The Captain s Courtship

Richard was returning home via Piccadilly when he saw the man Claire had called Lord Eustace from the evening's ball strolling in his direction. “Everard, isn't it?” the young lord asked, positioning himself so that Richard could not ...

Author: Regina Scott

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781488098239

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Be swept away by this classic Regency romance by Regina Scott! The dashing Captain Richard Everard has faced untold dangers at sea. Steering his young cousin through a London season, however, is a truly formidable prospect. The girl needs a sponsor, like lovely widow Lady Claire Winthrop—the woman who coldly jilted Richard years ago. Claire believed herself sensible in marrying a well-to-do viscount rather than a penniless second son. How deeply she regretted it! Now their fortunes are reversed, and Richard’s plan will help settle her debts and secure his inheritance. Yet it may yield something even more precious: a chance to be courted by the captain once more. Originally published in 2012

Cougar Ridge

During their visit, Charles learned that Brian was interested in courting Claire. After a lengthy discussion about what both men were wanting from this arrangement, it was agreed that Brian had The Cooliage blessing to court Miss Claire ...

Author: Debbi Haskins

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490786698

Category: Fiction

Page: 258

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Boston debutant Claire Cooliage has her life all set out in front of her. Graduated from university with a teaching degree, she heads home to her family, where she plans to get a teaching position somewhere, anywhere. Her wealthy parents have other ideas; they plan on marrying her off to a prominent, upstanding member of the Boston society. Shortly after becoming engaged, Claire suffers a bizarre accident. Recovering from this devastating accident and sent away from her family and friends to a lonely distant town, Claire Cooliage must rely on complete strangers to find herself and to find love. Is it possible for Claire to reunite with her fianc, or will she be forever alone in a desolate place like Cougar Ridge?


Claire said. Daniel nodded. “Look forward to it.” He smiled and sent a wave to Jack as Claire climbed into the ... “Our fathers promised us to each other when we were younger, and... since I was eight, he and I have been courting.

Author: T.A. Cavins


ISBN: 9781365766411

Category: Fiction

Page: 328

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Mahdi Saqqaf was born a saboteur and an assassin of an expert caliber. After his graduation, his first mission goes the wrong way and his masters are after his head. Not stopping anytime soon, Mahdi flees, and in desperation, makes a deal to survive with his enemies: the Americans. At first, Boston, Massachusetts is unbearable, and its population even more so. Made to live with a hot-headed sailor and his kid sister, the thoughts of becoming friends is nonexistent. As he encounters mysterious clues as to the true identity of the order he had been born into, his loyalties are shaken. Unable to return to his former allies, Mahdi is forced to make his own decisions and find his loyalties in an action-packed, mystery driven novel of swashbuckling proportions.

The Young Master s New Wife

“Vice President Yeich, are you courting Claire?” Liam smiled without answering. “F*ck, did I hit the bullseye? You're seriously after Claire? But she...” '...obviously has no interest in you. Have you been rejected?' “Let's go.

Author: Ocassional Flattering

Publisher: Singapore New Reading Technology Pte Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 258

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Through some arrangement, she was married to a man with a crippled leg who wielded boundless influence. “I, Mason Yeich, will not accept a woman who bears the child of another man.”In what was initially thought to be a loveless marriage, she ended up accidentally giving her heart away. After a series of pushing and pulling, she eventually left him. Many years later a child who shares Mason’s face will be the one to land a slap on him.“Useless father, watch who you’re talking about!”

Hot Property

Claire put her hands over Brucie's ears. 'How can you say that? ... Claire withdrew her hand abruptly from Brucie's snout. 'Kieran, I think I'd remember! ... You never told me you was courting, Claire.' Claire stifled a retch.

Author: Zoe Barnes

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781405517225

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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When Claire inherits a house out of the blue, she thinks she's struck it rich! But while the word 'cottage' conjures images of romantic idylls and roses round the door, there's nothing remotely heavenly about Paradise Cottage.It's a tumble-down wreck in the middle of nowhere - more in need of a demolition expert than a decorator. Still, Claire's not one to shirk a challenge.Much to the amusement of her hunky new neighbour, Aidan, she decides to renovate the cottage herself.After all, problem-solving, trouble-shooting - it's what Claire does best.She's used to planning events for thousands of people.She can sort out one little cottage . . . Can't she?

Orphans Home

... The Widow Claire reverses this construct , showing us Horace as an adult responding to the orphaned ten - year - old ... even though their presence interferes with his courting Claire.5 This play also presents a striking parallel to ...

Author: Laurin Porter

Publisher: LSU Press

ISBN: 0807128791

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 250

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A Pulitzer Prize--winning playwright, an Emmy-winning television writer, and an Oscar-winning screenwriter of such notable films as To Kill a Mockingbird, Tender Mercies, and A Trip to Bountiful, the amazingly versatile Horton Foote has been a force on the American cultural scene for more than fifty years. By critical consensus, Foote's foremost achievement is The Orphans' Home Cycle -- a course of nine independent yet interlocking plays that traces the transformation over twenty-six years of a small-town southern orphan, Horace Robedaux, into a husband, father, and patriarch. Drawing on a wide range of sources, including interviews with Foote, Laurin Porter demonstrates why the author's masterpiece is a unique accomplishment not only in his personal oeuvre but also in the canon of American drama. Set in and near Harrison, Texas, the fictitious counterpart to Foote's native Wharton, and based partly on his father's childhood and his parents' courtship and marriage, the plays introduce two extended families -- those of Horace and his wife, Eliazbeth -- across three generations, as well as numerous townspeople whose lives intertwine with theirs. The result is a wide-ranging, intricate work of interconnected stories reminiscent of William Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha saga. Porter shows how the small-town southern culture speaks through Horace while she examines the functions of family and community in identity formation. She explains that Foote's signature style -- which replaces stage directions, poetic language, and suspense-driven narratives with sparse, restrained dialogue and seemingly actionless plots -- creates a simmering power by stressing subtext over text, a strategy more often associated with the novel than drama. Similarly, Foote uses recurring character types and motifs, interrelated images and symbols, and parallel and inverted events that reverberate within and among the plays, employing language and structure in innovative ways. In comparing the cycle with the works of William Faulkner and Eugene O'Neill, Porter positions Foote at the intersection of southern literature and American drama. Foote's emphasis, Porter concludes, is not so much on returning home as on leaving it and building a new family, contending that for Foote home is not a place but a geography of the heart. Her definitive Orphans' Home shines much-needed light on an understudied talent and proves Foote's to be a vital American voice.

Velvet is the Night

He must put Claire first. He was trying to. As God was his witness, he was doing his best. He was courting her. He was going to prove to her that ... The new Adam was resolved to court Claire till she came to him of her own volition.

Author: Elizabeth Thornton

Publisher: Diversion Books

ISBN: 9781626815650

Category: Fiction

Page: 475

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The French Revolution comes to vivid life as the USA Today–bestselling author’s Devereux Trilogy continues. “A joy to read!” (RT Book Reviews). As the newly appointed commissioner, Philippe Duhet has the power of life and death over the local French aristocracy. In return for her family’s safe passage out of the country, the breathtakingly lovely Claire Devereux agrees to be his mistress. She is to live in his luxurious quarters, to be seen with him about town, and to accommodate his desires whenever he wishes. Claire surrendered her body to Duhet, but swore he’d never break her spirit. What she didn’t know was that the real Duhet had been abducted, and his American twin brother, Adam Dillon, was installed in his place as a spy. And she was devastated to find that her body was not at all immune to the pleasures of Duhet’s caress, nor her heart to his intoxicating company. “I consider Elizabeth Thornton a major find.” —Mary Balogh, New York Times–bestselling author of the Westcott Novels

J D Salinger

( Lundquist , 28–29 ; French , Salinger , 30 ) In the summer of 1954 , Salinger began courting Claire again . That fall , when he pressured her to live with him , she agreed , but she continued her studies at Radcliffe .

Author: Raychel Haugrud Reiff

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

ISBN: 0761425942

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 166

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"A biography of writer J.D. Salinger that describes his era, his major works--especially The catcher in the rye, his life, and the legacy of his writing"--Provided by publisher.

Sex in an Old Regime City

In 1688, Claire Bariou initiated the chain of events in which many people in her neighborhood would mobilize to help her ... lying in front of the fire together one evening while her parents were asleep and often noticed them “courting.

Author: Julie Hardwick

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190945190

Category: History

Page: 320

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Our ideas about the long histories of young couples' relationships and women's efforts to manage their reproductive health are often premised on the notion of a powerful sexual double standard. In Sex in an Old Regime City, Julie Hardwick offers a major reframing of the history of young people's intimacy. Based on legal records from the city of Lyon, Hardwick uncovers the relationships of young workers before marriage and after pregnancy occurred, even if marriage did not follow, and finds that communities treated these occurrences without stigmatizing or moralizing. She finds a hidden world of strategies young couples enacted when they faced an untimely pregnancy. If they could not or would not marry, they sometimes tried to terminate pregnancies, to make the newborn go away by a variety of measures, or to charge the infant to local welfare institutions. Far from being isolated, couples drew on the resources of local communities and networks. Clerics, midwives, wet nurses, landladies, lawyers, parents, and male partners in and outside the city offered pragmatic, sympathetic ways to help young, unmarried pregnant women deal with their situations and hold young men responsible for the reproductive consequences of their sexual activity. This was not merely emotional work; those involved were financially compensated. These support systems ensured that the women could resume their jobs and usually marry later, without long-term costs. In doing so, communities managed and minimized the disruptions and consequences even of cases of abandonment and unprosecuted infanticide. This richly textured study re-thinks the ways in which fundamental issues of intimacy and gendered power were entwined with families, communities, and religious and secular institutions at all levels from households to neighborhoods to the state.

Aesthetic Persuasion

Claire's mother , Madame de Bellegarde , and that Grand Turk " of an older brother , Urbain de Bellegarde , hesitantly agree to Newman's courting Clair . As Lizzie has guessed , these guardians persecute the saintly Claire ; and when ...

Author: Eli Ben-Joseph

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 076180126X

Category: Religion

Page: 268

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Traces James' negative opinions about Jews throughout his life. The sources of his anti-Jewish attitudes and the antisemitic stereotypes in his works were the opinions of his father, who described the Jews as "spiritually bankrupt" and the "epitome of greed"; a broad spectrum of American and French literature, ranging from school texts to well-known authors (e.g. Hawthorne); and ethnographic ideas popular during his lifetime. Discusses discrimination against Jews in the U.S. in the late 19th century, stating that James' works reflect the prevalent negative reaction to Jews. His pro-Dreyfusard position shows some ambivalence in his attitude, but his antisemitism is clearly depicted in his works. He uses the Jews as scapegoats, and sees the Jews in New York, in particular, as immigrants conspiring to conquer the city. States that although antisemitism is a marginal element in James' writing, many other writers and many readers were influenced by his racist attitudes.