Crossing Borderlands

Edited by Andrea A. Lunsford and Lahoucine Ouzgane CROSSING
BORDERLANDS Pittsburgh Series in Composition, Literacy, and Culture David.
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Author: Andrea A. Lunsford

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On the surface, postcolonial studies and composition studies appear to have little in common. However, they share a strikingly similar goal: to provide power to the words and actions of those who have been marginalized or oppressed. Postcolonial studies accomplishes this goal by opening a space for the voices of “others” in traditional views of history and literature. Composition studies strives to empower students by providing equal access to higher education and validation for their writing. For two fields that have so much in common, very little dialogue exists between them. Crossing Borderlands attempts to establish such an exchange in the hopes of creating a productive “borderland” where they can work together to realize common goals.

Crossing Borderlands

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Author: Nancy Plankey Videla


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Called by Mind and Spirit

The book begins by exploring how our own family stories, passed down through generations, combined with our Christian heritage, influence our identity, its continued formation, and our sense of vocation.

Author: Gavin Knight

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781441197108

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In 21st century Britain, we are increasingly concerned about the effect of the modern world on our children's health and well-being. While different secular agencies have had an important role to play in this debate, the voice of the Church is frequently misrepresented, misunderstood and undervalued. Called by Mind and Spirit: Crossing the Borderlands of Childhood seeks to redress this imbalance. The book begins by exploring how our own family stories, passed down through generations, combined with our Christian heritage, influence our identity, its continued formation, and our sense of vocation. These themes of identity, formation and vocation are then related to modern childhood from a combined perspective of theology and psychology. In the process, the book asks how, in contemporary Britain, we encourage and nurture children's faith, and how we might better equip today's children to understand and explore for themselves the world in which they are growing up. The sacramental rites of anointing and initiation (baptism, confirmation and ordination) provide the theological basis for the book; and the main stages of childhood (infancy and early childhood, middle childhood and adolescence) offer a framework for reflecting on these rites. The authors draw from a wealth of personal and professional stories to explore the multiple tensions and opportunities of childhood today.

Borderlands and Crossroads Writing the Motherland

LAURIE KRUK We were getting ready to cross it: the 49th parallel, or famed “
medicine line” of First Nations, that magical border dividing North America which
fades away or is dramatically redrawn with shifts in the geo-political climate,
turning ...

Author: Jane Satterfield

Publisher: Demeter Press

ISBN: 9781772580877

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Motherhood does not just originate in the body, but in the world—a place, a region, a country or nation, a landscape, a language, a culture. Mothers are, as novelist Rachel Cusk once observed, “the countries we come from.” This unique literary anthology features thirty-five poems and twenty-three works of prose (creative non-fiction and short fiction). Here, forty-three award-winning and accomplished writers reflect on their complex twenty-first century familial identities and relationships, exploring maternal landscapes of all kinds, including those of heritage, matrilineage, geneaology, geography, emigration, war, exile, alienation, and affiliation. Spanning the globe—from the U.K, the USA and Canada, Egypt, the former Yugoslavia, France, Africa, Korea and South America—these intimate and honest narratives of the heart cross borders and define crossroads that are personal and political, old and new. Recovering the maternal landscape through poetry and prose, these writers both memorialize and celebrate the power of family to define, limit, and challenge us.

Quill and Cross in the Borderlands

... 2000); Juliana Barr, Peace Came in the Form of a Woman: Indians and
Spaniards in the Texas Borderlands (Chapel ... Pasó por aquí (Albuquerque:
University of New Mexico Press, 2003); Juan Javier Pescador, Crossing Borders
with the ...

Author: Anna M. Nogar

Publisher: University of Notre Dame Pess

ISBN: 9780268102166

Category: Religion

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Quill and Cross in the Borderlands examines nearly four hundred years of history, folklore, literature, and art concerning the seventeenth-century Spanish nun and writer Sor María de Jesús de Ágreda, identified as the legendary “Lady in Blue” who miraculously appeared to tribes in colonial-era New Mexico and taught them the rudiments of the Catholic faith. Sor María, an author of mystical Marian works, became renowned not only for her alleged spiritual travel from her cloister in Spain to the New World, but also for her writing, studied and implemented by Franciscans on both sides of the ocean. Working from original historical accounts, archival research, and a wealth of literature on the legend and the historical figure alike, Anna M. Nogar meticulously examines how and why the legend and the person became intertwined in Catholic consciousness and social praxis. In addition to the influence of the narrative of the Lady in Blue in colonial Mexico, Nogar addresses Sor María’s importance as an author of spiritual texts that influenced many spheres of New Spanish and Spanish society. Quill and Cross in the Borderlands focuses on the reading and interpretation of her works, especially in New Spain, where they were widely printed and disseminated. Over time, in the developing folklore of the Indo-Hispano populations of the present-day U.S. Southwest and the borderlands, the historical Sor María and her writings virtually disappeared from view, and the Lady in Blue became a prominent folk figure, appearing in folk stories and popular histories. These folk accounts drew the Lady in Blue into the present day, where she appears in artwork, literature, theater, and public ritual. Nogar’s examination of these contemporary renderings leads to a reconsideration of the ambiguities that lie at the heart of the narrative. Quill and Cross in the Borderlands documents the material legacy of a legend that has survived and thrived for hundreds of years, and at the same time rediscovers the historical basis of a hidden writer. This book will interest scholars and researchers of colonial Latin American literature, early modern women writers, folklore and ethnopoetics, and Mexican American cultural studies.

Vietnamese Chinese Relationships at the Borderlands

(for whatever reasons) to apply for the formal border crossing document. Some
might have applied for the document but needed to do business across the
border before the document was ready. Many also liked to cross this waterway
when ...

Author: Yuk Wah Chan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134494576

Category: Political Science

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Ever since China and Vietnam resumed diplomatic contacts and reopened the border in 1991, the borderland region has become part of the vibrant growing economies of both countries and drawn many from the interior provinces to the borderland for new economic adventures. This book examines Chinese-Vietnamese relationships at the borderland through every day cross-border interaction in trade and tourism activities. It looks into the historical underlining of bilateral relations of the two countries which often shape people’s perceptions of the ‘other’ and interpretation of intentions of acts in their daily interaction. Albeit Chinese and Vietnamese have lived side by side for centuries, their interaction in the space of trade and modern tourism in post-war and post-reform China and Vietnam is something novel to both people. The book provides a ‘bottom-up’ approach to examine the localized experiences of inter-state relations. It illustrates the changes the vibrant economic process has brought to the borderland communities, and how the revived contacts and interaction have generated a contested space for examining Vietnamese-Chinese relationships and demonstrating trans-border cultural politics. A novel study of the strategic development of the borderland within the new political economy at China-Southeast Asia border region, this book is of interest to academics in the field of Anthropology, Border Studies, Social and Cultural Studies and Asian Studies.

Crossing the Rubicon

Falque presents a theological critique of French phenomenology, engaging Levinas, Ricoeur, Merleau-Ponty, Bonaventure, Scotus, Aquinas.

Author: Emmanuel Falque

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780823269877

Category: Philosophical theology

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Originally published: Brussels: Editions Lessius, 2013.

Slavery s Borderland

The centrality of fugitive slaves to the history of the borderland highlights the
relationship between border crossing and border creation. Theorists have argued
that people on the margins have challenged the legitimacy and power of borders
by ...

Author: Matthew Salafia

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812208665

Category: History

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In 1787, the Northwest Ordinance made the Ohio River the dividing line between slavery and freedom in the West, yet in 1861, when the Civil War tore the nation apart, the region failed to split at this seam. In Slavery's Borderland, historian Matthew Salafia shows how the river was both a physical boundary and a unifying economic and cultural force that muddied the distinction between southern and northern forms of labor and politics. Countering the tendency to emphasize differences between slave and free states, Salafia argues that these systems of labor were not so much separated by a river as much as they evolved along a continuum shaped by life along a river. In this borderland region, where both free and enslaved residents regularly crossed the physical divide between Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, slavery and free labor shared as many similarities as differences. As the conflict between North and South intensified, regional commonality transcended political differences. Enslaved and free African Americans came to reject the legitimacy of the river border even as they were unable to escape its influence. In contrast, the majority of white residents on both sides remained firmly committed to maintaining the river border because they believed it best protected their freedom. Thus, when war broke out, Kentucky did not secede with the Confederacy; rather, the river became the seam that held the region together. By focusing on the Ohio River as an artery of commerce and movement, Salafia draws the northern and southern banks of the river into the same narrative and sheds light on constructions of labor, economy, and race on the eve of the Civil War.

Journal of Borderlands Studies

Anticipation , Interpellation and Confession on the Road to the Border Stef
Jansen * Abstract This article explores the role of anticipation in border crossing ,
foregrounding the spatiotemporal location of would - be border crossers —
carrying ...



ISBN: UCLA:L0107457087

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Dead in Their Tracks

It is the story of ranchers, locals, and Border Patrol trackers who’ve saved countless lives, and heavily armed smugglers who haunt an inhospitable, if beautiful, wilderness that remains off the radar for journalists and news ...

Author: John Annerino

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816542598

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

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Alarmed by breaking news reports of thirteen men, women, and children who died of thirst on American soil—and twenty-two other human beings saved by Border Patrol rescue teams—John Annerino left the cool pines of his mountain retreat and journeyed into one of the most inhospitable places on earth, the heart of the 4,100-square-mile “empty quarter” that straddles the desolate corner of southwest Arizona and northwest Sonora, Mexico. During the Sonoran Desert’s glorious and brutal summer season Annerino, a photojournalist, author, and explorer, watched four border crossers step off a bus and nonchalantly head into the American no-man’s land. On assignment for Newsweek, Annerino did more than just watch on that blistering August day. He joined them on their ultramarathon, life-or-death quest to find work to feed their families, amid temperatures so hot your parched throat burns from breathing and drinking water is the ultimate treasure. As their water dwindled and the heat punished them, Annerino and the desperate men continued marching fifty miles in twenty-four hours and managed to survive their harrowing journey across the deadliest migrant trail in North America, El Camino del Diablo, “The Road of the Devil.” Driven by the mounting death toll, John returned again and again to the sun-scorched despoblado (uninhabited lands)—where hidden bighorn sheep water tanks glowed like diamonds—to document the lives, struggles, and heartbreaking remains of those who continue to disappear and perish in a region that’s claimed the lives of more than 9,700 men, women, and children. Following the historic paths of indigenous Hia Ced O’odham (People of the Sand), Spanish missionary explorer Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino, and California-bound Forty-Niners, Annerino’s journeys on foot, crisscrossed the alluring yet treacherous desert trails of the El Camino del Diablo, Hohokam shell trail, and O’odham salt trails where hundreds of gambusinos (Mexican miners) and Euro-American pioneers succumbed during the 1850s. As the migrants kept coming, the deaths kept mounting, and Annerino kept returning. He crossed celebrated Sonoran Desert sanctuaries—Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, Barry M. Goldwater Range, sacred ancestral lands of the Tohono O’odham—that had become lost horizons, killing grounds, graveyards, and deadly smuggling corridors that also claimed the lives of National Park rangers and Border Patrol agents. John Annerino’s mission was to save someone, anyone, everyone—when he could find them. Dead in Their Tracks is the saga of a merciless despoblado in the Great Southwest, of desperate yet hopeful migrants and refugees who keep staggering north. It is the story of ranchers, locals, and Border Patrol trackers who’ve saved countless lives, and heavily armed smugglers who haunt an inhospitable, if beautiful, wilderness that remains off the radar for journalists and news organizations that dare not set foot in the American desert waiting to welcome them on its terms.

Challenged Borderlands

Development in the Borderlands Conditions along some sectors of the Hungary-
Croatia border and the traffic at the different border crossings have developed in
a variety of ways. The most problematic border sector was, and still is the ...

Author: Vera Pavlakovich-Kochi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: UOM:39015059284649

Category: Political Science

Page: 302

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Bringing together a wide range of interdisciplinary theoretical perspectives and international case studies from local and regional levels, this book explores some of the contradictory yet simultaneous processes affecting border regions along the south-ea

Environmental Hazards and Bioresource Management in the United States Mexico Borderlands

SAHOP participates fundamentally in the evaluation of the physical - spatial
impact that the new crossings might have on population centers . Proposals for
international crossings that have been accepted to now are varied , as can be
seen in ...

Author: Paul Ganster

Publisher: University of California at LA

ISBN: UTEXAS:059173000020079

Category: Social Science

Page: 483

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The Legal Construction of the Borderlands

( German and Italian nationals , however , were not eligible to receive border
crossing cards . ' 3 ) The Service further facilitated cross - border travel for
resident aliens despite concerns about wartime border security . Prior to 1940 ,
the agency ...

Author: Shulamith Deborah Kang


ISBN: UCAL:C3503293

Category: Emigration and immigration law

Page: 377

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Cross - border shoppers know that the process of crossing the border inevitably
involves waiting in line , for some period of time , to clear customs and
immigration inspections . Research also shows that the fewer alternatives people
have to ...

Author: Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly

Publisher: Governance Series

ISBN: UOM:39015073866363

Category: Political Science

Page: 392

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This collection of papers discusses the security needs as they are applied at borders and borderland, particularly in large cross-border urban regions. Governments are now required to manage secure borders, a policy objective that in this era of increased free trade and globalization must compete with intense cross-border flows of people and goods.

Crisscrossing Borders in Literature of the American West

Through interdisciplinary essays, this volume on the post-national West challenges the idea of a unified national story sustained by strategic exclusions.

Author: R. Dyck

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230619548

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 243

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In one consequential volume, Crisscrossing Borders in Literature of the American West presents the cross-section of a fast-changing and greatly expanded field. Through interdisciplinary essays, this volume on the post-national West challenges the idea of a unified national story sustained by strategic exclusions. Contributors analyze the economic and environmental exploitation depicted in working-class Western literature, emphasize the transnational by approaching both the North/South and cross-Atlantic axes grapple with the role of Mormons, and dissect the new masculinity of "Silicon Gunslingers." Each essay successfully and compellingly models a new and fruitful way of engaging the West.

Polish Borders and Borderlands in the Making

accessible only for business travel , were now expanded and a new crossing was
opened in Gołdap . By 2003 there were six crossings on the border with the
Russian Federation – three road crossings and three railway crossings and
another ...

Author: Joanna Kurczewska

Publisher: Ifis Publishers

ISBN: STANFORD:36105123583341

Category: Borderlands

Page: 221

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The Role of Borderlands in United Europe

The Borderlands and Integration Processes Marek Koter, Marek Sobczyński.
Apart from international traffic , the number of border - crossings at the local level
also rose significantly . Today , many inhabitants of the border regions have got ...

Author: Marek Koter


ISBN: STANFORD:36105122161164

Category: Borderlands

Page: 229

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Borderlands under stress

Other reasons for crossing the border are cultural events, leisure, sport and
religion. Common cultural events seldom take place nowadays. During the Soviet
era there was greater integration and cultural events were not regarded as '
national' ...

Author: Martin Pratt

Publisher: Kluwer Law Intl

ISBN: 9041197907

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 446

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As international political and economic relations have become increasingly complex, So have the pressures on international boundaries And The borderlands which surround them. Although there are still many examples of 'traditional' boundary problems associated with disputes between states concerning control over territory and maritime space, The papers in this volume demonstrate the vulnerability of borderlands to other forces, most notably illegal immigration and cross-border crime. This book aims to investigate the causes and implications of borderland stress. The first section of the book explores changing concepts of sovereignty and their impact on the meaning and functions of international boundaries. The contributions in the second and third sections offer a combination of regional appraisals and individual case studies highlighting the range of problems affecting borderlands around the world, together with an assessment of some of the initiatives launched in response to those problems. While many of the conclusions drawn are rather sobering, it is clear that in some parts of the world new and imaginative approaches to territorial organisation and management are helping to create safer, more dynamic and more prosperous borderlands. The papers in this volume represent the proceedings of the fifth international conference of the International Boundaries Research Unit, held at the University of Durham on 15-17 July 1998.

The Borderlands

This policy offered great benefits to those who crossed the border illegally .
People smuggling has become the preferred trade of a growing number of
clandestine networks consisting of men and women distributed along the route to
the United ...

Author: Andrew Grant Wood

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: STANFORD:36105124029203

Category: History

Page: 322

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Presents alphabetically arranged entries on issues concerning the U.S. southwestern states and northern Mexican states that share a common border, covering such topics as "coyotes" who help smuggle illegal aliens across the border, to the Minutemen, American volunteers who patrol the border, to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Crossing Over Redefining the Scope of Border Studies

The articles collected in this volume demonstrate innovative approaches to comparative explorations of topics in American, Latin-American, European, and Post-Colonial literature as well as Linguistics, History and Education.

Author: Antonio Medina-Rivera

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527566101

Category: Social Science

Page: 250

View: 346


The present volume brings together selected proceedings of the 2005 Cleveland State University Symposium “Crossing Over: Learning to Navigate the Borderlands of Intercultural Encounters.” The collection of essays offers some samples of the complex and potentially infinite array of investigations that the newly expanded field of ‘Border Studies’ can add to the academy’s scholarly enterprise. The articles collected in this volume demonstrate innovative approaches to comparative explorations of topics in American, Latin-American, European, and Post-Colonial literature as well as Linguistics, History and Education.