Self Publishing Road Map

CreateSpace requires a PDF file for the interior of the book. You can create this
file yourself, using their template (in Microsoft Word) as a guide. The MS Word
template sets up all the formatting and allows you to paste your document into ...

Author: RJ Crayton

Publisher: RJ Crayton


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 210

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Everything you need to know about self-publishing in one handy volume. More than a million books are self-published each year, and most disappear into the ether, seen by only a few. So, how do you self-publish your book and have it make a ripple in this giant self-publishing pond? Designed for use by both the beginner and moderately experienced person, The Self-Publishing Road Map offers practical guidance to make your self-publishing journey a success. The book discusses how to ready your book for publication, where and how to publish online, how to get reviews, and how to market your title. This book gives you all the steps you need to successfully complete your self-publishing goals. This isn't a get-rich-quick book, or a promise of untold riches. This is practical advice that pays off what you put into it. If you're ready to start your self-publishing journey, or already started and want somebody to ride shotgun and navigate, this is the book for you. Buckle up. It's time to go!

Self Publishing with Amazon 4 Books In 1

This book includes 4 full-length, detailed guides to self-publishing (628 pages in all, with 4 books combined together into one).

Author: Chris McMullen


ISBN: 150318420X


Page: 628

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This book includes 4 full-length, detailed guides to self-publishing (628 pages in all, with 4 books combined together into one). These take you step-by-step through formatting (largely geared toward Microsoft Word), publishing (with CreateSpace and Kindle), marketing, and much more. Book 1: A Detailed Guide to Self-Publishing with Amazon, Vol. 1 Book 2: A Detailed Guide to Self-Publishing with Amazon, Vol. 2 Book 3: How to Self-Publish a Book on Book 4: Formatting Pages for Publishing on Amazon with CreateSpace Added Content: Articles on Self-Publishing (from the Author's Blog) AUTHOR: Chris McMullen has written and self-published over a dozen paperback books and eBooks. This 4-volume boxed set also was self-published using the same techniques that are described here. Chris McMullen shares numerous useful formatting tips in clear language with precise, detailed instructions. BOOK 1: A DETAILED GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING, VOLUME 1: Find highly detailed try-it-yourself, walk-you-through-it tutorials for how to use Microsoft Word 2010 (which is similar to Word 2007 and 2013) specifically with Windows to publish your book both as a paperback book and as an eBook. This includes: How to use numerous formatting features (like page borders and bookmark hyperlinks). How to convert the content file for your paperback book into an eBook. How to format pictures and equations in an eBook with a variety of eReaders in mind. How to minimize the eBook's file size. How to draw your own pictures from scratch. BOOK 2: A DETAILED GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING, VOLUME 2: Find highly detailed instructions for how to edit, perfect, and market your books. Some of the specific topics include: Several common mistakes in cover design and subtle pointers for perfecting the cover. Premarketing strategies that you should be applying before you publish to give your book a headstart. Using Roman numerals and Arabic page numbers, and different headings in each chapter in Word 2010. Understanding how to interpret Amazon's sales rank and author rank. A variety of tips for arranging and preparing for book readings and signings. Learning the true meaning of marketing and how to apply it to effectively sell your books. Using boldface, italics, linespaces, and bullets in your book description. All about branding your book and your image as an author. Setting up an AuthorCentral account, WordPress or Blogspot blog, and Goodreads author page. BOOK 3: HOW TO SELF-PUBLISH A BOOK ON AMAZON.COM:This book begins with the decision to self-publish or traditionally publish, moves onto important information on developing the concept and researching the book's potential, provides a thorough discussion of formatting and designing the book interior and cover in both Word 2003 and 2010, describes how to convert the Word document to PDF, shows how to publish both paperback and e-book editions, and concludes with a detailed introduction to marketing that both novices and experienced authors will find informative and helpful. BOOK 4: FORMATTING PAGES FOR PUBLISHING ON AMAZON WITH CREATESPACE:This self-publishing guide is focused on the details with which most self-published authors struggle. As such, the book provides in-depth coverage on formatting the interior file, yet is also concise by focusing on this one important topic. Get your formatting questions answered quickly and then get back to what you love most - writing, of course! ADDED CONTENT: ARTICLES ON SELF-PUBLISHING (from the Author's Blog): Formatting Marketing Publishing Comical Relief

Neuronale Netze Selbst Programmieren

- Tariq Rashid hat eine besondere Fähigkeit, schwierige Konzepte verständlich zu erklären, dadurch werden Neuronale Netze für jeden Interessierten zugänglich und praktisch nachvollziehbar.

Author: Tariq Rashid


ISBN: 1492064041


Page: 232

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Neuronale Netze sind Schlüsselelemente des Deep Learning und der Künstlichen Intelligenz, die heute zu Erstaunlichem in der Lage sind. Dennoch verstehen nur wenige, wie Neuronale Netze tatsächlich funktionieren. Dieses Buch nimmt Sie mit auf eine unterhaltsame Reise, die mit ganz einfachen Ideen beginnt und Ihnen Schritt für Schritt zeigt, wie Neuronale Netze arbeiten. Dafür brauchen Sie keine tieferen Mathematik-Kenntnisse, denn alle mathematischen Konzepte werden behutsam und mit vielen Illustrationen erläutert. Dann geht es in die Praxis: Sie programmieren Ihr eigenes Neuronales Netz mit Python und bringen ihm bei, handgeschriebene Zahlen zu erkennen, bis es eine Performance wie ein professionell entwickeltes Netz erreicht. Zum Schluss lassen Sie das Netz noch auf einem Raspberry Pi Zero laufen. - Tariq Rashid hat eine besondere Fähigkeit, schwierige Konzepte verständlich zu erklären, dadurch werden Neuronale Netze für jeden Interessierten zugänglich und praktisch nachvollziehbar.