with two of Beachbody’s most successful programs ever: 21 Day Fix and The Ultimate Portion Fix. I’ve led a crazy life and it’s still crazy—probably a lot like yours. I’ve faced tremendous hardships and disappointments that have deflated my self-confidence. But I’ve found a way to turn “failures” into “redirections” that have transformed my life. And you can do it, too! Over the past five years, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people finally get control of food and lose 10, 20, 30, even more than 100 pounds with my breakthrough weight-loss programs. And, now I’m going to do the same for you! Imagine enjoying your favorite CARBS, WINE AND COCKTAILS, AND EVEN CHOCOLATE CAKE and still melt fat to build the lean, fit, healthy body you’ve always wanted! Here’s my proposition: Give me just 30 days of your time, trust my process, GO ALL IN, and see what happens to your body. If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight before, I know why, and I have the solution. Lose Weight Like Crazy is NOT a DIET. There’s Zero Deprivation. It works by automatically controlling your portion sizes, eliminating those unhealthy, sugary processed foods that trigger cravings, and filling you up on a proven ratio of healthy whole foods. It’s simple. It’s backed by science. And it works. Here’s what YOU can expect while you lose weight like crazy: You won’t count calories! You won’t feel hungry or deprived! You can enjoy dessert! You can have a cocktail with your friends! You can speed up your results by adding fast, fun exercise routines that you’ll love! (free lifetime access to my 2 new workout videos included with the book!) You can maintain your new body and feel amazing—for life!

FCC Record

James and Sharon Deon Sepulveda ( Sepulveda ) are husband and wife and are prosecuting their application as a general partnership ( Sepulveda Ex . 1 at 2 ) . Each individual has an equal ownership interest in and an equal voice in the ...

Author: United States. Federal Communications Commission


ISBN: OSU:32435025410598

Category: Telecommunication


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Us Versus Them

Deon said he believed that positive loitering could be a good thing and, after a short pause, added: “and it probably works better when it's a little diverse.” The Northtowners and the CeaseFire workers then talked about the importance ...

Author: Jan Doering

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190066574

Category: Political Science

Page: 254

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"Crime and gentrification represent hot button issues in racially-diverse neighborhoods. Drawing on three and a half years of ethnographic fieldwork, Us Versus Them provides a detailed analysis of community conflict in Rogers Park and Uptown, two Chicago neighborhoods. The book shows how competing views about neighborhood change divided residents into two political camps, which prioritized either the fight against crime or the fight against gentrification. This division frequently materialized as a type of racial conflict, because anti-gentrification activists and their allies charged that grassroots anti-crime initiatives were, in truth, barely covert racist practices that meant to foster racial displacement and marginalization. Chapter by chapter, the book traces these conflicts in different areas of community life. It examines the strategies of public safety work that residents used to fight crime and how their efforts contributed to gentrification; how anti-gentrification activists resisted criminalization and gentrification; how politicians sought to actively use or downplay community divisions in their electoral campaigns; and how residents of different racial and ethnic backgrounds positioned themselves in these battles"--

Raised in Hell

Deon. D. Price. A non-fiction family dramedy about overcoming obstacles, family bond and survival. A true story of a family's struggle to endure in a challenging time and an even tougher environment. Delivered from the perspective of ...

Author: Deon Price

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491716380

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 290

View: 513


A non-fiction family dramedy about overcoming obstacles, family bond and survival. A true story of a family's struggle to endure in a challenging time and an even tougher environment. Delivered from the perspective of the youngest child of nine with humor, hardship and professional precision. "Deon D. Price has provided a trusted and respected perspective for youth. A great story teller, he has mastered the ability to deliver a critical and current message to today's youth culture. I endorse and support Deon's efforts."-Larry J. Moody, East Palo Alto, CA City Council Member"I was laughing out loud! There was laughter and tears at the same time. This will be as good as, if not better than a Madea movie!"- Evelyn L. Polk, LMFT and Author of "It's the Heart Work""Deon D. Price is the REAL DEAL, PERIOD. His experience as described in "Raised in Hell" is a perfect example of inspiration and hope for a plethora of young people to emulate! "-Kevin Bracy, Executive Producer of The MonSTARS of Motivation, Founder of Life Changers Intl."A great read! This book should be a blueprint for anyone committed to serving youth and families. I'm impressed with Deon's innovative approach and creative thinking for impacting young people."-Wil Cason, Motivational Speaker"To say that Deon D. Price and his journey in "Raised in Hell" is inspiring does not do it justice. He provides a well-lit path from illness to wellness inside urban America. He lifts me up and makes me and others go on doing what we do."- Mike Pritchard, Keynote Speaker, Author and Life Coach"Deon D. Price's heartbreaking yet laugh out loud story is a model of resiliency for today's youth and should be a must read for those giving their all to help improve the lives of young people in America."-Heidi Schrumpf, JD, PhD, University of Montana

Skakerings van blou

“Nog nie,” lag Deon. “Maar gee daardie man 'n kans. Hy kon sy oë nie van jou afhou nie.” “Jy verbeeljou.” Laura stap vinnig die trap op. Toe hulle op die groot stoep sit, vra sy: “Kan jy my asseblief ná ons tee gedrink het Seebries toe ...

Author: Frances Vermaak

Publisher: LAPA Uitgewers

ISBN: 9780799361698

Category: Fiction

Page: 111

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Laura ontmoet op dieselfde dag twee mans wat ewe aantreklik is en al twee wedywer om haar guns. Later blyk dit hulle verlede was lankal verstrengel. Gaan sy dieselfde fout as haar ouma maak?

When Pigs Fly

Justin found his friend, Deon, in the small room at the back of the warehouse, hunkering down beside a bike, examining a tire. Deon glanced up. “Hey, better go see the boss. He was just here looking for you and wasn't happy.

Author: Joy Lynn Goddard

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460273739

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 168

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As a gun is pointed in her direction, Maddie falls on the subway tracks — with the train in the tunnel only minutes away. Her spiky heel is caught. While she desperately tries to pull it free, her friends look down from the platform, frozen in shock. It is then that a tall man in a ball cap jumps down to save her. Although his face is in the shadows, there’s no mistaking the pale green eyes that stare back at her in terror — they’re just like her own — before all goes black!

Bee the Change

Deon nodded. “Already taken. What about . . . Gorilla Man?” “Too much like Tarzan,” Connor replied. “The rhino?” “Nah,” Deon replied. “I think that's one of the bad guys in the Spider-Man comics. He crashes into walls or something.

Author: James Preller

Publisher: HMH Books For Young Readers

ISBN: 9781328973399


Page: 96

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The Big Idea Gang is buzzing with excitement! They're going to show Clay Elementary just how important bees can be in this chapter book series about making a case--and making a difference--by the author of Jigsaw Jones. After Kym and Lizzie get the awesome opportunity to visit a bee colony, they realize all the wonderful things bees do! But how can it be that these amazing insects are disappearing? And what will happen to our food chain without the great pollinators buzzing about? If only everyone else at Clay Elementary could understand how important the bees are for the environment! Now that's a big idea that needs to be shared! With the help of Connor and Deon, Kym and Lizzie set out to show theirschool the beauty of bees, and use their powers of persuasion to make a difference in the world.

The Fire Portrait

Truda jumped up and rushed over to Deon and put her arm round him. 'It's his chance!' From outside came a volley of barking and Wynand Louw burst out of his chair and wrenched the curtains open and screamed voetsak! before turning back ...

Author: Barbara Mutch

Publisher: Allison & Busby Ltd

ISBN: 9780749026745

Category: Fiction


View: 556


‘An author with great skill in crafting a gripping and soul-searching story’ Leah Fleming When Englishwoman Frances McDonald sets up home in a remote hamlet in South Africa in the the shadow of the Hex Mountains, she is regarded with suspicion by the community. Confined by a marriage of convenience, she seeks an outlet by learning the local language, teaching art, and exhibiting her paintings of the stunning veld landscape. Soon the spectre of war threatens to divide not only the country but the town itself and scupper Frances’ hard-won acceptance. While her husband leaves to fight for the Allies, Frances chances to meet a former love. The bright joy of that unexpected reunion is clouded by a day that will change her life. Out of the smoke and ash of a shocking fire, she is propelled on a journey that will take her from the arid veld to the bright lights of London and beyond.