Cross Examined

CROSS EXAMINED by Andrea Blair, D.M.H.G., is inspired by the Word of God and how one woman responded to the plea of David. In the second verse of Psalm 26, David cries out to the Lord, “Search me, O Lord, and try me: test my soul and my ...

Author: Andrea L. Blair, D.M.H.G.

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449721879

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“Cross-Examined, by Andrea L. Blair, is inspired by the Word of God and how one woman responded to the plea of David. In the second verse of Psalm 26 David cries out to the Lord, “Search me, O Lord and try me: test my soul and my heart.” (NAB) The Catholic Living Bible uses a slightly different wording: “Cross-examine me, O Lord ... test my motives and affections too ...” (CLB) Without being demanding or condemning, this autobiographical account of her faults and failures continually leads her to the cross for healing and forgiveness. As she shares her journey, we see our own sinfulness emerge, and we are invited gently into our own private cross-examination of our thoughts, words, and actions.” —Susan Blum Gerding, EdD, founder of Jeremiah Press, Inc.

Cross Examined

Now, technically, a cross-examination in a law court occurs when a defendant or defence witness is questioned by the prosecution about statements already given. It is a necessary process to verify a testimony's soundness.

Author: Mark Meynell

Publisher: Inter-Varsity Press

ISBN: 9781789741728

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The crucifixion of Jesus: a dreadful mistake? A tragic failure? Irrelevant? Absurd? An embarrassment? The cross of Christ is, in fact, at the centre of God's plan for men and women. This book explains why. With freshness and clarity, Mark Meynell explores the Bible's teaching, to show how God himself 'cross-examines' us in the death of Jesus. At the cross, God exposes our deepest need, meets it fully and enables us to live transformed lives. This revised and expanded edition includes new chapters on union with Christ and leadership.

Goering Cross Examined

rules with reference to examination in chief, and what is being done at the present moment is that the Defendant Goering is being crossexamined as to his credit. He has said that he knew nothing about this matter, and he has been ...

Author: Jacqueline George

Publisher: Q~Press

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When Field Marshall Hermann Goering, Deputy Führer and commander of the Luftwaffe, appeared before the Nuremburg Tribunal in 1946 to answer for his crimes, the world was watching. Much of Europe had directly suffered through the war that he and the Nazi system had brought to the continent, and now he would have to answer for his crimes. On the other hand, Germany was full of Nazis who had been defeated but did not feel any part of the guilt for those terrible events. Would Goering be able to stand up for them, and give them hope for the future? Goering proved to be intelligent and resourceful, a natural leader who dominated the other defendants at the trial and showed no self-doubt at all. The evidence he gave on his own behalf made the unthinkable seem reasonable, the normal reaction of a government and country under threat from outside forces. He denied all knowledge of war crimes, and the crimes against humanity that were now being uncovered. Only cross-examination by American and British prosecutors could force him to admit his complicity, but Goering was far too clever to be pinned down easily. Here, in the actual words spoken by the three adversaries, is the story of the American prosecutor Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson and his British colleague Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe fighting to bring the true story of Goering’s crimes into the light. Using complete court transcripts, with commentaries on each session, this book allows the reader to follow the battle day by day. All three men, and especially Goering, jump from the pages in the words they used seventy years ago. This is Goering from a different angle, seen not through his deeds but as you might see him at a town hall meeting. He is talkative and charismatic, even when on trial for his life and with the ruins of the Third Reich around him. His trial is followed through to the end, and the book has an Epilogue from his fellow defendant Albert Speer. "This very readable book brings together the many strands of the Goering war crimes trial in a way that allows the interested but legally challenged reader to appreciate the hubris and depravity of the Reich's Deputy Führer. The reader is left with the impression that Goering, throughout his trial, believed in the righteousness of the Nazi Cause and was surprised and disappointed in the final outcome. Goering's testimony to the Tribunal is both chilling and a fitting final testimony to the Nazi era." ~ Charles Gillman-Wells

Cross Examined

On cross-examination, the defense attorney demonstrates inconsistencies in every aspect of the witness's story. He shows, for example, that the witness wasn't even in town on the day of the crime and so couldn't have witnessed it.

Author: John W. Campbell

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781633886858

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Christianity is more than just a religion. It is a social organism that affects the lives of every person on earth in significant ways, even if they are not Christians themselves. In the United States its influence is pervasive with often profound influence on public policies, but it is largely unchallenged as a belief system, relegated to that quarantined area outside the zone of polite conversation. Despite much academic ink being allotted to the weaknesses of Christianity as a valid belief system, the general public remains unaware of these flaws. In Cross Examined, John Campbell applies his almost thirty years of experience as a trial lawyer to dissecting Christianity and the case of apologists for the Christian God. He addresses the best arguments for Christianity, those against it, and the reasons people should care about these questions. His purpose is to fill a void in books on atheism and Christianity by systematically taking Christian claims to task and making a full-throated argument for atheism from the perspective of a trial lawyer making a case.

Postcolonialism Cross Examined

cross-examined. Multidirectional. perspectives. on. imperial. and. colonial. pasts. and. the. neocolonial. present. Monika Albrecht Forty years after the rise of the postcolonial theories in the Anglophone academy and the subsequent ...

Author: Monika Albrecht

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000007824

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Taking a strikingly interdisciplinary and global approach, Postcolonialism Cross-Examined reflects on the current status of postcolonial studies and attempts to break through traditional boundaries, creating a truly comparative and genuinely global phenomenon. Drawing together the field of mainstream postcolonial studies with post-Soviet postcolonial studies and studies of the late Ottoman Empire, the contributors in this volume question many of the concepts and assumptions we have become accustomed to in postcolonial studies, creating a fresh new version of the field. The volume calls the merits of the field into question, investigating how postcolonial studies may have perpetuated and normalized colonialism as an issue exclusive to Western colonial and imperial powers. The volume is the first to open a dialogue between three different areas of postcolonial scholarship that previously developed independently from one another: • the wide field of postcolonial studies working on European colonialism, • the growing field of post-Soviet postcolonial/post-imperial studies, • the still fledgling field of post-Ottoman postcolonial/post-imperial studies, supported by sideways glances at the multidirectional conditions of interaction in East Africa and the East and West Indies. Postcolonialism Cross-Examined looks at topics such as humanism, nationalism, multiculturalism, nostalgia, and the Anthropocene in order to piece together a new, broader vision for postcolonial studies in the twenty-first century. By including territories other than those covered by the postcolonial mainstream, the book strives to reframe the “postcolonial” as a genuinely global phenomenon and develop multidirectional postcolonial perspectives.

Political Philosophy Cross Examined

No one of his generation has done more to deepen the cross-examination of political philosophy or to succor and enliven in our time the ineluctably fragile possibility of philosophic life. We honor him for his generous spirit, ...

Author: T. Pangle

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137299635

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Political societies frequently regard philosophers as potential threats to morality and religion, and those who speak for politics often demand a defense of philosophy. This book will address philosophy as a mode of existence put into question.

Cross Examined Catholic Responses to the World s Questions

Fr. Carter Griffin. CROSSEXAMINED CROSSEXAMINED Catholic Responses to the World's Questions FR . CARTER.

Author: Fr. Carter Griffin

Publisher: Emmaus Road Publishing

ISBN: 9781645851431

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While social norms and political movements are rapidly changing, the truth of the Catholic faith stands firm. In Cross-Examined: Catholic Responses to the World’s Questions, readers are equipped to address even the most sensitive topics, from the existence of God to the existence of hell, from women’s ordination to Marian devotion, from assisted suicide to transgenderism. In Cross-Examined, Fr. Carter Griffin begins each discussion not with Catholic teaching but rather with its most common objections. Articulating these objections serves several purposes. First, it helps Catholics to respect those who do not share their beliefs by identifying intelligent grounds for disagreement. Pointing out objections also helps believers respond more persuasively in discussions with non-Catholic friends. Perhaps most importantly, knowing the common objects instills confidence that the Church is committed to the truth and unafraid to engage with those who dispute her teaching. After identifying principal objections, each discussion continues with a brief summary of relevant Catholic teaching and then responds to each objection in turn. In our shrill age that seems ever less capable of rational discourse, the method used in Cross-Examined can offer a way to remain faithful to our beliefs while acknowledging, respecting, and responding to alternative points of view.

Journal of the Senate

468 Page, Harlan W., examined on behalf of Respondent by Mr. Losey.......... 393 Cross-examined by Manager Campbell. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 295 Recalled and examined on behalf of Respondent.

Author: Minnesota. Legislature. Senate


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Journal for the extra session, 1933/34, was issued with House Journal for that session; spine title: Journals Senate and House.

The Trial at Bar of Sir Roger C D Tichborne Bart

Welch , Henry : examined by Dr. Kenealy ; cross - examined by Mr. Serjeant Parry ; examined by the Court ; evidence , know- ledge of Roger Tichborne , v . 42 to 44'What constitutes Contempt of Court in the Welch , Henry , recalled ...

Author: Arthur Orton (defendant.)


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Code of Federal Regulations

( d ) The presiding officer shall permit the parties to conduct such cross - examination as may be required for a full and ... examined on matters relevant to the proceeding without regard to the scope of his or her direct examination .



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