Dancing on the Edge

The National Book Award-winning novel of a young girl’s coming of age, from the author of Send Me Down a Miracle.

Author: Han Nolan

Publisher: HMH

ISBN: 9780544612389

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 264

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The National Book Award-winning novel of a young girl’s coming of age, from the author of Send Me Down a Miracle. Twelve-year-old Miracle McCloy never liked the story of her remarkable birth, but her grandmother Gigi has always loved telling it. An expert in occult magic, Gigi insists that when Miracle was saved from her dead mother’s womb, it was an omen of greatness to come. But how can Miracle become a prodigy like her father when sometimes she feels like she doesn’t even exist? When her father suddenly vanishes without a trace, Miracle’s life starts feeling less miraculous by the day. The only time she feels whole is when she’s dancing—an activity her grandmother strictly forbids. But shortly after her thirteenth birthday, a life-threatening incident puts her whole world in a harsh new light. And though she does not emerge unscathed, Miracle might finally see the truth about her past, her family, and herself. “Extraordinary . . . Nolan does a masterful job of drawing readers into the girl’s mind and of making them care deeply about her chances for the future.” —School Library Journal (starred review) “Elaborately drawn characters that will surprise readers at every turn . . . Compelling.” —Booklist (starred review)

Fortress of My Youth

Dancing on the edge of death The attic of the former Terezín brewery was unbelievably spacious . ing straight to the Mädchenheim from work . Directly under the roof , there were tiny , ingeniously constructed cells made of masonite and ...

Author: Jana Renée Friesová

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 0299178102

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 190

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Jana Renée Friesová was fifteen when she was imprisoned by the Nazis in the Czech ghetto town of Terezín. Her memoir tells the poignantly familiar story of a young girl who, even under the most abominable circumstances, engages in intense adolescent friendships, worries with her companions over her looks, and falls in love. Anne Frank’s diary ends with deportation to a concentration camp; Fortress of My Youth, in contrast, takes the reader deep into the horrors of daily life in a camp that were faced by a young girl and her family. But Friesová also tells of love, joy, sacrifice, and the people who shared in the most profound experiences of her life.


Dancing on the edge of the fire Dancing on the edge of the fire The fire is streaming down from the sky The sky is churning so red a pyre So am I as I say good-bye Dancing on the edge of the waters The waters rising leaven It's cool ...


Publisher: Lulu.com

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Narrative Turns and Minor Genres in Postmodernism

Dancing at the Edge of the World . New York : Grove , 1989. 147-60 . " The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction . " Dancing at the Edge of the World . New York : Grove , 1989. 165-70 . " The Child and the Shadow . " The Language of the Night .

Author: Theo D'haen

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9051838506

Category: Social Science

Page: 324

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Dancing at the Edge of the World

The celebrated author offers her thoughts on a broad range of subjects, including literary criticism, the state of science fiction writing today, and government and governmental policies

Author: Ursula K. Le Guin

Publisher: Grove Press

ISBN: 0802135293

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 306

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The celebrated author offers her thoughts on a broad range of subjects, including literary criticism, the state of science fiction writing today, and government and governmental policies

The Influence of Imagination

Dancing at the Edge ofthe World: Thoughts on Words, Women, Places. New York: Grove, ¡989. 80–¡00. _____. Searoad: Chronicles ofKlatsand. New York: HarperCollins, ¡99¡. _____. Introduction. Way of the Water's Going: Images ofthe Northern ...

Author: Lee Easton

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786432301

Category: Social Science

Page: 236

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This collection of essays examines the potential connections between speculative fiction and actual social change. Through a variety of approaches, the contributors explore whether consumers of science fiction and fantasy narratives can experience a real shift in their worldviews as a result of that consumption. Topics include the utopian vision of California in Ursula K. LeGuin's Always Coming Home, the changing role of women in science fiction pulp magazines, and the representation of progress and social change in popular graphic novels.

About Art

dancing impossibly close to the edge Nineteen days out of Soldotna on the second leg of this journey. Today was a long day. Two hundred miles down the coast of Oregon filled with vistas so spectacular my chest hurts from what I've seen.

Author: Stan Berning

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780578006239

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 132

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This morning I am contemplating how we humans, awkwardly tangled in dreams of salvation, struggle to lend meaning to a physical world that is most often brutally indifferent. It may be that the one thing of substantial power left to us is our own imagination. Thus begins the story of a road trip up the West Coast of North America; a journey which comes to a dramatic conclusion months later in Mexico. A unique look at the nature of prayer, the power of dreams, and the risks and rewards we all face imagining ourselves into the world, 'about art' is the memoir of one artist's quest to understand the life he has lived.

The Witness of Preaching

... ( a set of approaches to preaching that developed in American homiletics after about 1970 ) has treated the question of sermon form in The Sermon : Dancing the Edge of Mystery ( Nashville : Abingdon Press , 1997 ) , 20–28 . 5.

Author: Thomas G. Long

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 0664229433

Category: Religion

Page: 286

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This thorough revision of this classic text is even clearer and more helpful than the first edition. Long has updated the language, expanded the key chapter on biblical exegesis, and has included more examples of sermon forms, illustrations, and conclusions.

The Ideas Industry

David Carr, “Journalists Dancing on the Edge of Truth,” New York Times, August 19, 2012. See Jeffrey Goldberg, “Fareedenfreude (or, Alternatively, Schadenfareed),” The Atlantic, August 14, 2012. Interview with Zakaria, December 8, 2015.

Author: Daniel Drezner

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190264628

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

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The public intellectual, as a person and ideal, has a long and storied history. Writing in venues like the New Republic and Commentary, such intellectuals were always expected to opine on a broad array of topics, from foreign policy to literature to economics. Yet in recent years a new kind of thinker has supplanted that archetype: the thought leader. Equipped with one big idea, thought leaders focus their energies on TED talks rather than highbrow periodicals. How did this shift happen? In The Ideas Industry, Daniel W. Drezner points to the roles of political polarization, heightened inequality, and eroding trust in authority as ushering in the change. In contrast to public intellectuals, thought leaders gain fame as single-idea merchants. Their ideas are often laudable and highly ambitious: ending global poverty by 2025, for example. But instead of a class composed of university professors and freelance intellectuals debating in highbrow magazines, thought leaders often work through institutions that are closed to the public. They are more immune to criticism--and in this century, the criticism of public intellectuals also counts for less. Three equally important factors that have reshaped the world of ideas have been waning trust in expertise, increasing political polarization and plutocracy. The erosion of trust has lowered the barriers to entry in the marketplace of ideas. Thought leaders don't need doctorates or fellowships to advance their arguments. Polarization is hardly a new phenomenon in the world of ideas, but in contrast to their predecessors, today's intellectuals are more likely to enjoy the support of ideologically friendly private funders and be housed in ideologically-driven think tanks. Increasing inequality as a key driver of this shift: more than ever before, contemporary plutocrats fund intellectuals and idea factories that generate arguments that align with their own. But, while there are certainly some downsides to the contemporary ideas industry, Drezner argues that it is very good at broadcasting ideas widely and reaching large audiences of people hungry for new thinking. Both fair-minded and trenchant, The Ideas Industry will reshape our understanding of contemporary public intellectual life in America and the West.