Deadly Contest

Usually the bazaar area represented the best place to scrounge, but the competition from others desperate for the same thing was f1erce there. The quality of nourishment in the trash and garbage cans in the middle class houses north and ...

Author: Charles R Sterbakov

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The Caribbean Islands, known for their crystal clear waters, eye-popping sunsets and friendly natives, are favored vacation spots. But mixed within these happy places are a few islands known more for their poverty and despair. Of these, the ugliest, most desperate country is Barrita, ruled with an iron hand by a tyrant named Jacque Massoult. In 1937, a poor Berritian family gives birth to a baby boy. A beautiful child, perfectly formed, but with one damning deformity his skin is light, almost white. His parents consider him an evil being, a devil, and want him to be sacrificed, but a voodoo priest decides to put the childs life to a test during a full moon ceremony. He survives, forcing his parents to keep him until he is old enough to take care of himself. The child, given the white mans name of Martin, grows up hated, not just by his parents, but by all who know him. A few years later, another child named Stefan Palente is born, this time to one of the wealthiest families on the island. His father, who is a descendant of the former white French Colonial rulers, controls the largest industry on the island, a petroleum reprocessing plant. When Stefan is ten years old, he develops polio, leaving him partially lame. As he grows older, the natural tendency of his family to spoil him and the comparative wealth of his family, contribute to making him a bit of a playboy, interested only in satisfying his desires. The sudden death of his older brother, Phillip, thrusts Stefan into the role of next in line to assume control of the company, a job he desperately does not want. Stefans younger sister is Alicia, a stunningly beautiful child. At sixteen, she looks much older and is selected by the President of the country to represent Barrita (with a new birth certificate showing her age as eighteen) in the Miss Earth contest. She is very shy, however, and does not want to take part in the pageant. She turns to Stefan, who has always been her best friend and protector, to find a way out. The President-for-life and supreme ruler of the tiny nation, Father Jack Massoult, is anxious for a victory at the contest, hoping that it will bring tourists and additional income to the island. He does not tolerate failure, and can go to extremes to get his own way. The four of them become enmeshed in a life-or-death struggle that has dire consequences, not only for them, but for the entire nation of Barrita.

Deadly Competition

“Good—because the people who wrote the contest essays are the ones who are supposed to read them tonight after the dinner.” She winked. ... “Portia Rogers came by awhile ago, quite concerned that you Deadly Competition 158.

Author: Roxanne Rustand

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The single mother hasn't been found. And all her daughter, Sarah, has is her uncle. Clueless at parenting, Clint Herald seeks a loving, responsible nanny. What he finds instead is a stranger as mysterious as his sister's disappearance. Mandy Erick is secretive and seems scared, yet she's so good with Sarah that Clint can't help but trust her. In fact, he even enters Mandy in the town's Mother of the Year contest. But attention is the last thing Mandy wants. Her time in the public eye may prove just as dangerous as she fears.

The Eclectic Review

When Jesus and Satan are brought into collision , there is indeed a deadly contest , but it is purely of a spiritual kind . Satan employs all his artifice to introduce sin into the soul of our Lord , and Jesus repels it by the word of ...

Author: Samuel Greatheed


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The Indian Penal Code Act XLV of 1860

If a person , being in possession of a deadly weapon , enters into a contest with another , intending at the time to avail himself of it , and in the course of the contest actually uses it , and kills the other , it will be murder ...

Author: India



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A Soldier of Fortune

A DEADLY CONTEST . 89 the posidiscovered his mistake , commenced a forced march to overtake the enemy before a battle took place - reached the field just in time to capture some prisoners and seize a part of the enemy's artillery .

Author: John W. Mc Donald


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Sketches of Lago Maggiore and Pallanza

They re - crossed the Mincio , and twenty days after the battle of Magenta were again engaged in deadly contest with the allies at the double battle of Solferino and San Martino ; the former being the ground occupied by the French ...

Author: William Owen (Chaplain at Pallanza.)


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Historical Sketch of the Chemung Valley Etc

... and the deadly forest ; and the van - guard of our army had struggle was again commenced with increased scarcely ... springing like tigers to the American garrison at Fort Schuyler with the deadly contest - the partriots fighting ...

Author: Theseus Apoleon Cheney


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Neoclassical Microeconomic Theory

It may at any time explode into a deadly contest , ending ... in ruin and desolation ' . Here the dangers of competition ' become manifest in ' excessive production ' ( ibid .: 209 ) . Again , we have another illustration of Wieser's ...

Author: A. M. Endres

Publisher: Psychology Press

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This work examines the contribution of the Austrian school to our understanding of markets as economic processes.

The Tennessee Legal Reporter

ing ) as to deprive him of the right to defend himself and repel a deadly assault . ... seeking and provoking a deadly contest , and he did provoke it and killed the deceased in such conflict , then he would certainly be guilty of ...



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The Legal Reporter

ing ) as to deprive him of the right to defend himself and repel a deadly assault . ... If the defendant went to the gate with the purpose and intent of seeking and provoking a deadly contest , and he did provoke it and killed the ...



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