Contested Terrain

This work shows how expectations about land use, combined with interactions with nature have defined the Adirondacks.

Author: Philip G. Terrie

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 0815605706

Category: History

Page: 240

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This work shows how expectations about land use, combined with interactions with nature have defined the Adirondacks. Outlining the disputes for the control of the land, the author introduces the key players from the residents, landholders, to preservationists and developers.

Contested Terrain

Terrain. Phyllis. Kahaney. Judith Liu San Diego State University University of San
Diego San Diego, CA San Diego, CA The idea for this volume emerged from a
one-day conference held at the University of San Diego (USD) in which we ...

Author: Phyllis Kahaney

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472067869

Category: Education

Page: 197

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A challenge to the way we think about writing on university campuses

Contested Terrain

Contested Terrain offers unique insights into the dynamics of civil society in the
context of land reform in Zimbabwe . It covers theoretical , empirical and historical
terrains by highlighting the relevance of a wide range of themes , from the ...

Author: Sam Moyo

Publisher: S&s Publishers

ISBN: STANFORD:36105132906954

Category: Civil society

Page: 410

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Contested Terrain

Essays on Oromo Studies, Ethiopianist Discourses, and Politically Engaged

Author: Ezekiel Gebissa

Publisher: Red Sea Press(NJ)

ISBN: UOM:39015078780601

Category: Oromo (African people)

Page: 258

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Since 1991, there has been renewed debate in Ethiopia concerning the implication of the country s past for the present polity. The long-standing debate was given an added impetus by Eritrea s independence from Ethiopia and the threat of disintegration posed by the continued struggle for self-determination by other ethnonational groups. Ethiopianist scholars, always committed to the indivisibility and unassailability of the Ethiopian state, blamed the country s political troubles on nationalist scholars, accusing them of fabricating history and instigating people into taking up arms against the state. Vowing to protect Ethiopia from further disintegration, the Ethiopianist elite called on patriotic scholars to challenge, expose, and discredit what they described as the politically motivated propaganda of irresponsible nationalists. In Contested Terrain, a team of historians and sociologists confront the scholarship of power that dismisses politically engaged scholarship in the name of academic objectivity. Based on the experience of the Oromo in Ethiopia, they tackle the methodological and political challenges of nationalist scholarship within the highly contested terrain of Ethiopian studies and argue that objectivity in scholarship should not mean neutrality in the face of injustice and exploitation. In eight chapters, they show that scholars can recover the experiences of the disadvantaged and underrepresented and give voice to the powerless and downtrodden. They demonstrate that there is no contradiction between challenging prevailing dogmas and inherited orthodoxies in academia on the one hand and giving support to struggles aimed at ending exploitative practices and dismantling institutions of oppression on the other. Academic objectivity must not be a tool for questioning the scholarly value of nationalist scholarship solely on the basis of the scholar s commitment to certain political causes. As an intellectual enterprise, politically engaged scholarship should be judged on its own merits, not on the basis of its implications for the well-being of political entities. --

Contested Terrain

- 3 Working Paper No . 501 or by Catherine Dolan SEDE Dept . of Anthropology
to ...

Author: Catherine Dolan


ISBN: STANFORD:36105017357091

Category: Agricultural laborers

Page: 35

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Contested Terrain

... artist to discover that she can tap into a collective unconscious through the
objects scattered about her own mental terrain . ... in Allen's work is due in part to
her use of familiar animals and objects in her 141 142 Contested Terrain
paintings .

Author: Sharyn Rohlfsen Udall


ISBN: UOM:39015037776690

Category: Art

Page: 180

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The Southwest has long beckoned the artist. But too often, art made by Euro-Americans drawn to this region has either "basked in the sunny celebration of the picturesque, the exotic, and the sentimental" or appropriated the myths and art of Native Americans. In this collection of essays, Sharyn R. Udall explores the work of some of the painters who have found stimulus in the ideas, people, and myths of the Southwest, among them Georgia O'Keeffe, Marsden Hartley, Page Allen, and Woody Gwyn. They saw the Southwest in new ways, drawing inspiration from the very light and topography of the region. Udall's goal is to open and enlarge the discussion by rejecting the "neat, circumscribed way of seeing" common to traditional art history. Thus, she declares, one is able to encourage a fresh look at these painters and their work, and at the larger relationships of nature and culture in the Southwest.

Contested Terrain

These " unofficial " narratives circulate between the boundaries of the national
and the local , creating meaning in the interstices of day - to - day life in which
identity is a transformative processes . CHAPTER 7 CONTESTED TERRAIN :
THE ...

Author: Jo Ann Conrad


ISBN: UCAL:C3443758


Page: 794

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Contested Terrain

CONTESTED TERRAIN : A Sociological Analysis of Natural Resource Conflict by
Janis E. Johnston A thesis submitted to the Department of Sociology and the
Graduate School of the University of Wyoming in partial fulfillment of the ...

Author: Janis E. Johnston


ISBN: UCSD:31822031023963

Category: Environmental protection

Page: 240

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The Contested Terrain

Perspectives on Education in India Sabyasachi Bhattacharya. THE CONTESTED
TERRAIN The Contested Terrain Perspectives on Education in India Edited by.

Author: Sabyasachi Bhattacharya

Publisher: UN

ISBN: UOM:39015042793037

Category: Comparative education

Page: 446

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This collection of essays aims at providing a comparative and historical perspective on education in modern India. The essays have been organised in thematic clusters. Such as, the role of the nationalist paradigm and its variants in the educational discourse of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the inequalities in the distribution of educational opportunities and the diversities within the nationalist fold, etc.

Conflicting Values Contested Terrain

Conflicting Values , Contested Terrain Abstract This chapter presents an
overview of the diverse values and parties engaged in conflict over the
designation and management of the Grand Staircase - Escalante National
Monument ( GSENM ) .

Author: Sarah Fleisher Trainor


ISBN: UCAL:C3488956

Category: Environmentalists

Page: 400

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Domesticated Site Contested Terrain

Kathy Constantinides. per K NRVORASERHALBSdsatsa KARAMAN K ARS
Domesticated Site : Contested Terrain stare Kathy Constantinides Domesticated
Site : Contested Terrain Kathy Constantinides Copyright 1989 Limited.

Author: Kathy Constantinides


ISBN: UOM:39015071592144

Category: Artists' books


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Education As Contested Terrain

Final Reflections This book has focused on education as contested terrain .
During the period 1979 – 1993 , the Nicaraguan education system was an arena
of struggle between opposing social movements and political parties .

Author: Robert F Arnove

Publisher: Westview Press

ISBN: UTEXAS:059173001161724

Category: Education

Page: 234

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The Contested Terrain of Reproduction

The Contested Terrain of Reproduction : Class and Gender in Schooling in India
by Raka Ray A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the
degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE ( Sociology ) at the UNIVERSITY OF ...

Author: Raka Ray


ISBN: WISC:89014298665


Page: 55

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Race Celebratory Expression and the Contested Terrain of Sportsmanlike Conduct

A dissertation entitled Race , Celebratory Expression , and the Contested Terrain
of Sportsmanlike Conduct : A Case Study of a Big Ten Football Program
submitted to the Graduate School of the University of Wisconsin - Madison in
partial ...

Author: Vernon Lee Andrews


ISBN: WISC:89056380231

Category: African American football players

Page: 584

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Contested Terrain

The controversial study by a young radical economist of the transformation of the workplace-- where today impersonal bureaucracies legitimate hierarchies and enhance the employer's control over the worker.

Author: Richard C. Edwards

Publisher: IICA

ISBN: 0465014135

Category: Psychology

Page: 261

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The controversial study by a young radical economist of the transformation of the workplace-- where today impersonal bureaucracies legitimate hierarchies and enhance the employer's control over the worker.

The Thought of Work

Richard C. Edwards, Contested Terrain: The Transformation of the Workplace in
the Twentieth Century (New York: Basic Books, 1979), 12, emphasis in original.
28. Labor process theory: Paul Thompson, The Nature of Work: An Introduction ...

Author: John W. Budd

Publisher: ILR Press

ISBN: 9780801462658

Category: Political Science

Page: 264

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What is work? Is it simply a burden to be tolerated or something more meaningful to one's sense of identity and self-worth? And why does it matter? In a uniquely thought-provoking book, John W. Budd presents ten historical and contemporary views of work from across the social sciences and humanities. By uncovering the diverse ways in which we conceptualize work—such as a way to serve or care for others, a source of freedom, a source of income, a method of psychological fulfillment, or a social relation shaped by class, gender, race, and power—The Thought of Work reveals the wide-ranging nature of work and establishes its fundamental importance for the human experience. When we work, we experience our biological, psychological, economic, and social selves. Work locates us in the world, helps us and others make sense of who we are, and determines our access to material and social resources. By integrating these distinct views, Budd replaces the usual fragmentary approaches to understanding the nature and meaning of work with a comprehensive approach that promotes a deep understanding of how work is understood, experienced, and analyzed. Concepts of work affect who and what is valued, perceptions of freedom and social integration, identity construction, evaluations of worker well-being, the legitimacy and design of human resource management practices, support for labor unions and labor standards, and relationships between religious faith and work ethics. By drawing explicit attention to diverse, implicit meanings of work, The Thought of Work allows us to better understand work, to value it, and to structure it in desirable ways that reflect its profound importance.

Contested Terrain

This is important in a complex and ever-changing situation involving a dynamic interplay between local, regional and global factors.

Author: Steven Ratuva

Publisher: ANU Press

ISBN: 9781760463205

Category: Political Science

Page: 295

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Contested Terrain provides a cutting-edge, comprehensive and innovative approach to critically analysing the multidimensional and contested nature of security narratives, justified by different ideological, political, cultural and economic rationales. This is important in a complex and ever-changing situation involving a dynamic interplay between local, regional and global factors. Security narratives are constructed in multiple ways and are used to frame our responses to the challenges and threats to our sense of safety, wellbeing, identity and survival but how the narratives are constructed is a matter of intellectual and political contestation. Using three case studies from the Pacific (Fiji, Tonga and Solomon Islands), Contested Terrain shows the different security challenges facing each country, which result from their unique historical, political and socio-cultural circumstances. Contrary to the view that the Pacific is a generic entity with common security issues, this book argues for more localised and nuanced approaches to security framing and analysis.

Angels of Efficiency

Rather, they are parts of the contested terrain in which organizational conflicts
and negotiation processes play out. This has effects on the forms of knowledge
which impose themselves in the business world's medialization drive. At the
same ...

Author: Florian Hoof

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190886363

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

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"Corporate consulting, a one-time seemingly marvelous mixture of bare-knuckle rationalization, esoterica, and visionary futurism, is invariably deployed when business structures threaten to lose their equilibrium. What it actually means to be consulted, the part played by media in consulting, and how the branch of corporate consulting became a system of knowledge with such a socially important role is the object of this book. For the first time, it explores the ways in which the latest media technology, avant-garde aesthetics, economic pressures, and holistic philosophy together constituted the form of consulting dominant today, and which consequences arise from this. Thus it follows the work of early corporate consultants like Frank and Lillian Gilbreth and H. L. Gantt, while analyzing and describing their visual consulting models. The book develops a new, innovative, interdisciplinary approach, situated between media and business history, media archeology, and social theory, and thereby charts the genesis of modern consulting knowledge. It reveals that corporate consulting must be conceptualized in close relation to the visual culture that prevailed during this time, one which drew from nineteenth-century visualization methods and, more particularly, the new medium of film. Consulting is a cultural technique that is markedly characterized by media processes, in which the boundaries of economic logic and legitimacy emerge, and which, at the same time, considerably shapes and stabilizes this modus operandi up to the present day"--

Capitalism Contested

... as well as those advocating the industrial status quo. From Alfred Sloan to
Walter Reuther, and from Thomas Watson to Philip Murray, the effort to regulate
and democratize the giant corporation remained a much- contested terrain of
struggle ...

Author: Romain Huret


ISBN: 9780812252620

Category: History

Page: 360

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Arguing the New Deal order is a product of a particular set of political institutions, social movements, ideological propensities, and legislative initiatives, Capitalism Contested offers an analysis of the degree to which that order persists and the ways in which it has been transcended or overthrown.