Curious about Crocodiles

Or that they climb trees to sunbathe? Sink you teeth into this illustrated guide to the largest reptiles on Earth, full of facts on crocodiles and alligators and the watery places they lurk."--Back cover

Author: Owen Davey

Publisher: Owen Davey Animal Series

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The saltwater crocodiles are not only extremely attentive and cautious. They are also very curious. Because of my rather quiet position, I was not perceived as such a high-level disturbance and threat as a group of people or a motorized ...

Author: Steffen Pichler

Publisher: ZEIS Verlag

ISBN: 9783947430444

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For decades, Steffen Pichler travelled the most remote coasts of the planet by sea kayak and fed on nature. In the far north-east of Australia, he extensively encountered the largest reptiles on earth, the saltwater crocodiles. Thereby he made a spectacular discovery that may seem absurd at first glance: This animal, suited with enormous physical power and a fearsome appearance, has adapted, both in anatomy and behaviour, in ways to ensure that it disturbs and damages weaker lifeforms in its environment as little as possible, for an absolute apex predator on the very top of the ecological food pyramid. This can be demonstrated seamlessly in all characteristics of anatomy as well as behaviour, which in this respect could not be improved even theoretically. In everyday life, it is evident in extreme inconspicuousness, calmness and restraint. But even the killing of the prey, which is unavoidable in the ecological top position, occurs so surprisingly and quickly that the suffering produced could not be less. Pichler proves, also on the basis of his photographs of free-living saltwater crocodiles, that all this is the result of an evolutionary adaptation to the most fundamental laws of animate nature and that precisely here lies the true reason for the unprecedented permanence of the life form "crocodile" at the top of the food pyramid with numerous species for over 250 million years. He shows that these laws must have ordered life since its beginnings and that they can be described in a similarly concrete way as is possible with the already known physical laws of the space-time structure, such as gravity. A reflection that opens up a huge field of possible knowledge that has not yet been tapped in the natural sciences. In this way, the true core cause of all the present problems of civilisation becomes recognisable and even greater dangers become visible, which have arisen through the disregard of the said laws of nature. And finally, the reflection even leads beyond the observable world of the universe - in a serious approach based on pure observation and logic. Pictures and more:

In Crocodile Land

Also, they are so inquisitive and, as we say, “curiosity killed the cat”. ... The crocodile, in his own way, is keenly inquisitive too, keen to find out what some strange thing is, curious to know what the other fellow is doing.

Author: Ion Idriess

Publisher: ETT Imprint

ISBN: 9781922698315

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In Crocodile Land is principally the story of travels by lugger through northern waters and into slimy creeks where the huge crocodiles abound. The author took part in many hunting expeditions and enlightens us on the various methods adopted for catching these fearsome creatures. The party had more than a little success, to the great glee of the blackfellows who accompanied them. We journey next into the country of the buffaloes. Here on sunlit clearings through thickets of pandanus palms the buffaloes were to be found in hundreds... There is plenty of risk in hunting the buffalo... Once the shooting starts, the horse must continue his gallop, faster than the buffaloes and alongside them, keeping them going. One stumble and the end is near for horse and rider. - Western Mail, Perth 1946 Although it has the thrill of crocodile shooting and trapping as its central theme, the book also affords a sympathetic and fascinating study of the aborigines and their tribal customs, slants on the dangerous sport of buffalo hunting, and vivid pen pictures of Wyndham, Darwin and other far northern towns. - Adelaide Advertiser, 1946 Introduced by Tony McKenna

Reptiles and fishes

Orinoco Crocodile . such as Ecuador , Colombia , Venezuela , and Florida , this crocodile is also met with the West ... It was curious , observes Humboldt , to see the address with which the little reptiles defended themselves for a ...

Author: Richard Lydekker


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The Royal Natural History

2 such as Ecuador , Colombia , Venezuela , and Florida , this crocodile is also met with in the West Indian ... It was curious , observes Humboldt , to see the address with which the little reptiles defended themselves for a time ...

Author: Richard Lydekker


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Alligators in China Their History Description Identification

This description is also accompanied with a curious engraving intended to represent a crocodile , but it is evidently drawn a great deal more from imagination than from nature . The body which is covered with oval scales , very distant ...

Author: Albert Auguste Fauvel


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The River Congo from Its Mouth to Bolobo

When you come to consider the Reptiles of the Upper Congo , the crocodile is the first to attract your attention , because he is the ... It is curious that the crocodiles in this river rarely do more than lop off an arm or a leg from ...

Author: Harry Johnston


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A to Zoo Subject Access to Children s Picture Books 10th Edition

Crocodile (Llewellyn, Claire), 921 The crocodile (Noonan, Diana), 1009 The crocodile and the dentist (Gomi, Taro), ... 804 The curious cares of bears (Florian, Douglas), 751 Curious catwalk (Gravdahl, John), 786 A curious ...

Author: Rebecca L. Thomas

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CONSERVING CROCODILES In Darwin , Australia , curious students gather around a small classroom guest . The visitor is a young saltwater crocodile , whose mouth is held shut with a rubber band . Some students peek at the reptile from ...

Author: Judith Jango-Cohen

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

ISBN: 0761414460

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Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and endangered status of crocodiles.