Deadly Betrayal

As acting Director, Thatcher decides to delegate his administrative chores to the Club, reviews the reports of his investigators, then sets out on his own doing what he does best: he mounts his own vest pocket investigation.

Author: Donald Scott Richards


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President Walter Coopersmith selects Richard Thatcher, a professional, as his Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In private, Coopersmith confides his dissatisfaction with Director James Stearne and his plan to replace him with Thatcher. This puts Thatcher in a very uncomfortable position. At Thatcher's confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Thatcher loses his temper and clashes with Senator Judy Gonzales. By nightfall, Gonzales is dead, the first victim of a serial killer. The President ignores the media's sensational linkage of Thatcher's committee appearance and Gonzales' murder and pushes Thatcher's confirmation through the Senate. Before the Bureau's investigators can identify the murderer, he strikes again, killing Senator Rashid Jones, one of Gonzales' closest collaborators in her futile campaign to force campaign finance reform on the Congress. Thatcher, chafing under the bureaucratic strictures that require him to delegate responsibility for the expanding investigation, arranges to have Barbara Collins, a long time friend and colleague, to be assigned to the case. Collins' assignment provides members of the Club, a loose clique of senior Bureau officers who resent Thatcher's elevation to command, the opportunity to challenge him. Barbara Collins and lead investigator Orson Dodrill concentrate their investigation on Gonzales's office. The Governor of California selects Gonzales' chief administrative assistant, Charles Stevens, to serve out Gonzales' term. Barbara identifies Stevens as the man with a motive, the one who benefited most from Gonzales' demise. Stevens frustrates the Bureau investigators, but not for long; he soon falls as the killer's third victim. The remaining member of the Gonzales triad, Senator Rae Campbell-Holden who shares the campaign reform issue, turns to the media. Fearing for her own safety, attributing nefarious political motives to the opposition, she demands that the Washington establishment identify the killer of her friends before he decimates the entire United States Senate. Thatcher, inhibited by the restraints of his lofty position and encumbered by the burden of managing a large bureaucracy, frets. Director Stearne, strangely aloof from the sensational investigation, embarks on a lengthy overseas trip. As acting Director, Thatcher decides to delegate his administrative chores to the Club, reviews the reports of his investigators, then sets out on his own doing what he does best: he mounts his own vest pocket investigation. Thatcher decides that the killer is someone closely engaged in Senate business, but not a staffer or senator. With the President's help-the President is, after all, the nation's foremost politician-Thatcher concentrates on the special interests, the lobbying corps that besieges the politicians with their money and favors. Again, the killer strikes. This time the victim is a young staffer in Gonzales' office. Despite the killer's best efforts to deny the investigators evidence, the clues accumulate. The killer, learning as he goes, indulges his strange sense of humor. At each crime scene, he leaves behind an odd message. Tiring of reacting to the killer, Thatcher decides to go proactive. He deliberately provokes the killer, using a venue provided by Thatcher's girl friend, Mavis Davis, a network White House correspondent. Using information provided by Thatcher, Barbara Collins and the Bureau's investigative team narrow the list of suspects. Finally, a black entry to the killer's home provides circumstantial evidence, a few strands of fabric that match those found at each murder scene. Lacking sufficient legal evidence to arrest the suspect, Thatcher takes a chance. The case culminates in a showdown at the apartment of Senator Ca

Variety TV REV 1991 92 17

DEAD IN THE WATER ( USA World Premiere Movie ) ( USA Network ; b / o novel Web of Murder ] D / 12-4-91 DEAD ON THE ... IN LINGERIE 2-4-91 / homevideo DEADLY AMAZONS D / 4-1-92 / vidcassette DEADLY BET 6-8-92 / homevideo DEADLY BETRAYAL ...

Author: Prouty

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First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Complete Actors Television Credits 1948 1988 Actors

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Author: James Robert Parish

Publisher: Complete Actors' Television Cr

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Chronicles the individual performances of 1,587 performers from 1948 to 1988 (including cartoon, pilot, variety, telefilm, and documentary credits). While only a few reference sources deserve to be called essential, this important work justifies superlatives. --ARBA

International Television Video Almanac

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Murder by Family

DEADLY. INTRUDER. On December 10, 2003, an intruder waits inside the home of Kent and Tricia Whitaker. ... FATHER. How can a father survive the anguish of what his son has done and forgive such betrayal? Murder by ...

Author: Kent Whitaker

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439139981

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This is the tragic story of Kent Whitaker's heart-wrenching journey toward forgiveness and faith after the brutal murder of his wife and one of his sons. Straight from the headlines comes an incredible true story of a son's treachery. For the first time, readers are offered inside access to the emotional drama that went on behind the scenes. At the core is the remarkable healing power of forgiveness, demonstrated by Kent Whitaker, which shows how the survivors of such atrocious events can still forgive those who have permanently damaged their lives. One evening, the Whitaker family returned home after dinner, celebrating a son's impending graduation from college. On opening the front door, they faced a gunman lying in wait. The gunman opened fire, instantly killing the younger son and Kent's wife, leaving Kent and his older son lying wounded until police and ambulances arrived. While recovering in the hospital, Kent resolved in his heart to forgive whoever was responsible for the deaths of his wife and son. Over the next few weeks, it was discovered that the whole murder plot had been orchestrated by the surviving son -- whom Kent had unknowingly forgiven. After a trial that resulted in a death sentence for his son, Kent emerged from this harrowing ordeal to share their astonishing journey toward forgiveness and redemption.

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Author: David Deal

Publisher: McFarland

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If the made-for-television movie has long been regarded as a poor stepchild of the film industry, then telefilm horror has been the most uncelebrated offspring of all. Considered unworthy of critical attention, scary movies made for television have received little notice over the years. Yet millions of fans grew up watching them—especially during the 1970s—and remember them fondly. This exhaustive survey addresses the lack of critical attention by evaluating such films on their own merits. Covering nearly 150 made-for-TV fright movies from the 1970s, the book includes credits, a plot synopsis, and critical commentary for each. From the well-remembered Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark to the better-forgotten Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby, it’s a trustworthy and entertaining guide to the golden age of the televised horror movie.

Deadly Secrets

A Pulitzer Prize nominee for his landmark work, The Court-Martial of Lt. Calley, Richard Hammer is a fearless chronicler of the dark side of human nature. Here in one volume are three of his most electrifying true crime accounts.

Author: Richard Hammer

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504052283

Category: True Crime

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From a multiple Edgar Award winner: Three gripping accounts of murder, betrayal, and greed that made headlines and shocked the nation. A Pulitzer Prize nominee for his landmark work, The Court-Martial of Lt. Calley, Richard Hammer is a fearless chronicler of the dark side of human nature. Here in one volume are three of his most electrifying true crime accounts. The CBS Murders: On a warm spring evening in New York City, four people were shot in a parking lot near the CBS television studios in Midtown. But detectives soon discovered that only one victim was the intended target; the others were eyewitnesses who tragically stumbled onto the scene of the crime. In this Edgar Award–winning account, the NYPD sets out on the trail of a merciless assassin, uncovering one of the most diabolical criminal conspiracies in the city’s history. “A gripping police procedural.” —Kirkus Reviews Beyond Obsession: Joyce Aparo seemed to be the perfect single mother, doting on her daughter, Karin. But behind closed doors, Joyce had been viciously abusing the sixteen-year-old violin prodigy for years. Then, Karin met the equally troubled Dennis Coleman, and the two fell head-over-heels into lustful infatuation. Soon after, Joyce’s strangled body was found under a bridge. Dennis would eventually confess to the murder, claiming Karin begged him to kill her mother. But Karin had a very different story to tell. Was this really a twisted case of love and obsession, or was Karin now manipulating the police the same way she manipulated her former boyfriend? “This true-crime tale has all the elements of a novel . . . A satisfying read.” —Library Journal The Vatican Connection: Matteo de Lorenzo was one of the New York mob’s top earners when he and his ruthless business partner, Vincent Rizzo, traveled to Europe to discuss a plan to launder millions of dollars worth of phony securities. Their partner in crime? Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, the scandal-plagued president of the Vatican Bank. What they didn’t know was that Det. Joseph Coffey was already on their trail. The legendary New York policeman worked tirelessly to trace the fraudulent stocks and bonds around the world and deep into the corridors of power in Washington, DC, and Rome. This “explosive” Edgar Award winner has “all the ingredients of a thriller” (San Francisco Chronicle).

TV Guide

... Murder swashbuckler , Sean Bean's CBS , 9 / 8c This disturbing in My Mind , Living in hell - for - leather rifleman Fear , Deadly Betrayal is dispatched by the Duke January repeat has a small New Jersey burg turn into and Deadly ...



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LAT TV Times , 5/17/92 , p3 SFC TV Week , 5/17/92 , p36 " The Danger of Love " , CBS - TV movie . ... LAT TV Times , 12/6/92 , p3 SFC TV Week , 12/6/92 , p36 " Deadly Betrayal : The Bruce Curtis Story " , NBC - TV movie .



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