Edward Gordon Craig

In his early reviews , Godwin criticized Charles Kean ' s productions for their lack
of historical accuracy , and by the 1870s he was writing articles on how the
background to Shakespeare ' s plays should be presented . He was opposed to
the ...

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Nominations of Dale Cabaniss Craig S Iscoe and Brian F Holeman

List the titles , publishers , and dates of books , articles , reports , or other
published material you have written or edited . “ 2003 Federal Rules of Criminal
Procedure . Summary Reference Guide : ” Elex Publishers . St. Petersburg , FL .
12 pgs .

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Edward Gordon Craig

WRITTEN IN GERMAN . This is the first description prepared for the press
concerning Craig when he arrived in Germany in 1904 . Magnus was for a time
Craig ' s ...

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How to Make a Living Writing Articles for Newspapers Magazines and Online Sources

Online Sources for Writing Jobs This is not a comprehensive list of available
sources, but the below suggestions are a great resource in getting started:
CraigsList: www.craigslist.org Demand MediaTM: www.demandmedia.com
Elance®: ...

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This step-by-step guide will take you from your first paycheck to your ultimate goal: a career as a professional, full-time freelance writer with a byline that people will recognize. You can easily make thousands of dollars every month, simply by doing what you already love. Even if you have never been professionally published or don’t have a degree, you can learn how to hone your interviewing, editing, and writing skills to meet the needs of numerous print and online publications that boast millions of readers. In How to Make a Living Writing Articles for Newspapers, Magazines, and Online Sources, learn how to pitch your first story idea to any publication and get it printed — and paid. Learn how to submit queries and write a variety of professional-level articles that news, entertainment, and niche publications will eagerly pay you for. You will find out how to utilize blogs, social networks, and search engines to find the best publishing opportunities, as well as how to market yourself online to attract editors with your personal website and online portfolio. Throughout this step-by-step guide, you will find trusted advice from industry insiders and writers who know exactly how to pitch, pen, and publish a story. Dealing with feedback, knowing the ethics and legalities of confidential sources, and writing compelling headlines — it’s all covered in this book.

The Federal Reporter

The subpoenas di - know who furnished the Horton affidavit " rected the reporters
to appear for deposi - to Selcraig . tions and to produce all notes on which they
Trautman then filed a motion to compel relied in writing articles about Trautman .



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The Federal reporter Second series

large part , the article consisted of verbatim excerpts from Sansone ' s letter . 2 . ...
Sansone and Craig testified that , twice in 1986 , Sansone met with Local 682 ' s
executive board to discuss the allegations ... Officer noted that Miller was given
only two of the numerous newspaper articles that had been written about Parrino



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Craigs I Reckon

C3239 Mabel Gray Craig The couple lived in the Craig - Jenkins house shown as
“ 232 . David Jenkins ... Also , I ( WRC ) have an undated article “ Mr . Jno . H .
Craig . " written by G . A . Sparrow from which comes the following " In Mr . Jno .

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An Internet for the People

Three years later, Wired magazine ran a series of articles about craigslist, which
included an invitation for esteemed ... has written articles about 125-
82154_Lingel_InternetforPeople_4P.indd 31 11/5/19 3:44 PM BECOMING

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"This book argues that craigslist issues a quiet challenge to the corporate norms that have become dominant in the twenty-first century web. More than a window to the world's ephemera, craigslist is an increasingly lonely outpost in a hyper-corporate web. It is the internet un-gentrified, representing an older ideological orientation of online politics, one that stresses technological simplicity, collectivism, and locality. Flawed and ever on the brink of obsolescence, it provides a model of how democracy can work - most of the time for most people - online. The first part of the book provides historical context for understanding craigslist, describing craigslist's transformation from an email list to a massively popular online marketplace and examining the development of classified and personal ads through the arrival of the digital age. Lingel also examines craigslist's legal history, looking at the company's battles over issues of freedom of expression and data privacy, and exploring what the company's defenses in the courtroom reveal about the platform's politics. The second part of the book explores how people use craigslist in everyday life, and the publics and politics that emerge from their daily online interactions. One chapter draws on interviews with craigslist users to examine the relationships between people and things in craigslist's secondary marketplace. Another looks at how jobs are advertised and filled on craigslist, and the shifting norms and associated class biases that result from craigslist job-seeking practices. Lastly, Lingel examines the problems that are created and solved as people buy and sell, find jobs and gigs, connect to, exploit, and protect each other on craigslist, showing how the community negotiates, establishes, and polices rules and norms. By looking at the politics and promises of craigslist, Lingel concludes, we can also reflect on how the web has evolved, how it has stayed the same, what we might want to protect and what we should think about changing when it comes to everyday life online"--

History of the Robert Frank Craig Family of Fennimore Wisconsin

writers are employed on the work and a type written copy of all the material will
be submitted for correction and approval , thus assuring accuracy and
completeness . ... The article begins with information about William Craig ' s
father , David .

Author: Robert Frank Craig


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The Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine

No less than three articles of high or highest honor appear in the October issue of
the 1930 volume of the magazine . The first of the three is an installment of “
Captain Samuel A . Craig ' s Memoirs of Civil War and Reconstruction " ( 13 , 215
- 236 ) , continued ... Well organized , in good format and well written stylistically ,
it ...



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Craig s Dictionary

Based Upon the Works of Webster, Worcester, Walker, Johnson, Latham, Smart,
Etc., Etc Charles H. Craig. PALETTE ... fortificaPamphleteer , ( pam - flet - er ' )
Pantheon , ( pan - tbě ' on , pan ' . tiort of n . one who writes pam . the - on ) n . a
temple in stakes ; phiets . ... Pans , ( pang ) 12 . extreme Papier - mache , ( pap -
yā - ma ' . pose upon . agony . sha ) n . articles made of Palmated , ( pal ' māt - ed
) a .

Author: Charles H. Craig




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Englishmen and Others

GORDON CRAIG , of Princeton University , has written a fascinating book on the
part played in German politics by the Army ... err grievously if they think they have
discharged the historian ' s task by writing articles or books of learned detail .

Author: Alan John Percivale Taylor


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The Armchair Detective

The article does compliment Craig ' s work , though , and would be interesting if
only for its discussion of the mystery field ... In retrospect , it seems impossible to
believe that any mystery writer could rival Agatha Christie in sales or popularity .



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Defenders of Wildlife News

Craig writes further : " Fletcher Newby , Executive Director of the Environmental
Quality Council , has done considerable research on wolverine distribution in
Montana and has coauthored two articles regarding the animal ' s range . He
stated ...

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Maurice Magnus a Biography

In September 1907 , Magnus again demonstrated concern for his reputation
when he refused to handle an article which Craig had written about Eleanora
Duse . The article was the first in a series of open letters to various artists which
Craig ...

Author: Louise E. Wright

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Maurice Magnus's Memoirs of the Foreign Legion was published in 1924, several years after his death. In the introduction, D. H. Lawrence presents the author as a scoundrel and a cheat, an assessment that has had a lasting influence on Magnus's reputation. Maurice Magnus: A Biography is the first full-length study of the expatriate American writer, translator and businessman. It takes the reader from his youth in New York City and suspected Hohenzollern connections to his last impoverished days on Malta and desperate decision to avoid imprisonment by committing suicide. Early chapters focus on his personal and professional associations with Isadora Duncan and Edward Gordon Craig, in whose careers he remained interested until his death. Later chapters highlight his business dealings, Foreign Legion experience and relationships with Norman Douglas and Lawrence. The book emphasizes the value Magnus placed on his friendships, the importance he accorded his literary endeavors and the perseverance with which he met adversity. Relying heavily on unpublished letters, manuscripts and documents, the biography presents a portrait of an individual frequently at odds with the circumstances in which he found himself, of a gentleman ill-suited to the changing times in which he was living. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the early twentieth-century worlds of literature, publishing and the performing arts. Until Wright's biography, no account had ever been written of Magnus' life. Her tireless research has now illuminated Magnus so fully that we finally can know what transpired between this man and the likes of Lawrence and Duncan. This kind of basic research is far from glamorous labor, but it represents the highest ideals of literary scholarship by clearing up mysteries once and for all in a thoroughly professional and engaging manner. - John W. Crowley, Professor of English, University of Alabama Wright's researches . . . have produced a rich filling of memoirs, reminiscences and in particular letters (for it was in his friendships that Magnus always believed that he most strongly lived) that successfully bring this strange, at times comic, always fascinating and in the end tragic figure back to life. - John Worthen is Emeritus Professor, University of Nottingham.

The Encyclop dia Britannica

In tabulation of the logarithms of numbers instead of sines . the early part of this
article Thomas Craig was mentioned ... He is well to Schikhart dated March 11 ,
1618 , in which he writes known as the author of a celebrated legal work De ...



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Proceedings of the British Association for Japanese Studies

As for the veracity of Sõseki ' s description of Craig , there exists an excellent
piece with which to check it . This is an article on Craig written by his friend ,
Sidney Lee , Shakespeare scholar and the editor of The Dictionary of National
Biography ...

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Gordon Craig Archives

Referring to Appia , Craig had written to Yvette Guilbert that he personally knew
of only three artists of the theatre worthy of ... Some articles and reviews can be
seen at the Humanities Research Center , as well as Tritons and Minnows ( 1934
) ...

Author: Lindsay Mary Newman

Publisher: London : The Malkin Press

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Seeing for Ourselves

I asked Craig about his turning to freewriting and he said , “ Well , I don ' t think I
would have done this strategy had I not read that book you assigned [ Donald
Murray ' s Write to Learn ] . ” Craig ' s difficulty in responding to the news article is

Author: Glenda L. Bissex

Publisher: Heinemann

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In Seeing for Ourselves, practicing classroom teachers of English and graduate students studying to become teachers demonstrate the value of classroom-based research for themselves and for their profession. Through case studies of individuals from first graders through adults, thirteen teacher-researchers share the insights they have gained about their students, their teaching, and themselves resulting from year-long or short-term research projects. The issues they explore include: The uses of writing-process pedagogy in teaching a learning-disabled child. The dynamics of the student-teacher relationship in college-level writing conferences. The effects of an exposure to poetry on the language and writing of first graders. Sixth-grade writers' views of teacher responses to their writing. Ways of developing independent editing skills in eleventh graders. Dangers of insisting that college freshman choose their own topics. Intricacies of the writing process revealed by and adult writer. The problems of a would-be novelist. The learning styles and strategies of a junior high teacher and their implications for teaching. The possibilities of teaching art history through a writing-process approach, as seen through the development of three high school students.

Davison Alexander and Descendants

Craig O. Davison. essays were ... Prior to Craig ' s articles only the school
celebrities made print . Craig gave ... The head over Craig ' s by - line was
designed with the help of Dave Wylie , staff writer / artist and new friend . In
stylized print it ...

Author: Craig O. Davison


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