Countertransference and Retribution

Second Detective Countertransference, what's that? I've heard of transference
but never countertransference. First Detective Transference, isn't that where the
patient supposedly falls in love with the psychiatrist? Psychiatrist Not exactly!

Author: Arthur Ziffer

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At rise: A therapist and a patient are having a discussion in the therapist’s office. Therapist From your phone call, I get the impression that you want to complain about a previous therapy, or to be precise, a psychotherapy, and, more specifically, a therapy with the designation “talk therapy,” like psychoanalysis. Patient Actually, I want to complain about three or four of them, and also complain about some talk therapists that I only saw once. Therapist Before you go on, I’d like you to know, that as far as I am concerned, many talk therapists can be ineffective and, unfortunately, can sometimes even do harm to patients. There are some good ones but you probably couldn’t afford one of them. I like to think of myself as one of the good ones. You’re here because I like to help people like you, who seemed to have had a difficult time in therapy. In fact, this is my mission in life.

Three Screenplays

The author has also written two plays about countertransference in
psychotherapy with titles“Countertransference,” and “Retribution.” This
publication contains three screenplays, although the third one “Hypatia” is in play
format but could ...

Author: Arthur Ziffer

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This publication contains three screenplays, although the third one "Hypatia" is in play format but could easily be adapted to a screenplay. The first screenplay in this publication has title "The Sewers." It is about a group of Jews hiding out in the sewers of Warsaw during the Warsaw ghetto uprising against the Nazis during World War II. The second one, "The Knoll," takes place during the time when the American West was being settled. The third one is about Hypatia a real person during the time of Alexandria Egypt in the early fifth century AD who got into trouble with the powers that be at that time.


The angrier she was , the more dangerous she thought she was , the more her
fear of retribution ( Bloch , 1978 ) . After exploring her perceptions that I had been
sick in the week between sessions , I indicated that I was in excellent health and

Author: Herbert S Strean

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This exciting book explores how the therapist's subjective reactions to a patient can help or hinder the therapeutic process. Authoritative contributors explore how countertransference reactions that usually impede the therapeutic process can be resolved effectively.

The Power of Countertransference

... his therapist's envy and fears retribution because of it. Envy is also important
because it is such an integral part of the psychodynamics of intergenerational
competition. Because of the importance and complexity of countertransference
envy, ...

Author: Karen J. Maroda

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135060527

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A signpost of the relational turn in contemporary psychoanalysis, Karen Maroda's The Power of Countertransference, published in 1991, is perhaps the first systematic effort to integrate the need for mutual emotional exchanges, which may include the analyst's own self-disclosures, into an interactive model of psychoanalytic practice. Maroda's call for emotional honesty and affective self-disclosure had an immediate impact on the field and led Harold Searles to comment, "If we follow the example set by Maroda, we shall be minimally likely to 'act in' our emotions in our sessions with our patients. They will benefit greatly as a result; we practitioners shall benefit; and the profession of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy will become healthier and stronger than it is at present." This revised edition includes a new Foreword by Lewis Aron and an Afterword in which Maroda clarifies her own position and comments on the evolution of psychoanalytic technique since the publication of The Power of Countertransference.

Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

Langs points out that therapists are loath to acknowledge that what they do is
prompted , for example , by retribution or erotic interests or the usual range of
countertransference motivations . Thus , they defensively treat what patients say
as ...

Author: Menninger Clinic


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The Social Work Psychoanalyst s Casebook

... vicissitudes in revised viewsofresistance, transference, and
countertransference through thechanging psychoanalytic lens. ... and mypatient
aboutthe missing linkstoher aggression,penance, andadaptive endeavors to
forestall retribution.

Author: Joyce Edward

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134896219

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The Social Work Psychoanalyst's Casebook begins with an interview with Dr. Sanville, who reflects on her evolution as a social work analyst, theoretician, writer, teacher, and leader. These reminiscences are followed by accounts of nine analytic treatments, each of which offers an unusual window into what actually transpired between analyst and analysand during the treatment hours. These case studies concern particularly troubled, often traumatized patients-the very "hard to reach" or "difficult to treat" clients with whom social workers have long been familiar. They include a reanalysis by the same analyst of a patient whose first therapy ended in a stalemate; an account of transference and countertransference phenomena during termination; a report on the analysis of a young woman who experienced both chronic and stress-related trauma; and an account of the special issues involved in the treatment of an aging woman. Most of the case studies reflect the influence of Dr. Sanville, whose work has long evinced the therapeutic imagination and disciplined creativity to which all the contributors aspire. Tthe contributors to this volume offer the salutary reminder that analytic work is built on a relationship of respect and empathy and that treatment success follows from the therapist's willingness to accommodate the unique needs of individual patients. In honoring Jean Sanville, The Social Work Psychoanalyst's Casebook speaks to the robustness of a multidisciplinary approach to psychopathology that transcends the bounds of any single profession-an approach in which contemporary psychoanalysis is enlarged by the insights and emphases of social work just as social work is enriched by the clinical wisdom of psychoanalysis.

Clinical Social Work

She was unable for some time to help the client ventilate her own anger and fear
of retribution . This vignette is quite representative of many social workers '
countertransference reactions . As is true of a client ' s transference reactions ...

Author: Herbert S. Strean


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Psychoanalytic Techniques

Here again I would understand my countertransference reaction as the bridge
over a so far unbridgeable gap in the ... of relationship by which its ambivalent
nature may become accessible to the patient without fear of retribution or
rejection .

Author: Benjamin B. Wolman


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Psychotherapy and the Paranoid Process

X . had intentionally disfigured him ; and now that he was dead , no means of
retribution remained . ... Countertransference Transference / Countertransference
Interaction The therapeutic interaction with most patients in the borderline ...

Author: William W. Meissner

Publisher: Jason Aronson

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This book provides practical clinical applications of William Meissner's important contributions to the understanding of the paranoid process. He focuses on the clinical situation and suggests specific and useful interventions. -- Publisher description.

The Use of the Self

Countertransference and Communication in the Analytic Situation Theodore J.
Jacobs ... and preoccupation with alcohol , her disguised wish for exciting
physical contact with him , and her need to provoke retribution for these sinful
wishes .

Author: Theodore J. Jacobs

Publisher: International Universities PressInc

ISBN: UOM:39076001146641

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American Journal of Psychotherapy

... force of the leader ' s personality and the threats of loss of mutual idealization
and retribution produce a paralysis of action . ... Although countertransference
feelings and enactments are now a legitimate focus for scientific enquiry , in
reality ...



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Includes reviews and abstracts.

The International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

He has also been looking to avoid retribution from men . The therapist ... The
therapist ' s countertransference reactions may be involved in a situation such as
the aforementioned where his silence is in fact related to his countertransference



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The Ethics of Private Practice

Your own emotions (or countertransference) are high and the likelihood of a
grievance against your license is also high, ... It can be especially problematic if
you try to exact retribution from a responsible party by withholding a request for ...

Author: Jeffrey E. Barnett

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199976645

Category: Psychology

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The Ethics of Private Practice helps mental health professionals understand the essential ethical issues related to the many challenges of being in independent practice. Seasoned clinicians Barnett, Zimmerman, and Walfish offer readers astute insight into building a practice that is designed to minimize unintended ethics violations and reduce associated risks. Each chapter focuses on a major aspect of the business of practice and incorporates relevant standards from the ethics codes of four mental health professions. Topics addressed include planning and successfully managing a practice, documentation and record keeping, dealing with third parties and protecting confidentiality, managing practice finances, staff training and office policies, advertising and marketing a practice, continuing professional development activities, and the closing of a private practice. Full of practical tips that can be readily implemented, this handy guide will be the go-to resource for all mental health clinicians in private practice.

Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships in the Human Services

“The Distressed or Impaired Professional: From Retribution to Rehabilitation.”
Journal of Drug Issues 19:337–49. Madden ... The Power of Countertransference:
Innovations in Analytic Technique. Northvale, N.J.: Aronson. Maslach, C. 2003.

Author: Frederic G. Reamer

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231527682

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Should a therapist disclose personal information to a client, accept a client's gift, or provide a former client with a job? Is it appropriate to exchange email or text messages with clients or correspond with them on social networking websites? Some acts, such as initiating a sexual relationship with a client, are clearly prohibited, yet what about more subtle interactions, such as hugging or accepting invitations to a social event? Is maintaining a friendship with a former client or client's relative a conflict of interest that ultimately subverts the client-practitioner relationship? Frederic G. Reamer, a certified authority on professional ethics, offers a frank analysis of a range of boundary issues and their complex formulations. He confronts the ethics of intimate and sexual relationships with clients and former clients, the healthy parameters of practitioners' self-disclosure, electronic relationships with clients, the giving and receiving of gifts and favors, the bartering of services, and the unavoidable and unanticipated circumstances of social encounters and geographical proximity. With case studies addressing challenges in the mental health field, school contexts, child welfare, addiction programs, home-healthcare, elder services, and prison, rural, and military settings, Reamer offers effective, practical risk-management models that prevent problems and help balance dual relationships.


... occupation, torture, retribution against collaborators and premonitions of the
very real threat of renewed future conflict. ... dreams of punishment, and then
focuses on the processes of transference and countertransference – in shared
words, ...

Author: Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi

Publisher: Berg

ISBN: 9781847886255

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Violence takes many forms. From large-scale acts of terrorism to assaults on single individuals, violence is a defining force in shaping human experience and a central theme in anthropological study. Violence: Ethnographic Encounters presents a set of vivid first-hand accounts of fieldwork experiences of violence. The examples range across Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and illustrate instances of state terror, insurgency, communal violence, war, prison violence, class conflict, security measures, and sexual violence. How do these anthropologists come to know a place through such violent experience? Why do they not leave such scenes? What insights follow from such experience? Violence: Ethnographic Encounters offers readers a broad anthropological study of violence through personal encounters.

Melanie Klein Today Volume 1 Mainly Theory

In the 'ordinary' envious attack, there are always signs in the patient or in the
material of a fear of retribution - in this process it is distinctly absent. A total take-
over of ... This has a consequence in the countertransference. Certainly for me,
there ...

Author: Elizabeth Bott Spillius

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134986682

Category: Psychology

Page: 368

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Melanie Klein Today, Volume 1 is the first of two volumes of collected essays devoted to developments in psychoanalysis based on the work of Melanie Klein. The papers are arranged into four groups: the analysis of psychotic patients, projective identification, on thinking, and pathalogical organisation.

The Rape Crisis Intervention Handbook

While this chapter cannot do justice to the various permutations these issues can
take in the countertransference of counselors, we do ... Sex is unconsciously
experienced as dangerous and forbidden; to indulge is to risk terrible retribution.

Author: S.L. McCombie

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781468436891

Category: Medical

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This handbook is intended to be a comprehensive resource for those in volved in providing crisis intervention to rape victims. The medical, legal, and counseling needs of the rape victim are presented to prepare helping professionals to offer sensitive and skillful assistance to women who have suffered sexual assault. The interdisciplinary thrust of the book reflects our conviction that health professionals, police, and prosecuting attorneys must share their expertise and coordinate their efforts in order to successfully meet the multiple needs of rape victims and their families. While an exten sive literature on rape has developed in the past decade, to the best of our knowledge there is no single source for the practical treatment-oriented information sought by those who work directly with victims. The primary objective of this book is to offer just such a guide to service providers. The book is organized into sections that deal with a specific area of the treatment of victims. Detailed guidelines are provided for the nursing, med ical, counseling, police, and legal services involved in comprehensive crisis intervention. Interdisciplinary teaming and the emotional impact of rape on service providers are discussed by authors actively involved in rape crisis work. Rape laws are explained and court preparation for victim-witnesses is carefully outlined. Of particular relevance to counselors is an overview of crisis theory and a psychodynamic perspective on rape trauma.


Needless to say , this is just as true of the negative countertransference , which
releases " hate , " the negative pole of relationship by which its ambivalent nature
may become accessible to the patient without fear of retribution or rejection .



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The Journal of Psychohistory

Couldn ' t this ingredient also be projected onto the motherland and fatherland
leading to anxieties of retribution ? ... of treatment and willing to pay a fee ; he
would have to grapple with his own countertransference feelings in dealing with ...



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