Kant s Dog

stake in the possibility of a simple idea that does not follow from or correspond to a prior impression is the chance but also the threat that the copy comes before the original, that the original represents the copy, that the dead is ...

Author: David E. Johnson

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Kant’s Dog provides fresh insight into Borges’s preoccupation with the contradiction of the time that passes and the identity that endures. By developing the implicit logic of the Borgesian archive, which is most often figured as the universal demand for and necessary impossibility of translation, Kant’s Dog is able to spell out Borges’s responses to the philosophical problems that most concerned him, those of the constitution of time, eternity, and identity; the determination of original and copy; the legitimacy of authority; experience; the nature of language and the possibility of a decision; and the name of God. Kant’s Dog offers original interpretations of several of Borges’s best known and most important stories and of the works of key figures in the history of philosophy, including Aristotle, Saint Paul, Maimonides, Hume, Locke, Kant, Heidegger, and Derrida. This study outlines Borges’s curious relationship to literature and philosophy and, through a reconsideration of the relation between necessity and accident, opens the question of the constitution of philosophy and literature. The afterword develops the logic of translation toward the secret at the heart of every culture in order to posit a Borgesian challenge to anthropology and cultural studies.


elements would likely be unprotected as well, because they are necessary to implement the unprotected idea. If the second show had copied ... to copy the idea of a crime-fighting superstrong man who hides his identity and secret powers.

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The Examples & Explanations format is used for maximum effectiveness: clear textual overviews introduce each new concept carefully chosen examples demonstrate the applications and are followed by questions straightforward explanations answer the questions and provide additional follow-up

Elements of Psychology Included in a Critical Examination of Locke s Essay on the Human Understanding

I will admit that the idea has a representative office ; I will admit the reality of this representation ; I will ... And again , upon what condition can we know that an idea is conformed to its object , is a faithful copy of the ...

Author: Victor Cousin


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"The body of this work consists of a critical examination of Locke's Essay on the human understanding by Locke. It is a translation of ten lectures--running form the sixteenth to the twenty-fifth--found in M. Cousin's History of Philosophy in the Eighteenth Century. In the introduction to the first edition, a brief exposition of Cousin's philosophical system was attempted. In the second edition, this part of the introduction was thrown out, and in place of it a selection of additional pieces from the author's writings was provided. It was thought best to present these expositions in Cousin's own language. In the present edition, a few more short pieces are added to this selection"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved)

Old fashioned Ethics and Common sense Metaphysics

that the first is a copy of the second , a feeble copy of a lively original . The idea therefore is not itself a sensation ; the copy is not itself an original . Neither consequently can the idea or notion which the mind proceeds to ...

Author: William Thomas Thornton



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A Treatise on Human Nature

a self - conthe ideas ducible Either way , impressions and ideas ' -in the case before us , the relation between the ... The reader , not reflecting that , according to the copying theory , so far as the idea is a copy of anything in ...

Author: David Hume


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Philosophical works vol III Miscellanies and memoir

impressions and ideas ' - in the case before us , the relation between the impression of one's own person and the idea ... Either way , the spectator's idea of the other person's affection is in no sense a copy of it , or that affection ...

Author: Thomas Hill Green


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The Theory and Practice of Philosophy

It is only when death has liberated the soul from the tyranny and weakness of the body that pure and complete knowledge of the universals is possible to man.1 The world as a copy of Ideas. Plato was fond of speaking in myths, ...

Author: Abraham Edel

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There is an historical element throughout philosophy. As Edel notes, this is always in the context of problems, so emphasis will fall on the major objective of reflective analysis of ideas. The major objective of Edel's analysis in The Theory and Practice of Philosophy is the fundamental interrelatedness of problems of method, metaphysics, and value. Each part is an integral whole, complete in itself.That philosophy has this central role in human practice indicates that it should be neither discarded nor deified. This is the explicit premise of the book. Students are likely to be faced increasingly with a demand for clarification on the fundamental issues of life and value. The expectation that philosophy will provide ready-made answers to these kinds of questions is as naive as the demand for any panacea, but this task cannot be turned over to any other department of human knowledge or any other branch of social activity.By placing emphasis on the importance of theory in matters of practice, the need for clear and systematic understanding of the world and man within it, and on the constant role of reflection in the management of human affairs, Edel seeks to shed light on the larger questions of philosophy by examining them in a systematic way. The result is a great text and tool for students and teachers that deals directly with the fundamental issues of our civilization.

Notes Plus

PLUS a copy of IDEAS Plus , an annual book of classroom ideas and exercises covering the teaching of composition , literature , and language . IDEAS Plus provides a ready reserve of teaching ideas — ones you can use with existing ...



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A New General English Dictionary

... unworthy of praise or miles . commendation , I'MAGE ( S. ) the figure , representation , fiILLE'GAL ( A. ) unjust , unfair , contrary to militude , or likeness of any thing , an idol , law . a ftatue , a picture , a copy , an idea .

Author: Thomas Dyche


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Roots of Wisdom A Tapestry of Philosophical Traditions

All the other arts are copies of the Ideas; music, alone, is the copy of the Will itself. aesthetic contemplation a route to knowledge, according to Schopenhauer All of us have the capacity to know the Idea in things—to transcend, ...

Author: Helen Buss Mitchell

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Mitchell's ROOTS OF WISDOM: A TAPESTRY OF PHILOSOPHICAL TRADITIONS, Eighth Edition, invites readers to explore universal and current philosophical issues through a rich tapestry of worldviews that include the ideas and traditions of men and women from the West, Asia, the Americas and Africa. No other book covers such a wide breadth of multicultural coverage coupled with a clear, concise and engaging writing style. Striking images from fine art, cartoons, poetry, movies, current events and popular music illustrate our diverse cultural inheritance and bring the issues of philosophy to life. This edition's theme of personhood is addressed in the Confucian Socially Molded Self, discussions about who is and who is not a citizen in a republic, the construction of a planned city and the question of whether other animals do or should enjoy personhood. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.