Dead Men s Trousers

All the shite that you've let define ye: that ignorance, certainty and reticence. Because it's fuckin crap, all of it. You're nothing but a work-in-progress until that day you fall out of this world into the land ay dead men's trousers.

Author: Irvine Welsh

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781473555587

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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**A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER** Mark Renton from Trainspotting is back – and he’s finally a success An international jet-setter, he now makes significant money managing DJs, but the constant travel, airport lounges, soulless hotel rooms and broken relationships have left him dissatisfied with his life. He’s then rocked by a chance encounter with Frank Begbie, from whom he’d been hiding for years after a terrible betrayal and the resulting debt. But the psychotic Begbie appears to have reinvented himself as a celebrated artist and – much to Mark’s astonishment – doesn’t seem interested in revenge. Sick Boy and Spud, who have agendas of their own, are intrigued to learn that their old friends are back in town, but when they enter the bleak world of organ-harvesting, things start to go so badly wrong. Lurching from crisis to crisis, the four men circle each other, driven by their personal histories and addictions, confused, angry – so desperate that even Hibs winning the Scottish Cup doesn’t really help. One of these four will not survive to the end of this book. Which one of them is wearing Dead Men’s Trousers? ‘Welsh is on compulsively readable, searingly funny form’ The Times ‘No one captures the competing affections and resentments that underpin lifelong friendships like Welsh’ Esquire

Dead Men s Clubs

The bartender and wait stafl exquisitely attired in white shirts and trousers, circulated through the room; black ascotsfor the men, white blouses and skirtsfor the women. Through the elaborate double doors was a balcony with a view ...

Author: Charlie Ryan

Publisher: Abbott Press

ISBN: 1458205681

Category: Fiction

Page: 326

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Munch Malone is one seriously inept golfer, but that hasn’t dimmed his enthusiasm for the game. Now, at seventy, Munch, a high handicapper, has drawn some unlikely attention—from the afterlife. From on high, two golfers—both quite deceased—have been scouring Earth on a quest to find the perfect golfer. But there are so many golfers on so many golf courses. If they are ever to play the game they both loved so much in life again, they need just the right golfer for a grand experiment from the Great Beyond. And then they find Munch. Target acquired, they settle back into their easy chairs in the great clubhouse in the sky, drinks in hand, to watch as their experiment plays itself out down on terra firma—on high-definition television, of course. Meanwhile, down on Earth, Munch is going about his life, oblivious to the role he is about to play in their game. He’s just invested in clubs that once belonged to scratch golfers— his secret strategy for success in the USGA Senior Men’s Amateur Championship. But his destiny to win the Open is derailed as Vegas operatives plot to steal his clubs. The escapade romps across The Greenbrier’s Old White Golf Course and into the hotel’s underground bunker—as the adventure is spiced up by sexual twists and Glocks being drawn on the course. Now, it’s a battle of wills—both terrestrial and heavenly—to see if Munch’s destiny or his ineptitude will reign supreme.

Dead Men s Socks Short Reads

'Those . . .' He pointed at the two sets of feet in front of them. Shoes off already. Ankles splayed. Very dead. ... from the kidney bowl on the silver autopsy table and carefully cut up through the front of all four trouser legs.

Author: David Hewson

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780330544825

Category: Fiction

Page: 38

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David Hewson is the author of the highly acclaimed Nic Costa detective series, set in Rome. In Dead Men's Socks, this exclusive short story, Hewson focuses on one of Nic Costa's colleagues, Gianni Peroni. Gianni Peroni is at a loose end – his friends and colleagues are all out of the office for a variety of different reasons. He's got nothing urgent to do but he notices that the pathologist has a busy day ahead: during the night two corpses were picked out of the Tiber. At first glance, it seems that the similarities between the two men end there. The bodies were found in different parts of the river, and it is clear once they have been identified that they come from very different walks of life. One is a wealthy psychiatrist, the other a young Roma boy with a police record for petty theft. But upon closer examination, Peroni notices something rather extraordinary. The men are both wearing exactly the same odd socks . . .

Dead Men s Shoes

Mr. Trenchard wears nankeen waistcoat and trousers , very loose for his lean limbs , and a glossy black frock coat , also loose , a black satin scarf with a gold pin , and high shirt collars ; a double gold eye - glass dangles on his ...

Author: Braddon


ISBN: UBBE:UBBE-00100096



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Dead Men s Shoes

Mr. Trenchard wears nankeen waistcoat and trousers , very loose for his lean limbs , and a glossy black frock coat , also loose , a black satin scarf with a gold pin , and high shirt collars ; a double gold eye - glass dangles on his ...

Author: Mary Elizabeth Braddon


ISBN: CORNELL:31924013522812


Page: 649

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Dead Men s Hearts

he said to Julie as he slipped quickly into a shirt and trousers. She nodded thoughtfully, sitting up in bed under the covering sheet, her arms around her knees. "Gideon, you don't suppose ..." She stopped, looking hard at him.

Author: Aaron Elkins

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781497609914

Category: Fiction

Page: 234

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Edgar Award–winning author: “A cunning plot, a remarkably appealing hero, some uproariously funny dialogue . . . a winning combination.” —Booklist An ancient skeleton tossed in a garbage dump is the first conundrum to rattle Gideon Oliver when he arrives in Egypt. There to appear in a documentary film, he expects an undemanding week of movie star treatment and a luxurious cruise up the Nile with his wife, Julie. But when Gideon discovers a tantalizing secret in the discarded bones—and violence claims a famous Egyptologist’s life—he is thrust into a spotlight of a different kind. Plying his calipers as the world’s foremost forensic anthropologist, Gideon’s investigation of the goings‐on leads him through the back alleys and bazaars of Cairo and deep into the millennia‐old tombs of the Valley of the Kings. As the puzzle is painstakingly pieced together, Gideon will find that the identifying traits of a cunning killer are the same now as they were in the time of the pyramids: greed without guilt, lies without conscience . . . and murder without remorse. Dead Men’s Hearts is the 8th book in the Gideon Oliver Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Dead Men and Broken Hearts

and flannel outfit with the navy duffle coat before heading out to a camping store I knew about in the West End of the city ... I picked out apair of waterproof trousers and another flat cap, something Iwould normally not beseendead in.

Author: Craig Russell

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780857385536

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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November 1956. While the world is gripped by the Suez Crisis, investigator Lennox has more immediate concerns, like getting his life and his business back on track. So, when a woman comes into his office and hires him to follow her two-timing husband, it seems the perfect case. Straightforward, typical - if a little sordid - and most of all, legal. But as he begins to dig deeper, Lennox realizes that this is no ordinary case of marital infidelity. He finds himself caught by the police in a room with a dead body; pursued by shadowy members of the intelligence community; and once more a target of the Three Kings, the crime bosses who between them run Glasgow's underworld. Lennox must again draw on the violent, war-damaged part of his personality that he has tried to keep buried, in order to survive...

Calling a Dead Man

Not instead of Hayley's own coat and trousers, but as extras. There was a pair of men's trousers that had to be held up with a piece of cord. A baggy fur coat, old and smelly but still with an amazing thickness of coarse, springy hair.

Author: Gillian Cross

Publisher: Oxford University Press - Children

ISBN: 9780192757357

Category: Juvenile Fiction


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John Cox is dead, killed in an explosion while at work. His younger sister Hayley can't believe he's gone. Determined to see the place of his death, she flies to Moscow with John's fiancée, Annie-but the site they're shown where John died. Suddenly it seems that there's more to his death than a tragic accident. Using a tracking system to locate John's mobile phone, Hayley and Annie find the real site of the explosion . . . but they are completely at the mercy of John's former Russian boss and his English speaking son, who have taken them there. Upon recovering the phone, it's clear that John is still alive. Meanwhile, in the Siberian forest, John is being nursed back from the brink of death by a village woman. As he slowly recovers he begins to piece together the truth: he's at the heart of a dangerous power struggle between two brothers who are desperate to silence him-for good.

Anna Marilena s Four Sorrows

He had skulked about in outlying streets of the nearest town and bought civilian clothes in makeshift markets, women making a few lire on clothes never to be worn again: dead men's trousers, dead men's shirts, dead men's overcoats, ...

Author: Irene Musillo Mitchell

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781418457150

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Visiting the southern Italian city of her birth, Chiara Gabrieli is dazzled by the brilliance of the Mediterranean sun and the haunting antiquity of the landscape, where gods and ancients once walked. Inspired by her surroundings and ghosts of her own, she is compelled to write the story of her grandmother Anna Marilena and her four sorrows. Set in the picturesque hilltop city of Monteseviano, Chiara’s story spans the years 1900-1944, during which Anna Marilena’s family is caught up in the turmoil of emigrations to America, Fascism, and World War II. The shattering of Italy and the portrayal of America as the "Home Front," are among the absorbing themes of the story. The vivid descriptions of daily life in Monteseviano impart a palpable sense of the land-scape, architecture, foods, and culture of Southern Italy. Anna Marilena’s Four Sorrows, a novel of grand scope, recreating the first decades of the twentieth century in Italy and America. Cover design by Sean Mitchell Painting by Giuseppe Dimichino

Unto the Sons

Expecting no opposition, and receiving none, Cristianilowered his head to concentrate entirely on his own task; ... ironing cuffs, and attending to other details that would make the dead men's trousers as presentable as possible on the ...

Author: Gay Talese

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780307765413

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 592

View: 202


"An Italian ROOTS." —The Washington Post Book World At long last, Gay Talese, one of America's greatest living authors, employs his prodigious storytelling gifts to tell the saga of his own family's emigration to America from Italy in the years preceding World War II. Ultimately it is the story of all immigrant families and the hope and sacrifice that took them from the familiarity of the old world into the mysteries and challenges of the new.