Crystal Visions Tarot

Author: Jennifer Galasso

Publisher: U S Games Systems

ISBN: 157281702X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


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Fantasy artist Jennifer Galasso has created Crystal Visions Tarot in a unique style with ethereal faerie imagery and a vibrant color scheme inspired by the four seasons and the four elements. Crystal Visions Tarot remains true to the classic Rider-Waite 78-card system in much of its symbolism, as well as in card and suit names. The luscious card imagery also illustrates the elemental aspects of each suit in order to aid the novice in forming associations with the cards. The Crystal Visions Tarot deck includes 78 cards with an additional unknown card for gazing into future situations that have not yet been revealed, or for exploring issues with deeper insight. The instruction booklet offers both upright and reversed meanings.

Iconic Tarot Decks

Contents Introduction How to Use the Tarot The History of ... Crystal Visions Tarot (90–1), Paulina Tarot (92–3), The Golden Tarot (96–9), The 1JJ Swiss Tarot (126–7), Deviant Moon Tarot (150–1), Oswald Wirth Tarot (171–3), The Hermetic ...

Author: Sarah Bartlett

Publisher: White Lion Publishing

ISBN: 9780711251717

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Iconic Tarot Decks reveals the secrets, scandals, truths and mysteries behind over 50 of the most beautiful tarot decks ever created.

Crystal Vision

She didn't particularly believe tarot cards could predict the future, but Amber was capable of picking up on vibrations, maybe even mental images, and translating them through the deck. If she was sensing danger, then it was wise to ...

Author: Patricia Rice

Publisher: Book View Cafe

ISBN: 9781611387391

Category: Fiction

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He is Earth, she is Air, together they catch Fire.... Mariah lives off the grid by waitressing, weaving ghostcatchers to send Hillvale’s ghosts across the veil, and keeping clear of electronics that haunt her—until the day her friend and mentor, Crazy Daisy, is murdered, and Mariah goes on the hunt for a killer. Her prime suspect is geologist Keegan Ives. Mysteriously arrived from the UK, he was present when Daisy died, and he’s too handsome to believe—not that Mariah takes a dim view of guys lately or anything. Searching for missing journals to prove his family’s innocence in a corporate scandal, Keegan knows he must befriend the locals. He didn’t realize that would involve the paranormal until he’s in too deep, and the waitress haunting his days—and nights—reveals that her energy is dangerous, not just to computers but to his peace of mind. Following clues left by Daisy and Hillvale’s past, Keegan and Mariah are caught in a whirlwind of crystals, power, and cyber-fraud. If they survive, will their world be changed for better—or worse? OTHER BOOKS IN THE CRYSTAL MAGIC SERIES: Sapphire Nights Topaz Dreams

Fact Fiction and Representation

Crystal Vision invites comparison with books like The Canterbury Tales , The Decameron , Droll Stories and The 1001 ... dawned on me that I was reading a cockeyed description of a card called The Tower , number XVI in the tarot pack .

Author: Louis Mackey

Publisher: Camden House

ISBN: 1571131000

Category: Literary Criticism

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First ever full-length study of four works by Gilbert Sorrentino, the contemporary American novelist.

Crystal Vision

Crystal Vision Part 1 Jarrod A. Freeman. A well known and famous gypsy by the name of Madam Gypsy. Was in her tent sitting down fixing her tarot cards. When a knock out the front happened. Her crystal ball started to glow red.

Author: Jarrod A. Freeman

Publisher: Jarrod A.Freeman



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Part 1/2, The continuation Of The Awakening & Morale Dismount: Forsaketh, This is about the actuon hunters and there downfall, Hermon the Heroin addicted Vampire slayer and Jarrod who has to batte his inner demons

Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing

12:15-2 A. M. The above example of one of the most perfect types of Symbolic Visions cannot be fully appreciated by ... Those who have made some study of “Q. B. L.", of the “Tree of Life", the Tarot, etc., will soon discover a great ...

Author: Frater Achad



Category: Social Science


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Chapters include: The Lesser Crystalline Sphere; The Greater Crystalline Sphere; The Universal Crystalline Sphere; A Consideration Of The Ancient Methods; Further Considerations - The Methods Of Dr. Dee And Sir Edward Kelly; The Attainment Of Crystal Vision; and, Of The Ultimate Crystal.

Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing Esoteric Classics

Those who have made some study of “Q.B.L.”, of the “Tree of Life,” the Tarot, etc., will soon discover a great many underlying meanings, and to them the perfect consistency of all the symbolism, will be 88.

Author: Frater Achad


ISBN: 9781631184550



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The Abyss of Human Illusion

Correspondingly, while sometimes the formal conceits in his novels are obvious or easily grasped (the algorithmic mechanism of Aberration of Starlight; the use of the Tarot deck in Crystal Vision), many of his later books offer a less ...

Author: Gilbert Sorrentino

Publisher: Coffee House Press

ISBN: 9781566892865

Category: Fiction

Page: 167

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“This fine, final work by Brooklyn native Sorrentino . . . finds a rueful charm in the ‘wretched clichés’ of ordinary failure.” —Publishers Weekly Titled after a line from Henry James, Gilbert Sorrentino’s final novel consists of fifty narrative set pieces full of savage humor and cathartic passion—an elegiac paean to the bleak world he so brilliantly captured in his long and storied career. Mirroring the inexplicable coincidences, encounters, and hallmarks of modern life, this novel revisits familiar characters—the aging artists, miserable couples, crackerjack salesmen, and drunken soldiers of previous books, placing them in familiar landscapes lost in time between the Depression era and some fraudulent bohemia of the present. “A beautiful work that embraces disharmony and unresolved contradiction in the face of mortality.” —Booklist “For a compelling, hilarious, and ultimately compassionate rendering of life in mid-20th-century America, forget the conscientious subjectors and take Gilbert Sorrentino at his golden Word.” —Harry Mathews “One of [Brooklyn]’s most intriguing and authentic homegrown talents, Sorrentino’s Bay Ridge deserves to be appreciated alongside Malamud’s Crown Heights, Arthur Miller’s Coney Island, Henry Miller’s and Betty Smith’s Williamsburg, Hamill’s and Auster’s Park Slope, and Lethem’s Boerum Hill.” —Bookforum

Crystal Vision

In this collection of 78 short narratives based on,the Tarot, Sorrentino vividly captures the,language and wit of Brooklyn circa 1947 as,embodied by a parade of characters that gather on,the local street corner to gossip, brag, insultlust, ...

Author: Gilbert Sorrentino

Publisher: Dalkey Archive Press

ISBN: 1564781593

Category: Fiction

Page: 289

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In this collection of 78 short narratives based on,the Tarot, Sorrentino vividly captures the,language and wit of Brooklyn circa 1947 as,embodied by a parade of characters that gather on,the local street corner to gossip, brag, insultlust, argue and even occasionally critique the,book itself. 'sorrentino is one of the literary,confections of our time'.